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  1. The dream is dead. Time to try some stuff out
  2. Can you bold the new signings?
  4. I feel good, should I feel good?
  5. Sadness
  6. I don't think I'm upset
  7. Rowdy, I like it.
  8. This is pretty awesome man. Going off of this, I feel pretty confident going into the season honestly lol but we shall see.
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  10. Welcome to the C-USA, see ya in Week 10
  11. Looking forward to playing you. Excited about the future of our conference.
  12. Thank you so much and best of luck to yourself. I believe that we have the talent to make a bowl push this year. I plan on being competitive in the conference and to snag a bowl bid this season. All in all, the main thing I'm looking for out of this team this season is growth. I'm confident that this team should make great strides this season. We want to 'Raise the Bar'.
  13. NORFOLK, VA – KakesuSora and Old Dominion officials believe they are the perfect match. He believes Old Dominion is the perfect place for his first head coaching job and Old Dominion thinks it has found the perfect coach to bring success to the Monarch’s football program. A new era has begun in Norfolk, Virginia as KakesuSora was announced to be the second head coach of the Old Dominion Monarchs. "I believe KakesuSora will be able to create even greater standards of competitive excellence for our program for years to come," Old Dominion’s Athletic Director said at the press conference this morning. The Monarchs have not had success in their first two years in the CFBHC but Coach KakesuSora looks to turn that around in year three. “I believe that we have something special here in Norfolk, we have some great pieces here already and the kids here have the desire to win. We are going to be focused on creating a winning culture around our program and creating something that players want to be a part of.” KakesuSora is a young coach with a sharp mind and has the charisma that the team needs to attract recruits. The Monarch’s fans are filled with excitement with the announcement of their new Head Ball Coach and have high expectations looking towards the future. "I think I'm just as excited as they are. I'm excited to take the reigns of this program and to lead us on an upward trend. 12th Monarch, get ready for change in the right direction." Coach KakesuSora will take any questions.
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  15. This was really helpful, thanks for posting this.