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  1. Why am I the top game for so many teams, guys I'm bad just ignore me.
  2. Cardinals are ready to rock
  3. Week 1: at Buffalo @Jordan Week 2: vs Oregon State @jc_superman Week 7: at UCLA @cultur3
  4. ZackTyzwyz#6185584
  5. Kremit

    [2024] CFBHC Schedule

    Just as a heads up, this is missing the second games that Kansas State and I are playing. I am playing @ Oregon State and Colorado is playing @ K-State
  6. University of Maryland, class of 2017. Roll Terps.
  7. Amral! Treat my human bowling ball with care. I'll be watching
  8. This is going to be a fun couple of seasons with Cutler at the helm. His stats are obviously skewed playing a mostly 2nd-team defense but the talent is there. Also Jurrell looking like a monster again.
  9. Wow first time I think my sweet Prince has been mocked in the first round
  10. house 9 would be wild for sure.
  11. Super concerning and stressful times. My fiance works in a hospital that I'm sure will start to overload soon. Our wedding is in August and I'm hoping so much that it won't have to be canceled. My dad and I have mild asthma which I hope doesn't put us at increased risk. And if it does clear up by Summer who knows if it'll come back in winter with a vengeance.
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