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  1. I’d love Offworld Trading Company!
  2. Yeldon is a God, Solomon is butts. All is right with the world.
  3. married pregnant indiana man
  4. The Florida Alliance of Tribes (FAT) Founded: 1899 Form of Government: Tribal Alliance Leader: Chief Dave  It was a sunny day in July of 1876 when there was an enormous boom heard and felt from Key West to New York City. Overnight, the rest of the United States of America decided to chop off the state of Florida and send them to the ocean. It was exactly one year after the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the nation had already grown tired of the people of Florida. Under the cover of darkness, thousands of federal soldiers buried explosives all along the border, and exactly at noon they detonated them. The result was the state of Florida separating entirely from the landmass that the rest of the US resides on, and the ocean currents carried them until the settled in the sea between Greenland and Iceland. Since then, the US Government has not returned the letters of any Floridians and the state delved into chaos. Flash forward a few months. In the time since The Great Separation, the people of Florida experience great turmoil while coming to terms with their new sovereignty. Tribes arose all across the state, the two most powerful being: Retirees Seeking Revenge (RSR), and Trailer Inhabitants Tribe (TIT), where all people across the land of Florida who live in wooden trailers conglomerated at the panhandle. All told, there are roughly 350 tribes who used to operate independently. That is until Dave, a bartender from Key Largo, rode his German Shepard from tribe to tribe with a proposition: unite under a single banner, and we can seek revenge on those who wronged us: The USA, and also still Mexico. Thus the Florida Alliance of Tribes was officially formed in 1899, and a Recladation of Interdependence was drafted and signed. Chief Dave rules over the land and each tribe has a representative that meets during the Council of Tribespeople one a month to discuss the direction of the nation. Each tribes is required to have 50% of its population ready at any moment to serve the nation's army. The council is currently planning it's first Sand Crusade to take back any piece of land that gets above 90 degrees and has a beach. FAT, what used to be a tropical paradise and is now a frozen tundra due to their new geographic location, has become shockingly united under their new leader. Chief Dave promises prosperity, vacation, hot dogs, no lame school, and a return to warmth so they can go back to sitting with their toes in the sand instead of freezing their butts off. His plan: Excessive violence to capture all tropical zones that they feel are rightfully theirs. They have a strong focus on naval warfare due to their roots of the ocean and being near famous viking regions has rubbed off on them as well. Dressed in warm furs and sandals, they man their longboats made of the palm trees that died in the new climate and make their navy ready for war. Stats: Economy (1-10): Education (1-10): Military Power Overall (1-10): Land Power (1-10): Sea Power (1-10): Air Power (1-10): Technology (1-10): Health (1-10): Infrastructure (1-10): Population:
  5. "Bad Online Football Ametuers" certainly live up to their names.
  6. Colony Log 5: https://imgur.com/a/Lyi13WR War. Wolves. Death. New Additions. A lack of humanity. A new fuel source. Love. An abundance of original sex joke names. All this and more on the latest update. Relevant users: @cultur3 @brightfalls @Swipet @Dean @Ape @llamas
  7. Man it warms my heart seeing Kieron Farmer at the top of these. And I'm really glad the Willy Waldron experiment at WR is looking pretty good.
  8. Ian Baldwin: A Day in the Life Ritchie Cunningham, OAN Ian Baldwin played his last game as an Oklahoma State Cowboy just a few months ago. After his tenure in Stillwater, he seated himself 5th in all-time passing yards in the Big XII conference, finishing with 10,067 yards, 81 touchdowns, 25 interceptions, and a 65.87% completion percentage. He showed up for huge games against top teams in the nation such as TCU, Oklahoma, UCLA, Stanford, Hawaii, and more. He also slogged through games that should have been easily winnable and frustrated fans as much as he delighted them. Some games he would be a walking god, others he looked like a middle school QB. After entering the draft and not being selected, he finds himself among a deep pool of free agent QBs fighting for a spot on a roster. Today sit down with the man and talk about his life after college football. It was a gorgeous early-summer day in Stillwater, Oklahoma. I had been invited to Ian Baldwin’s home where he was having a graduation party with his family and teammates. Ian, always the leader, would be doing the grilling and entertaining, so he told me to get there before everyone else so we’d have time to chat one on one while he prepared. I pulled up to his house- a gorgeous, modern home with sweeping glass panels, half of which looked like they were missed during the rushed cleaning to get ready to have guests over. I pulled up to his driveway where his brand-new Porsche Carrera (a gift from his parents I was later assured) was gleaming in the sun, bright orange with black stripes and what looked to be one flat tire. I parked my car and remembered that I was told to just walk around to his backyard to meet him. His front lawn was overgrown and looked forgotten about, which was strange as I recalled that just last week when I had scouted the location the front lawn had been perfectly trimmed. As I rounded his house to his immaculate backyard, a beaming Ian Baldwin decked in Oklahoma State Football merch comes up and hugs me. “It’s great that you came, I’m so glad to see you!” He exclaims, “We just got this new microbrew in Stillwater that you have to try.” I oblige, and he tosses me a warm Keystone Light. I had to nearly dive to catch his errant beer-toss, but it was a catch nonetheless. He opens one himself and leads me over to his grill by the pool that he was getting warmed up. We chat for a while about his NFL hopes and where he’d like to be picked up for a spot on a roster. “I’m keeping my hopes reasonable” he says, “I think I’d be happy with just going 5th overall.” A later dive into Google Analytics reveals that ‘NFL Mock Draft’ is a phrase that has never once been searched in Stillwater. Also the draft was many months ago. “Is it tough sometimes dealing with the fame on campus? Sure. But it’s worth it to me and I know that my legacy here will never be forgotten” he tells me totally unprompted. “I had a lot of good years here. Had some amazing games. Playing TCU was always my favorite. I’d practice like hell before those games. Grind out film. Get to practice early and stay late.” he continues. “What about the other games in the season though against teams not necessarily at the top of the conference?” I ask him. He thinks for a while, sipping on his own Keystone Light. “Those weeks I usually stopped practicing. Playing potential let down games like that is a real mental game, so I’d usually just read TV Guide during the week to keep my mind sharp and make sure my arm won’t be too tired to hit the passses I need to” he finally says. We both suddenly look towards the woods in his backyard, thinking we heard the anguished cry of coach Kremit after he finished that sentence. We get back to our drinks after a second, thinking it must have just been a fox. It was getting close to the time the rest of his guests were to arrive, so I started wrapping up the interview. “It’s been a few months since you’ve played a game, do you think you’re rusty at all?” I ask him. “You tell me” he retorts. He grabs a nearby football in the yard and delivers a perfect throw into a small bucket about 80 yards away and then downs his beer. “What can I say, I guess I can’t miss” He says with a wink as he tosses the empty can about 10 yards to the right of the trash can at his feet that he was aiming for.
  9. TBH I <3 my fellow terps. Congrats on being a part of #squirtlesquad and reppin. Also thx for joining the chirpy birds, gl with that, I know it's much harder than trying to win the large dozen :eyes: but you're a better contributor than me. Anyways the real tbh is that I've googled your name a couple times to see how the heck any name could be turned into tyzwyz and it's still mystifying how you came up with it

  10. I’ve always said UCLA is the only good team in the PAC-12
  11. COLONY LOG 4: https://imgur.com/a/z0EK4dC Trouble in the homestead. Fighting. Art. Disease. Fat jokes. This is a jam packed update you dont want to miss! Relevant users: @cultur3 @brightfalls @Swipet @Dean @Ape???
  12. I wanna see Kieran Farmer go off at Utah State. And of course Amral and Prince in the NFL.
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