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  1. Really impressive class. KSU is having a good run lately, nice work
  2. Gg @stormstopper, thanks for not ruining my season again. Going to be glad to not have to play against Graham anymore
  3. There's this creepy thing where whenever I win in CFB I lose in NFL. Hence the 7-0 / 0-7 records.
  4. Kremit

    Board games

    Love Arboretum
  5. I can't tell if that's Kansas or WVU above me, but either way I'm coming for you Mr. Indistinguishable Blue
  6. It's a shame to lose our loyal scout, who is definitely NOT a spy for us to embed into an organization and report back to us on what these "wins" are that these other teams seem to be getting.
  7. Halfway through the college season and it seems like thus far there aren't any clear front runners that are lighting the world on fire. Who are the mid-season Heisman favorites?
  8. yeah do that and boost me to #1. Us frogs gotta support each other.
  9. Good lord Iowa State is spooky. Glad to escape with our lives. GG @Minnowsotan, really impressive coaching you’ve been doing. also the rare Ian Baldwin scramble
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