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  1. Young the Giant - Islands
  2. You merely adopted the Mountain Best. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn't see the Large Dozen until I was already a Utah State Aggie, by then it was nothing to me but teams with actual talent
  3. This will change the very fabric of Oklahoma State Cowboys football
  4. Thanks again Swipet! I think this season will be a strange one. Lots of talent but not quite enough to reliably beat the big dogs and fend off an upset or two. If I just win the games I'm supposed to I'll be happy, but it would be nice to pull off a big upset.
  5. Thanks Barack Oklahoma State running back Barack Holmes has announced that he intends to transfer to a school where he can finish his redshirt senior year playing. Barack Holmes was a key part of the 2021 Cowboy offense that reached the Big XII Championship for the first time ever to cap off an electrifying season. During the 2021 season, Holmes was the starting back where he averaged 100 yards per game on the ground for a total of 1,393 yards and 16 touchdowns with no fumbles. This is made even more impressive with the fact that the Cowboys were a pass-heavy attack that year, and he was able to keep defenses honest on the ground. His stellar 2021 season culminated in the team's 20-16 upset victory over the #3 ranked TCU Horned Frogs, where Holmes recorded 124 yards and the game winning touchdown against an impressive TCU defense. In the following season, Holmes took his redshirt season to let top JUCO recruit Amral Brown take over the rushing duties, however after Brown elected to stay in Stillwater for his final year of eligibility, Holmes decided to take his immense talent to a team that can use him to his full potential. Barack Holmes is likely to try to find a top FCS team to take him in, where he will be immediately eligible and will undoubtedly be a huge weapon for the team lucky enough to land him. The entire Oklahoma State community thanks Barack for his contribution to a historic Cowboys season, and wishes him the best in his future endeavors.
  6. There's no Cookout so this is invalid.
  7. Phantom Thread was so good. Went in a totally different direction than they gave on from the trailers and it was fantastic.
  8. Kremit

    Board games

    After playing a lot of TI4 lately I've been going back to lighter games to not get burned out. Tiny Towns is a blast and totally deserving of the attention it's been getting. Shipwreck Arcana is a great, light cooperative logic game that we enjoyed a ton with really gorgeous art. Also Wildlands is a fun, light but somewhat tactical fighting game that I want to get some of the expansions for, especially the Unquiet Dead since the undead faction looks like a fun twist on the game.
  9. Big 12: 64 (+5) Big Ten: 43 (-5) FCS: 49 MWC: 49 PAC-12: 39
  10. Oh Brother Where Art Thou is an all time classic and I will fight whoever says otherwise
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