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  1. I think the one thing that always drags me closer to authoritarian is about cyber surveillance because I really don't care if people monitor internet activity.
  2. Hey now I can correctly say MAC Bowl Dominance is over
  3. The MAC looks like it might not carry on its utter bowl dominance from last season.
  4. OG Bart Elder 6-7 273 Fr Escalante (Tierra Amarilla NM) 2.0 of 4.5 [Pass Blocking] BIAS
  5. "I remember when Coach Acewulf was recruiting me I'd go on twitter and see fans of Texas Tech and TCU both screaming at each other about how many 'points' their schools had on me, whatever that means." "I'm fairly certain Coach has written fanfic about me but I can't prove it." "I'm a worse version of Amral Brown" "I don't like tortillas but I was too scared to ever admit that."
  6. MRW only one Cowboy is leaving and it’s not Amral
  7. 69 points on Cael Bruce because wtf kind of name is Cael. I need it.
  8. Guess everyone is busy making it about themselves but congrats DeanDean! Very well deserved, you pulled in an excellent class.
  9. I feel like @Dr_Novella isn't getting enough credit for really creating a winning program from nothing in the Sun Belt. Excited to see how those Cajuns progress.
  10. Just as we all knew would happen at the start of the season.
  11. $5. Hot. Ready. I'm poor. Match made in heaven.
  12. ZackTyzwyz


    Glad to see you get them! Go Terps!
  13. Shut up and drink your fruity beer
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