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  1. Xander Cage, sports writer for The Utah Statesman, USU's newspaper. Great game, an exciting first half capped by a lackluster performance on both sides for the Aggies but an explosive performance by the Bearcats in the second half. What changes do you believe made the difference to dominate the second half?
  2. GG man! I was at least hoping for a close game but you're team looks like it's going to be a blast.
  3. For me, I think it would be neat to have a way to encourage coaches to have long tenures at one school. It really builds up the histories and schools, and it's especially important to build up the smaller schools. Small bonuses to recruiting would be a good way to create incentive. Maybe sometime like an extra point every two seasons until you reach like 4 or 6 seasons and then you get one extra point per season but obviously there'd be a cap. Or maybe the ability to pipeline or camp a state of your choice after like 5 seasons to show that you're building up recruiting in other regions of the country. Just spit-balling.
  4. I'm just happy to have 1 on here. Please be gentle Air Force
  5. Still pretty new but in the month I've been here really everyone has been great. I'm really interested in making my team better long-term and everyone I've asked has been more than helpful, but of all of them I feel like @Darman has consistently put up with my stupid questions and given really great advice. As far as what makes me come back (other than the community), I loooooove the CFB posts where people get really into it. The Press Conferences, rankings, recruiting, etc. It all makes it so much more enjoyable when everyone is passionate and wants to create content to make it feel like a real league.
  6. I feel ya. We'll have to call our game this year the Toilet Bowl.
  7. Nowhere for us to go but up
  8. Super late but here we go: Quarterback Nav Box QB Travis Love And Englewood High School
  9. Did a huge update of Utah State yesterday since it badly needed it but didn't add a navbox. Thanks for this, added it now!
  10. Definitely a tough question, but also a huge focus point since we need those recruits to build our team. To speak candidly, until we have great success we will struggle with the top tier recruits. But our rebuilding process will benefit potential non-top tier recruits because we can guarantee them that they can start and have play time right out of the gate. Each and every recruit from this point on can have a huge impact on the history of this team, and I really believe that will resonate with these players. Recruits want to have an important role in their team and being able to give that to those under-appreciated recruits under 3.5 will give us an edge, and then once we have success we can really start gunning for those blue chips.
  11. Great question, Dak. I absolutely have big ambitions for this team because I know this program is capable of much, much more. However, these are long-term goals because we have some huge holes to fill that simply can't be done before the season starts. So I see this season as a rebuilding year to develop the current roster so that when these holes do get filled next year we'll be good to go. That being said, my first actions for this season is to get guys comfortable with the idea of playing alternate positions. We only have 1 CB, 1 FS, 2 OLBs, 2 DTs, and 2 QBs. Not to mention how many key players will be leaving at the end of the season. So we really just need guys that can step up when needed to provide consistent play at these key positions.
  12. May 2nd, 2020 Logan, Utah After a tumultuous past few years filled with crushing defeats and constant changes in coaching staff, Utah State believes that they have found their true Head Coach in ZackTyzwyz. Coach ZackTyzwyz was a previously a Defensive Coordinator for the University of Maryland Terrapins, and during his long tenure of one week there he proved himself to be ready to move up and take the reins of a football program in need of leadership. While he may be young, he doesn't want that to reflect on his ability: "Age is no guarantee of success, and I think right now these kids just need leader. I may only be a year older than most of them, but I know I'll gain their respect and take our program to new heights" he said earlier today. Utah State has faced many changes in coaching recently but it appears that Coach ZackTyzwyz is here to stay. A long-term coach will be needed in order to get this program off the ground. The young new Head Coach will have to face perhaps one of the most difficult uphill battles a coach can, with enormous shortages of players at key positions and much of the current talent being seniors. Still, Coach ZackTyzwyz remains determined to develop current players and utilize one of the strongest Utah recruiting classes in recent memory. He hopes to build the team into a real threat in the Mountain West, and even nationally as made clear by his new #OneTrueAggies initiative (look out Texas A&M). Coach ZackTyzwyz will begin his season on the road against Cincinnati. The new coach is here to stay and ready to answer questions.
  13. Hey what's up hello, one Utah State flair please!
  14. Nice, Maryland at #16, go Terps. Pretty excited to see how Toledo turns out too.
  15. This guy likes you

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