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    1. ZackTyzwyz

      NCAA 14 Be a Croot

      @acewulf @stinsy @HAFFnHAFF @Kirby @Jumbo @Jamarquan @jared2001usa @SlinkyJr @brightfalls @believer @npklemm @paperllamasunited UPDATE 1 - First Week of Recruiting Clayton Uecker The #2 rated recruit in the nation. For some reason the game decided he needed to be a JUCO, so guess you get a year out of him lol. His top choices are Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Baylor. This pocket passer wants some Big XII action. Nick Klemm The #10 rated croot in the nation and the #3 rated QB. His current top choices are Oklahoma, Texas, and Clemson. It'll be interesting to see if Oklahoma can land one or both of two of the best QBs in the county with them being #1 for Nick and Clayton. Jake Kirby The man with no last name! For some reason the game didn't like Kirby, so this guy is just known as "Jake". But he's ranked #53 in the county and the #2 ranked OLB. His top choices are Notre Dame, Alabama, and Tennessee. Tyroil Smoochie-Wall The full last name couldn't fit so that's what you get. But he is the #1 RATED CROOT IN THE NATION. His current top choices are Alabama, Wisconsin, and Georgia Tech (?). Eric Pope The #4 recruit in the nation and the #2 rated QB. Current top choices are Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and TCU. Man OU is getting looks from all the QBs. A'amakualen Lotulelei Again, name was too long so you ended up with this guy. The #40 rated prospect in the country but the top ranked CB. His top choices are LSU, Texas, and Boise State, but LSU and Texas are practically tied. Jamiro Quanzinski Ranked #997 in the nation and #35 among FS. Ouch. His tiny size didn't help him. His top three choices are Kansas State, Rutgers, and Buffalo. Shoot for the stars you dwarf. Jubreakit Jubawtit Currently ranked #169 in the county (Nice.) and #9 for MLBs. Top choices are USC, Arizona State, and Oregon. Ya boy is staying West. Joe Thomas Ole Diamond Joe is looking to stay local. As the #556 croot in the nation and the #104 ranked WR, his top choices are Troy, UAB, and South Alabama. Dante Laklas Dante is currently ranked #133 in the nation and is the #16 DE in the nation. Dante has interests all over the south, with his top choices being TCU, Tulsa, and Arkansas. Dexter Laboratory Dexter apparently stayed in his lab a little too long, since he's ranked #212 in the county and #23 among RBs. However he has big aspirations, with his top choices being Alabama, Notre Dame, and Florida. Were you watching this show when you posted this? Used to love it. Ligma Nutz The only QB from Nevada, Mr. Nutz is ranked # 557 in the country and #28 among QBs. His top choices are Nevada, Fresno State, and SJSU. No interest in Boise or UNLV, sorry Believer. But at least he's a MWC man through and through.
    2. ZackTyzwyz

      NCAA 14 Be a Croot

      NOW CLOSED SORRY Starting a new Dynasty in NCAA 14 soon, so might as well let some of you guys have a part in it. Basically you'll just get to be a recruit and I'll update where his top choices are and where he ends up and how he does there and so on. Since I'm lazy and don't want to have to keep track of a lot of people I'll limit it to 10 entries, so only make one character each until nobody else wants in. Here's the info I need: Name: Position (No ATH): Height: Weight: Appearance: Hometown, State: Accessories: Strengths (pick 3): Weaknesses (pick 2): Star Rating: Preferred #: Second Preferred #s: Spots left: 1. Llamas 2. Klemm 3. Believer 4. Brightfalls 5. Slinky 6. Jared 7. Jamarquan 8. Jumbo 9. Kirby 10. Stinsy 11. HaffnHaff 12. Ace did 12 since I didn’t update in time.
    3. ZackTyzwyz

      [2021] Final Coaches Poll

      Thought I might have moved up more but understand it with the teams above me. Just happy to finish in the Top 10.
    4. ZackTyzwyz

      Favorite Tailgating Gear

      With about a month left in the IRL offseason, I'm looking to up my tailgating game. What's your favorite tailgating gear to use? Favorite grill / cooler? What sets your tailgate apart?
    5. ZackTyzwyz


      RIP That Purdue Guy Like an orange phoenix, That Syracuse Guy rises from the ashes
    6. ZackTyzwyz

      Who do you support?

    7. ZackTyzwyz

      [2021] Pre-Season Top Ten (CFBHC)

      Been holding it for a long time my dude
    8. ZackTyzwyz

      [2021] Conference Favorites (CFBHC)

      Texas #2? lol l o l Congrats on being a bride
    9. ZackTyzwyz

      [2021] Sophomore Quarterback Update

      Ian Baldwin is only not in the top tier because of the author's Sugar Bowl Bias and I won't hear otherwise.
    10. ZackTyzwyz

      Possible FCS Expansion Discussion

      Personally I don’t think it’s worth the extra time and effort yet when we can’t keep all of the FBS jobs full. I know there’s been some frustration on that end, so I can’t see opening up a number of new teams that a few people will move to from FBS, which would leave bigger jobs open. It’s definitely a cool idea, but I think there needs to be more consistently full coaching before opening up more teams and more work.
    11. ZackTyzwyz

      [2021] FCS National Championship

      The best logo in football wins. All is right with the world.
    12. ZackTyzwyz

      Boston College Announces New Head Coach

      Congrats man! I know you’ll do fantastic and make cricket proud!
    13. ZackTyzwyz

      10th Anniversary Tournament

      Oh man this is so cool
    14. [2021] Big XII Season Superlatives The 2021 season has ended, and it's been another wild year in the Big XII conference full of memories, friendship, and football? Your yearbook committee is pleased to present to you our picks for the 2021 Season Superlatives! Cutest Couple: Acewulf and Solomon McLaughlin Everyone knew this pair would win. Ace is Solomon's biggest fan, and will never miss an opportunity to share his love for him. In return, Solomon showed his love and devotion for his coach by rushing for 1,753 yards and 22 touchdowns in the regular season, leading the conference and 5th in the nation. We wish the best for you guys! Most Athletic: tprochnow “I was a running back, corner back and punt/kick returner in HS. Played varsity all 4 years. I was getting D1 looks..." I mean this guy just sounds like a stud. Most Likely to Succeed: smckenz3 Sure, he may have had a down year in 2021. But he's a top-tier coach who cruised to the playoffs last year, and he used those hard-earned playoffs points to pull in an outstanding recruiting class. Add in the slew of stellar players coming in off of a redshirt season and we're sure he has a bright future ahead of him. Best Promposal: DangerZoneh I mean, nobody has actually seen it but he HAS to have some fantastic promposals to get all of the top croots he's pulling in. Maybe we should get the NCAA to look into exactly what's in the cakes he's been writing "Prom?" on. Life of the Party: Swipet "" Sounds like a party animal to me. Most Changed: panther/randye/ZackTyzwyz Three coaches in one season? What the heck was happening down in Stillwater? We've seen this coaching staff change from the reliable panther who built them into a force, to randy who is a legendary coach and was recently rated the best in sim history, to whatever the frick you call Zack. Most Likely to Make Millions: ConstipatedApe The University of Texas finally canned their longtime coach after he just stopped showing up to work. They filled that new vacancy with Ape. Ape is a coach with a national championship under his belt, and is getting paid by a very prestigious (rich) university known for its boosters with pockets deeper than their oil wells. I'd say Coach Ape is going to be set for life. Most Likely to Win a Pulitzer Prize: Stormstopper Storm consistently puts out some of the highest quality media on the site. Game previews, recaps, stats, players of the week, you name it. He's destined to go on to win the highest honor a young journalist can earn. Best Person to Share a Deserted Island With: Minnowsotan You know what I want on a deserted island? Some god damn peace and quiet. Minnow has been a member here since May 24, 2014 and only has a post count of 291. He's a man of few words and a man of action. What more could you ask for? Most Persistent: HAFFnHAFF A long-time member of the conference who recently took Oklahoma. During his time at Kansas State, it took two seasons to win their first conference game ever and he never gave up. At Kansas State he also babysat star quarterback / drama queen Rahim Murrell, an impressive feat displaying monk-like patience and persistence. Plus he's a pastor, which is neat.
    15. ZackTyzwyz

      [2021] Bowl Games - Day #14

      Great game and a great season. Glad we could end this crazy ride of a season with a win in a big boy bowl.