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    1. [2020] Utah State Season Debrief

      Our biggest challenge for the coming season is definitely the loss of a lot of our veterans and leaders. We’re going to need our young guys to step up and pick up right where we left off last season. As far as Utah goes, it’s an incredible State with some of the best national parks on earth. There’s nothing as uniquely breathtaking as Zion. Salt Like City is a wonderful city with a rich culture. Our campus is surrounded by gorgeous mountain ranges and feels like a peaceful world of its own away from the drama of other places. Utah embodies the best of what makes America great. So to answer your question, no because anyone that hates Utah hates America, and I don’t let the incorrect opinions of damn communists get in the way of coaching.
    2. Wyoming introduces new head football coach

      Well you're just fantastic. The Mountain Best is proud to have you.
    3. [2021] Pre-Season AP Poll

      lmao I didn't even notice the 1 rush in that game. Amazing.
    4. [2021] Bubada's C-USA Projections

      Southern Miss has a ton of upside if their new coach can take advantage of it. This is a big year for them, a big year now would set them up well. If UTSA can utilize their killer defense they should be a force too.
    5. Wyoming introduces new head football coach

      Coach ZackTyzwyz of Utah State Aggies who should be at practice but pretended to be sick so my mom would write me a sick note here. Many have criticized the past management of the team and not utilizing the existing talent enough. How do you plan to rectify that so that you use the current talent to their maximum potential? In other words, how do you plan on turning the Cowboys into Cowmen?
    6. Reminder to everyone putting their depth charts up to please fill out the Team Ratings and OOC Ratings spreadsheets. Thanks!

    7. Account Elevation Requests

      Hey your boy made a grave mistake and would like to have my avatar restored and all fatal errors forgiven.
    8. If anyone has a lot of experience recruiting out of state and is willing to toss me some steamy tips I'd greatly appreciate it

      1. gigemags11
      2. Swipet


        Put all your points on 1/1 players. There is a chance that someone messes up and charts them as a 3/5 player on your depth chart.

      3. vtgorilla


        Find players you want and think you can get. Try to get them. Crooting is only complicated if you make it complicated.

    9. 2020 Utah State Season Debrief 11/13/2020, Live from Maverik Stadium Coach ZackTyzwyz: "We here at Utah State have always been about making history. Alternative Depth Chart Websites. Two Quarterback Systems. Fighting against the worst kind of discrimination - the technical kind. These are just a few examples, but this season has truly made school history and put Utah State football on the map. Our Aggies finished the 2020 season 7-6. This is more wins in a single season than the rest of the program's history combined. Not only did we attend out first ever bowl game, but we returned with the St. Petersburg Bowl Trophy and Utah State's first ever bowl win. The conference as a whole came in second in the Bowl Challenge Cup, topping all Group of 5 conferences and all Power 5 conferences but one. Our star running back, Jamal Suggs, led the conference in rushing yards. The team finished tied for second in the Mountain West Mountain Division. I could keep going on all that these guys were able to do, but we'd be here all day. In short, words can't express how proud I am of these fighters. As a new coach I couldn't have asked for a better first roster than these men right here. I asked a lot of them and they went above and beyond in every way. They took this program to new heights, catching the eyes of young athletes across the nation. As our veteran seniors leave to pursue their careers, they have left the team in an amazing spot for our new stellar recruits to come in and pick up where they left off. I am humbled by the outpouring of support this season has brought to the school. Thank you for never giving up on us, and I can say that this is only the start of Utah State's rise. I will now take any questions."
    10. Man Nevada beats Air Force twice and has an electrifying second half of the season and is ranked below Air Force. The disrespekt. Also nice work Hawaii sneaking back into the final poll, definitely well earned.
    11. [2020] Army Final Press Conference

      Obviously you found a lot of success there, but after only a year at Army, do you believe you've left them in a better place than how you found them when you started? Pitt was a playoff team last season and the only team to beat the national champion Penn State. Can fans expect you to ride this momentum to another playoff run or do you think it'll take some time to implement your plan? There are already allegations that you eat shit. Can you confirm or deny these?
    12. jordy job market

      Dog you didn't even change all of the answers from the post you copied and pasted. Sad!
    13. [2020] Bowl Betting Bonanza

      National Championship Game UCF (+3) $2000 Win the Mountain Best that Bowl Challenge Cup baby
    14. Putting together a comprehensive recruiting rulebook based on all changes so pls don't start working on one. If you want to help proofread it let me know!

      1. cmcgill


        Can you put it in the wiki so that it can be easily updated in the future? The recruiting wiki is out of date and would be a great place for this

    15. Touchdown.