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  1. ZackTyzwyz

    [2018] Week 8 IRL Discussion

    Prompt: Can anybody beat Bama this year? Who's the most well-equipped to? Thursday, October 18th Georgia State at Arkansas State 6:30 pm ESPNU / WatchESPN Video Stanford at Arizona State 8:00 pm ESPN / WatchESPN Video Friday, October 19th Yale at Penn 6:00 pm ESPNU / WatchESPN Video Colorado State at Boise State 8:00 pm ESPN2 / WatchESPN Video Air Force at UNLV 9:00 pm CBSSN / CBSSN Video Saturday, October 20th Auburn at Ole Miss 11:00 am ESPN / WatchESPN Video Cincinnati at Temple 11:00 am ESPNU / WatchESPN Video Illinois at Wisconsin 11:00 am FS1 / FSGo Video Lafayette at Bucknell 11:00 am MASN / Video Maryland at Iowa 11:00 am ESPN2 / WatchESPN Video Michigan at Michigan State 11:00 am FOX / FSGo Video Miami Ohio at Army 11:00 am CBSSN / CBSSN Video Northwestern at Rutgers 11:00 am BTN / BTN2Go Video North Carolina at Syracuse 11:20 am ESPN Extra / ACC Network / WatchESPN Video Oklahoma at TCU 11:00 am ABC / espn3 Video Tulsa at Arkansas 11:00 am SEC Network / WatchESPN Video Virginia at Duke 11:30 am ESPN Extra / ACC RSN / Video: WatchESPN / FSGo Dartmouth at Columbia 12:30 pm SNY / $espn+ Video Utah State at Wyoming 1:30 pm ATTRM / RSNW / MWC Video ESPN GoalLine 2:00 pm ESPNGL / WatchESPN Video Alabama at Tennessee 2:30 pm CBS / CBS Video Coastal Carolina at UMass 2:30 pm ELVN / Video Colorado at Washington 2:30 pm FOX / FSGo Video Delaware at New Hampshire 2:30 pm NBCSB / Video Houston at Navy 2:30 pm CBSSN / CBSSN Video Kansas at Texas Tech 2:30 pm FS1 / FSGo Video Minnesota at Nebraska 2:30 pm BTN / BTN2Go Video North Carolina State at Clemson 2:30 pm ESPN / WatchESPN Video Penn State at Indiana 2:30 pm ABC / espn3 Video SMU at Tulane 2:30 pm ESPNU / WatchESPN Video Wake Forest at Florida State 2:30 pm ESPN2 / WatchESPN Video California at Oregon State 3:00 pm PAC-12 Network / PAC-12 Video Memphis at Missouri 3:00 pm SEC Network / WatchESPN Video Montana State at Weber State 5:00 pm AUD / RSNW / ATTRM / ATTRMW / ATTSW *4 McNeese at Incarnate Word 6:00 pm ELVN / Video Mississippi State at LSU 6:00 pm ESPN / WatchESPN Video UCF at East Carolina 6:00 pm ESPN2 / WatchESPN Video UConn at South Florida 6:00 pm CBSSN / CBSSN Video Ohio State at Purdue 6:30 pm ABC / espn3 Video Oregon at Washington State 6:30 pm FOX / FSGo Video Vanderbilt at Kentucky 6:30 pm SEC Network / WatchESPN Video USC at Utah 7:00 pm PAC-12 Network / PAC-12 Video Fresno State at New Mexico 7:30 pm ESPNU / WatchESPN Video Arizona at UCLA 9:30 pm ESPN2 / WatchESPN Video San Jose State at San Diego State 9:30 pm CBSSN / CBSSN Video Games online only or not yet scheduled for nationally available networks. Abilene Christian at Southeastern Louisiana 7:00 pm SLC Video Akron at Kent State 2:30 pm $espn+ Video Bowling Green at Ohio 1:00 pm espn3 Video Buffalo at Toledo 11:00 am $espn+ Video / cable? Campbell at Monmouth 12:00 pm espn3 Video Central State at Robert Morris 11:00 am NEC Video Charlotte at Middle Tennessee 2:00 pm espn3 Video The Citadel at VMI 12:30 pm espn3 Video Cornell at Brown 12:00 pm $espn+ Video Delaware State at South Carolina State 12:30 pm espn3 Video Duquesne at Saint Francis 11:00 am NEC Video Eastern Michigan at Ball State 2:00 pm $espn+ Video ETSU at Wofford 12:30 pm $espn+ Video Florida Atlantic at Marshall 1:30 pm CBSSN or Facebook Georgia Southern at New Mexico State 3:00 pm AggieVision Grambling at Alcorn 2:00 pm espn3 Video Howard at Morgan State 6:00 pm espn3 Video Idaho State at Liberty 1:00 pm espn3 Video / LFSN (cable) Illinois State at North Dakota State 2:30 pm $espn+ Video / NBC ND (cable) Indiana State at Southern Illinois 2:00 pm $espn+ Video Jacksonville at Stetson 12:00 pm $espn+ Video Jacksonville State at SEMO 1:00 pm $espn+ Video Louisiana Lafayette at Appalachian State 2:30 pm $espn+ Video DII: Mars Hill at Wingate 5:00 pm espn3 Video DII: Mississippi College at Shorter 12:00 pm espn3 Video NAIA: Missouri Valley at Central Methodist 1:00 pm espn3 Video Murray State at Eastern Kentucky 2:00 pm $espn+ Video Nevada at Hawaii 11:00 pm Stadium App / Spectrum PPV (HI cable) North Carolina A&T at Bethune Cookman 3:00 pm espn3 Video NC Central at Norfolk State 1:00 pm espn3 Video North Texas at UAB 6:30 pm beIN / Video (not on DirecTV) Northern Arizona at Northern Colorado 1:00 pm Video: Pluto / Big Sky Old Dominion at Western Kentucky 6:30 pm $espn+ Video Presbyterian at Charleston Southern 5:00 pm $espn+ Video Princeton at Harvard 11:00 am $espn+ Video Rice at Florida International 6:30 pm $espn+ Video Sacred Heart at CCSU 12:00 pm espn3 Video / NEC Video? Sam Houston State at Lamar 3:00 pm $espn+ Video / KBMT (cable) Samford at Furman 1:00 pm $espn+ Video / WYCW (cable) South Dakota at Youngstown State 5:00 pm $espn+ Video / WFMJ (cable) South Dakota State at Northern Iowa 4:00 pm espn3 Video / PSN (cable) Stephen F. Austin at Houston Baptist 6:00 pm espn3 Video NAIA: Sterling at Tabor 2:00 pm espn3 Video Tennessee Tech at Tennessee State 4:30 pm $espn+ Video Texas State at Louisiana Monroe 6:00 pm espn3 Video UT Martin at Eastern Illinois 2:00 pm espn3 Video UTEP at Louisiana Tech 2:30 pm $espn+ Video UTSA at Southern Miss 6:00 pm $espn+ Video Valparaiso at Morehead State 1:00 pm $espn+ Video Western Carolina at Mercer 3:00 pm $espn+ Video Western Illinois at Missouri State 2:00 pm $espn+ Video Western Michigan at Central Michigan 2:00 pm $espn+ Video
  2. PLS input your OOC schedule if you haven't done so yet. Want to get this article done this week. Thanks https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/179dLKrheahK9tHz3--cbtYUjbjZ14x0h5uTB9zrADqo/edit?usp=sharing

  3. ZackTyzwyz

    [2022] Week #0 - FNF

    Like I said this was like the 50th safety I’ve seen. Not even a big deal or anything.
  4. ZackTyzwyz

    [2022] Week #0 - FNF

    Wow, Kansas’ defense looks scary. I think that’s the first safety I’ve seen on the site thus far that I remember. Not much else to take away like smackems said. I think these are two very very solid teams with potential to be in the upper tier of Big XII teams this season.
  5. Damn, superb article. Wish I scheduled an ACC opponent so I could get real into it.
  6. ZackTyzwyz

    [2022] Week #0 - TNF

  7. ZackTyzwyz

    [2022] Big XII Network Season Preview

    Convinced you keep predicting me in the playoffs to jinx me
  8. ZackTyzwyz

    Who commits where?

    All the Oklahoma croots to OSU
  9. ZackTyzwyz

    [2022] Preseason Coaches Poll

    I’m so triggered
  10. ZackTyzwyz

    2022 Season Discussion

    FBS National Champion: Gotta say TCU. Gross. FCS National Champion: NDSU has a really solid roster compared to the newly created ones. Heisman Winner: Marcus Black is a terror and will lead his team to the National Championship game most likely. NFL Super Bowl Champion: The well-scouted Rams Most Surprising Team: I think Texas will take a big leap forward by having a coach that's actually present.
  11. ZackTyzwyz

    [2022] Pre-Season Week #3 - 1 PM

    WR Benjamin Franklin - Moderate Foot Fracture
  12. ZackTyzwyz

    [2022] Recruiting Tiers

    @someone else where ya at
  13. ZackTyzwyz

    [2022] Recruiting Tiers

    @Commissioners I thought we always counted one post-season win towards these calculations? http://cfbhc.com/index.php?/topic/19763-cfbhc-v14b/
  14. ZackTyzwyz

    [CFBHC] The CFBHC Recruiting System

    Updated for the 2022 season. Good luck!
  15. ZackTyzwyz

    [2022] Recruiting Heat Maps

    lol Florida