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  2. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel First Playoff Win Since 2014 The Packers defeated the 49ers 31-16 at a snowy Lambeau Field; Green Bay will take on the Cowboys in the divisional round. Donovan Faulk topped off the victory with an interception returned 66 yards for a touchdown.
  3. No. If you don't use all your points, then the AI just uses the points you didn't spend. In this case, these teams tried spending more points than they had. I fixed the way I think they were doing it.
  4. SYR, NIU, TUL, MARSH, UNC didn't recruit. And UT, UCONN, UNM, NT, LATECH had their points erased and were AI.
  5. Surprised they played so well in the snow. Go Pack Go!
  6. If you're implying Purdue lost multiple points that's fake news. Only lost a single point yet still we're #1 and you're not.
  7. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Lion Tamers Win Division Packers defeated the Lions for second time this season which blocked the Lions from a first-round bye in the playoffs; Packers first playoff appearance since 2017. Justin McCain punishes the Lions secondary with 8 receptions for 120 yards and 1 touchdown.
  8. Best regular season record in franchise history. Go Pack Go!
  9. Nice article!
  10. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Packers Clinch Playoff Spot Packers clinch first playoff berth since 2017 and look to end playoff win drought since 2014. Justin McCain leads the receiving corp again going 6 for 100 yards and 1 TD.
  11. Yeah me too. All I see is currently #1 ranked Purdue winning and currently whatever Air Force salty about it.
  12. UNM, SYR, UTEP, WYO, BG, IOWA, TUL, MARSH, NT, LATECH, NIU Also Utah and UCONN had bids but tried fighting the law but the law won. Don't do it again.
  13. Good thing Rutgers played a MWC team because otherwise they'd have been 0-6.
  14. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Run Nomellini Run Dan Nomellini goes 8 for 121 yards and 2 TD against Houston. Nomellini hauls in a TD against the Texans.