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  1. Touchdown Taylor Bernard Taylor leads the Packer offense with 7 receptions for 166 yards and 2 TD in their season opener.
  2. Don't let the Packers offense putting up 38 points distract you from the fact that the Bears were shut out.
  3. More like its the DB that 4 other teams should have drafted.
  4. Marquise Reed, 71 yd INT return for TD - 7:00 (21-7)
  5. Corey Mendoza, IND, 33 of 56 for 256 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT COREY COREY COREY
  6. Garrison Jackson, GB, 1.5 Sacks, 6 Tackles No one understood this trade but here it is folks. I'm playing 4-D chess and they're all playing checkers.
  8. Yes. I just moved them now. Everyone should be in their CFBHC conferences now except independents are put in a conference.
  9. HC inspiral 1 years // $5,650,000 $5,650,000 per year
  10. Signed.
  11. 1st Round, Pick #8 CB/WR Marquise Reed 6-1 173 R Clemson [Man Coverage] 82 The idea draft scenario for the Green Bay Packers was realized when Reed fell to the Packers at #8. He won over scouts with outstanding CB play during his college career. He will fit in at the #2 CB spot on the roster. The two-way college player will receive a limited number of snaps at the #6 WR spot. 1st Round, Pick #10 C Lucas Hurd 6-4 276 R Alabama [Pass Blocking] 83 The Packers good luck continued when they were able to draft Hurd with their second first round pick. The Packers have had troubles with the interior offensive line and Hurd will be expected to start at center at the beginning of the season. 2nd Round, Pick #41 OG Lucas Hopkins 6-6 261 R Missouri [Run Blocking] 81 The idea first three picks for the Packers before the draft were Reed, Hurd, and then Hopkins. Before the draft the Packers front office projected it a strong possibility that Hopkins to falls out of the first round due to his character and injury concerns. Although clearly the best athlete from the group of guards available in the second round, if he reels in these issues Hopkins would be a steal. Hopkins will start immediately at offensive guard. 3rd Round, Pick #72 WR Justin McCain 6-2 181 R North Carolina [Speed] 78 This WR out of North Carolina posted an impressive combine and pro-day that captured the eye of the Packers front office. He posted impressive college stats at North Carolina despite a high coaching turnover rate. He'll be expected to sit behind the veterans at WR #3 spot and perhaps one day move to the outside. His shifty ability as a receiver and speed will be tested on kick returns. 5th Round, Pick #138 TE Luke Graf 6-3 196 R Nebraska [Receiving] 76 Luke Graf was one of the highlights of the Nebraska Cornhusker offense. Hauling in over 800 yards and 8 TDs his senior season put him on the Packers radar. He'll sit behind Bernard Taylor at #2 TE to gain experience. 6th Round, Pick #178 FB Fredrick Marshall 6-2 174 R TCU [Pass Blocking] 79 The TCU FB was a great pick up in the 6th round to fill a need on the Packers roster. Easily the most skilled FB on the Packers roster, he'll end up competing with the veteran Stewart to start. Marshall's athletic ability is high, however, it is questionable if he's ready to start and he'll be on a short leash as he transitions to the NFLHC. 6th Round, Pick #184 ILB James Robertson 6-2 235 R Texas [Mike] 73 The last pick of the Packers draft brings some depth to the aging linebacking corp. Robertson proved to be versatile for the Longhorns netting a sack, a FF, 2 FR, and an INT his senior season. The Packers will hope he brings some of that hustle to the NFLHC. Robertson will slide in low on the ILB depth chart behind a squad of aging veterans. However look out for him to rise up the depth chart the next couple seasons.
  12. Green Bay Packers vs. Buffalo at Houston at Cincinnati vs. Los Angeles Rams
  13. DC Gregg Williams $2,200,000 per year 1 year
  14. CJ Thomas sounds like a huge asshole and douchebag.
  15. Signed.

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