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  1. inspiral

    [2022] Missed Recruiting

    u'Army', u'Wyoming', u'Liberty', u'New Mexico', u'UTEP', u'Tulane', u'Louisiana Tech', u'Connecticut', u'UMass', u'Arkansas State', u'New Hampshire', u'Miami (OH)', u'North Dakota', u'California', u'Kentucky', u'Appalachian State', u'South Dakota State', u'Georgia Tech', u'Troy', u'Texas A&M', u'Eastern Washington', u'Youngstown State', u'Miami (FL)'
  2. inspiral

    Favorite Recruiting Memory

    When I believed I was the Syracuse coach, I was looking at the depth chart figuring out what I was going to croot in the upcoming season and looking at the northeast croots in the spreadsheet marking them. Then while I got all the croots up and their depth chart up, Soluna told me in the shoutbox it was a joke. Cracks me up still.
  3. inspiral

    2018 NFLHC Draft Class Review Discussion

    Its really close. Burch was taken slightly higher and was a comically bad pick since the next like ~10/13 were pro-bowlers, and then the Packers selected W.M. Mitchell after those ~13 picks who also is kind of a bust. But of the couple INT Burch ever had, one of them was a pick six at least.
  4. inspiral

    2018 NFLHC Draft Class Review Discussion

    He's never been an 83. He went: 80 -> 82 -> 82 -> 81 -> 82 EDIT: Also this guy is probably the biggest bust the Packers ever drafted.
  5. inspiral

    [2022] Missed Recruiting

    u'Louisiana Tech', u'New Mexico', u'North Dakota', u'Youngstown State', u'South Dakota State', u'New Hampshire', u'Troy', u'Liberty', u'Middle Tennessee', u'Georgia Tech', u'Penn State', u'Louisville', u'Connecticut', u'UMass', u'Kentucky', u'Northern Iowa', u'UTEP', u'Eastern Washington', u'Miami (OH)', u'Appalachian State', u'Tulane'
  6. inspiral

    [2022] B1G Recruiting Review #1

    I was going to say this kid probably wasn't alive when he was a wrestler but apparently this guy is still doing it.
  7. inspiral

    [2022] B1G Recruiting Review #1

    I don't get this nickname.
  8. inspiral

    [2022] Big XII Recruiting Recap Week 4

    Might as well just relabel this thread TCU Recruiting Recap Week 4.
  9. inspiral

    [2022] Independents Recruiting Recap Week 4

    I wanted A.J. Womack because its not a bad name. But didn't want to spread myself too thin. Campbell Ragsdale is a shitty name so avoided that guy.
  10. inspiral

    [2022] Week #4 - 1 PM

    Mofo is looking like Kotar 2.0.
  11. inspiral

    [2022] Missed Recruiting

    u'Wyoming', u'Liberty', u'UNLV', u'New Mexico', u'UTEP', u'Wisconsin', u'New Hampshire', u'Louisiana Tech', u'Connecticut', u'California', u'UMass', u'Miami (OH)', u'Tulane', u'Missouri', u'Charlotte', u'Marshall', u'North Carolina', u'Georgia Tech', u'Eastern Washington', u'North Texas', u'Youngstown State', u'South Dakota State'
  12. inspiral

    [2022] Week #3 - MNF

    dudes, come on, you need to protect my little boilerbros.
  13. Although the Tampa-Carolina game is a good pick for a primetime game, most interested in this game this week to see how the Redskins do.
  14. inspiral

    [2022] Missed Recruiting

    u'Miami (OH)', u'Louisiana Tech', u'South Dakota State', u'Wyoming', u'Connecticut', u'Liberty', u'UNLV', u'Troy', u'California', u'Eastern Washington', u'UMass', u'Youngstown State', u'North Texas'