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  1. Packers: Offensive Coordinator - Kyle Shanahan +3% QB skill +9% RB aggressiveness -6% QB durability Defensive Coordinator - Rod Marinelli +8% DE/DT fitness +13% DE/DT aggressiveness  +4% DE/DT chemistry
  2. Good game Dolphins, I feel very lucky. There's no doubt you guys have a great team. @vtgorilla@smckenz3
  3. HC inspiral extension 2 Years/$6.9 Million $3.45 Million Per Year
  4. I don't think post-season losses tarnishes Skaggs. He's clearly a great QB. I think a comment already said, each team at the top is separated by so little but the Panthers have had a weakness with some pass-heavy gameplans in my opinion which hurts. I don't think any of the current 4 remaining NFC teams are all that better than Carolina but I do think everyone knows exactly how to gamplan against them which isn't the case for some more versatile teams.
  5. Opps, forgot about that. Will fix tomorrow.
  6. There's not many individual plays that come to mind here but that Akili run with a minute left for the #2 seed and division is one to remember.
  7. I am the same as storm. Arrived during the 2013 season at Purdue, before the first round of recruiting but since the schedule was already generated the only game Purdue played was a spring game in 2013.
  8. Thanks for the CSV @stormstopper. These points are on the interface now. Will add players sometime soon.
  9. There's no power move like wearing an oversized championship ring to fist bump hands after the game @Jamzz. I don't even know why we bothered to take it out of the display case. Also, Matt Jones welcome to the Purdue Hall of Fame: http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Purdue_Boilermakers_Ring_of_Honor
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