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  1. Packers send: WR Freddie Jackson 6-3 218 R Indiana [Target] [0] 79 OG Walter Shannon 6-5 290 R Texas Tech [Pass Blocking] [+2/C] 78 DE Calvin Farmer 6-2 248 R Kentucky [Blitz] [-2] 77 OLB Matt Marino 6-4 215 R Michigan State [Coverage] [0] 79 FS Richard Clemons 6-2 196 R Kansas [Man Coverage] [0] 74 SS Bryce Moore 6-0 199 R Nebraska [Man Coverage] [0] 73
  2. Freddie Jackson chases down Jordan Westbrook interception from an errant pass by spotty Indiana quarterback play. Round 1: WR Freddie Jackson 6-3 218 R Indiana [Target] [0] 79 Freddie Jackson will work his way into the Packers WR rotation this year as the Packers have looked to rehaul their WR corps with Justin McCain, Artavius Hopkins, and Michael Allen in recent years. Pegged as a boom or bust pick, most folks forget Jackson played for perennial losers Indiana, one of the lowest passing offenses in CFB with no support around him. The Packers coaching staff was high on his combine and pro day performance; when asked about his limited role in college, they stated they had no faith in the IU coach's ability. The Green Bay front office referred to the Hoosier's program as "SAD!" When asked about his time at IU, Jackson said, "going there was one of the worst decisions of my life." Walter Shannon leads a hole open for Solomon McLaughlin. Round 2: OG Walter Shannon 6-5 290 R Texas Tech [Pass Blocking] [+2/C] 78 Walter Shannon has a chance to compete for a starting OG position when Roderick Norton finally steps down. A true team player at Texas Tech, the Packers were impressed by his interview as well as his shiftiness pulling to the outside. Matt Marino wraps up opposing runningback. Round 3: OLB Matt Marino 6-4 215 R Michigan State [Coverage] [0] 79 Injuries sidelined the top three OLB in 2022 and the Packers started their 4th and 5th string OLBs most of the previous season. The depth at OLB fared well as Garrison Jackson filled in for a Super Bowl run and Brady Christiansen was able to return late in the season; however, the Packers address the growing need to get younger at OLB with Matt Marino. Calvin Farmer off to the races recording another sack. Round 4: DE Calvin Farmer 6-2 248 R Kentucky [Blitz] [-2] 77 Its no secret that the Packers are planning for eventually replacing their old defensive line. Farmer joins Cory Hall from 2022 as the second consecutive 4th round pick used to draft a DE. Calvin Farmer showed a lot of potential as one of the few 4 star players in college to be rated highly going into the draft. Recording 8 sacks his senior year, the Packers were enthusiastic to make this pick in the 4th round. If he can live up to his hype, then he has a chance to take over as a starter.
  3. @rabidsnowman The easy answer is just get good players, and I think the 2020 draft helped lift this team to a different level than it was in 2019. Those guys now: CB/WR Marquise Reed 6-1 173 3 Clemson [Man Coverage] [-1] 92 C Lucas Hurd 6-4 276 3 Alabama [Pass Blocking] [+2/C] 92 OG Lucas Hopkins 6-6 261 3 Missouri [Run Blocking] [0] 91 WR Justin McCain 6-2 181 3 North Carolina [Speed] [-2] 90 TE Luke Graf 6-3 196 3 Nebraska [Receiving] [0] 81 FB Fredrick Marshall 6-2 174 3 TCU [Pass Blocking] [0] 83 ILB James Robertson 6-2 235 3 Texas [Mike] [0] 77 And there's a lot more guys, I slowly picked up to replace busts or retirements (e.g. Jamal Harley). And a couple nice pickups for 3rd rounders (Kaulana Groth, James White). As far as what a you can do besides luck in the draft, don't "rebuild". You don't need studs at every position, just a few with a lot of decent players around them. Keep your team's talent balanced across positions if you can. People want to "rebuild" and then just dump older vets for picks. I don't think its really ever worth it. If I just dump Antonio Burch and Peyton Roaches, even though those guys were busts, the team in 2020 is probably worse if I trade them for some future picks. JJ looked like his career was over, a stagnant 93 for several seasons up til 2021. And in the end, it was good enough to win a Super Bowl. That probably gets you into the conversation of top teams if you can just manage your roster. But at the end, I don't think the rosters are what separate the top teams in the playoffs, its their versatility to change up their gameplan or balance their attack, and the difficulty to gameplan against them.
  4. #32 WR Freddie Jackson 6-3 218 R Indiana [Target] [0] 79 4 years // 18.0 million // 56.94% Guaranteed G//4.5//4.5//1.25//0.0//Total:10.25 $//0.0//0.0//3.25//4.5//Total:7.75 Total//4.5//4.5//4.5//4.5//Total:18.0 Value//8.18198130335522
  5. I already planned everything around the other 3 days that were posted in the offseason schedule thread. I love the draft but I'd be in favor moving it further out so people can plan around it.
  6. Coaching Skills Offense: 16 - 1 -> 15 Defense: 14 + 2 -> 16 Special Teams: 10 -> 10 Clock Mgmt: 10 -> 10 Discipline: 11 + 2 -> 13 Youth Mgmt: 15 - 1 -> 14 Coaching Feat: Strength in Growth Adaptive Capabilities Also 2022 Super Bowl Champion under Achievements.
  7. For the Once Upon a Time fans out there. @Soluna's first reaction after seeing a couple episodes. lol
  8. Packers DC Rod Marinelli  2 years  $4,000,000 per year
  9. Packers DC Rod Marinelli 2 years $3,500,000 per year
  10. OC Kyle Shanahan 2 years $2,150,000 per year
  11. There's probably an alternative universe out there where the Jags picked Marcellus Peterson, Alvis Brumm, and Dan Nomellini instead of Larry Reeves, James Bush, and Kareem Taylor.
  12. #8 - CB/WR Marquise Reed 6-1 173 3 Clemson [Man Coverage] [-1] 92 - Accepted $5.0 million #10 - C Lucas Hurd 6-4 276 3 Alabama [Pass Blocking] [+2/C] 92 - Accepted $5.5 million
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