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    1. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel - Special Edition Packers Add Depth in Early Free Agency The Green Bay Packers welcome three new additions in early free agency. The speed receiver from Kansas City, WR Lindsey Thomas, will battle against Bailey and Allen for a spot on the active roster at WR and on special teams. Meanwhile DE Derrick Woodward from Detroit and DE Thomas Henry from Los Angeles will add some youth to an old Packers defensive line. Packers GM said, "Thomas and Henry could help out if injuries take their toll like last season, and I like the progress Woodward has shown." WR Lindsey Thomas 5-11 163 2 Arizona [Speed] [-1] 77 DE Derrick Woodward 6-2 245 2 Iowa [Contain] [0] 73 DE Thomas Henry 6-6 295 4 Maryland [Contain] [0] 78 GO PACK GO!
    2. inspiral

      [2022] IndyStar: Colts Trade Ryan Mitchell

      He was CFBHC's career pick six record holder. He might still be but I haven't checked lately.
    3. inspiral

      [2022] IndyStar: Colts Trade Ryan Mitchell

      Dan Weaver is one of the best damn corners ever.
    4. inspiral

      DC Rod Marinelli

      DC Rod Marinelli $4,300,000 per year 1 years
    5. inspiral

      DC Teryl Austin

      DC Teryl Austin $4,300,000 per year 1 Years
    6. inspiral

      DC Teryl Austin

      DC Teryl Austin $3,900,000 per year 2 Years
    7. inspiral

      [2022] Re-signings

      Packers up.
    8. Packers did not draft a first round pick.
    9. inspiral

      [2021] Final Coaches Poll

    10. inspiral

      Super Bowl VIII

      Congrats alien!
    11. inspiral

      [2022] CFBHC Schedule - Game Registration

      Just agreed to Week 4 with Ole Miss. Ole Miss at Purdue
    12. inspiral

      [2021] NFCN: QB Spotlight

      JJ was a 93 for like 4 seasons and it looked like he was going to regress soon. I know for at least 2019, he wasn't in any system that really set him up to succeed. Then, in 2020, he goes +4 to a 97. The guy's career got an adrenaline shot to prolong it a few more years, and all the weird schemes probably stopped him from reaching that earlier. This is actually kind of crazy and why I'm sad when Boilermakers go to poorly run NFLHC teams. Also, I think Brooksheer is decent for a starter. Bears have had an awful oline.