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  1. I believe Indiana just went to their first bowl ever last season and now the former coach returns that never won a B1G conference game. Why would they be excited? I guess no one ever accused Indiana fans of being the most intelligent people.
  2. Do not PM me. I asked the commissioners do it is because I don't want to do it.
  3. Ok. I'll do it 1-15.
  4. This article snubbed NFC Offensive Player of the Week Nominee Jaz Durant.
  5. Interface should be set up with points and players now.
  6. Ah thanks, something like this is exactly what I need. Thanks.
  7. Also does someone have a list for how many points etc. each team gets? Would be great if formatted like: TeamName,Points,SchoolVisits,...
  8. Very cool! I'll work on this tonight/tomorrow. Shouldn't take too long to do.
  9. Purdue is higher than Alabama in the pre-season poll. What a time to be alive.
  10. Taylor Rebounds Off Knee Injury Bernard Taylor has recovered from a knee sustained early in the season and went 5 for 59 yards, 1 TD, last week against Chicago. Taylor catching a TD pass on Thursday Night Football.
  11. #squadgoals Packers match last season wins total in first six games. Rookie WR Justin McCain lead the Packers' receivers in a win against the Lions.
  12. Yeah and I feel this is more realism. For example if im poor man Joe in Arkansas and latechs offers to pay for school and wants me to play, then I'm going there over say my home state university Arkansas.
  13. He's had good progressions so he'll probably be pretty good for you.
  14. lol fake news Todd Lester was garbage in that Holiday Bowl. He threw a couple deep passes in the 3rd when his team was already down by like 28; that was it really.

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