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    1. This is the first week I didn't play a top practice performer. Thanks Lions!
    2. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

      The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Lions Who? The reigning Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers head coach Vince Inspardi extends his record against the Detroit Lions to 3-0. The reigning Super Bowl champion Packers defense led by reigning Super Bowl champion CB/WR Marquise Reed controlled the game.
    3. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Reigning Super Bowl Champion Packers Tighten Grip on NFCN The reigning Super Bowl champion Packers can now clinch second consecutive NFCN title with a Chicago loss and reigning Super Bowl champion Packers win. Backup SS Brian Miles intercepts pass as reigning Super Bowl champion starter SS Julio Barnes sits out game.
    4. Change my View

      Not really, teams get jumped all the time. Just because a bad team wins doesn't mean you have to move them up. IRL 2016 WMU went undefeated in the regular season and only got to like #13 because they played no one and a bunch of teams just kept jumping them in the polls. Its not just win and automatically move up if the team in front of you loses.
    5. Change my View

      No offense to Jumbo and I appreciate the work he puts into it, but the coaches poll here is a joke. I don't think most of the voters spend much time thinking about their rankings. Most have some weird stubbornness to resist changing things - oh but this bad team hasn't lost yet so I have to keep moving them up, they can only go down when they lose. Heisman voters don't look at individual games. They just browse the aggregated season stats and make a quick decision. This is why Durant won the Heisman instead of Sowell.
    6. [2021] JuCo Recruiting Master List

      Ties: WR Brian D'Angelo 6-4 171 Jr Contra Costa College (San Pablo CA) 3.5 of 4.5 [Speed] [(u'cfbhc-ucla', u'UCLA'), (u'cfbhc-psu', u'PSU')] QB Akiem Williams III 6-3 235 Sr Hutchinson CC (Spring TX) 5.0 of 5.0 [Scrambling] [(u'cfbhc-smu', u'SMU'), (u'cfbhc-clem', u'CLEM')] DT Wilson Hodges 6-3 291 Jr Lackawanna (Scranton PA) 3.5 of 4.5 [2-gap] [(u'cfbhc-wku', u'WKU'), (u'cfbhc-mem', u'MEM')]
    7. Biggest draft steal?

      I didn't think Brumm would drop to the Jets.
    8. [2021] Week 12 Headlines

      The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Reigning Super Bowl Champion Packers Win Snow Game Reigning Super Bowl champion DE Mike Taylor had a sack and forced fumble in the snowy game against Pittsburgh. Fans enjoy first snow game of the season.
    9. Anonymous NFLHC GM says he hopes top OG declare early.
    10. [2021] Injured Reserve

      Packers place: DE Kaulana Groth 6-7 304 6 Ohio State [Contain] 89 on IR
    11. Instant Classics

      Other ones were already mentioned but here's a couple from long ago that had interesting things happen: 2015 Purdue @ Wake Forest. Game was scoreless and then in the last 15 minutes had over 60 points scored. 2015 Purdue @ #9 Wisconsin. Jesse Scott returned two punt return TDs to put the Boilermakers up and FS Michael Monahan returned a pick six. The Boilermakers left Madison upsetting the #9 team in the nation with special teams and defense.
    12. [2021] Week #11 - Saturday Evening

      Good game. Looks like a missed FG decided the outcome. Hopefully, I can still win the division.
    13. Dunno if they're underrated but Descreto and serwendel built nice programs from a meh team and stuck around. MWC ain't great which helped Descreto some but I think he would've been successful in a stronger conference as well. In NFLHC, Philly is a nice team but doesn't really get talked about as much as some other similar caliber teams.
    14. [2021] Week 10 Headlines

      The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Reigning Super Bowl Champion Backup Defense Tested The reigning Super Bowl champion Packers sat their starting RDE, ROLB, ILB, Slot CB, and FS against Vikings to experiment with 2021 draft picks. 2021 second and first round picks ILB Jamal Harley and OLB Brady Christiansen get their first starts in the NFLHC; Super Bowl Champion DE Mike Taylor starts first game in possible last season of storied career.
    15. [2021] Missed Recruiting Teams

      Week 1: OLE, AKRON, UNC, NIU, NT, EMU, ODU, AF, GSU, CC These team did not spend like less than a couple points: ORST, USC, TENN, ULM, UTEP, ARK, LVL
    16. [2021] Missed Recruiting Teams

      u'Georgia State', u'Arkansas', u'Texas', u'Arizona', u'Wisconsin', u'Tulsa', u'UCF', u'Connecticut', u'UTSA', u'Utah State', u'Louisiana-Lafayette', u'Arkansas State', u'Miami (OH)', u'Tulane', u'Ole Miss', u'Liberty', u'Ohio', u'Buffalo', u'Coastal Carolina', u'Cincinnati', u'UCLA', u'Troy', u'North Texas', u'Virginia Tech'
    17. 2021 JuCo Recruiting Rules

      Added. Will process next week of CFBHC.
    18. Tried recruiting Haskell to come to Purdue but just not enough points in those days. Would have liked him in NFLHC.
    19. Stars of Tomorrow: Cordarelle Washington

      CHOO-DARELLE WASHINGTON Though, I think WMU and Purdue are stacked at FS. Purdue has a 1.5/5.0 from this croot cycle, plus a 4.5 JuCo from 2019, and has a National Exposure JuCo FS this croot cycle as well. But got to get anything I can before the eventual cliff Purdue football will fall off.
    20. 2021 JuCo Recruiting Rules

      Will add this to inferface during NFL draft today. Will use storm's numbers above.
    21. Day 3 of the NFL Draft: Who do you want?

      More curious to see if Cuse LB Zaire Franklin and LB Parris Bennett get drafted. They're probably the Cuse players with the highest chance of being drafted in my opinion.
    22. [2021] Mid-Season Re-Signing Results

      Regardless of the rule, even if we did do non-expiring contracts mid-season, that was a horrible offer if he's got a full year left.
    23. Just refuse to play. He's got a $120 million contract with 80% guaranteed.
    24. Then, they won a Super Bowl with those two as starters.