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  1. DC Gregg Williams

    DC Gregg Williams $2,200,000 per year 2 years
  2. DC Bill Belichick

    DC Bill Belichick $4,350,000 per year 1 year
  3. DC Bill Belichick

  4. OC Kyle Shanahan

    OC Kyle Shanahan $2,150,000 per year 2 years
  5. OC Kyle Shanahan

  6. DC Gregg Williams

    DC Gregg Williams $2,420,000 per year 2 years
  7. CFBHC v1.4b

    Ok, I mean the first week or so if you think there's actually a serious problem, then yeah tell me. There going to be some new code. But I have people constantly asking me to check player X because they did some math incorrectly or forgot about some feature. Like all the way through the last week of recruiting. So I am serious, if its a couple weeks in to the season then I will just block you.
  8. CFBHC v1.4b

    With these changes if coaches PM me to double check anything next season I'm just blocking you from PMs.
  9. Coordinator expiring contracts [GMs ONLY]

    Green Bay Packers OC Kyle Shanahan +3% QB skill +9% RB aggressiveness -6% QB durability Contract Expired at end of 2020 Season DC Gregg Williams +10% ILB/OLB/SS/FS aggressiveness +10% Defensive Line versatility -10% defensive adjustments Contract Expired at end of 2020 Season
  10. I like the idea of larger groups of border states for states with low croots per capita. It promotes competition on top players regionally. But I'd like the border states to be based on your conference. Like even if "border states" were just your division, eg. B1G West, B1G East, etc. as a base. Or maybe some small changes if needed, eg., like take your current 4 states and add your conference division states.
  11. rabidsnowman

    Stop mentioning me in all these threads. I know the Sun Belt isn't added yet.
  12. Recruiting Punishments

  13. #28 ILB Peyton Roaches 6-2 224 3 LSU [Will] 81 - Rejected N/A
  14. P.B. Holmes leading the team out on the field during the 2018 season. WEST LAFAYETTE, IN - Purdue has announced it will induct former OG P.B. "Purdue Boilermaker" Holmes into its Ring of Honor during halftime against archrival Indiana next Saturday. Holmes is the only All-American in school history and the only two-time All-B1G Boilermaker. He will be the third athlete inducted. Holmes was the most heavily recruited JuCo transfer during the 2015 season, and on National Signing Day he decided to attend Purdue over Louisville. He was the leader on the offensive line between 2016-2018 that blocked for school-record holders including RB Joseph Bowen, RB C.J. Sheffield, QB Corey Mendoza, and QB Matt Jones. He will forever be enshrined in school lore as part of the 2016 team that upset #9 Georgia in the Outback Bowl which lifted Purdue into the national spotlight; later, he helped lead the Boilermakers to victories over Kansas in the 2017 Bourbon Bowl and Texas A&M in the 2018 Gator Bowl which would lead to the school's first Top Ten finish in the Coaches Poll. Holmes has been the only NFLHC-caliber offensive linemen to come through Purdue, and he was the first Boilermaker ever drafted in the first round. He was taken during the 2019 draft by the Pittsburgh Steelers. Purdue University is proud to honor P.B. Holmes against Indiana during this historic season in school history. http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Purdue_Boilermakers_Ring_of_Honor#Ring_of_Honor CHOO CHOO!
  15. Recruiting Punishments

  16. [2020] Week #14 - Saturday Evening

    I used to roll the diceFeel the fear in my enemy's eyesListened as the crowd would singNow the old king is dead long live the kingOne minute I held the keyNext the walls were closed on meAnd I discovered that my castles standUpon pillars of salt and pillars of sand
  17. Green Bay Packers QB Jason Johnson quiets the crowd at Super Bowl VII. INGLEWOOD, CA - The Green Bay Packers have finished their most successful season to date which culminated in a Super Bowl VII victory over the Oakland Raiders. On their way to a Super Bowl, the Packers posted a franchise-best 13-3 regular season record, defeated the past two Super Bowl Champions in the playoffs, and knocked off the #1 seed Carolina Panthers to claim the franchise's first NFC Championship. The Packers front office hopes the Super Bowl VII celebration is shared among many individuals in the league including constapatedape, ChicagoTed1, DescretoBurrito, and Dacder who have moved on from the Packers organization. Although the philosophies of the current front office and those in the past may differ, the team is a piecework of several different front offices over seven seasons. We hope this first Super Bowl feels like a shared accomplishment. At the post-season awards ceremony, accolades from the league were awarded to RT Quinn Bouman (Pro Bowl and All Pro selections), SS Julio Barnes (Pro Bowl selection), CB Cameron Bowman (All Pro selection), and HC inspiral (Coach of the Year). Many players contributed to the season's accomplishments led by team captains QB Jason Johnson and OLB Damione Ellis, and the Super Bowl VII MVP WR Dan Nomellini. Going into the post-season, the Packers have already set contracts for virtual its entire roster, and now turn their attention towards the 2021 draft. In the draft, the Packers front office hopes to begin building upon their solid 2020 rookie class that had a lot of strong development: (1st Round) CB/WR Marquise Reed 6-1 173 1 Clemson [Man Coverage] 84 (+2) (1st Round) C Lucas Hurd 6-4 276 1 Alabama [Pass Blocking] 86 (+3) (2nd Round) OG Lucas Hopkins 6-6 261 1 Missouri [Run Blocking] 84 (+3) (3rd Round) WR Justin McCain 6-2 181 1 North Carolina [Speed] 84 (+6) (5th Round) TE Luke Graf 6-3 196 1 Nebraska [Receiving] 78 (+2) (6th Round) FB Fredrick Marshall 6-2 174 1 TCU [Pass Blocking] 81 (+2) (6th Round) ILB James Robertson 6-2 235 1 Texas [Mike] 75 (+2) (UDFA) WR Michael Allen 6-2 214 1 Wisconsin [Target] 76 (+2) (UDFA) OT Maxwell Carmichael 6-7 264 1 Clemson [Run Blocking] 75 (+2) (UDFA) DT David Crawford 6-5 317 1 Georgia [2-Gap] 71 (+2) (UDFA) SS James Reyes 6-1 195 1 Purdue [Man Coverage] 72 (+2) (Signed from TB Practice Squad) OLB Shawn Richardson 6-0 238 1 Vanderbilt [Coverage] 72 (+2) Looking toward the 2021 season, QB Jason Johnson has lifted himself up by the bootstaps and seen a renaissance in his career after 3-4 years of stagnation in progression and performance. The Packers offense will look to standout WR Justin McCain to take a larger role and coaches will expect an improvement in the chemistry of the offensive line as the rookies get more comfortable. On the defensive side, CB Marquise Reed and CB Cameron Bowman will be asked to take on larger roles, and OLB Damoine Ellis and SS Julio Barnes will continue to lead. Until the offeason contract deadline, the Packers will continue to advertise an opening for the head coach position. Lastly, we would like to say good bye to those that have retired: DE Blair Kopay, DT Chris Williams, and SS Taz Tomlinson. Go Pack Go!
  18. Super Bowl VII

  19. Recruiting Punishments

  20. Recruiting Punishments

  21. [2020] Week #13 - Saturday Evening