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  1. inspiral2

    [2023] Week #1 - MNF

    I'll trade you for Matt Jones.
  2. I got my PhD from Syracuse. This is gonna be a tough one though. My offense is recharging and this year may see some of my streaks end.
  3. Syracuse is actually decent. I think people are sleepin' on them. 2 TDs seems strong.
  4. Carrying that Purdue defensive secondary on his back took its toll.
  5. Do you even stretch bro. Like how many injuries you gonna get.
  6. I have no clue what you're going on about.
  7. I went back and looked at the old pre-season rankings from @bingo415. Previous Super Bowl champions were #4, #2, #20. Didn't find a 2019 pre-season one but in Week 2 the 49ers were #18. Getting better.
  8. It feels like I'm living Groundhogs Day each season. Everyone picks the Lions to win the division.
  9. I dunno, we've already had three straight 13+ win seasons--no IRL team has ever had three straight 13+ win seasons. Unfortunately, it can't last forever and that schedule is going to be brutal like last year. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_current_National_Football_League_consecutive_playoff_appearances#Most_consecutive_13+_win_seasons http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Green_Bay_Packers#Season_Records But I am excited to see what happens with tempered expectations. Detroit might snag their first division title this decade. Chicago I think could be a surprise as well.
  10. An actual football team: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arkansas_Wildcats
  11. Matt Jones and that Purdue defense just blew out opponents in the 2021 playoffs. Missouri was close but was still a 2-score game at the end: Duke 35-13 TCU 38-17 Missouri 36-27 The 2020 Packers were the 6th seed and beat the past two defending Super Bowl Champions (San Francisco, Dallas) plus a Skaggs-led Carolina in the NFCCG. Kind of a redemption story for JJ.
  12. Matt Jones/boilerbois/packerbros pls. LB Kelly Mitchell 2023 - IND AFTER - If your previously played card is a SEC card score 7 immediately, otherwise score 3 immediately. QB Tanner Bowman 2023 - WAS NEXT - If the next card played is a RB or WR score 7 immediately, otherwise score 3 immediately. 
  13. Matt Jones' first game is probably one of the best statlines I ever had at Purdue: Matt Jones, PUR, 25 of 30 for 427 yards, 5 TD, 0 INT Purdue and Air Force was a series that ended 4-0, Purdue. This was the last time Descreto agreed to play me. Runnin' scared.
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