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  1. Oh wow I did not know that existed. Thank you!
  2. @SlinkyJr I have updated the DC. My apologies, I read the injuries too quickly and saw wrote Mild down for both O'Neil and Powell in our internal injury tracker. Sorry, kind of going through a lot right now....
  3. Working on finding a scout. Insanely busy these days so not sure I can get the DC, gameplan, and scouting done myself.
  4. 25. NE - 0.343 (5-11) If we go 2-8 to finish the season I'll eat a sock
  5. GigemAgs

    [2024] Week #6 - MNF

    JT would have beaten Cleveland
  6. GG sir! Beckett with 68% comp the past 3 weeks hype @Solunaany chance of finding out who got credit for our 2 sacks?
  7. Wow, what a win by the Giants. Guess Reggie still has a little in the tank
  8. I'm really surprised someone picked him up after we released him. Dude is BAAAAD
  9. Imagine reading this with a lower score than you
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