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  1. Wow what a great game. Very impressive showing by SMOO and paving the way for the G5 pool. Go make history!
  2. Nice W @Hchou17 That gives the mountain best 2 10 win squads thus far
  3. Not even a Shoutout for our conf win
  4. All C-USA 1st Team Offense FIFY
  5. With Hawaii's limited recruiting budget, it was important we get our coaches stateside by boat. Plus hard to find any recruiting sanctions on a boat in the middle of the Pacific . We're not in Kansas anymore, Kwon: WR Kwon Cleveland 6-2 199 (Jr) Barton County Community College (Great Bend KS) 3.5 of 4.5 [Target]
  6. For immediate release, January 14, 2020. The Hawaii Rainbow Warriors Athletic Director, David Matlin, and Head Coach, GigemAgs have concluded additional meetings in regards to the future of the program. There have been rumors swirling about the HC making a move to his Alma Matter, Texas A&M, after the job became open recently. Meetings were held all weekend but a decision could not be made until today. It's no secret that Texas A&M is a highly coveted job with advantageous SEC/Texas recruiting ties, coming off a recent playoff appearance. Losing a coach to a school of this magnitude is something the fans should understand and realize the Warriors' program is on the right trajectory regardless. When asked to comment on the subject, the HC said, "Texas A&M is a special place for me. Not only did I meet my wife there, but I also got my start as a grad assistant and spent time learning the ropes. Every time I go back, it feels like home. Hawaii is great but A&M doesn't always call. You don't want to turn them down as that job doesn't open very often." Earlier this afternoon, HC GigemAgs and the AD have agreed to a multi-year extension with a large buyout to keep the HC from moving on. He has decided to stay around for at least a couple more seasons to mark his legacy on the Program and the MWC. The buyout includes a clause for a future move to Texas A&M if that job were to open and HC is approved. But for now, the Warriors will continue on their path to MWC greatness. After going 22-3 the last 3 years in the MWC with #7 and #15 ranked recruiting classes on their way, the sky is the limit for the future of the program. "I have too much-unfinished business here on the Islands to jump ship just yet and made too many promises to the young men coming into the program about the heights we can reach. I'm very thankful for A&M responding to all my requests and the potential opportunity in the future. I'm very excited to see where I can take this program from here" Coach @GigemAgs will be around for questions if anyone has them.
  7. My apologies, especially to @Bruno and @believer. I got thrown off by a week where we had CFBHC and not NFLHC and my dumbass treated it like a Bye and thought Gaines was good. Sorry dudes.
  8. Impressive season for @Azul and the Broncos. Well done! If Hawaii and Fresno can take care of business in bowl season the will finish with 3 10 win teams and one wouldn't be . Wild.
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