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  1. rabidsnowman

    [2022] Injury Report

    Updated through Week 7.
  2. rabidsnowman


    @Maverick You're approved for the Troy Trojans! Request here (politely) for Troy's logo as your avatar picture. Once your account has been elevated you will gain access to the shoutbox and the private conference subforum. We are well into the 2022 season. Your 2022 roster can be seen here. Place your depth chart here; if you are not sure to how to properly format the chart, look here. Make sure to request an account on the interface, that's where we handle gameplanning and recruiting (Make sure to choose CFBHC, not CBBHC!). Recruiting is usually done during the first half of the season, so you'll definitely want to read up on how that works. You still have time to put together a competitive recruiting class! You are expected to maintain Troy's Wiki page. If you are inexperienced with wiki editing, that's OK, we have a template you can use. You are also responsible for individual season pages for each year. You can use Washington's 2022 season page as an example there. Feel free to PM me with any questions regarding this. If you have any further questions, concerns, or comments don't hesitate to ask in the chat or message me directly. There's a lot to catch up on, coach, and the season will start soon. Also, because this sim requires timely interaction, be aware that if you are inactive for 14 consecutive days or fail to perform recruiting duties for your school for two weeks during the season that can be grounds for losing your team. Welcome to and to !
  3. Or even WR, but yeah, probably still DE. But we plan on being a bit further down in the round, also. I doubt a quality DE will be on the board when we come up.
  4. rabidsnowman

    [2022] Week #7 - 1 PM

    Dikes with another pick. /wrists.
  5. rabidsnowman

    [2022] Week 6 Coaches Poll

    The power of memes. Hype is everything.
  6. rabidsnowman

    2017/8 Bowl Pick'em

    Relevant info about players skipping their bowl games to prepare for the draft: http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/25443485/players-skipping-college-football-bowl-games-nfl-draft?platform=amp
  7. rabidsnowman

    [2022] Week #6 - 1 PM

    FML every time
  8. rabidsnowman

    2018 Midterm Pick 'Em

    dammit are you telling me the only person I beat just randomly guessed? I only picked a few I felt strongly about and left most blank. Maybe I should have just guessed on all the rest?
  9. rabidsnowman

    [2022] Injury Report

    Updated through Week 5.
  10. rabidsnowman

    Worst Recruiting Memory

    Deciding to move from the fertile "old system" recruiting grounds of Nebraska for the barren wasteland that was Ozark just so I could coach up my favorite team.
  11. rabidsnowman

    [2022] Week #5 - TNF

    I sold out 100% against the run. Good call.
  12. rabidsnowman

    [2022] Week #5 - TNF

    @mahrowkeen Great game! We did what we wanted to stop you defensively, but you still managed to put up points, mostly because your defense kept us off the field. I really thought we had a good chance at home, but you guys just wanted it more.
  13. rabidsnowman

    [2022] Week 4 Coaches Poll

    Honestly arguing for why you should be ranked is a good way to get pollsters to look closely at your team in upcoming weeks. I’ll probably be moving navy into my poll next week. It’s too bad more people don’t complain, we’d have to expand the poll to the top 50.
  14. rabidsnowman

    [2022] First Quarter Pro Bowl Candidates

    I'm struggling to think of a single Buccaneer worthy of a Pro Bowl slot thus far. We've played some tough competition, but there's not a single guy right now stepping it up. Andre Brooks is the closest, with 25 tackles so far, but n ot much else. Somebody has to light a fire under some asses on this team. We're not moving the football, we're not forcing turnovers, and we're not getting after the QB on defense. That said, I have every confidence in our coaching staff to handle things and get the ship pointed in the right direction.