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  1. If you're asking us which version of the witch hunt system I prefer, I'd say none of the above. My concern is that this will turn CFBHC into a de facto popularity contest, moreso than it already is. The winners get to sit on the council, with whatever ancillary benefits come with it, the losers risk banishment on top of their already shit existence being from constantly shit on in the shoutbox and the anxiety associated with making ANY decision in this game as a result of said treatment. I understand the need for mods, and I fully support that. There are people here who pull a lot more than their own weight, and they have my gratitude. It's the idea of an inactivity council and the slippery slope that it represents that I take issue with. There has to be a better way of handling this problem. I have no better suggestion, and I know it's a tough situation as there are people waiting on vacancies to open up.
  2. Georgia and Vandy both pretty underrated in this.
  3. Neither of those was what you said, though. I agree with both of those statements.
  4. So let's be clear here: You basically say Chester Henson is washed up, will be retired within 3 years...then in the next breath bash paperllamas for trading him away?
  5. For the first time all year we actually played some football. And still almost gave the Saints their first win. Great game, New Orleans.
  6. Updated depth chart. Mace Windu, welcome to Lexington.
  7. Man we need a good WR like that.
  8. Well I've been waiting 10 months for a Buccaneers subforum, so I'd have to say that's the site upgrade I'd most like to see.
  9. Ok, I get that we're not that good this year, but damn.
  10. Should be easy for you to gameplan now Alien. Just assume everybody's sending the line, the LBs, the DBs, and the waterboy blitzing every down.
  11. Tough but fair. I'm really hoping I can improve on last year. There were some mistakes that I made that I won't discuss beyond just saying that I know at least some of what I did wrong and intend to handle things differently this year.
  12. I took over Nebraska in mid-2013. Was told the position was "cursed" and that every coach had taken the job and then left the site. Everyone wondered aloud if I'd stick around. Did pretty well that first year with a 3.5 QB (Pat Bostic) and a 4.5 RB (Keena Kane, who spent several years in Green Bay). Ran the Option all year. I think my favorite thing from back then was the attitude of the people on the site. It wasn't about "who's the shittiest coach today" all the time. It was more about player hype. Or at least that's how it seemed from my perspective.
  13. I love this type of discussion, and the opportunity to learn more about the sim. Thanks for doing this. I have four separate thoughts/responses to the question: 1. I used both Pistol and Flexbone with 2 RB in Pittsburgh, but considering one of the backs was Don Williams, I don't believe the results were very useful as far as your question is concerned. 2. I feel that with a pair of quality RB's, using a 2RB offense should result in more rushing yardage overall, but less yardage for your mobile QB. I also feel like a 2 RB system might benefit teams with less talented RBs more than teams with a star, as taking the carries away from an average back is a lot better than taking them from a guy like Vaughn Abraham. 3. What I don't know is whether or not a 2 RB system would remove a FB or TE from the original offense and both RB would be on the field simultaneously, or if it's a "RB by committee". 4. I'd love to see my HC in Tampa try out a 2RB system at some point this year, particularly if this season ends up in the tank, just so we can learn more about it for the future.
  14. Buccaneers are not restructuring any deals.

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