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  1. Sammy Muhammad doesn't play for your division rival. He plays in Tampa, and will probably retire this year. I would take Monte Jackson from the Panthers. Kid has size, speed, and consistently puts up stats. Plus he hasn't peaked yet, which gives him the nod over a similar guy like Sean Jenkins.
  2. Why is everybody trying to steal my rival? UTSA-Texas State is the rivalry.
  3. Inspiral, don't let a few people ruin your fun here. 99% of us are completely grateful for the obviously significant things you do for this community. BTW I miss our back and forth from the early days leading up to Nebraska-Purdue games.
  4. Buccaneers place: WR Ken Peelle 6-6 214 9 Florida State [Target] [-1] 82 on IR. He was injured with a Severe ACL Rupture in Week 9 and is out for the year. And subsequently retired. Buccaneers place: WR Randall Johnson 6-1 180 2 Southern Miss [Target] [+1] 78 on IR He was injured with a Severe Achilles Rupture in Week 9 and is out for the year.
  5. I relinquish any claim I had to UK in CBB, so if a fan wants to take that job, I encourage you to apply.
  6. We appreciate the time Ken spent with the Buccaneers. His presence in the locker room, mentoring our young WRs and keeping them sharp was invaluable. He will be missed, unless he wants a job as WRs coach.
  7. Amazing recruiting by everyone in the conference this year. I am thoroughly impressed. Texas is a disaster this year to recruit in, I should have looked closer at the 5.0 talent nationally. Could have landed one if I was careful, I think.
  8. I was under the impression 5th year senior transfers were only eligible for FCS? How is this guy even playing at Duke?
  9. You played a hell of a game. I had an idea of what I wanted this team to do, and clearly we're not doing it. It's time to take everything, throw it in the trash can, and start over. I wanted 8 wins this year and now I don't know if we'll get 4.
  10. Randall Johnson is a tough loss. Peele was just there for depth. And we have a ton of WRs so it's survivable.
  11. @larryspader You're approved for the Arkansas State Red Wolves! Request here (politely) for Arkansas State's logo as your avatar picture. We are well into 2022-2023 season, so get your gameplan and depth chart ready ASAP. Your 2023 roster can be seen here . Make sure to request an account on the interface, that's where we handle gameplanning and recruiting (Make sure to choose CFBHC, not CBBHC!). Recruiting is already underway, so you've got some catching up to do. If you have any questions about this, please let me know and I'll help any way I can. You are expected to maintain Arkansas State's Wiki page. If you are inexperienced with wiki editing, that's OK, we have a template you can use. You are also responsible for individual season pages for each year. You can use Washington's 2023 season page as an example there. Feel free to PM me with any questions regarding this. If you have any further questions, concerns, or comments don't hesitate to ask in the chat or message me directly. Also, because this sim requires timely interaction, be aware that if you are inactive for 14 consecutive days (logging in as anonymous doesn't count) or fail to perform recruiting duties for your school for two weeks during the season that can be grounds for losing your team. Welcome to and welcome to !
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