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    1. Site was kinda down for two days for April Fools. Kinda hard to submit a gameplan while everybody's trying to solve a mystery. It is what it is. Where do we go from here?
    2. Our needs are pretty clear, going to be an interesting draft.
    3. That's so hard to believe. They've always been competitive, but I guess being stuck next to Detroit and Green Bay is an unenviable spot.
    4. QB - Ryan Harris. Ultra accurate gunslinger. RB - Jaz Durant (but would save cap room and go with Griffin McHanna) WR1 - Adrian Jankowski (need the best possession WRs we can get) WR2 - Monte Jackson (nice combination of speed and size) WR (slot) - DeAndre Felder (Young guy with size, production, but not a lot of drops, hopefully can catch the ball over the middle) TE - DJ Gibson (great pass catching TE who can play through contact) WR 4 - DJ Barnes (ultra speedy deep threat) Pass blocking O-line. Gameplan | West Coast - Air Raid Just a pass happy
    5. You might want to look at Brooksheer's numbers in verticals this year. He's putting up stats at nearly Skaggs' pace. If we had a defense I think his arm could put us in the playoffs. Great game!
    6. Brett Fisher is way lower on this than he has any right to be.
    7. I think McHanna might have value as a 3rd down RB.
    8. Brooksheer finally had a bad game in Verts. Falcons just had answers for everything today.
    9. Seven weeks ago you would not have described us in this fashion....and we have made no changes at QB in that time. So it looks like the Carolina @ Tampa game in the final week of the season is going to be the Ballard Bowl...and the winner (the team that loses the game) will put Matt Ballard on their bench for at least a couple of seasons. Hmm.
    10. We close out the year with 3 winnable home games. I would not at all be surprised to see us win a couple of those and end up picking in the 5-10 range. Of course I'd rather pick #1 but I feel like despite the current standings, we're just about the least likely of this group to lose out. While our defense is still the joke of the league, we at least have figured out our offense somewhat, and that makes us at least modestly competitive relative to the other teams at the bottom. Arizona is almost guaranteed to lose out, given their remaining schedule. They hold a win over us and I'm pr
    11. And we still have Carolina at home to play.
    12. So that answers questions we had, got some great production, clearly we need a lot of D-line help (nothing we didn't already know) and a lot of help at CB (again, nothing we didn't already know) but it's nice to see our passing game the way it should look once we can get our defense off the field. Just too bad Monte Jackson was the way we got our defense off the field tonight. 23 tackles by our safeties might just be a record....but it only speaks to the ineffectiveness of our front 7.
    13. I'm sure if I had disposable income in the past I'd have already been down this particular rabbit hole. I looked at Gloomhaven and I'm VERY interested.
    14. I'm going to start by looking into Gloomhaven, Kemet, and Mage Knight.
    15. Exactly what I was curious about. This is why I asked, I just don't have the perspective, and I have to admit, flashy metal coins and graphics had me intrigued. But if there's no substance, there's no game. Thanks for looking into it!
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