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  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers place: TE Jaime Bautista 6-1 203 1 Kansas [Receiving] [0/C] 78 on Injured Reserve. He suffered a Severe ACL Rupture and is out for the season.
  2. Thanks, and this was a tough choice but we'll take Packet 2.
  3. I believe this is everywhere, but I'm probably forgetting a couple of places. Driving a truck for a year makes a big difference. I believe this is
  4. I mean that's kinda my approach to GM'ing....
  5. I was just seeing how close I could get, I'm not good enough at Geogessr to compete in this.
  6. Merry Christmas CFdownload (13).jpgBHC!!!!

  7. Round 3 Pick 3 The Buccaneers pass on the pick in order to internally promote. @mahrowkeen and @bingo415 and the Denver Broncos are on the clock. (Posted for @MasonAsher who is at work and unable to post)
  8. Round 2, Pick 3 The Tampa Bay Buccaneers select: DC Greg Manusky (Age 58) Descended from Mike Singletary Linebacker Progression Level 2, Linebacker Chemistry Level 2, Linebacker Skill Level 2 To be the Defensive Coordinator of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. @mahrowkeen and @bingo415 and the Denver Broncos are on the clock. (posted for HC @MasonAsher due to his being unable to post)
  9. I don't want to be last, but we really should be last. This team needs a lot of help.
  10. I would love to see a feature for Scouts that lets them "attend" a CFBHC game every week to scout a particular player, and get more in-depth information about them...or a group of players and get still useful but less in-depth insight.
  11. rabidsnowman

    Among Us

    For those who don't have the game and don't want to shell out 5 bucks on Steam, just download Bluestacks (android emulator) and you can get it on there for free.
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