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  1. My Big Board for tonight's NBA Draft (not how I think it'll actually be drafted)
    1. Markelle Fultz
    2. Josh Jackson
    3. DeAaron Fox

    4. Lonzo Ball

    5. Jayson Tatum

    6. Dennis Smith

    7. Jonathan Issac

    8. Lauri Markkanen

    9. Luke Kennard

    10. Justin Jackson

    11. Frank Ntilikina

    12. Bam Adebayo

    13. Malik Monk

    14. Zach Collins

    15. John Collins

    16. Jarrett Allen


  2. Yards gained were virtually identical. I feel like there's something the stats just aren't showing, like maybe we ended a half on a huge drive and got nothing to show for it. Something is skewed either the stats or the score, and I'm betting it's the stats. Veals can't be missing FGs. That's twice now. We are wasting a ton of money on him if he's going to be anything less than perfect. Great game, Atlanta. Congrats on the win.
  3. Sad to see you go. I hope we see you again GK.
  4. Vaughn Abraham will be the benchmark by which all future great RBs will be measured.
  5. Ah fuck me. I already know how that's going to go. Traded Jankowski, traded Otero, traded Kevin Williams (although was forced to), drafted Blakely. Grade: A+
  6. How terrifying for Cincy. Can they afford to sit Thomas?
  7. I mortgaged a roster coming off a national runner-up year with nearly everybody returning in order to come coach in Lexington. I have some regrets, but this is definitely my dream job.
  8. I want to have a run blocker at LT and a pass blocker at RT. Unless there's a significant difference in skill, I'll put players in positions where they're supposed to fit. That said, of course I want a behemoth LT to block for my ever worsening run game (seriously, I feel like I used to be pretty good at the run game, that's all gone to shit the last few years) There have been other things I've wanted to try (OT at TE in Smashmouth, for example) but I just haven't had the personnel and/or balls to try. I don't like getting too creative with the O-line because we can't see how it affects the overall game that well, and I can change other positions (and gameplan settings) around and get a much better idea of their impact, but to do so I have to leave a lot of things constant from game to game.
  9. We're paying him $4 million/year and he misses.
  10. Pretty sure that's the best game I've had out of ANY quarterback I've coached. NFLHC included.
  11. If you're asking us which version of the witch hunt system I prefer, I'd say none of the above. My concern is that this will turn CFBHC into a de facto popularity contest, moreso than it already is. The winners get to sit on the council, with whatever ancillary benefits come with it, the losers risk banishment on top of their already shit existence being from constantly shit on in the shoutbox and the anxiety associated with making ANY decision in this game as a result of said treatment. I understand the need for mods, and I fully support that. There are people here who pull a lot more than their own weight, and they have my gratitude. It's the idea of an inactivity council and the slippery slope that it represents that I take issue with. There has to be a better way of handling this problem. I have no better suggestion, and I know it's a tough situation as there are people waiting on vacancies to open up.
  12. Georgia and Vandy both pretty underrated in this.
  13. Neither of those was what you said, though. I agree with both of those statements.
  14. So let's be clear here: You basically say Chester Henson is washed up, will be retired within 3 years...then in the next breath bash paperllamas for trading him away?
  15. For the first time all year we actually played some football. And still almost gave the Saints their first win. Great game, New Orleans.