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  1. Noted, and changing it on the injury sheet. Thanks for the heads up.
  2. Add me to the too late crowd.
  3. It's updated through rookie mini-camp, I'll do the TC's all at once when they're finished. If anybody has any questions or notices an error, send me a PM please so I'll know to fix it.
  4. Sounds like this one's my fault. IDK how it happened but I'll get to the bottom of it and make it right. Scratch that, Weeze already did all the work and fixed it. I just had to update the team page. This was caused when I copied the drafted players from the last 2 drafts to the team page from somewhere that didn't list their locker room values. So this one's definitely on me.
  5. Anybody wants to schedule the Buccaneers for a preseason game, PM me.   Still need 3 more.

  6. @acewulf How important is a fullback in the Smashmouth? More. less, much more, or much less than the O-line? @Soluna Is the #1 WR always the SE, #2 WR always the flanker in the sim? Also, in the inaugural draft, you took an OT early, but haven't done so since, even after moving to the Jags. Clearly taking Marcellus Peterson wasn't a mistake, as he is going to go down as a Hall of Famer. But do you still feel like that is the best cornerstone to build around? @inspiral What do you feel is the key reason why you are consistently successful with the Packers?
  7. Barnes was an upside pick, pure and simple. We think he has an outside chance at developing into a decent slot WR, but he has huge upside as an elite PR/KR. We picked him for both reasons. Purely as a PR, you're absolutely right, he's probably a round early. But if you look at him as a 78 WR instead of as a 81 PR, with his stats in college, he's picked about a round late. I'll admit that it's all speculative, though. There's no way we'd pick him purely as a PR though, with us already having a KR on roster.
  8. WR A.J. Edwards 6-4 217 R Alabama [Speed] [-2] 81 4 years // 22.0 million // 65.91% Guaranteed G//5.5//5.5//2.5//1.0//Total:14.5 $//0.0//0.0//3.0//4.5//Total:7.5 Total//5.5//5.5//5.5//5.5//Total:22.0 Value//10.865237155219901
  9. TE Jerry Cipa 6-0 236 6 USC [Blocking] [0] 82 is on the block, price is a 2024 6th rounder.  PM me.

  10. Since I wasn't here for the Jags pick and was actually curious about Barkley anyway (he was definitely an option for us at 13 if Zion and AJ were off the board), what was the general consensus of the announcers when that pick was made and did Soluna give his opinion of Barkley? Nevermind, I just realized I can just re-watch the draft broadcast and get the answers to this question.
  11. I feel like Taylor can become a 90+ YPG receiver and as such, should be valued as highly as a top WR. I don't care where the yards come from, they still count. Of course, the Broncos had a good TE last year and weren't getting stellar production out of him, so perhaps their system or QB is not ideal for TE production, and given that, they may well have made the right move by not taking one so high.
  12. I like our B+ day. I'll call it a win. But I think the obvious winner of the day is the 49ers, hands down. HUGE pickups in Solomon and Garrett Taylor, both clearly can't miss prospects, and bonus picks on top of it by trading back.
  13. In the end, we needed somebody to replace Richard Wilson. Edwards is similar in a lot of ways, and should be able to step in and play from day 1 with an 8.5 readiness grade.
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