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  1. 19/20. Grew up poor too, had a lot of that stuff. Except the toaster, that's from the 60's or so...
  2. It's a crime against basketball that the Lakers, Celtics, Pistons, and Knicks aren't listed.
  3. Carlos Washington Ryan Harris Tanner Bowman Aaron Shea Raheem Robinson Ryan Frey Nick Hall Kenyon Randall Khairi Bryant J.C. Weldon This is assuming I'm drafting for a multi-year franchise, so more value is given to young talent.
  4. I was also thinking Small Ball or Man 2 Man might be worth considering. Thoughts on those as "endgame viable"?
  5. Which of these systems do you think would be easiest to build a roster towards? Like with Uptempo, all you have to do is recruit players that already have a *, but what others do you believe would be easy and effective to build towards?
  6. Most of my bad picks are memes, and most of my good picks are forgotten. That said, my biggest disappointment wasn't Danny Patrick, Aaron Blakely, or even Omar Adcock, who is actual garbage. At least we expected him to suck. My biggest disappointments are the TWO ILB's I've been a part of taking in the first 2 rounds. Ray Taylor in Pittsburgh and Christopher Clayton in Tampa.
  7. Texas State Bobcats Texas @Azul
  8. Just to be clear, still not a Tom Brady fan.  


  9. Path of Exile is a great option if you liked Diablo 2.
  10. When looking at the number of cases in your state/area, it's important to consider that the test for Coronavirus takes 2-3 days to get back results. So "today's" numbers are from Friday.
  11. Texas State Bobcats Pacific @Azul
  12. Buccaneers #10 RB DeNorris Jackson 6-0 235 3 UCF [Power] [-1] [#] 89 Accepted $5.5 million
  13. We again apologize and I accept personal responsibility for this.
  14. I imported the color lines from the wrong place (our cap sheet). I can copy/paste them from the progressions post. I was just worried about them having the blue background from that post. RB Jeremiah Newton 6-0 174 4 Iowa [Speed] [0] 80 as opposed to RB Jeremiah Newton 6-0 174 4 Iowa [Speed] [0] 80 @jmjacobs
  15. Are you referring to the colored lines? I thought that was needed? I can switch them to black. Switched them to black. I apologize for having this wrong. We accept whatever punishment is necessary.
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