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  1. My thoughts on each fight, with my percentage odds for each fighter pulling out the win. Great card all around, really looking forward to this one. Huge Cormier fan. He's the smartest guy in MMA if you ask me, and if he had the athleticism and size of other heavyweights, he'd be the GOAT. However, that fight is a toss-up to me, because Stipe is really good, and that KO last time looked suspiciously like a fluke. 51% Cormier/49% Stipe I never know what to expect out of Anthony Pettis. Sometimes he's nearly unbeatable, sometimes he just looks slow. I like Pettis, but not enough to be confident. Diaz is old, but remarkably consistent. 55% Pettis/45% Diaz. Romero/Costa is the fight to see. Both these guys knock out just about everybody who gets into the Octagon with them. Costa is going to try to stand and bang with Romero. He did it with Hendricks, he did it with Uriah Hall. He's not afraid of punchers, and he can end Romero's night with one punch. That said, Romero is a far better fighter, and will probably take Costa to the ground and take him to wrestling school. If he can make weight, that is, which he has failed to do in multiple recent fights and seems unlikely to do tonight. 65% Romero/35% Costa Yusuff is a promising young fighter, and Gabriel Benitez is fairly predictable. I think the key to this one is range. If Benitez can establish the leg kicks, he'll take the decision. If Yusuff can close the distance and keep Benitez with his back to the cage, he'll pick him apart. If the fight goes to the ground, I like Benitez. 60% Benitez/40% Yusuff Heinisch is a pretty boring fighter, though admittedly I've only seen him fight once. He is a pace guy, a wrestler who relies on having more in the tank than his opponent. Brunson is a pretty good wrestler in his own right, and a much better striker. This is a huge step up in competition for Heinisch, and I feel like it'll be a costly one. Brunson by early KO. 70% Brunson/30% Heinisch
  2. Great article! Thanks for the shoutout also. Loving this series. You only forgot one small detail. Incoming transfer, Sophomore QB Savion Knox, another 4.0.
  3. At least our run game improved. It's too bad we can't get anything going in the air yet. Very nice win for Georgia State. Excellent job for a brand new coach @95caco
  4. Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
  5. Considering Texas State has only a couple years of history, but I've been coaching here for just about the entire term of the site, I'll do the all time depth chart of CFBHC players I've coached. QB: Sean Hamilton, NEB RB: Marcus Williams, NEB (Best college player I have ever coached) FB: Donnie Hubbert, NEB WR: Quinn Walters, UK WR2: Rashad Azumah, NEB WR3: Taylor Eifert, NEB WR20: Tyrone McGee, NEB TE: Anthony Fasani, NEB LT: Sawyer Dobbs, TX ST LG: Darrell Kincaid, NEB C: Martin Terry, NEB RG: Julio Dunn, NEB RT: James Poindexter, NEB DE: Ryan Starling, TX ST DE: Larry Scott, NEB DT: Carnell Meadows, NEB DT: Jeremy Spears, TX ST OLB: Edgar Young, NEB OLB: Gerald Corbin, TX ST ILB (Mike): Abdoul Gordon, UK ILB (Will): Kelvin Grossman, NEB CB: Samuel Shaw, NEB CB George Brady, NEB FS: Carlton Sylvester, NEB SS: Shaq Turner, TX ST K: Rafael Davidson, NEB P: Zachary Murphy, NEB KR/PR: Bart O'Reilly, TX ST
  6. Can't argue. Whatever sport we were playing Thursday night, it definitely wasn't football, so my guys spent all weekend in the bleachers. I bet they don't quit on the field again this year.
  7. Yeah my gut was wrong on this one, it seems.
  8. You beat the spread by almost 40. Big whoop.
  9. Either it was Tolbert originally, or I somehow got Chris Tolbert from this comment. Either way, it's fixed now.
  10. Because it WAS Chris Tolbert until somebody changed it. Look at the comments. It's corrected in the injury sheet now. Thanks for the heads up.
  11. Interesting.... Right now the Euro likes it to stay off the Atlantic coast, and the GFS likes it to run more to the south, putting Florida in a very bad spot. I have always sided with the Euro model, but this one...IDK. It just has that feel to it. I think it's going to run right up the islands and take it's shot at Florida.
  12. I rated myself where I thought we would finish, but I don't feel like we've proven anywhere near enough with our current roster to be 3rd. From what I can tell, almost everybody had ULL first, and everybody had Troy and App. State last. But the rest of the teams were all pretty close, the ballots must have been pretty wild in the 2-8 spots. Coastal Carolina is 2nd in the poll, but their average vote looks like it was 3rd. The two 7th place teams averaged a 5th place vote.
  13. ULM, Georgia Southern, and to a lesser extent South Alabama got underrated in this poll. I don't mind admitting I was the one who voted the Jags as the winners of the conference this year.
  14. Yeah, I'd say 8-8 would be pretty on-brand for us.
  15. Sports Bar deserves to win.
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