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  1. Coach Weeze will be making a statement to the media when he is prepared, but I'd just like to extend to the entire Saints organization our best wishes for a speedy recovery for Mike Miller. Nobody wants to see an injury like this in the game we all love. @Weeze56m
  2. rabidsnowman

    Construct your Ideal NFLHC Offense

    For the sake of argument, this is not all time but current players. QB: Taylor Heiden. The most accurate passer in NFLHC, and a great mobile threat as well. Also homer points. RB: Asante Sowell. 5.7 YPC with a heavy workload. Consistent, and reliable in the red zone. WR1: Sean Jenkins. The Randy Moss of NFLHC. You just can't stay with him, and you can't jump with him. WR2: Raheem Robinson. The future of the league. Get em early. TE: Curtis Henry. Huge target over the middle, great hands, excellent option in the red zone.
  3. rabidsnowman

    [2022] Week 14 Coaches Poll

    Whoever you are, you made my week. Thanks!
  4. rabidsnowman

    How do you feel about extreme schemes?

    In my humble opinion, extreme schemes are only useful for featuring extremely talented star players, like Solomon McLaughlin or Christian Skaggs.
  5. rabidsnowman

    [2022] Week #15 - TNF

    We fought the good fight, but we just scheduled too hard OOC this year and couldn't dig ourselves out of the hole. Played a great game, but Arkansas State played a better one. Congrats to the Red Wolves, and to ULL on the Sun Belt West crown two years in a row!
  6. rabidsnowman

    [2022] BOFA Presents: The Bowl Limbo Report

    About double what I figured our odds to be. But we're playing our best football of the season right now.
  7. rabidsnowman


    A former National Championship coach.
  8. rabidsnowman

    [2022] Week #14 - 4 PM

    Fuck. My. Life.
  9. rabidsnowman

    [2022] Week #14 - TNF

    But perhaps not mine so much.
  10. rabidsnowman

    [2022] Week #13 - Saturday Afternoon

    Quinn Walters killed, you mean.
  11. rabidsnowman

    UFCHC ideas/interest thread

    I'll check it out, but I was thinking that the RP aspect would provide more entertaining matches that the site as a whole could enjoy, rather than just exporting all the action like we did with soccer.
  12. rabidsnowman

    UFCHC ideas/interest thread

    I am looking into the viability of developing and running a UFCHC game here on the site. It would be run using a D20 system, similar to Pathfinder, where each player would have a fighter that they create, assigning points to various attributes. The fights would happen move by move, with each move submitted via PM to the moderator (me for the time being). The moderator would then figure out how the two actions would interact (as best as possible) then roll applicable dice to generate an outcome. For example, two fighters standing apart at arms length: Fighter A goes for a takedown. Fighter B goes for a spinning backfist. What I'd like to have happen here is some sort of roll for what Pathfinder calls Initiative (probably quickness, in MMA terms) modified of course by the extra wind-up in the spinning backfist. Lets assume Fighter A wins the roll (given the moves, you'd expect he'd get the better of this exchange on average) and then the post in the fight thread would be something like; Fighter B attempts a spinning backfist, but Fighter A goes for the single-leg takedown at the same time and gets there first. Fighter B lands awkwardly on his side with Fighter A on top of him. Fighter A has a side mount. (then each fighter would submit their next move) Current ideas (looking for suggestions/discussion) We would all start in one weight class, and once we hit 10 players we'd add a weight class. Attributes like stamina/striking/kick power/quickness/core strength/chin/takedown defense/etc... would be one set of points, and skills like Muay Thai/BJJ/Boxing/Wresting/Judo/Karate (by school)/ etc.... being a separate set of points. Significant discussion as to how individual karate schools would modify skill rolls is needed, as I would want both balance and realism. I dont want Tae Kwon Do kickers getting a huge bonus and winning every fight by headkick KO, for example. But I'd like as many backgrounds to be on the table for RP purposes as possible, to make more interesting fights. A roll of 1 would result in an injury, which would impact the fight, temporarily lowering the attributes of a fighter for the duration of the fight. I am looking for ideas, suggestions, and volunteers. Also I want to know how much interest there would be in running a RP based sim like this.