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  1. I'd suggest looking at the BAFA site but BAFA aren't that great. Best bet is to ask around during early spring as that's when most teams start preseason, then games last from May till August.
  2. There's a few teams in the UK, I play DE for Lincolnshire and I also play for my university team as well. 6"4 - 235 lbs. I'm more of a pass rusher, but I'm a competent player.
  3. Congrats to everyone who won an award or made the teams, and commiserations to those who didn't. Onwards and upwards C-USA! Although watch out... next year they'll all be won by LaTech players (Massive thanks to those who organised these awards)
  4. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 PTS OFF FROM A WIN! Suppose congrats are in order....
  5. You're 4-6... How can you talk about teams doing well? That's like taking campaign advice from Hillary.
  6. Walk on... Plus I live in the UK so the level of play is much lower.
  7. Pickens had: at Purdue UAB Rice at North Texas WKU Duncan had: Arkansas State at New Mexico State at FAU UL-Lafayette at UTSA So the second QB had the easier ride so far, but it's worked out well.
  8. I currently play DE, DT and occasionally OT at university. I know its not high school, but I never played at high school.
  9. What a game for me!
  10. As a Scottish person who has once again been disappointed by the love of his national team, I find my self, once again, forced to root for which ever team my English friends hate the most along with the underdogs and the referees. Although given it's Russia, the refs will be corrupt so I can't even support them this year!
  11. Unlucky, the score was the reverse of what I was expecting. I didn't think i'd get out of there alive really.
  12. We are 4th... that's a thing... And I was disappointed with our season so far!
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