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  1. Hey! Another rocket brother!
  2. Another thing to consider is: what happens to a GM and Coach that do really well, but have an owner that doesn't pull their weight, or just isn't good at their job? Like what if they don't do a good job and now the GM has less money to work with when they might have done much better with a full cap. I guess the point I'm trying to make is that, potentially, we would be ruining the experience of coaches and GMs to make owners more interesting. No shade to @acewulf, he's a top tier owner. I am just trying to think critically about this proposal.
  3. Florida International Receives First Recruiting Commits by Rusty McPherson - Panthers beat writer The Florida International Golden Panthers received commits from four different players this past weekend. Let's review them: QB Jean Antoine Robinson (Hernando Leopards): 2/4 Stars Robinson is a pure pocket passer. He thrived in a spread system that the Leopards used to great effect on the way to a berth in the district tournament. With senior quarterback Gavin Copeland graduating this season, there is a good chance that Robinson could get the nod to start as a true freshman. That decision will likely come down to Robinson and current backup quarterback Vincent Seymour who will be a redshirt sophomore. ATH Nick Darden (Hillsborough Terriers): 1.5/4 Stars Hillsborough had a rough year this year, but one player that stood out was TE/WR combo Nick Darden. Darden was by far the Terriers' best receiver and would be placed all over the formation. He likely won't be the best blocker out of the gate, but that shouldn't be a problem as the Panthers have a very good blocker in the current starter, to-be reshirt senior Brandon Reinhardt. Darden, if not redshirted, will likely sit behind Reinhardt on the depth chart, but still could see the field as a receiving tight end. C Will McCabe (Fort Lauderdale Flying L's): 2/3.5 Stars The Panthers already have a solid center in to-be redshirt junior Aaden Ellis. That said, it this was a great move for the future as the Panthers don't have a true backup center (they mostly use a combo of interior linemen). Also, if redshirted, McCabe can help for the long term. McCabe could start if necessary, however, being a big part of the Flying L's rebounding from a poor season his junior year. OLB Keme Johns (Yellowknife, Canada Titans): 1/3.5 Stars Yes, Canada does play football. While this is a surprising commit, this is Florida International University after all. To be honest, it is hard to see how much Johns will contribute to the Panthers given the uncertain situation the Panthers have after this season on the outside of the linebacker corps. But it also is hard given that Johns played amateur football for a non-school affiliated under-19 club on a First Nations reservation. Regardless, Johns is quite an athlete, especially in coverage, and could grow to be a solid contributor for the Panthers in the future.
  4. Welcome back to the Post-Week #9 edition of Rocketcan's CUSA Power Rankings! GAMES PLAYED TNF Florida International (3-3) at UTEP (1-5): Florida International 31-10 Old Dominion (4-2) at Western Kentucky (1-5): Western Kentucky 35-20 Ole Miss (3-3) at Southern Miss (3-3): Ole Miss 21-20 FNF Liberty (0-6) at Florida Atlantic (1-5): Florida Atlantic 38-10 North Texas (2-4) at UTSA (4-2): North Texas 13-9 Saturday Morning None Afternoon Rice (6-0) at Houston (1-5): Rice 27-24 Evening None Night None BYE Charlotte (6-0) Marshall (3-3) Middle Tennessee (1-5) Louisiana Tech (1-5) UAB (2-4) MAJOR TAKEAWAYS FIU was having some trouble recently, especially against surprise East front-runner Charlotte. This win is more like what most people thought of FIU at the beginning of the season. They should beat the teams they are better than, and at least compete against the better teams in the conference. This was a big win to potentially get their season back on track. The race for the East just got a bit muddier as WKU upset ODU at home. ODU was one of the prime benefactors of the FIU loss to Charlotte, but squandered their opportunity against a scrappy WKU team on the road. To round out talk of the East, Charlotte was probably pretty happy with how things turned out in the East. Although FIU won to keep themselves in the race, Charlotte's primary competitor made a misstep and gave them sole control of the East while sitting on their couches. Quality loss for Southern Miss. Soooo close. LA Tech should look out, Southern Miss is going to be playing mad at home this week. Once again, Rice keeps rolling. As of this writing, they are ranked #18, but had a bit of a scare against Houston on the road. As usual, though, the Owls pulled through and didn't allow a team they are better than take advantage of their mistakes. I won't be talking about crooting, mainly because Bubada's Weekly Round-Ups cover that fairly well. I will be keeping track of bowl-eligibility, however. As of right now, both front-runners for the East and West (Charlotte and Rice) are eligible. BOWL ELIGIBILITY Eligible Rice (7-0) Charlotte (6-0) In The Hunt UTSA (4-3) Florida International (4-3) Old Dominion (4-3) Marshall (3-3) Southern Miss (3-4) North Texas (3-4) UAB (2-4) Western Kentucky (2-5) Florida Atlantic (2-5) Middle Tennessee (1-5) Louisiana Tech (1-5) UTEP (1-6) UPCOMING GAMES (Week 10) TNF Florida Atlantic (2-5) at Marshall (3-3) Louisiana Tech (1-5) at Southern Miss (3-4) UAB (2-4) at New Mexico State (0-7) FNF Middle Tennessee (1-5) at Florida International (4-3) Old Dominion (4-3) at Liberty (0-7) Saturday Morning Western Kentucky (2-5) at Charlotte (6-0) Afternoon None Evening UTSA (4-3) at Rice (7-0) Night None BYE North Texas (3-4) UTEP (1-6) Thanks for tuning in this week! Be sure to be around next week for the Week 10 edition! Also, if you guys have any suggestions, corrections or criticisms, let me know!
  5. Now THAT is how good this team can be. Much more like what I thought they were. Good conference win.
  6. F. Luck: 1776 yards Also, I read that as Fuck. Nice.
  7. Welcome back to the Post-Week #8 edition of Rocketcan's CUSA Power Rankings! Sorry about the hiatus. Life sometimes gets in the way. Since I missed the past few weeks, I will be "resetting" the rankings, so the changes will be zero. MAJOR TAKEAWAYS If I would have told you that after week 8 there would be two undefeated teams in the CUSA, I bet you could guess one, but NOT the other. Rice has been dominant as usual (as of this writing is ranked #17 in the coach's poll), but Charlotte has been quite the surprise. This is certainly due to the arm of Chris Billings coming alive recently. They look to be in the driver's seat of the CUSA East after taking down FIU. The only other team that could fight for that top spot (barring an unlikely collapse) would be ODU. Speaking of ODU, they round out the conference record undefeated group along with UTSA. UTSA looked to be in a bit of trouble at the beginning of the year, but has returned to the form we all expected from them. Can they compete with the evil empire, Rice, however? That remains to be seen. UPCOMING GAMES (Week 9) TNF Florida International (3-3) at UTEP (1-5)Old Dominion (4-2) at Western Kentucky (1-5) Ole Miss (3-3) at Southern Miss (3-3) FNF Liberty (0-6) at Florida Atlantic (1-5)North Texas (2-4) at UTSA (4-2) Saturday Morning None Afternoon Rice (6-0) at Houston (1-5) Evening None Night None BYE Charlotte (6-0) Marshall (3-3) Middle Tennessee (1-5) Louisiana Tech (1-5) UAB (2-4) Thanks for tuning in this week! Be sure to be around next week(ish) for the Week 9 edition! I know there will probably be a delay for games, so once they go through and the Round-Up goes up, I'll do my rankings. Thank you for being patient with me and my absence. Also, if you guys have any suggestions, corrections or criticisms, let me know!
  8. Oh how far Toledo has fallen.
  9. I was thinking of it in more general terms, regardless of historical context. This could go with anything.
  10. I disagree. This assumes we constantly are connected to the events of the past without introducing the youth to it. You can't just tell a young adult/teenager that "Nazis were/are bad just because". You have to show them. Show them their manifesto and how ridiculous it is. My previous point would lend itself to say that it's purpose is to educate future generations of the brutality and inhumane positions the Nazis held/hold. Again, the previous premises being disproved would annul this. Although it does sound interesting to me that the Germans would take a conclusion like this from those premises. I would not argue that anything that serves no purpose should just be banned. What if its purpose has not yet been discovered? What if we think we understand this thing fully, but we do not yet, and we are actually hindering ourselves due to our own ignorance?
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