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  1. I can't wait to print this off and have it with me on draft day.
  2. This trivia is fucking hard.
  3. Rocketcan

    [2023] CFBHC Schedule

    FIU 2023 OOC Schedule Week 1: vs. Minnesota @lucas95 Week 2: @ Illinois @FlutieFlakes Week 6: vs. UMass NO COACH Week 13: @ UCLA @cultur3
  4. I produce a podcast called "Things Joe Hates". Its a comedy podcast about stuff Joe hates. Usually 20-40 minutes. We have developed a decent following over the past year and a half. Go check us out: ThingsJoeHates.com
  5. Hey all, I'm looking to set up a Stellaris MP game, with a bit of RP flavor to it. Anyone on this site is free to join. If you are interested, here is the Discord server link: https://discord.gg/WAC48U. If you don't yet have Stellaris, now is the time to get it! It is on sale on Steam until the 13th of May I believe for $10. Here is the link for steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/281990/Stellaris. For DLC, do not worry if you have it or not. I have all of the DLC so when I host everyone will be able to use all of the features. I want to try to set up a game by next weekend-ish, so please join ASAP. Rocketcan EDIT: STELLARIS IS FREE TO PLAY UNTIL MAY 11TH.
  6. Probably Reagan or Carmichael. Either way, definitely should be a freshman/redshirt freshman
  7. Heck. Oh well. I would probably stick to 4-3 myself.
  8. I am assuming a Spread-Option Offense with a 4-3 2-gap defense
  9. @Rome Why are the "old star" ratings for 2022 and 2023 the same under schools? Is that like the "baseline"? It seems like the "new" rating for 2021 should be the "old" rating for 2022. Or am I misunderstanding this? For example, it says I gained .5 stars as a school in 2022 to get to 1.5, and it says I gained another .5 stars, but my new star is still 1.5.
  10. Sad I missed this one, because there actually is a claim that the Pottsville Maroons won the NFL championship in 1925. Long story short, the Maroons went 10-2. Back then, there was no championship game (the championship was awarded to the team with the best record), but there was still was a de-facto championship game when the last game was the Chicago Cardinals (now the Arizona Cards) and the Maroons (both tied for 1st). The Maroons proceeding to go on the road to Chicago and win a slugfest in the snow 21-7. Shortly thereafter, the NFL suspended the Maroons for basically internal political reasons and thereby voiding their championship and awarding it to the Cardinals (which was not accepted until 1933 because they thought the NFL did the Maroons dirty). Finally accepting this title is the reason many believe that Cardinals are a "cursed" franchise (having only ever won a league championship again in 1947, and never since).
  11. I coached FIU for all of 2022. Offense: 11 --> +1 = 12Defense: 11 --> -1 = 10Special Teams: 9 --> +1 = 10 Clock Mgmt: 9 --> 0 = 9 Discipline: 11 --> -1 =10Youth Mgmt: 11 --> +2 = 13
  12. Press F for Buffalo and Minnesota
  13. Good stuff. I better see my "I don't have a fucking clue" answers up somewhere.
  14. I like the paradox pick, @DarthJarJar. I'm gonna pick another one, Hearts of Iron 4. Especially if you allow modding in this hypothetical. I have gotten at least 100x the value of what I purchased the game for in hours spent playing this game.
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