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  1. What incredible content. Excellent work man. Wonderful read.
  2. Welcome back to the Post-Week #4 edition of Rocketcan's CUSA Power Rankings! GAMES PLAYED TNF Liberty (0-2) at Charlotte (2-0): Charlotte 34-17 Louisiana-Lafayette (1-1) at Louisiana Tech (0-2): Louisiana-Lafayette 24-17 FNF UAB (0-2) at East Carolina (1-1): East Carolina 27-24 Middle Tennessee (0-2) at Marshall (1-1): Marshall 24-13 Colorado State (2-0) at North Texas (0-2): North Texas 41-28 Southern Miss (1-1) at UTEP (1-1): Southern Miss 38-20 Saturday Morning Arizona (1-1) at Florida Atlantic (1-1): Arizona 17-9 Afternoon Louisville (2-0) at Western Kentucky (0-2): Louisville 35-3 Evening None Night None BYE Florida International (1-2) Old Dominion (1-2) Rice (3-0) UTSA (1-2) MAJOR TAKEAWAYS A couple division games with Marshall coming out on top over MTSU at home and Southern Miss going on the road to UTEP and heading home with a victory. North Texas took an unbeaten Colorado State behind the damn woodshed. They dropped 41 points on them at home. FAU lost a very close game against Arizona at home. This was unfortunate, because coming out with a win would have made some serious noise. I am finally giving Charlotte some love, but I am still wary about their schedule so far. But wins are wins. By the way, Rice's win over Bama puts their record against the SEC to 2-0 and pushed them into the roster of ranked teams at #22. Big win, congrats @Bubada. UPCOMING GAMES (Week 5) TNF Old Dominion (1-2) at Florida Atlantic (1-2) Southern Miss (2-1) at Louisiana-Monroe (1-2) FNF Louisiana Tech (0-3) at Florida International (1-2) Western Kentucky (0-3) at Liberty (0-3) UTSA (1-2) at UAB (0-3) Saturday Morning Rice (3-0) at Marshall (2-1) Afternoon None Evening None Night None BYE Charlotte (3-0) Middle Tennessee (0-3) North Texas (1-2) UTEP (1-2) Thanks for tuning in this week! Be sure to be around next week for the Week 5 edition! Also, if you guys have any suggestions, corrections or criticisms, let me know!
  3. Because you beat the shit out of teams you are supposed to beat the shit out of. Look out @statsheetstuffer, here comes BALLOTBOXSTUFFER
  4. Hello everyone. My apologies for getting this out late. My fiance's mother went into the hospital Sunday afternoon and things have been rough for her. Luckily her arrow is pointing up but she is not out of the woods yet. As a result, I will only be posting my rankings, sans analysis. I already couldn't get it in before the Week 4 games started, so I don't want to waste any more time. Thank you for your understanding and enjoy: P.S. Congratulations @Bubada. Huge win over Bama. A C-USA team now has a 2-0 record vs. SEC opponents. How do you reward for someone in the top spot already?
  5. Good to see Marcus finally on the leader board for rushing. Kid is a fucking stud.
  6. Holy shit @Bubada way to fucking go! What a win! That's 2-0 vs. the SEC!
  7. Close division game, glad to avoid 0-3.
  8. Excellent work! Will you be writing a paper to present this info? And if so, is there a way we can receive copies for our own edification?
  9. Welcome aboard, Peepee Poopoo.
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