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  1. @Soluna@alienufo What year does Erwin's renegotiated contract start? 2023 or 2024? He is under contract for just 2023 currently.
  2. Prime example in the C-USA: Charlotte. They have a 5.0 QB and can barely win a game.
  3. I guess I should also point out I don't really have the receivers for it, but I recently got a Power RB that I think can at least run the power part of that scheme. We do have a 5* WR in the works, however. OH FUCK. YOU'RE RIGHT.
  4. I've wanted to try a power run offense with a "throw over their heads" vertical approach but never really had the QB to pull it off. Gavin has really grown as a passer, but he is at his best running the spread option.
  5. If Gavin Copeland can put together just over 3,000 yards passing this season, he will end his career with the Panthers with over 10,000 yards. That's banner raising worthy if he can pull it off. Also, considering his struggles early on in his career, the fact that he put together such a good season in 2022 was surprising. Here is to hoping he can build on that success and go out with a bang.
  6. I respectfully disagree. I think the RB, DT and WR positions definitely got better and none of the other positions really got any worse. Now we could argue if maybe other teams like WKU or FAU still leapfrogged FIU, but I think we still got better. *Steps down from soapbox*
  7. I want to believe too, my man:
  8. 1. Guns N' Roses 2. Alice in Chains 3. Lynyrd Skynyrd 4. Led Zeppelin 5. Sabaton
  9. Because I'm a fence-sitter and can't just do one, I'm gonna do something a bit different and list a few that I think are HOF-type songs each decade since the 60s. 60s: 70s: Hotel California but someone already posted that. 80s: One I don't think gets nearly enough attention: 90s: 00's: 10s: This decade is not through quite yet (although we are almost there!), so here is basically a bonus song: Song really starts at 1:04
  10. The Atlanta Falcons offer TE Jason Erwin: 5 years // 37.5 million // 70.00% Guaranteed G//7.5//7.5//7.5//3.75//0.0//Total:26.25 $//0.0//0.0//0.0//3.75//7.5//Total:11.25 Total//7.5//7.5//7.5//7.5//7.5//Total:37.5 Value//16.351397600852515 By the way, is year 1 of this new contract 2023 or 2024?
  11. Bumping because this has not been fixed yet and it matters for the transfer portal thing. @Rome
  12. If we really are going to dive into war films, related to Band of Brothers, Saving Private Ryan. Probably the most realistic war movie ever made. I honestly think that college history classes covering the D-Day landings absolutely MUST show the first 20 minutes of that film. I have never been so amazed, horrified, disgusted and and just grateful in my life than when I watch that scene. I make a point of doing it every June 6th, and I was even able to grab one of the special showings in theaters this year (I was too young to see it in theaters when it came out). One of the most moving films I have ever seen in my life. Seeing the old man cry in the beginning is one of the few times in my life I have uncontrollably teared up at a film. I cannot possibly speak highly enough about that film.
  13. For classic cinema, Citizen Kane obviously is the gold standard, and another to add to that list would be something like 12 Angry Men. It's amazing that such a film is so good, yet a vast majority of it is filmed in just a couple locations in the courthouse. I remember watching it thinking, "bah, it's an old boring movie" and ended up glued to the screen by the end. Just little things like the cinematography give the impression of growing tension throughout the film. It is one of my favorite films from an "academic" perspective.
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