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  1. subsequent

    [2022] MAC Announces New Commissioner

    Congrats @npklemm! Excited to see how you are able to shape and direct the MAC moving forward!
  2. subsequent

    [2021] MAC Recruiting Results

    I think overall I feel pretty OK with this list of recruits. I'm not where I want to be, but excited to see what I am able to do with my first full class! Excellent write-up, intrigued to see where I can take this team.
  3. subsequent

    [2021] Week #11 - FNF

    Ugh, turnovers really starting to cause problems.
  4. subsequent

    [2021] MAC Players of the Week Voting, Week 10

    So proud of you Thierno!
  5. subsequent

    [2021] Week #10 - TNF

    Hope to see the trend to continue!
  6. subsequent

    [2021] Week #10 - TNF

    Ho ho ho. Look at that. N-I-Who? N-I-U. @npklemm
  7. subsequent

    [2021] MAC Recruiting Recap Show, Week 11

    If a team has 0 of 0 JUCO points, that means there's no chance for them to sign a JUCO or international player, right?
  8. subsequent

    [2021] Week #8 - TNF

    I...I won another game!?
  9. Ooh, everyone at NIU is very excited for the future. Lots of work to be done, of course, but things are looking up!
  10. subsequent

    [2021] Week #7 - TNF

    Ah, fair enough. That makes a lot of sense. I was kind of suspecting that was the case. Thanks for the explanation!
  11. subsequent

    [2021] Week #7 - TNF

    Weird cause I ran an option scheme with a balanced proportion.
  12. subsequent

    [2021] Week #7 - TNF

    Is there some reason for it? Is it just luck of the draw, I guess?
  13. subsequent

    [2021] Week #7 - TNF

    Oof... Wonder why they only decided to run the ball 5 times...
  14. subsequent

    [2021] Week #6 - FNF

    Um... stormSTOPper. I dunno. Usually I'm the pun king. Good one though.