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    1. CFBHC Pick'em

      Here are the Week 2 games: Thursday Night (2 Games) Memphis (0-0) at UTSA (1-0) Boise State (1-0) at Miami (FL) (0-0) Friday Night (3 Games) Connecticut (1-0) at Syracuse (0-1) Northwestern (0-0) at Utah State (1-0) Georgia State (0-0) at UL-Lafayette (0-0) Saturday Morning (4 Games) Cincinnati (0-1) at Rutgers (0-1) Pittsburgh (0-1) at Temple (0-0) Kentucky (0-0) at Florida State (0-1) Virginia (0-0) at West Virginia (0-1) Saturday Afternoon (1 Game) Stanford (0-0) at Colorado (1-0) Saturday Evening (6 Games) Notre Dame (0-0) at Boston College (1-0) Duke (1-0) at Western Michigan (0-0) Baylor (1-0) vs. Minnesota (0-0) Tennessee (0-0) at TCU (1-0) Missouri (1-0) at South Carolina (1-0) Auburn (0-0) at Mississippi State (1-0)
    2. CFBHC Pick'em

      Week 1 is in the books, so let's take a look at the where everyone stands now. WEEKLY STANDINGS: Bubada (12-3) joedchi (12-3) npklemm (12-3) bellwoodbomb611 (11-4) DangerZoneh (11-4) Jamzz (11-4) constapatedape (11-4) Hagan (11-4) Jieret (10-5) boogyman10 (10-5) TheLiberator (10-5) wrigleyfan (10-5) Vxmonarkxv (9-6) bmlig95 (9-6) paperllamasunited (8-7) Tazerman (6-9) OVERALL STANDINGS: bellwoodbomb611 (25-4) DangerZoneh (24-5) Jamzz (24-5) Bubada (24-5) Vxmonarkxv (22-7) joedchi (22-7) npklemm (22-7) Jieret (22-7) constapatedape (21-8) bmlig95 (21-8) boogyman10 (21-8) TheLiberator (20-9) Hagan (20-9) wrigleyfan (20-9) Tazerman (17-12) paperllamasunited (17-12) AzulCaballero (13-1) bingo415 (12-2) TheSam (11-3) StormStopper (10-5) rocksaucesundae (7-7) Literally every single participant this week missed the USF @ UTSA game except for @boogyman10. We finally have our first losing weekly record. Congratulations to @TazerMan! @bellwoodbomb611 continues to hold his very slim lead. Virginia Tech @ Oklahoma State was another big upset with only 3 of our 16 participants choosing the Hokies. As soon as the Week 2 Discussion is posted I will have the Week 2 Pick'em games up, so stay tuned!
    3. http://cfbhc.com/index.php?/topic/20677-2021-week-1-tnf/ Oregon State's Ralph Julian has 2 passing TD's, but there are 3 receiving touchdowns. The score would be 48-17 if the 3rd receiving touchdown is legit.
    4. evanjl4

      Unfortunately, the three jobs you've listed have all been filled. The good news is, there are two other jobs that have become available recently. North Texas and Eastern Michigan are available. You can edit your post to change your head coaching preferences if you're interested in one of those two jobs.
    5. CFBHC Pick'em

      Here are the games for Week 1 boys and girls! Thursday Night (2 Games) UAB (0-0) at Oregon State (0-0) Georgia Southern (0-0) at Texas State (0-0)* Friday Night (4 Games) Miami (OH) (0-0) at Cincinnati (0-0) Rutgers (0-0) at Kansas State (0-0) Utah State (0-0) at Florida Atlantic (0-0) Southern Miss (0-0) at Central Michigan (0-0) Saturday Morning (2 Games) Buffalo (0-0) at Louisville (0-0) Washington (0-0) at NC State (0-0) Saturday Afternoon (2 Games) USF (0-0) at UTSA (0-0) Tulane (0-0) at Rice (0-0) Saturday Evening (5 Games) Boston College (0-0) at Houston (0-0) Virginia Tech (0-0) at Oklahoma State (0-0) Texas Tech (0-0) at Arizona (0-0) Iowa (0-0) at Mississippi State (0-0) Texas A&M (0-0) at Fresno State (0-0) I decided not to do every single game that happens every week because that'd be over 1500 games by the end of the season. Instead, I figured I'd pick ~15 games or so that I think should be competitive every week. If y'all have any other ideas or would like to do it differently let me know! Just like last time you can post your predictions here or PM me. Good luck!
    6. Ohtani Prediction Thread

      Okay, so the Padres have fortified a large Japanese presence in their FO. They have Nomo, Saito, and Nakagaki (Ohtani's former team trainer). I feel like every one I've talked to and everyone online is leaning towards them as the favorites, but I want to go a different direction. My prediction is the Seattle Mariners. I don't want this to happen. I'm an Astros fan and shitting on the Mariners is great fun, but Ohtani has talked about looking up to Ichiro before (he was 7 when he played in Seattle). Seattle is the closest MLB city to Japan and they can allow him to DH, which would maximize his two-way play. He's definitely going West Coast though.
    7. CFBHC Pick'em

      UPDATE: Here are the standings for the Week 0 Pick'em. Stay tuned for the Week 1 Pick'em games, they will be posted shortly! bellwoodbomb611 (14-0) Vxmonarkxv (13-1) DangerZoneh (13-1) Jamzz (13-1) AzulCaballero (13-1) Jieret (12-2) bingo415 (12-2) Bubada (12-2) bmlig95 (12-2) Tazerman (11-3) TheSam (11-3) boogyman10 (11-3) TheLiberator (10-4) joedchi (10-4) constapatedape (10-4) npklemm (10-4) wrigleyfan (10-4) paperllamasunited (9-5) Hagan (9-5) rocksaucesundae (7-7)
    8. Brisket or Pulled Pork?

      The BBQ scene in NOLA is off the chain man. At least it was last time I went. Every time I went to go see my grandparents in Slidell I always had a good experience with the BBQ too
    9. Brisket or Pulled Pork?

      If you're not from Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, or Mississippi you don't have any right being a part of this conversation. With that said, brisket. If you answered brisket and you're not from the South, I will personally welcome you to the region with open and loving arms.
    10. LKLAX33

      Ayy another Houston native AND Aggie fan! Welcome to the site man!
    11. deandean can help you out if it comes to that
    12. CFBHC Pick'em

      Update: We have 11 total submissions so far. Here's how many selections each team has in parentheses. Thursday Night (4 Games) - 11/30/17 Michigan State (1) vs Oklahoma (10) ECU (0) vs Duke (11) Clemson (7) at SMU (4) Arkansas (0) at Maryland (11) Friday Night (5 Games) - 12/01/17 TCU (7) at USC (4) Ball State (1) at Toledo (10)* California (3) at Baylor (8) Iowa State (1) at Wisconsin (10) Ohio State (6) at Arizona State (5) Saturday Evening (5 Games) - 12/02/17 West Virginia (1) at Missouri (10) Alabama (4) at Michigan (7) Penn State (10) at Pittsburgh (1) Florida State (2) at Air Force (9) Nebraska (5) at UCF (6)
    13. CFBHC Pick'em

      Welcome to the CFBHC Pick’em! The objective of this game is simple: select the winner of each CFBHC game throughout the 17-week season. The most correct picks over the course of the season will win a $100 Amazon Gift Card. Player rankings will be released after each set of games. Predictions can be placed in the comments below or PM’d to stinsy. Here is the schedule for week 0: Thursday Night (4 Games) - 11/30/17 CFBHC Kickoff Game: Michigan State (0-0) vs Oklahoma (0-0) (Indianapolis, IN) ECU (0-0) vs Duke (0-0) (Charlotte, NC) Clemson (0-0) at SMU (0-0) Arkansas (0-0) at Maryland (0-0) Friday Night (5 Games) - 12/01/17 TCU (0-0) at USC (0-0) Ball State (0-0) at Toledo (0-0)* California (0-0) at Baylor (0-0) Iowa State (0-0) at Wisconsin (0-0) Ohio State (0-0) at Arizona State (0-0) Saturday Evening (5 Games) - 12/02/17 West Virginia (0-0) at Missouri (0-0) Alabama (0-0) at Michigan (0-0) Penn State (0-0) at Pittsburgh (0-0) Florida State (0-0) at Air Force (0-0) Nebraska (0-0) at UCF (0-0) All posted/PM’d predictions are final as stinsy records them. Your prediction must be posted and recorded by stinsy before a game occurs. Since posts can be edited, a PM is a more secure way to predict a winner near a deadline. Good luck to everyone!
    14. cultur3

      Good news is you both want the same job. Fight to the death for it.
    15. Ricky Campbell

      http://cfbhc.com/index.php?/forum/14-teams/ Here you go. Teams should be in alphabetical order.