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  1. QB Graham Burnett 6-3 211 4 Oklahoma [Pocket] [0] 91 I believe Burnett has proven over the course of his young career that he's one of the top QBs in this league. The former #7 overall pick is in the last year of his rookie deal and we think it's crucial that he has the correct representation to get him the compensation he deserves this offseason.
  2. QB Nick Hall 6-2 221 9 Syracuse [Pocket] [+3/C] 98 Nick Hall was an easy choice to add to the team. The former MVP and Super Bowl Champion is arguably the quarterback with the biggest clutch factor in the league and he looks like he hasn't lost a step this season. We look forward to setting up Mr. Hall very well for his future.
  3. I would like to sign up as an agent if you'll have me. Perfect for me since I won't have a dog in any one team's results and I can just relax and take care of my guys and their futures.
  4. Title. Thanks to @llamas for the most idiotic youtube video ever created. I love it @HAFFnHAFF pickem will be in discord. join if you still want my money: https://discord.gg/RhS2QhZ Good luck my homies and homiettes. Fuck Lucas and Dean specifically
  5. Here's how many people picked the winning team in each of these games in the Pick 'Em Steelers @ Jets: 22/35 Patriots @ Texans: 27/35 Giants @ Bills: 32/35 Saints @ Browns: 29/35 Buccaneers @ Ravens: 35/35 Packers @ Vikings: 31/35 Panthers @ Cowboys: 31/35
  6. stinsy


    Congratulations @skifford! You're approved for Kentucky! Request here for a logo for your avatar picture. Here is your roster. Please post your depth chart here. Depth chart formatting guidelines are in this thread or you can just look at other depth charts that are posted as a guide. You should already have an account on the interface, but you do need to request access for the Kentucky job. Recruiting hasn't started yet, but here is a guide for recruiting to learn the ropes. Make sure you request the CFBHC side of your team and not the CBBHC side. You will also gameplan on the interface. Please do that as soon as possible. If you do not log in for 14 consecutive days, you will be removed from the team. If you miss two consecutive weeks of recruiting when the season starts, you will be removed from the team. If you have any questions, you can send me a message or ask in the shoutbox. Also, since Kentucky has played a game already this season that means you don't get any redshirts. Welcome to the !
  7. Out of 32 Pick Em responses I received, 29 people chose the Lions to win. I’ll probably comment on every game post with the way people voted in Pick Em. Think it’ll be interesting to see if we get any major upsets. Hopefully the high amount of participation continues. Be sure to submit a Pick Em response if you haven’t already. It’s better to miss out on 1 game than an entire week boys!
  8. This feels really good. I really earned those 4 spots. Thank you for acknowledging how hard me team fought during our week off voters
  9. Offense QB - Travis Ricketts - In a valiant losing effort to the Ohio State Buckeyes Travis Ricketts completed 66% of his passes for 425 yards, 5 TDs, and 1 INT. If the Tigers' defense decides to start showing up sometime soon we could be in for a special season out of the young man from Brentwood, Tennessee. Missouri will probably make quick work of their next opponent, Tulane, so don't be surprised to see Travis here again next week. Defense ILB - Brett Combs - Another losing performance from a top SEC team, but an outstanding performance from an individual player. Combs had 7 tackles, 1 INT, and returned that INT for a TD to earn Player of the Week honors. Look for Head Coach Rome to bring his team back into winning form in a couple of weeks when the Hoosiers come into town. Also look for Combs to continue to try and prove himself worthy of a Day 1 selection in next years NFLHC Draft. Special Teams PR - Jon Ely-Beam - Well I guess that's one way to leave your mark as a true Freshman in your first ever game. The basically unrecruited Ely-Beam had 84 punt return yards and a punt returned for a TD in Saturday's game against the Michigan State Spartans. I guess we'll have to see if Jon is a one off type player or a 2.5 potential player that will terrorize the SEC for seasons to come. Either way he's earned the Player of the Week nod. Anyone you think got snubbed? Let me know. so that i can tell you i don't care about your opinion
  10. If you would like to express interest in the SEC schools that have not posted Depth Charts (and probably haven't game-planned yet) please message me on Discord. These schools are not open yet, but will be if their coaches don't do anything by next weekend. Mississippi State Bulldogs Ole Miss Rebels Vanderbilt Commodores Again, this is all just precautionary. I would like to fill these jobs ASAP if their current coaches don't show any interest in being a coach anymore. Discord is stinsy#7408
  11. Just in case since they only have two days @Bubada @serwendel
  12. Make yourself a South Carolina avatar
  13. C-USA bad. Other conferences more better. Other RBs play more better competition.
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