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  1. CHARLOTTE edit: I guess they have one of the easiest SOS in the country
  2. Too close. Need to win next week @Ricky Campbell
  3. Qupax

    [2022] Week #7 - TNF

    wait I didn't even see this game...this was too close. Really need to look at my gameplan for next week
  4. Holy shit what a slate, Cyclones are actually good this year too edit: damn, tulane doing good this year too! didn't even see that @anonemuss
  5. Definitely not Gray Stewart who's that? pls don't take him from me
  6. Damn it LTech you were this close
  7. Qupax

    [2023] Week #6 - FNF

    What the fuck edit: good stuff from the uab d to stop Stewart like that. first 0 TD game of his career. good game. guess I should’ve gameplanned better. @Wonderbread
  8. Oh my god Iowa State is ranked ITS HAPPENING edit: holy shit I have the third toughest schedule nationwide? Uhhh
  9. I boosted my AP Stats grade from an A- to an A, hopefully stays there...
  10. Asking the pollsters: What G5 team has impressed you the most so far? What team could you potentially see getting votes going into conference play? I'd say once again Rice walks their schedule through the CUSA championship.
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