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    1. Oh, forgot about this, apologies
    2. Qupax

      I am done

      Damn We'll miss you Swipet
    3. Qupax


      Apologies, completely forgot about this. I'm basically Bury
    4. Name: Republic of Hindustan Anthem: “Jana Gana Mana” Capital: Delhi, Delhi NCT Large Cities: Delhi, Mumbai, Karachi, Islamabad, Dhaka National Languages: English, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Sinhala, Tamil National Religion: Hinduism Other Religions: Islam, Buddhism, Christianity The Republic of Hindustan was officially founded on August 15, 1895, after a minor skirmish but nothing substantial due to the ongoing crisis in the British mainland led to the independence and release of the British Raj. The initial release of Hindustan was messy, due to the
    5. It would be nice if you could just submit preset lineups and then let it be all automated
    6. Qupax


      oh i thought he also lost -6 earlier because he dipped from tulane to stanford
    7. Qupax


      I’m lost isnt this like -12 for your coaching points now
    8. Music in general is really a big foundation of my life. Listening to rap for the first time changed mine completely. Playboi Carti - No Lie is one of those songs that has been there for me through happy or pain.
    9. Look, I know I've not been active, and for that I am sorry
    10. Vote me waste to kill a townie
    11. vote smackemz GK came straight to defend you when I randomly threw a vote on
    12. TBH it's been cool to see you come in and light the site up with both recruiting and the shoutbox. It's really cool to have people be so active and open with their life and you've got sooo much room for success both personally and on here

    13. I just voted one of the people warned for inactivity. Sorry, honestly, I haven’t really been active that much on the site as shit has come up IRL. I’m not mafia but I don’t provide any tangible benefits to town either.
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