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  • (SAT - 4 PM) SEA at WAS
  • (SAT - 8 PM) DEN at LV
  • (SUN - 3 PM) BUF at BAL
  • (SUN - 6 PM) PHI at DET
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      1. Note: Wrote a new little applet that runs a mock draft on its own based on publicly available information only. Obviously doesn't include the human aspect but is fun to have. I'll run it a few times before the actual draft. Note: This will only be the non-playoff teams. 1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers select QB Matt Ballard. 2. Arizona Cardinals select OLB Leonard England. 3. Houston Texans select CB Branden Valentine. 4. Los Angeles Chargers select WR Deontray Clay. 5. Cleveland Browns select CB/FS Akiem Pryor. 6. Carolina Panthers select CB Patrick Ros
      2. NOTE: Minimum 150 pass attempts Player Team Failure Rate Tucker Dowden SEA 7.6 Mohammed Foster CHI 7.0 Marcus Black BAL 6.7 Ryan Harris KC 5.4 Taylor Heiden PIT 4.3 Alex Leshoure HOU 4.1 Paul Davenport NO 4.1 Todd Lester SF 4.0 Allan Taylor
      3. High impact throws count as plays that produce a large amount of yards or points and were made either under duress or into double or triple coverage. Consider this as a valuation of "poise" while making a challenging throw. Failures are constituted when the accuracy was off, the throw couldn't be made for any reason, or the pass had too much or too little power - drops have been entirely factored out.Less games played makes for less accurate data.
      4. Horizontal distance to the trend line indicates a team with chaotic tendencies, likely a combination of luck, not enough data, and outlier games. Baltimore and San Francisco appear to be significantly better than their win totals indicate. New England, Cleveland, Tennessee, and Pittsburgh appear to be significantly worse than their win totals indicate. Interesting takeaways: Buffalo is very good. Carolina is better than their record indicates and they likely will not finish 0-16. Arizona is bad but not unusually bad for a team with 1 win in 10 games. The New
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