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    1. Note: Through Week 7, 2021. This is run blocking only and does not include any stats from pass blocking.
    2. New York Jets Overall: A Best Pick: OLB Calvin Ray (Missouri) Best Value: OLB Austin Talbert (Rice) Best Potential: CB Leonard Revis (Minnesota) Philadelphia Eagles Overall: B+ Best Pick: RB Miles Street (Baylor) Best Value: CB Dion Sutton (Clemson) Best Potential: DE Gabriel Darwin-Turner (Arizona) Pittsburgh Steelers Overall: B- Best Pick: OG Tyler Burnett (Arkansas) Best Value: OG Ethan Bennett (Central Michigan) Best Potential: CB A.P. Crosby (Ohio State) San Francisco 49ers Overall: C- Best Pick: CB Javon Scott (Temple) Best Value: CB Javon Scott (Temple) Best Potential: ILB Jacoby Spangler (Nevada) Seattle Seahawks Overall: C Best Pick: OLB Connor Bradshaw Jr. (Michigan State) Best Value: OG Derek Quintana (SMU) Best Potential: DT Sila Tuputala (UCLA) Tampa Bay Buccaneers Overall: B Best Pick: OLB Leonard England (LSU) Best Value: DE Terrence Perry (FAU) Best Potential: OLB Leonard England (LSU) Tennessee Titans Overall: C+ Best Pick: TE Mark Westbrook (Oklahoma State) Best Value: OLB Christian Reese (Western Michigan) Best Potential: TE Mark Westbrook (Oklahoma State) Washington Football Team Overall: B+ Best Pick: TE Carlos Avery (Texas) Best Value: WR Darius Watkins (Rice) Best Potential: OG Thomas Knight (Colorado State)
    3. NOTE: This doesn't include any value you got out of trading away picks for other assets. Grades are relative to each other based on chemistry, potential for skill and busting, and overall skill changes to your team. Las Vegas Raiders Overall: B Best Pick: OG Aaron Hunter (USF) Best Value: CB Rahsaan Reese (Valdosta State) Best Potential: TE Rafael Cotter (Navy) Los Angeles Chargers Overall: A+ Best Pick: SS DaeSean Sample (Clemson) Best Value: OT Cyrus Swartz (Duke) Best Potential: CB D.J. Chavis (Alabama) Los Angeles Rams Overall: B- Best Pick: OG Will Groves (Washington State) Best Value: CB Isaiah Simpkins (Maryland) Best Potential: DE Thomas Newsome (Louisiana-Lafayette) Miami Dolphins Overall: B Best Pick: CB Patrick Ross (TCU) Best Value: ILB Bryce Smith (Syracuse) Best Potential: WR Cameron Bowers (Kansas) Minnesota Vikings Overall: C Best Pick: ILB Lavonte Thornton (North Texas) Best Value: QB Messiah Winston (Pitt) Best Potential: ILB Lavonte Thornton (North Texas) New England Patriots Overall: C+ Best Pick: DT Amir Pryor (Oklahoma State) Best Value: ILB Dillon Hall (UCLA) Best Potential: DT Amir Pryor (Oklahoma State) New Orleans Saints Overall: D Best Pick: RB Julian Childs (Temple) Best Value: CB Kenyon Porter (McNeese State) Best Potential: CB Kenyon Porter (McNeese State) New York Giants Overall: C Best Pick: SS Blake Barrett (South Carolina) Best Value: SS Blake Barrett (South Carolina) Best Potential: OG Sebastian Dobbins (BYU)
    4. NOTE: This doesn't include any value you got out of trading away picks for other assets. Grades are relative to each other based on chemistry, potential for skill and busting, and overall skill changes to your team. Dallas Cowboys Overall: D Best Pick: OG Matthew Jones (Troy) Best Value: RB Luca Spurlock (UCF) Best Potential: RB Luca Spurlock (UCF) Denver Broncos Overall: C- Best Pick: CB Dominique Baptiste (Pitt) Best Value: WR Noah Tumaalii (UCLA) Best Potential: CB Dominique Baptiste (Pitt) Detroit Lions Overall: C+ Best Pick: WR Nick Rawls (Mississippi State) Best Value: ILB Emmanuel Bowden (Clemson) Best Potential: DE Carl Allen (Florida A&M) Green Bay Packers Overall: C Best Pick: RB Julius Wesley Jr. (Ohio State) Best Value: OG Samuel Mueller (Tulsa) Best Potential: WR Jordan Barnes (Ohio) Houston Texans Overall: A- Best Pick: SS Kingsley Jackson (LSU) Best Value: OLB Patrick Malone (Miami (FL)) Best Potential: CB Branden Valentine (Ole Miss) Indianapolis Colts Overall: C+ Best Pick: OT Zack Oliveira (NC State) Best Value: WR Jordan Scott (Arizona State) Best Potential: RB Devon Burton (Kentucky) Jacksonville Jaguars Overall: B- Best Pick: C Julio Vargas-Cano (LSU) Best Value: TE Jordan Cunningham (Rice) Best Potential: RB Raekwon Elam (California) Kansas City Chiefs Overall: B Best Pick: OLB Aaron Darling (Middle Tennessee State) Best Value: DE/OLB Brandon Dawkins (Rice) Best Potential: WR Clinton Stewart-Davids (SMU)
    5. NOTE: This doesn't include any value you got out of trading away picks for other assets. Grades are relative to each other based on chemistry, potential for skill and busting, and overall skill changes to your team. Arizona Cardinals Overall: A- Best Pick: QB Matt Ballard (Ohio State) Best Value: FS Ron Knight Jr. (Clemson) Best Potential: OLB Robert Devlin (Purdue) Atlanta Falcons Overall: B+ Best Pick: WR Deon Kirksey (Arizona State) Best Value: TE Branden Wilkes (Nevada) Best Potential: WR Ukeme Adamu (Grand Valley State) Baltimore Ravens Overall: C- Best Pick: CB Reshard Hinton (Grambling) Best Value: RB Bronson Willingham (UNLV) Best Potential: OG Jeremiah Carlson (Maryland) Buffalo Bills Overall: D Best Pick: TE Ka'Jai Chisholm (Purdue) Best Value: WR Benjamin Solomon (Oregon) Best Potential: TE Ka'Jai Chisholm (Purdue) Carolina Panthers Overall: B- Best Pick: WR Danny Brantley Jr. (Florida) Best Value: CB Brian Bonds (Hawaii) Best Potential: CB Akiem Pryor (Miami (FL)) Chicago Bears Overall: C Best Pick: WR Logan Lawson (Purdue) Best Value: DE Anthony Walton (Florida State) Best Potential: QB Rasheed Bullocks (Duke) Cincinnati Bengals Overall: C+ Best Pick: OT Robert Davis (Stanford) Best Value: CB A.J. Gilchrist (Fresno State) Best Potential: OT Robert Davis (Stanford) Cleveland Browns Overall: B- Best Pick: WR Deontray Clay (Rice) Best Value: ILB Marcus Roman (Boston College) Best Potential: IT Adam DeLuca (Navy)
    6. I'll let you guys decide the first evaluation of the new season.
    7. 1. Arizona Cardinals select QB Matt Ballard. (from TB) 2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers select OLB Leonard England. (from ARI) 3. Houston Texans select CB Branden Valentine. 4. Los Angeles Chargers select CB/FS Akiem Pryor. 5. Cleveland Browns select OG Matthew Jones. 6. Carolina Panthers select CB Isaiah Jenkins Jr. 7. Houston Texans select WR Samuel Barfield. (from NE) 8. Minnesota Vikings select TE Jordan Cunningham. 9. Cincinnati Bengals select ILB Kahiau Afamasaga. 10. New York Jets select RB Julius Wesley Jr. 11. Jacksonville Jaguars select C Charlie Becker. 12. Miami Dolphins select RB Keenan Roberson. 13. New York Giants select OT Sam Duvall. 14. Los Angeles Rams select OT A'Shawn McNair. 15. Atlanta Falcons select WR Deontray Clay. 16. Los Angeles Rams select TE Carlos Avery. (from IND) 17. San Francisco 49ers select CB Reshard Hinton. 18. Dallas Cowboys select OT A'Shawn McNair. 19. New Orleans Saints select CB D.J. Chavis. 20. Denver Broncos select OLB Calvin Ray. (from CHI) 21. Green Bay Packers select OLB Christian Reese. 22. Kansas City Chiefs select DT Grant Barclay. 23. Pittsburgh Steelers select DE Landon Crowder. 24. Tennessee Titans select OG Tyler Burnett. 25. Miami Dolphins select CB Isaiah Simpkins. (from DEN) 26. Seattle Seahawks select WR Jordan Scott. 27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers select OG Josh Pennington. (from BUF via NYG) 28. Detroit Lions select QB Isaac Tyson. 29. Las Vegas Raiders select WR Deon Kirksey. 30. Washington Football Team select OLB Jermaine Dockery. 31. Baltimore Ravens select OT Robert Davies. 32. Philadelphia Eagles select WR Lukas Shapiro.
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