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  1. Coach, alexfall862 from the Orlando Sentinel; Are the 14 catches, 195 yards, and 2 TDs a Buffalo secondary problem, or just a Gavin Faulk problem?
  2. Orlando, FL -- Coach alexfall862 took home his first victory as the head coach of the UCF Citronauts Golden Knights, besting in-state foe FAU. Coach had this to say after the game: His previous stop, Wyoming, started their season with an almost identical 26-14 game, only they were on the unfortunate side. Coach alexfall862 is available for any questions from the press.
  3. With the shakeup in the front office, can we expect more changes in the coming weeks and why won't my keycard work to get into the building anymore?
  4. alexfall862

    [2018] Week 8 IRL Discussion

    $5 Bits of Broken Chair time! In all seriousness, I just hope we finally win a game... Prompt: No. 'Bama is getting another one.
  5. alexfall862

    AZ Cardinals search for new Head Coach

    As far as perks, we have Casual Fridays and No Tie Tuesdays at the office. No dental though.
  6. alexfall862

    Week #0 concludes, setting up an exciting season to come

    If Tulane can overcome having receivers with literally negative talent, the AAC is going to be much more competitive, with UConn having (I think) the only 5/5 WR and Cincinnati showing signs of life. Very surprised they won.
  7. In regards to the opening, I'd like to officially declare "not it".
  8. Nothing exciting, but I just figured out how to update my status.

  9. alexfall862

    [2022] Preseason Coaches Poll

    "Ctrl+F UCF" The disrespect...
  10. alexfall862

    Wyoming announces new Head Coach for 2022 season

    Answer very carefully...
  11. alexfall862

    Wyoming announces new Head Coach for 2022 season

    alexfall862 from the Orlando Sentinel. congratulations on the job, coach! Wyoming is a hidden gem of the FBS schools out west. What are you looking forward to most in your inaugural season?
  12. alexfall862

    2022 Season Discussion

    FBS National Champion: TCU FCS National Champion: Not sure yet, but the trophy is headed to one of the Dakotas this year. Heisman Winner: Josh Beckett at GT is going to be a @statsheetstuffer, just like his coach. NFL Super Bowl Champion: Don't pay too much attention, but it's 100% not the Cardinals... Most Surprising Team: I think Wyoming will surprise people by bowling in two consecutive years with new coach @ImmaManIm40.