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  1. Coach, alexfall862 from the Orlando Sentinel; Are the 14 catches, 195 yards, and 2 TDs a Buffalo secondary problem, or just a Gavin Faulk problem?
  2. Orlando, FL -- Coach alexfall862 took home his first victory as the head coach of the UCF Citronauts Golden Knights, besting in-state foe FAU. Coach had this to say after the game: His previous stop, Wyoming, started their season with an almost identical 26-14 game, only they were on the unfortunate side. Coach alexfall862 is available for any questions from the press.
  3. With the shakeup in the front office, can we expect more changes in the coming weeks and why won't my keycard work to get into the building anymore?
  4. alexfall862

    [2018] Week 8 IRL Discussion

    $5 Bits of Broken Chair time! In all seriousness, I just hope we finally win a game... Prompt: No. 'Bama is getting another one.
  5. alexfall862

    AZ Cardinals search for new Head Coach

    As far as perks, we have Casual Fridays and No Tie Tuesdays at the office. No dental though.
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    Week #0 concludes, setting up an exciting season to come

    If Tulane can overcome having receivers with literally negative talent, the AAC is going to be much more competitive, with UConn having (I think) the only 5/5 WR and Cincinnati showing signs of life. Very surprised they won.
  7. In regards to the opening, I'd like to officially declare "not it".
  8. Nothing exciting, but I just figured out how to update my status.

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    [2022] Preseason Coaches Poll

    "Ctrl+F UCF" The disrespect...
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    Wyoming announces new Head Coach for 2022 season

    Answer very carefully...
  11. alexfall862

    Wyoming announces new Head Coach for 2022 season

    alexfall862 from the Orlando Sentinel. congratulations on the job, coach! Wyoming is a hidden gem of the FBS schools out west. What are you looking forward to most in your inaugural season?
  12. alexfall862

    2022 Season Discussion

    FBS National Champion: TCU FCS National Champion: Not sure yet, but the trophy is headed to one of the Dakotas this year. Heisman Winner: Josh Beckett at GT is going to be a @statsheetstuffer, just like his coach. NFL Super Bowl Champion: Don't pay too much attention, but it's 100% not the Cardinals... Most Surprising Team: I think Wyoming will surprise people by bowling in two consecutive years with new coach @ImmaManIm40.
  13. The freshman have arrived, the pads are on, and the spring game is behind us. After spending last Friday with new Coach alexfall862, we're taking a crack at picking the stars, studs, and sinkholes of the 2022 season! Players we're excited about! WR Mark Sample 5-9 158 (So) Cardinal Mooney (Sarasota FL) 3.5 of 3.5 [Speed] | Improvement: +1.5 Mark Sample doesn't have size, but he's been the big target this camp for Bennett. With a shallow receiving core looking at possibly two freshman starters, expect Sample to test defenses as the team's starter at Y receiver. TE Mark Pereira 6-4 214 So Lake Howell (Winter Park FL) 3.5 of 5 [Receiving] | Improvement: +1.5 One of the gems of last year's recruiting class, Pereira has stood out in an extremely crowded TE room. Coach alexfall862 has hinted that they'll try to find burn for at least three of their TE's, but they really like the explosiveness that the second-year player brings the passing game, so he'll start most games. OG Sakaria Wendt 6-7 329 So Episcopal (Jacksonville FL) 3.5 of 3.5 [Run Blocking] | Improvement: +1.5 Sakaria is another survivor of a small army of offensive linemen on the 85 man roster. Despite two likely All-AAC guards in House and Foy, expect Sakaria to see time in the line rotation this season. He's always been a big boy, this might be the season he becomes a big man. OLB Dennis Woody 6-2 221 So Port Charlotte (Port Charlotte FL) 3 of 4 [Coverage] | Improvement: +1.5 With linebacker one of the smaller positions, both in quality and numbers, coach made it public he was looking hard at JUCO and Transfer possibilities prior to fall camp. That lit a fire under Dennis Woody, and he absolutely dominated the Family Spring Game with 3 TFL's, 2 FF and an interception. He'll start opposite freshman wunderkind Josh O'Conner from Tampa. Players we wish we were excited about. FB Aidan D'Angelo 5-9 236 Jr St. Thomas Aquinas ( FL) 2.5 of 3.5 [Run Blocking] | Improvement: +0.5 With a tough route to playing time at FB, H Back, and TE, Aidan just couldn't put it all together and has fallen out of favor. Most telling, he was the only upperclassman to still see the field in the second half of the spring game. His parents didn't even attend the game. C John Plummer 6-4 251 Sr Largo (Largo, FL) 2.5 of 2.5 [Run Blocking] | Improvement: +0 Coaches were hoping Plummer could light a fire under Ian Belcher and lead an otherwise extremely talented line. Unfortunately, Plummer was absolutely embarrassed in pass pro by every matchup on the team and hasn't adjusted his approach to the team's more power oriented running scheme. At 251 pounds, that's unlikely to change before he runs out of eligibility. Once a potential starter in the previous regime's spread offense, Plummer's chance has gone down the pipes. SS Ahmad Gilchrist 6-1 192 So R.E. Lee (Montgomery AL) 2 of 3 [Zone Coverage] | Improvement: +1 Sandwiched between All-AAC safety Charlie Munson and heralded recruit, Samir Smallwood, Ahmad Gilchrist looks to be the odd man out. He'll see time this season on special teams, but unless he shows more moving forward, he might stay there the next three years. Practice Squad / RS No surprises here, with promising freshman being asked to spend a year studying the playbook and building the physical stamina a full AAC season will ask of them. Noah Pedersen has been tearing it up during practice, but will sit behind two competent upperclassmen backups. As the #4 QB option, don't expect Noah to see time on the field unless the season makes a hard turn south. Coach alexfall862 says they're really excited to see the trio of Kevin, Samir, and A.J. terrorizing quarterbacks beginning as early as next year. All have shown great flashes, with Samir starting his first snap from scrimmage by returning a Dwayne Bennett screen for a pick-six, but none have the consistency needed to supplant the more consistent upperclassmen. Julius Bray and Mike Gauthier will their second year on the practice squad, with neither really showing the steps they needed to take in the offseason conditioning program. In particular, coaches were really hoping Mike could take advantage of weak competition at tackle, but he didn't show enough this camp. Redshirting this Season QB Noah Pedersen 6-3 209 Fr St. Cloud (St. Cloud FL) 2 of 4.5 [Scrambling] FB Julius Bray 5-8 253 So Chattahoochee (Chattahoochee FL) 2.5 of 3.5 [Run Blocking] WR Warren Norris III 6-3 154 Fr Chattahoochee (Chattahoochee FL) 3 of 4.5 [Speed] OT Mike Gauthier 6-7 324 So Brevard Christian ( FL) 3 of 4 [Run Blocking] OG Dean Chapman 6-3 320 Fr Jesuit (Tampa FL) 2.5 of 4 [Run Blocking] DT Marc Lattimore 6-4 333 Fr Hillsborough (Tampa FL) 1 of 5 [2-Gap] ILB Quinton Coles 6-3 254 Fr Brevard Christian ( FL) 2 of 4.5 [Mike] CB Kevin McKenzie Jr. 6-1 161 Fr American (Hialeah FL) 1 of 4.5 [Zone Coverage] FS A.J. Braxton 6-1 190 Fr DeLand (DeLand FL) 1 of 4.5 [Zone Coverage] SS Samir Smallwood 5-10 189 Fr Lake Highland Prep (Orlando FL) 1.5 of 5 [Zone Coverage]
  14. alexfall862

    Desperate Montana finally signs new head coach

    "alexfall862 of the Orlando Sentinel: Coach, what do you think your background brings to this Montana team, and why was Montana the only state without a Battleship named in its honor in WWII?"
  15. alexfall862 from the Orlando Sentinel: "Does UTSA have a recruiting travel budget, or will you carpool with other schools in the area?"
  16. alexfall862

    James Madison unveil controversial hire

    "Hi Coach, Spuds McKenzie from the Alarmist Daily Bugle; Any comment on the fact that a 3,600 mile trip across the North Atlantic from England puts you smack in the middle of Chesapeake Bay? Has the coach already started his tenure with LIES?!"
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    [2022] Head Coach Chemistry Bonuses

    Dang. Hey @Jamarquan, @cultur3, @paperllamasunited - looks like we need more chemistry... group retreat?
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    Connecticut Huskies Introduce New Head Coach

    Gotcha! Welcome to the AAC, buddy!
  19. alexfall862

    Connecticut Huskies Introduce New Head Coach

    So how many QBs will your team roster next season? 13? 17? 28? 59?
  20. alexfall862

    Connecticut Huskies Introduce New Head Coach

    alexfall862 here from the Orlando Sentinel; UConn fans are used to seeing their famous "24 rostered QBs and a couple YMCA members" offense trudge down the field. Can fans expect a scheme change from previous coaching staffs?