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  1. Ricky Campbell

    [SCOTUS] Anthony Kennedy's replacement

    Good discussions @TheTodd15 @bingo415. Seriously thank you for a well thought out and reasonable response. Thank you for pointing out those NRA grants. With their 400+million dollar budget they are indeed minuscule compared to anything PP receives. 250k in funding vs 500+ million isn't even in the same ballpark and don't believe it's fair to attempt to equate the two. But that's extremely interesting to know some bit of change does go to them and I'm shocked people don't bring it up. Disagree on Costco/Walmart/Target. Combined they can handle that load. That's not even including mail order pharmacy options. My FQHC could also handle the patient load for the county and surrounding area thanks to awesome NPs and PAs and physicians who really cared about their uninsured. Anecdotal, but just my view from the inside anyway. Your numbers may be outdated? I'm reading planned parenthood is spending 30 million alone on this years midterms and over 30 million in 2016 also. For 2016, 5.5 million towards the candidates themselves. I think it's fair to use all the money going into political advocacy when calculating a substitution effect, wouldn't you? I bet you could do a lot of pap smears or birth control pills for that 60 million+.
  2. Ricky Campbell

    [SCOTUS] Anthony Kennedy's replacement

    Yes exactly, a substitution effect. But for the federal/state grant funding, they couldn't fund political action. But in reality, no non-profit organization receiving a half billion dollars in any form of government funding should be exclusively funding candidates from one party. Just my opinion. What federal or state government funding does the NRA receive?
  3. Ricky Campbell

    [SCOTUS] Anthony Kennedy's replacement

    You won't get any sympathy from me about PP's funding. Taking taxpayer money from the government and then donating exclusively to Democratic candidates' campaigns is unacceptable behavior. It would be like the NRA gets taxpayer funds and then donating it back to only Republicans. PP needs to stand on its own like 99.9% of the other 501(c)(3)non-profit groups do. For the record, I think PP provides many great services, I just don't think our tax money should be subsidizing them. You can walk up to a Costco pharmacy today (no membership required) and receive birth control for<$4 without having insurance. Target, Wal-Mart and others have similar setups. And I have referred patients in an underserved community health clinic to this fact many times. Educating the patients is key. There are lots of options available.
  4. Ricky Campbell

    [SCOTUS] Anthony Kennedy's replacement

    Medically speaking, we're saving premature babies earlier and earlier and the gestation threshold in recognizing pain in a fetus is also dropping in studies. During my OBGYN rotation, saving premature infants that were young enough to meet many state's abortion law requirements saddened me. The same baby we could save and give life to was also able to be aborted. We really need to push for contraceptive use to prevent unwanted pregnancies from happening in the first place.
  5. Ricky Campbell

    [SCOTUS] Anthony Kennedy's replacement

    Yes, I think Thomas Lee from Utah will be selected.
  6. (Hattiesburg, MS) Despite having a rookie coach, there were high expectations in 2021 for Southern Miss. Overall those expectations have been met by head coach Ricky Campbell, and the future for the Golden Eagles looks as bright as its ever been. They achieved a 9-4 record in 2021, including a Gasparilla Bowl win against East Carolina. Those 9 wins ties the most in program history and the bowl win was the first one ever for both the program and entire C-USA conference. "This group of guys we have here is something special. This bowl game was proof of that," coach Campbell said in his press conference after the Gasparilla Bowl victory. "When I told [Charles] Sherrill about our gameplan adjustments, he didn't care that it might affect his draft stock. He simply told me he wants what will give our team the best chance for a victory. That's the kind of guy he is. He is a great football player with even better character. A guy like him deserves huge success in the NFL." Notable players include star QB and Gaspirlla Bowl MVP Alexander Cassidy. As a redshirt sophomore, the 2nd team All C-USA quarterback threw for over 3,000 yards along with 32 TDs and only 7 interceptions. Cassidy was helped by a strong running game led by senior RB James Fitzgerald, who ran for over 1,200 yards, topped the conference with 17 TDs, and never fumbled in a game. Senior TE Charles Sherrill had a magnificent season as Cassidy's favorite target, leading the conference in almost every statistic at the position. Sherrill is expected to be chosen in the NFLHC draft this year. On defense, rising sophomore Leonard Graves terrified offensive lines this season with 15.5 sacks and double digit tackles for loss. One surprise was redshirt Sophomore CB Carter Ragland, who led the conference with 7 interceptions. The improved defense was a major reason for the success of the Golden Eagles this season. In 2022, Southern Miss looks to improve on the 2021 season by winning their division and conference title. However, this will prove to be tough as both Rice and UAB will also jockey for the top position in the improving Conference USA picture. Southern Miss' 2022 recruiting class ranked 63rd in the country and included multiple blue-chip caliber players for Coach Campbell to develop.
  7. Ricky Campbell

    [2021] Bowl Games - Day #3

    Honored to earn the first C-USA bowl win in history. Let's get a bunch more this year @Weeze56m good game man. You did a great job turning around ECU this year. What a great way for James Fitzgerald and Charles Sherrill to close out their careers at Southern Miss!
  8. Ricky Campbell

    [2021] C-USA Awards

    A memorable year for the C-USA! Awesome work, everyone
  9. Ricky Campbell

    2021 Season ELO Ratings

    Ranked 35th? Subscribe!
  10. Ricky Campbell

    Wyoming Goes Bowling

    I have no questions. Just here for the bowl party/riot!
  11. Ricky Campbell

    [2021] Week #16 - Saturday Afternoon

    8 win tier hype!
  12. Ricky Campbell

    [2022] CFBHC Schedule - Game Registration

    Week 1 - vs Illinois Week 3 - vs UMass Week 6 - vs Louisiana Monroe Week 11 - @ Ball State
  13. 2022 Football Schedule Week 1 - vs Illinois* Week 2 - BYE Week 3 - vs UMass* Week 4 - vs UAB Week 5 - BYE Week 6 - vs Louisiana Monroe* Week 7 - @ Louisiana Tech Week 8 - vs North Texas Week 9 - BYE Week 10 - @ UTSA Week 11 - @ Ball State* Week 12 - vs UTEP Week 13 - BYE Week 14 - @ Rice Week 15 - vs Charlotte Week 16 - @ Marshall
  14. Ricky Campbell

    Thoughts on New Anthem Rule

    They should just do what college does and have the players in the locker room during the anthem