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  1. Not gonna lie that’s a disappointing result but @jared2001usa is such a good coach and deserves a game like that. Congrats on the convincing win man. See ya next year
  2. So close, yet so far. Still cannot run the ball. Great game, @Jumbo thanks for inviting us to the Coliseum
  3. Welcome to the C-USA
  4. This is great information to know! Thanks Soluna
  5. I hope App state improves this season. I’ve always had a soft spot for that team
  6. Trying to. It's really hard keeping up with @Bubada
  7. I printed and placed this media piece in Jeremiah Kendrick's locker today. I don't think he will get complacent now in 2023.
  8. Alabama - Duke for sure will be a game I look forward to Also another shameless plug for Southern Miss traveling to USC to begin the year
  9. Week 1 - @USC @Jumbo Week 3 - vs UMass @joedchi @Rome Week 5 - @UL Monroe @jared2001usa Week 9 - vs Ole Miss @HughFreeze$$
  10. Good question. I think I'm excited for Rice the last game of the season, because it could be a really huge game. I also am looking forward to playing against some new teams on the other side of the conference division this season - WKU and the FAU Owls, a team on the rise for sure. Then there is the intrigue of the instate matchup with Ole Miss I think people will enjoy Absolutely - copy away!
  11. (Hattiesburg, MS) The Southern Miss Golden Eagles have officially released their 2023 football schedule, which includes multiple exciting out of conference games. In the first game of the season, the Eagles will travel to Los Angeles to face coach @Jumbo and the 2022 Semifinalist Trojans of USC. Fans will also be excited that in-state rival Ole Miss, led by coach @HughFreeze$$, will be coming to The Rock in week 9 for the first time in program history. Coach Ricky Campbell and the Eagles will travel to face Louisiana Monroe in week 5. This will be the third straight meeting in the series. Coach @jared2001usa and Ricky Campbell have developed a friendly rivalry over this time, and the game in 2022 gave the Eagles quite a scare. The out of conference schedule wraps up with the Minutemen of UMass coming to Hattiesburg in week 3. Coach Campbell spoke briefly with the press today discussing the newly released schedule. “We’re really excited to expand out and take on teams that have had substantial recent success, like USC. If we want to be respected as one of the top G5 teams, we must travel and compete in these kinds of games. Also, I also think our fanbase and college football in general wants to see more games with in-state rivals playing, so I will be looking forward to facing Ole Miss this season as well.” The Eagles have high expectations going into 2023. They return 20 out of 22 starters from 2022, including senior QB Alexander Cassidy and the National TE of the Year award Winner, Jeremiah Kendrick. Coach Campbell was also busy on the recruiting trail last season, bringing in the #65 recruiting class in the country. The Chicago Tribune recently published a pre-season ranking that had the Eagles just outside the top 25 at #35. 2023 Football Schedule Week 1 – at USC* Week 2 - BYE Week 3 - vs UMass* Week 4 – @ UTEP Week 5 - @ Louisiana Monroe* Week 6 - BYE Week 7 - vs UTSA Week 8 - @ North Texas Week 9 – vs Ole Miss* Week 10 – vs La Tech Week 11 - @ UAB Week 12 - BYE Week 13 - @ WKU Week 14 – vs FAU Week 15 - vs Rice Week 16 - BYE
  12. Sorry to bother again @Rome. Can you check my coach prestige old value? The old value of 100 doesn't appear to match up with a 2.5 prestige coach. Thanks
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