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  1. Southern Miss please! Thanks
  2. Big win today vs a really solid opponent. Gg @Qupax
  3. Not gonna lie that’s a disappointing result but @jared2001usa is such a good coach and deserves a game like that. Congrats on the convincing win man. See ya next year
  4. So close, yet so far. Still cannot run the ball. Great game, @Jumbo thanks for inviting us to the Coliseum
  5. Welcome to the C-USA
  6. This is great information to know! Thanks Soluna
  7. I hope App state improves this season. I’ve always had a soft spot for that team
  8. Trying to. It's really hard keeping up with @Bubada
  9. I printed and placed this media piece in Jeremiah Kendrick's locker today. I don't think he will get complacent now in 2023.
  10. Alabama - Duke for sure will be a game I look forward to Also another shameless plug for Southern Miss traveling to USC to begin the year
  11. Week 1 - @USC @Jumbo Week 3 - vs UMass @joedchi @Rome Week 5 - @UL Monroe @jared2001usa Week 9 - vs Ole Miss @HughFreeze$$
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