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  1. MY BOY JAKE DAVIS is coming for that Heisman before he saves the Chirpy Birds.
  2. Tegan and Sara - The Con
  3. Wait did I get a first place vote?
  4. I’ve collected a variety of things since I was a little baby cultur3. Sports memorabilia, comics, art, boardgames, i’ll post some pictures in here later. Any fellow collectors here?
  5. Angelmaker - Bloodthirster
  6. Whether it’s a team that was loaded with NFL talent, a team with 5s across the board, or maybe it was a team that Jumbo coached. Who is the most underperforming team to you?
  7. He will give some FCS team Hope.
  8. Not sure why NDSU would put all their points there if they already have a 4.0 at the position. Could probably fill another big hole their with those points
  9. Dayummmmmm this is some nice work
  10. No let them play starters again
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