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    1. cultur3

      [2021] PFF Season Evaluation: Wide Receivers

      Damn Weldon is special
    2. cultur3

      [2022] Minnesota Vikings Announcement

      Many of my cousins/friends as well as my dad and uncles have served missions. Good luck I’m sure you will have a great experience! We will see you when you get back!
    3. cultur3

      [2021] PFF Season Evaluation: Quarterbacks

      Matty Swift isn’t last
    4. cultur3

      Daily Discussions: Your dream job?

      Not to follow the pack but UCLA was it for me. A very very very distant second would probably be Hawaii though.
    5. cultur3

      Connecticut Huskies Introduce New Head Coach

      Uconn hasn’t had a consistent coach in a very very long time. Hoping you can buck the trend. Good luck!!
    6. cultur3

      The Great Starburst Debate

    7. cultur3

      The Great Starburst Debate

    8. cultur3


      @believer los lobos
    9. cultur3


      Its began! Good luck in the FCS
    10. cultur3


      coaching carousal is in full force now!
    11. cultur3


    12. UCLA updated http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=UCLA_Bruins
    13. cultur3

      FCS Addition

      Damn poor Southern Utah Universury
    14. cultur3


      Los lobos
    15. cultur3


      You have what many thought was going to be a superstar at QB. The previous coach brought no talent around him but hopefully you can make him a star! Good luck