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  1. We had someone get a 0.25 last week
  2. Sus jk their secondary is soooooo bad
  3. Wow that Minny Punter must suck. Not even top 10 smh so much for being the punting king
  4. Wow Sample is positively viewed. He must be a humanitarian or something
  5. Chirpy birds are very happy to take Sharkey Coliseum (through 2027): +20 practice funds immediately; +5 personal wealth at the beginning of 2025, 2026, 2027.
  6. At least you found the offense for Brooksheer/your WRs
  7. Yeah this is the best he’s got left. That’s sad
  8. For the love of god it’s time for someone that’s not Latta. He’s awful
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