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  1. We also got to see Finn AND Tran which were two of the most sought after croots. Kyler Wilson looks amazing, Cal looks scary.
  2. Wow Damian Thompson looks good.....
  3. Today I am drunkenly announcing my firing as head coach of the team. After a disastrous training camp in which I injured almost the whole team after forcing them to lift weights for hours on end, I have decided to bring a new head coach on board. I am pleased to announce @Kremit as the new head coach of the Arizona Cardinals. He has been immensely successful in college ( I have a very nice 0-2 record against him) and I am excited to see how he leads the Chirpy Birds on the field. I look forward to having more time to enjoy life as an owner, which may or may not include filling a swimming pool with PBR and hanging out with Greg Bierra. I will open the floor to any questions that you may have for @Kremit or myself.
  4. Now this is p̶o̶d̶ ̶r̶a̶c̶i̶n̶g̶!̶quality media!!
  5. You nailed it. I'm already keeping my eyes peeled...I need some C and OLB help pronto.
  6. “They will be forced to make difficult decisions and attempt to avoid being drafted by the Giants.“ Nice
  7. You guys got a great deal on Bridges....and I am very excited to see a White and Bowman tandem. We also really love Moffett and think he can be a steal for you.
  8. Multiple tabs were a must, I have about 4 open right now. It's a bad habit
  9. Arizona Cardinals Preseason Schedule. @ Carolina Panthers Cleveland Browns Baltimore Ravens @ New York Giants
  10. I see nothing wrong with this strategy
  11. Bears Amuse Dogs Then Run Away Dancing Elegantly
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