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  1. I'm on board if this gets going in the future, this looks great @Rome
  2. I'm ready to get dragged in the playoffs again, if I make it.
  3. Well damn, another loss. Gg Steelers.
  4. This should be it, unless I'm forgetting something. EDIT: Fixed the picture
  5. Well, you can't win a game going 1/12 on 3rd down. Gg Chiefs.
  6. Round 2, Pick 28 DC Ken Norton Jr. (Age 58) Descended from Jack del Rio Linebacker Skill Level 2; Run Defense Aggressiveness Level 2 Selected to be Defensive Coordinator Jacksonville is now on the clock: @Soluna
  7. *Grabs mic* Well, here we are. The tournament to separate the men from the boys. The tournament where 15 other men will think that they will have enough to be on top. I will save you the trouble. You're looking at the man who will carry CCW. You are looking at the man who will walk away, on top of CCW. But unlike some of the people in the back, I practice what I preach. I put a lot of work, to not kick someones ass. And that will have to start with the watered down version of Jake Roberts. Its upsetting that a man has to resort to the level of plagiarism to get popular around here but its fine. I'll just end your suffering here, not just for my sake but for yours, and leave you with this "Snake". Good luck. If you ever get close to needing it. *Theme plays* @Nittany Boiler
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