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  1. I feel like Warzone and Among Us / Secret Hitler would be the easiest to do, but I'm happy to play anything. Definitely keen for a distraction considering my sister is gonna be yelling at me about the election all night.
  2. i am so good the most of good badn't
  3. Jamar

    Among Us

    yeah i'm in
  4. well, you see, the thing is; fuck
  5. Jamar


    Congratulations @Conchobair! You're approved for Texas A&M! Request here for a logo for your avatar picture. We are currently in Week 3., which will continue at some point. You have access to your roster, and can make any changes you wish, with the exception of redshirts. Please post a new depth chart here when you're finished. Depth chart formatting guidelines are in this thread or you can just look at other depth charts that are posted as a guide. You will need to make an account on the Interface, and remember to request your team. You do not need to gameplan or recruit until the season starts. Here is a guide for recruiting to learn the ropes. Make sure you request the CFBHC side of your team and not the CBBHC side. If you do not log in for 14 consecutive days, you will be removed from the team. If you miss two consecutive weeks of recruiting when the season starts, you will be removed from the team. If you have any questions, you can send me a message or ask in the shoutbox. Welcome to the !
  6. Jamar


    Welcome! Check your inbox shortly, you'll need to answer a few questions before you can be approved.
  7. Jamar

    [2024] Week #3 - FNF

  8. Jamar

    Fall Guys PC

    I, too, have money'nt edit: my Steam is harrison_rm if you wanna add me anyway
  9. Jamar

    [2024] Week #2 - FNF

  10. First blog is up! I did 1000 words on my thoughts about the Marlins' covid outbreak. If any of you have the time to read it I'd be eternally grateful for some feedback. Any kind of criticism would really go a long way.



  11. Hey y'all. I made a blog if anyone's interested in reading it. Trying to get as much writing done as I can to have a bit of a resume.


    the link is quarantinejournalismschool.blogspot.com

  12. Where was this Matt Ballard last week?
  13. the state of desereting the run send tweet
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