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  1. I was born in NYC and live in Connecticut, I don't think I can offer an opinion on this that anyone will take seriously lol; especially since I've never had or really heard of either.
  2. image unavailable, it says
  3. https://imgur.com/gallery/jKoCjKB Try that?
  4. weird, it was working when I posted it, let me put it on Imgur
  5. Figured I should update before I have to shave and get a haircut for graduation. Sorry for the bad quality, the glass over my camera is broken. https://imgur.com/gallery/jKoCjKB
  6. (North)East Texas and West Texas are basically two different countries lmao
  7. I'm obviously discount Houston Nutt. Take over a shitty Arkansas team after only one of underperforming at a g5, constantly complain about it there, and get a different SEC job. However, I have yet to get anyone fired for sexual misconduct because I was mentioned in a lawsuit yet. Working on that one right now.
  8. something about that doesn't seem right, on account of randy not recruiting and all
  9. Jamar


    Haha no worries, but i think it's because 1) Cuomo is not as smart / good as people believe him to be and 2) because that's how being rich and powerful works, I guess. You just get to insert yourself where you aren't welcome because people will worship your wealth and think you're the smartest guy in the room.
  10. Jamar


    spot the lie, you can't immediate edit for clarity: Bill Gates has had some questionable interviews and shit before, and the way he came into starting Microsoft was immoral and illegal, but no, he's probably not actually using this crisis to control the planet, and I say that as somebody who usually appreciates a good conspiracy theory
  11. @fever_ful Confirming that Missouri @ Ohio State is still on for Week 3 @Bubada Confirming Rice at Missouri for Week 8 @iNatro Confirming Tulane @ Missouri for Week 1
  12. Missouri needs two games, I have weeks 1, 2, and 8 available. Will play on the road, at a neutral site, and do a home-and-home.

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