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  1. Jamarquan

    [2022] Week #1 CFBHC Takeaways

    I agree, Memphis played LSU really well and that terrifies me for next week.
  2. Jamarquan

    [2022] Week #1 - TNF

    Here's to. Also: New Mexico State Aggies PASSING C/A YDS TD INT F/L Matthew Erwin 9/18 91 0 0 0/0 About a career average game for him. That 3/3.5 transfer they're getting next year is gonna be a godsend.
  3. this tangerine tastes like fucking manischewitz 

  4. Where should I have put it?
  5. Jamarquan

    AZ Cardinals search for new Head Coach

    Don't need dental when your owner's doing enough coke for the whole organization to have no teeth.
  6. Jamarquan

    Halloween 2018

    hand the kids tax forms
  7. Flying the Nest: Jamarquan Resigns as Head Coach, Effective Immediately After careful consideration following a miscommunication regarding gameplan and roster / personnel decisions for week 4 of the 2022 NFLHC Preseason, coach Jamarquan has decided that it is in the best interest for both himself, the rest of the Cardinals staff, and the NFLHC community as a whole that he resign his post immediately. A self - described "barely competent bumbling fuckhead", the decision has been predicated on a series of clerical errors, particularly an undisclosed one involving the team Cleric, after which the team Cleric did not return to Arizona, during his brief tenure as coach dating back to the end of the 2021 season, when he took over for the recently retired @ChicagoTed1. In exit talks with both owner @cultur3 and GM @paperllamasunited, the door has not been closed on a return in the future, though it is highly unlikely. When prompted for a closing statement by The Arizona Republic, all that Jamarquan had to say was "Fuck Taylor Rodriguez." (In all seriousness I just got really pissed at myself for making a shitload of dumb mistakes that fucked over the team and decided that I should revisit the idea of being in NFLHC in another capacity sometime down the road. Cultur3 and Llamas and even @alexfall862 have been great (when he's around) and this was entirely my decision that I've been considering for a while, considering how many times I mentioned it in the Cardinals discord.
  8. giphy.gif


    Derek Anderson pls

  9. Jamarquan

    [2022] Week #0 - FNF

    That can be bad news too... My depth chart is a mess offensively right now, no idea how to structure it.
  10. Jamarquan

    [2022] Week #0 - FNF

    Welp, that was one of the more winnable games on our schedule. Gonna have to figure this out.
  11. We're starting to get more new guys in here, especially FCS. First off, welcome! Secondly, there's plenty of guys who are always willing to lend a hand with your depth chart or any questions you may have. Give myself, @ImposterCauster, @TazerMan, @Jieret or @bingo415 a PM if you need anything, they're all really nice and helped me get a lot more comfortable in my first few weeks on the site.

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    2. Jamarquan


      technically you're a turtle bitch. Also yeah sure send @ZackTyzwyz a PM about croots

    3. ZackTyzwyz


      What's your high school's mascot so I can shit on it

    4. Jamarquan


      same as my shitty NFLHC team

  12. >Me >>Youthful enthusiasm lolno Self - effacing aside, this is gonna be a challenging season but it should be entertaining at least. A few playmakers on both sides of the ball and this team could be going places. That's easier said than done, but hopefully we can give the B I G B O I S a run for their money.
  13. Jamarquan


    NMSU! Take care of my boys there if you get approved. There's a few bright spots on that team.
  14. Jamarquan

    What position would you play? (Or have/do play)

    I told my friend who used to play football for our high school that I have always wanted to play and didn't have a sport for the fall season, so he told me he would come with me to talk to the coaching staff this week to try to come on as a punter/kicker/KOS. Hopefully it goes well, I've never really kicked anything competitively but I have an alright leg and we have some issues on special teams anyway.