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    1. CBBHC Gameday 38 Games to Watch

      oh my god is this what having a relevant team is like
    2. CBBHC Conference Update

      Can confirm, am coaching Illinois because there's no NMSU.
    3. CBBHC SOS

      >Highest skill player is like a 1.5 >>12-3 record and probably gonna make the tourney >>>Get panned for having the 97th best SOS
    4. I forgot about that USF game, when I still had hope for the season.
    5. I never did get to play them on Gameday 5...
    6. CBBHC Bracketology: 3/7/18

      I didn't expect to see myself on the bubble, but I'll take it. The B1G schedule is gonna be rough though.
    7. Games are gonna be a while, don't ask when or why. Enjoy the shoutbox and CBBHC in the meantime.

      1. gigemags11


        When and why?

      2. tprochnow


        hmmm different conjunction..... I'll allow it 

    8. [AU] Coach your least favorite school

      Clemson or Baylor. Kill me now pls.
    9. [2021] Week 6 Fun Facts

      Best* And also a 2/3 and 3/3. Gonna have a much better defense next season.
    10. [2021] Week #5 - FNF

      I would say this was a good game, but this is one of a few games I really had a shot to win and I didn't take advantage.
    11. [2021] Bottom Ten Power Rankings: Week 4

      After many attempts, the GIF I wanted to imbed didn't work.
    12. 2017 National Championship Predictions

      UCF 34, Auburn 27. No but seriously, UGA 27, Alabama 21.
    13. [2021] Week #4 - Saturday Afternoon

      Writing a recap for the Liberty game is going to be interesting.
    14. [2021] Week #4 - TNF

      I didn't see that they were all from inside the red zone. Gotta convert, if we scored touchdowns on all those drives, it'd have been a tie game if there was no other scoring. The "one week switch to spread offense" experiment was inconclusive then, I guess.
    15. [2021] Week #4 - TNF

      GG man - you've got a real good squad this year, I'm just happy we weren't blown out. Hope you do well the rest of the way. 2022 though...