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  1. Aslo god damn it NMSU get your shit together and give Shane Walker the damn ball it hurts to see y'all lose like this
  2. There goes everyone's bets lmao rip
  3. GG man, I didn't expect the game to turn out this way at all. Hope you guys start climbing up the standings soon.
  4. GahsodeBox 2019 was a rousing success
  5. Jamarquan

    [2023] Week #1 - MNF

    Technically I'm on the Bengals payroll, but I'm always really happy to see the Bills win. Great job @fever_ful and @ndunkelbarger69!
  6. That's how it be for G5 teams, unfortunately. Also, Virginia Tech receiving votes! Keep it up gorilla!
  7. how dare you that game is beautiful, like a majestic fucking eagle, if that eagle was projectile vomiting the entire time and also had a clipped wing but damn if you didn't want to see what that eagle could do
  8. https://twitter.com/RushJohnNabors/status/1125829327310983168
  9. Somebody please take over New Mexico State my boy Shane doesn't deserve this Also oh my god UConn did a thing
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