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  1. This proves something that we knew all along: UBL is brainwashing Florida recruits into thinking they don't have access to oranges outside of the state. I hope there are sanctions incoming.
  2. THE LUCK OF THE IRISH Notre Dame comes away with the victory, upsetting the #2 USC Trojans in OT Jabari Thorpe can't quite bring down Kaleil Keil before he finds the endzone. Keil torched the Trojans, gaining 160 yards on just 25 carries.
  3. GG. Glad that we're able to make this an interesting rivalry. I'll be looking forward to playing you next year, hope it results a little differently too.
  4. Tricked-Out Trickett! Luke Trickett's off-season workouts pay dividends in the Trojans 52-14 win over Colorado, with Trickett amassing 6 TDs and 390 total yards.
  5. Couldn't hold off Latavious forever, he's too good to be held down for that long. GG
  6. USC's depth chart has been updated
  7. In CFBHC, my first quarterback was Will Thompson. When I first started the sim, I decided to make Thompson a workhorse, even though he was only a 4/4 and I had a 4.5/5 RB in Chester Henson. I don't really remember the decision making behind that, maybe it was something to do with the defenses I was going up against. But Thompson played fantastically in the teams first game. Going up against #9 Michigan, the Trojans fell behind 21-7 nearing the end of the first half. On the final play in the half, Thompson connected with Champ Whitaker for an 82-yard TD to bring the game back within a TD. The Trojans ended up beating the Wolverines 37-34 in OT and Thompson went 25 of 37 for 314 yards, 3 TD, 0 INT. However, whenever I stuck with the same workload for Thompson the next week, things went south very quickly. We were the #3 team in the nation, going up against an unranked Georgia Tech team that wound up finishing the season with a 5-7 record. Yet, we wound up losing the game 23-10. Chester Henson only had 11 carries the entire game and was limited to 45 yards, a feat that would never be repeated that season. Thompson threw the ball 49 times, connecting with a receiver only on 23 of those attempts, for only 160 yards. He threw only one touchdown and threw two interceptions. The next week, Chester Henson ran the ball 23 times for 301 yards and would have ran for more, but was taken out in the first half to converse energy (or at least, I assume that's what happened). Will Thompson taught me the value of two things in the sim: the value of a balanced offense and the value of Chester Henson. In NFLHC, my first quarterback was Brian Vardell. When I drafted Brian Vardell, I was attempting to use those values that I had garnered from Will Thompson and apply them to the Minnesota Vikings. I knew the need for a balanced offense and I knew the value of Chester Henson. So, when Chester Henson was still available at my pick in the first round, I knew I had to take him. Vardell was truly a wild card, at least, he was to me. In all honesty, Vardell was a panic pick. I knew I needed a quarterback if I wanted to succeed. When quarterbacks Greg Bierria and Darren Werner went off the board a few picks before me, quarterbacks that I had a higher rating on then Vardell, I knew I needed to take a quarterback soon. I scoured the list of available players to see who the best QB still available was and it happened to be Brian Vardell. I hadn't really analyzed his stats, I was just planning on being an owner, but my GM and HC had both went AWOL, which led to me hiring alwl9 right before the draft, even though he had no experience whatsoever. So, I guessed on a QB, but took who I knew to be a bonafide superstar in Chester Henson and I hoped for the best with my rookie head coach leading the way. Vardell proved himself from the very beginning to be one of the greatest picks in that draft, providing the offense with just the right amount of balance to keep defenses on their heels and to lead the Vikings to victory. While Vardell had his ups and downs throughout the season, and Henson didn't always dominate as much as we wanted him to, we found ourselves in the Super Bowl, which was a great surprise to me and alwl9. And on the night of the big game, I sat in my bedroom, listening as Dean sat in his bed reading off the script that foretold the Vikings winning the Super Bowl, while he simultaneously forgot to do his dishes. And I never could have done any of those things without the help of Will Thompson and his 2 interceptions against Georgia Tech.
  8. There's a reason we added two receivers to our roster in the offseason and now have Harrington as our number 4 receiver
  9. Fun Fact: This is the third time that the Trojans have finished the year as the 6th best team in the nation. The other times the Trojans have finished at #6 were back in 2013 after beating Oklahoma in the Alamo Bowl and in 2015, where the Trojans ended the season in losing a nailbiter to Penn State in the playoffs after beating Texas Tech in the first round.
  10. New York Giants Head Coach: HC Believer 3 years // $9,750,000 $3,250,000 per year
  11. Giants here
  12. OC Bruce Arians $4,250,000 per year 3 years
  13. DC Mike Smith $2,500,000 per year 2 years