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  1. Saints have placed the following on injured reserve: WR Marcus Ratterman 6-4 190 5 Hawaii [Speed] [-2] 80 WR Langston Landrum 5-9 197 1 Wisconsin [Speed] [0] 73
  2. Apologies- we just got our years confused. The condition is edited to now have the playoffs removed and the game amount is slightly revised due to the exclusion of the playoff condition. The correct year is also now speciifed.
  3. New Orleans Saints Trade: 2025 2nd Round Pick 2025 6th Round Pick 2026 4th Round Pick (becomes a third round pick if Saints make Aska starts 10 games in the 2025 NFLHC season) QB Nicholas Garland 5-10 210 3 Stanford [Pocket] [-1] 82 OLB Jamir Sample 6-2 231 4 Clemson [Blitz] [0] [#] 82 DE Shamar Manning 6-1 276 6 Florida State [Contain] [+1] 80 OG Logan Romano 6-6 257 R Washington [Run Blocking] [+1] 80 Arizona Cardinals Trade: OG Doug Aska 6-6 301 6 Miami(FL) [Run Blocking] [+3/C] 93 OT Kevin Grey 6-5 260 3 USC [Pass Blocking] [+2/C] 8
  4. Rina Sawayama - Cyber Stockholm Syndrome
  5. Atlanta Falcons: Eric Bienemy (It's hard to see what direction Atlanta is going in at this point, but the only clear direction right now is sticking with Matt Ryan and a strong receiving core and Quinn might've spurned them from a defensive-minded coach for a little while. Not the most desirable team on the market but not the worst, seems like a good spot for Bienemy) Chicago Bears: Matt Nagy Cincinnati Bengals: Zac Taylor Dallas Cowboys: Mike McCarthy Denver Broncos: Vic Fangio Detroit Lions: Robert Saleh (I mean, state legislatures are asking the team to make this hi
  6. I'll actually bite on this outside of the meme-ing currently going on in the thread: @Time probably does absurdist humor in the shoutbox better than anyone else- he's always taking something someone says in an unexpected direction and runs with it in a way that always makes me laugh. @TheSam is in a similar boat here too, especially with his music choices (though I'm not sure if he'd view that as a compliment or an insult) @stormstopper has one of the best pun games out there- just so quick-witted that even when I know what's coming, it gets me. @npklemm is
  7. Phoebe Bridgers - I Know The End
  8. Agreed on The Weeknd (whose cameo in Uncut Gems is also great). I will say that I personally think Ariana's best album was "Sweetener", but her earlier stuff definitely had some bops. I feel like "thank u, next" was just a rushed production, but considering how quick the turnaround was, I still feel like it's a pretty impressive product overall, if not as good as her earlier work.
  9. You've definitely made some points here and that's probably one of the main reasons I'm not a Swiftie (and I'm definitely more partial to her earlier work than more recent songs, though I did really like 1989 as an album). I will give her one exception on her new album's singles as I feel like "Lover" is just a geniunely nice song that is a welcome departure from most pop-radio hits, but I definitely would not be able to defend any of the other songs you mentioned. Also, I do want to give a shoutout to "Dear John" as being another legitimately great T-Swift song and add a FUCK JOH
  10. There was definitely a time in my life where I was of the mindset that anything that got radio play was automatically a bad song, but as I've grown, I've definitely developed a more nuanced take on my appreciation of music and I'm curious what songs that are tremendously popular that people think live up to their popularity. And I'll start us off with a couple examples to get things going. In my teen years, I used to love South Park and really loved the episode that tore into Bono and through that, developed an opinion that U2 was overrated and stayed away from their music for awhi
  11. "To Pimp a Butterfly" by Kendrick Lamar is probably one of the most influential albums that I've ever listened to- the album helped to radicalize me and empower me to become passionate about social justice and also helped me better come to terms with self-acceptance and just helped me develop a new lens of both seeing the world and myself. Another album that really impacted me was "By the Way, I Forgive You" by Brandi Carlile as the concept of forgiveness surrounding the album just really resonated with me and helped me better cope with the trauma that I've experienced in my life a
  12. New Orleans Saints @Dean_Craig_Pelton 1 year
  13. Tbh you left before I joined the site but you’re still an OG big shot. Also a twin?? And finally it’s nice to know there are people out there who know who the real queen of pop music is 

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