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  1. There's a reason we added two receivers to our roster in the offseason and now have Harrington as our number 4 receiver
  2. Fun Fact: This is the third time that the Trojans have finished the year as the 6th best team in the nation. The other times the Trojans have finished at #6 were back in 2013 after beating Oklahoma in the Alamo Bowl and in 2015, where the Trojans ended the season in losing a nailbiter to Penn State in the playoffs after beating Texas Tech in the first round.
  3. New York Giants Head Coach: HC Believer 3 years // $9,750,000 $3,250,000 per year
  4. Giants here
  5. OC Bruce Arians $4,250,000 per year 3 years
  6. DC Mike Smith $2,500,000 per year 2 years
  7. New York Giants
  8. Giants offers are in
  9. Maybe if we just stop trying to remind people in every single mock draft that we don't have that pick, then we could just keep the pick and no one would notice
  10. #TeamLasagna #LasagnaMasterRace #VomitOnHisSweaterAlready #MomsSpaghetti #VomittedBecauseItWasntLasagna

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    2. iliveinadreamatorium


      I'll have my own pasta party with Lasagna and Unlimited Breadsticks

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  11. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽ つ DEBORAH ROSS TAKE MY ENERGY ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽ つ

  12. I've got a PhD in Horribleness

    1. serwendel


      Is that the new catchphrase?

  13. In case you don't know, you can minimize the shoutbox so it doesn't appear and that way you wouldn't have to worry about reading something that could prompt a rant. Then, you'd just have to control not going into the shoutbox and not have to worry about writing something that'd get you banned

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