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  1. I like this poll. Texas and Tech rocking the 1 vote club
  2. Kansas, too. And me beating Texas was GOTY
  3. I'm averaging 44 yards a punt which would put me 6th all time in conference history. Ian Todd is 7/8 with a 59 yard FG and a 56 yarder.. We've allowed a total of 25 punt return yards this year, idk where that puts us nationally. McHanna hasn't been a major impact as a returner yet this year, but he was one of the top ones in the country for the past two.
  4. I mean we're 3-0 right now with 3 wins over power 5 teams and two of them on the road. The first two games were closer than they should have been but the most recent one was a pretty decisive victory even with the late comeback from MSU. Yeah, the offense is reshuffling a bit, but this is still a team that has been in the top 7 for 45 consecutive weeks, has two 3 playoff games and made a national championship within the past two years. This defense has two potential top 10 picks on it and our offense features a lot of potential as Taylor Cook finds his footing. Not to mention we probably have the best special teams in the country. This game against Duke will say a lot, though.
  5. Yeah but who won when they played each other
  6. I’m very happy with this game. Offense, defense, and special teams all executed very solidly!
  7. Milner and Luck are going to be really fun for me to follow, personally. JT Youngblood is a hype machine and I REALLY hope he gets his shot.
  8. Ouch. Bittersweet win here, but glad to get by it. Still have a lot to figure out.
  9. I like this one a lot. I’m still not sold on LSU though like they need to prove SOMETHING
  10. That’s actually pretty hilarious. I’m very intrigued to see the progression
  11. Fuck yes the media shills SEC so much. Glad to get some respect that being said if TCU, OU, or OkSt lose to an OOC team this can change drastically, and all three have a lot of potential to.
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