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  1. RB Asante Sowell 6-3 194 5 Wisconsin [Power] [0] [+] 96 Bringing in the star running back for the Jaguars who has been one of the best players in the league almost since he was drafted. An absolute star who has two years left on his deal. He's very happy with his situation in JAX and can hopefully sign a contract to stay there for longer. However, he'd make a super interesting free agent, and nobody knows what the future holds.
  2. WR Adrian Jankowski 6-4 194 5 Texas A&M [Target] [0] 94 Best wide receiver in the NFL. All I need to say.
  3. WR Rodney Montgomery 6-0 185 9 LSU [Target] [-1] 90 Another old guy! Rodney Montgomery has been one of my favorite players in NFLHC since the Dolphins drafted him and caused neo to collapse into a pile of salt. Now on his last year of contract with the Cowboys, he likely won't be pulling the same 4/56 kind of a deal he's coming off of. That's not to say that he doesn't offer a lot, though! Whether or not the Cowboys resign him, he'll be an excellent veteran option to add to any receiving corps.
  4. DE Ray McBride 6-6 275 8 Alabama [Blitz] [-1/C] [#] 96 Another DE with an attitude, Ray McBride is a leader on the field, but has struggled off of it. He's another veteran player, winning a national championship with the Crimson Tide. He has two years left on his contract. After this current deal, he'll be one of the older defensive ends in the NFL, so we'll hope to find him a deal that's both team friendly and gets him paid.
  5. Best moment - [2014] Week #1 - NFL Primetime - College Football Head Coach (cfbhc.com) Darrell Murphy to Walt Peck, 14 yd TD pass - 0:00 (28-27) (STL) The KafkaCurse is real.
  6. P Forest Garrett 6-0 193 10 Florida [Accuracy] [0] 97 A longtime staple of NFLHC, Forest Garrett is one of the oldest players still in the game! That hasn't slowed him down one bit, though, as he's still considered one of the best punters in the league. He's bounced around between teams a bit, but currently is on the last year of his deal in Pittsburgh. The multiple time All-NFL player feels like he still has a lot to offer an NFL team. However, he wants to spend his last seasons competing for a championship - something that has been quite out of reach for him in his career.
  7. OG Russell Benson-Gifford 6-7 260 4 South Carolina [Pass Blocking] [+1] 93 Welcome, Russell! The star offensive guard from Denver is yet another player at the end of his rookie deal! The odds are good that his fifth year option will be picked up, but Benson-Gifford is looking for a big payday now that he's established himself. My player has informed me that he has actually already received his fifth year option, so we'll be looking for that extension sooner rather than later.
  8. DE Dexter Flowers 6-1 265 4 Southern Miss [Blitz] [0] [#] 90 After a while of discussion, I'd like to welcome Dexter Flowers! Another player on his rookie deal, Flowers will likely have a 5th year option next season and we'll be working towards an extension. Much was made of his off the field antics at the beginning of his career, but he's shown himself to be happy and effective in Miami. Hopefully his tenure with the agency will help add another layer of accountability so he can maintain his stellar on the field performance!
  9. OT Taylor Randolph 6-4 278 4 Iowa [Pass Blocking] [0/C] 94 The number 12 pick in the 2020 draft, Taylor Randolph has gotten off to an incredible start to his career, making him one of the top offensive tackles in the NFL. He's on the last year of his rookie deal, and will almost certainly have his 5th year option picked up. After which, hopefully we can work out a long term deal for him in New England.
  10. WR David Wells 6-5 187 8 Oregon State [Speed] [+1/C] 88 Welcome aboard, David Wells! The now longtime veteran and team leader may have taken a step back from his 1000 yard season last year, but he's coming out strong so far this year, at third in the league in receiving yards. He's in the final year of his contract, and hopefully we can make him some money in his remaining years.
  11. For my second player, I select DE Khairi Bryant 5-10 263 2 Ohio State [Blitz] [0] 89 Bryant was a first round pick in the same draft as Harris, making him my second from that class. His contract has the same details. He's one of the top young defensive ends in the league, posting 9.5 sacks last year, and already showing up that campaign. Bryant is currently happy with his situation in New York, and hopefully I can work to making that his home for years to come!
  12. For the first player to join my team, I sign QB Ryan Harris 6-4 213 2 Fresno State [Pocket] [0] 90 Harris is currently in his 3rd year in NFLHC after being selected 12th overall in the 2022 NFLHC draft, and is at the helm of one of (if not the) top offenses in NFLHC today. 2025 will be the last year of his rookie deal.
  13. I'd like to sign up as a player agent! If anyone wants to form an agency with me, feel free to send a message.
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