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  1. Them CBs... Pat Ross effect right there
  2. Yo like I think it really depends on the situation. like a team with a 6-6 roster going 11- and making the playoffs is exceptional. That just doesn’t happen a lot, though. I think in general, people don’t get enough credit for winning with a loaded roster. Like shit look at Arizona this season. I think a balance is what’s most important. A team that has a 9 win roster going 12-1 and winning the conference and making the playoffs is like the ideal for COTY.
  3. Texas collusion isn’t nearly as bad in this system. Florida is worse. There’s not nearly as much of a point as before
  4. Ladies and gentlemen, all that remains in the 2021 recruiting class is JUCO. As you all know, you have points to distribute as you see fit among all recruits. IF you spend points on a recruit, he's virtually guaranteed to be yours, unless someone else does the same. Nobody wants to spend on a recruit just to lose him. With that in mind... Let this be a place where you can announce, for better or worse, your intentions to place points on a given JUCO recruit. That way, your competition can know to back off. (Why would you do this? Easy. Piece of mind. You give your competition incentive NOT to compete with you, unless they're just complete dickbags hell-bent on your annihilation with no care for the risk to their own recruiting class. Or they're dramatically closer, in which case they can get on here and let you know that they're closer and have a better chance of signing him...in which case you most likely dodged a bullet.) ((Also bear in mind that all recruiting info gained from other players should be taken with a grain of salt.)) I'd like to explore the option of putting 37 points on Blake Burns. 
  5. Gg, once I saw the games we simmed on Tuesday I knew I was in trouble. Either way it’s hard to beat a team twice.
  6. McHanna being hurt changes a lot for the game. I hope he's ready to play. The goal is to make Pope beat us through the air - something I'm not entirely sure that he's capable of. If he does it, though, Oklahoma should be in very good shape. I need a lot to go right to pull this one off again.
  7. I love that TCU and Auburn switch places not once, not twice, but three times in 5 weeks for no reason at all
  8. Mark it down. UTSA will be the team in the CUSA to end Rice dominance.
  9. Christian Graham is really really good.
  10. The Bengals do lead the AFNC, they have H2H with Pitt
  11. Ok I’m about to go on vacation but I see the problem and will correct
  12. Mine is right but I copied it down wrong. Final skills are right that is. Gotta see which years I messed up.
  13. GG! It was close for the first half, things just kind of deteriorated late.
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