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    1. Riff Ram Bah Zoo Lickety Lickety Zoo Zoo Who Wah Wah Who Give Em Hell, TCU!
    2. I think the biggest issue we're going to run into is management. Without the interface, recruiting is a LOT of work, and that's difficult to get around. What if we made a simpler version of the old recruiting system? Instead of a point bidding system, reduce it to simply an offer system. Each week every team posts a list of the players they're bidding on/recruiting and a weighted coin is flip to determine where they go. After week one, the results can be "soft commit" or "considering multiple" with a list of the schools being considered. You can recruit players committed to another school, but week 2 is early signing, after which, still committed players will sign and no longer become recruitable. We could also add in NIL budgets where certain tiers of players will cost a certain amount to sign. Not a bidding system, but a buying one. If they commit to another school, you can reallocate that budget to another player. If it's not too difficult to set up the coin flip mechanics, I think that this removes some of the work of keeping points and simplifies things a bit.
    3. College logos are nice because they're unique to each player, like dacder said. I think the site is focused on nfl, though, so i think it makes a lot of sense to keep the nfl logos except for college only coaches. Just like we had college logos except for nfL only coaches before
    4. TCU still fighting for Collins! Would be a huge grab as a Cook replacement long term
    5. really wishing one of these boys wanted to come play for TCU, they could start as a (Fr)
    6. As others have said, I think full game reports would be a bit much, but if there were a way for you to more easily generate a spreadsheet of season stats, that would be super cool. Could also do a Heisman ladder if you just wanted to highlight some players who are more likely to be top draft picks. I also had the thought that it would be cool to have a spotlight game or two each week with a more in depth game report. Could do some media around it highlighting the teams and players playing. I think some form of recruiting, however that would work best, as well as a starting strategy for the year would be plenty for coach interaction, I think. Honestly, as I type this out - given that the teams already have AI head coaches, having us technically play the role of AD could be an interesting avenue
    7. I'd participate in a USFL or Europe mini-league for sure, but I'd obviously take college back in a heartbeat. Either way could be a good gateway back into the time commitment needed for this tbh
    8. double post tried to reload the page and it posted again
    9. #1. TCU (13-0) vs #8. Illinois (11-2) #2. Florida (12-1) vs #7. Auburn (10-2)#3. Georgia (11-1) vs #6. Miami (FL) (11-2) #4. Clemson (12-1) vs #5. Oregon (11-2) If this is the playoff bracket, there's a chance Florida basically has to go back through the SEC gauntlet again in the playoffs lol
    10. It's a scary thought, though, because damn Florida has been good this year and that first game was tight!
    11. If I play you in the title game it'll be the second time in school history that TCU has played an SEC team in the first week of the season and then again in the title game.
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