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  1. Only the national champions have made more money than me, not bad! This is really cool to see. Glad we have incredible media guys like storm and Azul in our conference. Speaking of this, does that take into account storm's money made in his role as Big XII commish? Could bump it up a bit
  2. I swear there will be a day when my defense can generate any kind of pressure on the QB. Apparently today is not that day.
  3. Honest answer? TaborFan. I fuckin loved that dude. He was hilarious and just said dumb shit. We got along really well even though he was the coach of Baylor. Outside of that: joshglick and Insane_Baboon Also Rome's answer is bullshit cuz he didn't say Alch
  4. I love it except I want to see how the WSU game ended lmao
  5. Wow so this is a lot to have to say. There are so many people here that have meant so much to me that I just know I'm going to forget someone. So I'm not gonna @ anyone or else I know I'd try to fit way too many in here. First, though, I want to say thanks to Soluna. I think that's where you have to start, isn't it? Dude, you've done so much to bring this community together and I can't thank you enough for that. I know we can butt heads at times and have had our differences, but I respect what you've done so much and definitely consider you a friend. In the same breath, I have to thank inspiral and alienufo for all they do. Inspiral has put together some of the coolest programs to allow us to play this game and I can't wait to see what he future of this site can be. And alien, I have to say you're a great NFL commish but an even better DM. I love every chance we get to play even if I can be the worst about attendance. Secondly, gotta look at my PSB squad. It might be a little cliquey or whatever but y'all are the group of guys here who I've gotten the closest too. And it all started on a podcast trying to find Dean and Dream on Facebook. It's been a long road from where we started, but I know y'all will be some of my closest friends for life. Next I just want to thank the rest of the community. Like I said, there's too many to name, too many stories to tell, but that's ok. Everyone here contributes to making this place as incredible as it is. Something like CFBHC simply doesn't work without the full investment of the community and we've done that 100fold. Every media piece, al the investment, all the immersion is what makes CFBHC so fun. I don't feel like I'm playing Madden when I'm out here discussing trades and furiously revising my draft board. I feel like I'm an actual GM and that makes this so cool. So I just truly want to thank everyone for what they've done here in making this a special place. Being a part of CFBHC got me through the hardest time of my life like it was nothing. There's a few months where if I didn't have this site I would have been incredibly lonely and I don't really know where I'd be right now, so thank you so much for that. As for the little moments, I find the best part of this site is being able to log on at quite literally any point in the day and have someone to talk to. Whether it's in plug.dj or the shputbox or there's a google hangout going on or whatever, there's always something to do. There arent many communities quite like this.
  6. Oh fuck yes
  7. Anyone here going to derby this weekend? Hmu

    1. neovenator250


      Honestly, Jazz Fest is generally happening at the same time...which means I'll probably never make it to the derby

  8. Aaron Stiles: "Yeah I left because I needed the money for my family. I had my degree and I had people telling me I was gonna go top 10. I make the same decision every time. As hard as it was to leave my teammates at Tennessee, I wasn't gonna improve my stock and needed to cash out. I don't regret it. These past two years have been tough for me but it's been good for me. College got too easy and I got a big head but the league took care of that. I'm much more humbled now which is probably a good thing. Now I just need the edge back."
  9. Yup. I could see anywhere in that range haha. There's not a game that I can't see TCU winning and not a game I can't see TCU losing.
  10. Calling All Volunteers After Ryan Clark and the Browns air it out, Bengals bring in much needed secondary help in Aaron Stiles
  11. Gus is an excellent coach, especially when it comes to getting a lot out of his corners. But we still think we have a great scheme for Stiles to be able to hop in and perform. We've done a lot to simplify the scheme for our DBs, especially at corner. This has helped smooth over the transition from college to NFL for Blake Turner, and he's already showing incredible results on the field. We hope that Stiles can do the same and begin to grow alongside Turner. It also helps having a veteran presence in the secondary with Sisemore, and to an extent Celestian and Reed.
  12. I'll let AJ answer the first question, because he makes the decisions on that end the end. Aaron Stiles: "I'm ready to get at it, really. I know it's gonna take some time but I want to prove myself out there on the field as soon as I can, man. This is a business and people make bets. The Saints bet on me and I let them down. Now the Bengals saw something in me even with everyone ready to call me a bust and I'm not letting another city down."
  13. As I said before, his athleticism is what really jumps off the charts at you. We've been watching him since his sophomore year at Tennessee, and he was actually one of the top guys on our board in 2019 before we traded up. On top of that, we loved his play making ability in college and hope to give him a chance to showcase it at the next level. We know he's had some struggles, but he was thrown to the wolves immediately and we've noticed in our experience that age can be more important than talent for this position."
  14. GM DangerZoneh, HC ajyoungmark, and CB Aaron Stiles all take their seats. DangerZoneh: "As most of you have heard by now, we're holding this press conference to formally announce our trade with the New Orleans Saints and welcome Aaron Stiles to the Cincinnati Bengals. With Aaron we add an incredibly talented athlete who we're confident can physically make any play he's asked to. Cornerback is a tough position, though, especially in a league chock full of elite wide receivers, so he's going to need to continue to grow up. We believe we have the system for him to do so, and are incredibly excited about his future prospects with the franchise. We hope he and Blake can work together and lock down our secondary. We will now take any questions"
  15. First game was against Trace the Ace and the Insane_Baboon (what a throwback) led UCF Bulls. And I got my ass kicked. I didn't do enough research (go figure, right?) and ended up playing the pass because my secondary was my biggest weakness. Well, if anyone here is old enough to remember Trace Buchanan, you'd remember that playing the pass against that UCF team wasn't the best idea. I got my ass kicked. Three Trace Buchanan touchdowns before I could even get on the board. Then an Alex Engram TD, Johnny Green TD, and a RLC pick six (which started my love affair with him) brought it to 21-21. Unfortunately, my team did not learn from the first three rushing TDs and soon surrendered three more for a final score of 42-21. 300 yards, 6 TDs for Trace Buchanan. Ouch. He ultimately won POTW for that performance, too! That was a HOT debate. People were getting feisty over that because Brian Brown happened to throw for 500 yards and 6 TDs (against Rice, if I remember correctly) and people wanted him to win it. I think it was a one vote difference that gave it to Trace.

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