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  1. Can we go back to the old days of recruiting where over three years I got two 4.5 punters and a 4.5 and 5.0 kicker for 1 point each? No? Ok. But really, recruiting kickers and punters is significant, as everyone here has said. I'm excited to see how my guys progress and make changes on the field. William Finn tries every day to get himself fired from his job with a 2/5 power kicker behind him but always manages to stay in good graces somehow. I swear one of these days, though... NFLHC wise we desperately need a new punter but I'm in love with Justin Nielsen. Absolute stud and I can't wait to have him for a long time.
  2. Congrats to Elliot! He's taken on a new role in a different defensive scheme and has shown a lot in just 6 games. Super exciting and I hope he keeps it up down the stretch.
  3. Yeah I didn't expect to win. I just don't have the offense for it. The defense made life hard for Foster and Co. though. Might be the worst game you'll see Foster play this year.
  4. I wonder where my other TD came from. Does that mean it's a return? Because that means McHanna has two return TDs on the year
  5. Alex Engram was one of the only decent players on my team early on and he was so fun to watch. Still the greatest FB playing RB ever Curtis Howard comes next because he has the best story behind him (even though it got nuked with the rest of the blogs ) Of the players I recruited, I think that Daquan Darcey has to be my favorite, even though none of the guys I've recruited have panned out too well. Nathan Burden is another favorite and I think he'd be a fan favorite IRL. Dude came into a team who had won ten games ALL TIME before him and then won 10 games as a rookie. Then won 11 after that. Then 11 more the year after that. Dude is a legend, 2nd all time in the conference in TDs and Yards and first in INTs (which is the other side of the coin). Loved him so much but did get tired of the same old thing from him by the end. Of my team right now, I'm not sure I have a favorite. Maybe Matthew Dyson? I think it's quickly becoming Elliot McElmore, though. I've never had a stud ILB and this guy is a 4.5/4.5 (So) who has already recorded 29 tackles and 2 INTs in 4 games.
  6. I LOVE recruiting, as you can probably guess. I like the new system far more than the old, but nothing beat that absolute adrenaline rush when you were checking the results to see how you did after round 1. That would determine your entire recruiting cycle and there was SO much riding on it. I remember checking the results and seeing I landed Tom Wyman for 2 points and my hands were shaking. I still do love recruiting, in part because I remember where my team came from at the start. Originally, my team was SO bad that every recruit I got was a massive improvement on my team. I had 4 4.0s and 0 4.5+ potential players generated. Being able to get guys who could actually compete at a high level was THRILLING. Every single recruit I got was an excitement, and I loved seeing how my team could develop. It's the same way today. Recruiting is the future of your team and so much relies on the stars you can land. I love dreaming of the potential of the guys I'm gonna have on my squad and I can't WAIT to see players like Matteo Cates, Kwon Shaw, and Hooker Jackson hit the field. It is a different feel now, though, when you're recruiting players who will start 4 years down the road instead of 2. My single favorite day on the site was [2014] Week 9, Saturday Evening. The day I upset Texas. Later that night, Soluna did JuCo results while drunk. Most everyone had gone really conservative during JuCo and put all 20 of their points on one guy. I did the opposite, put 1 on 20 guys and landed SIX jucos, who were all better than anyone on my team. There's a video of my reaction to beating Texas somewhere. Still my favorite moment on the site. As an aside, we need to bring back the old school gamedays. Me, Ted, Soluna, Dean and dream yo.
  7. Finally. Defense wins championships. Gg storm.
  8. Throwing Down The Gauntlet Aaron Stiles issues challenge to former team - "Devereaux throws ONE touchdown on me and I'm donating this week's paycheck to charity"
  9. I just noticed this - I'm missing a TD on the statline. I scored 38 but only have 4 TDs. Who scored the other one, or should I assume it was a kick return?
  10. FTFY
  11. I like all of this. Run defense is looking good but we're gonna be stress tested against this conference. Luckily my pass D has already had their stress test.
  12. Still on His Throne Even Joel King's best played game of the year isn't enough to unseat Skaggs, as the Carolina QB torches the Bengals secondary