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  1. Playing the pass against UCF in my first ever game in 2013. Trace Buchanan led UCF. Yeeeeeaaaaah...
  2. DangerZoneh

    [2022] Big XII Network Season Preview

    Love the Roman Blackmon hype! I do think he’s still probably only the second best NFLHC prospect on the team. All-American Tyson Chadwick is hard to argue with. Both could be top 10 picks if the right things happen.
  3. DangerZoneh

    2022 Season Discussion

    FBS National Champion: Auburn. Because picking yourself is bad JuJu and I really think this is a two horse race. Don’t believe in Bama yet. Maybe Purdue could give a run for their money. FCS National Champion: NDSU Heisman Winner: Marcus Black because I’m too salty to pick Solomon McLaughlin NFL Super Bowl Champion: Loins pls Most Surprising Team: I think Texas turns some heads. Theyll take down one or both of the Oklahoma schools
  4. Houston to the, uhh... Russell Athletic? I think they lost 4 or something like that.
  5. DangerZoneh

    [2022] The Biggest Upsets* in CFBHC History

    What an article! Makes me feel glad that CFBHC is almost back. That upset against Boise was one of the few games to happen before I was here. Wish I coulda seen it.
  6. DangerZoneh

    Which injury has affected a player most?

    2016 Blake Shell Granted it was only a couple games in when he got hurt but he had found a rhythm and hasn't really been able to get back to it since. Not as great of a player as some of the others though
  7. DangerZoneh

    CFBHC v1.5e

    The intention here is to make it so that if you do commit to being a home state fortress you are a bit more limited in going into other states so while the free point bonus is much better it's now also harder to activate without committing a significantly larger amount of points before it triggers. Bolded is what confused me.
  8. Was told you were the guy to see about recruiting. Could be getting set up to be told to kick rocks, but I'd love to pick your brain if you have the time or are willing.

  9. DangerZoneh

    [2022] 2023 High School Players

    This will be fun.
  10. DangerZoneh

    [2022] 2023 High School Players

    Haha, I'm just joking. But former Katy HS QBs going to TCU should always be a thing
  11. DangerZoneh

    [2022] 2023 High School Players

    I wouldn't
  12. DangerZoneh

    [Feedback] Recruiting Additions

    IRL, recruiting really starts earlier than the players senior year. What if there were a way to hold junior camps? Something that gives you a boost when the actual recruitment of players starts their senior year? Idk if that’d mean we’d have to have the entire list of players or just a subset of the top guys. If it’s the entire list, you can get a “junior camp invite” like a school visit or coaches visit then invite a certain number of players to have a bonus on the following year. I figure these guys wouldn’t have full information about skill/potential. Maybe just HS stats or star ratings. I alsothink itd be kinda cool to have early enrollees. If you get a player committed early enough in the year, say week 4 or 5, they have a chance to play spring ball and get +.5 skill for the next year. Something small. This is really just throwing stuff out there, these ideas are mainly undeveloped.
  13. A ton! This is the first year since 2018 I’ve had an experienced team. I return 17 starters on offense and defense from a team who won 13 games last year and finished #3 in the country. There’s so much to be excited about, but I think the top is definitely this defense. 7 of the 11 starters on defense will enter the draft THIS YEAR. 6 of them will likely end up being drafted. The number one recruit in the country is starting at third string CB this year. We have a chance to be one of the most dominating defenses in site history. More than anything else, though, I’m excited about the schedule. I open up with arguably the two best QBs in CFBHC in back to back games (Black and McLean). If the defense is as good as I hope it can be, those will be two epic showdowns. I love playing strong OOC games because they give my team a chance to shine on big stages. I hope the rest of the Big XII scan make some big stages as well. And they should! I think the conference is in for a really big year with OU, Texas, Baylor, OkSt, and TCU all looking like legit contenders for the conference. Not to mention WVU and Kansas who could make a run. Each game will be exciting and I can’t wait.