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  1. Freshman gonna freshman. Im glad he’s getting his footing. Since the scheme change, he’s thrown for 70%+ completion three times (in four weeks). He still has a long way to go, but I think these last four games are really gonna showcase what he can do next year. Also, Griffin McHanna has to score a TD on like one out of every ten times he touches the ball or something stupid like that. I hope someone takes a shot on him in the NFL. Finally... holy cow that defense. Didn’t even let ISU into the red zone!
  2. If you look closely, one of those players is actually an ATH. I bet I can find a way to get them both on the field. Plus, Andrews cost a total of 15 points (plus a scholly and visits but still)
  3. If they go to Alabama or Clemson, they very well may. That being said, this is also just a product of the fact that it's difficult to rotate players and play with depth.
  4. Right now I plan on redshirting everyone, dependent on early declarations. None of these players would start as true freshmen.
  5. As TCU prepares for their eighth game of the season against Iowa State, their coaches are also making noise on the recruiting trail. TCU typically recruits more players from Texas than anywhere else, but a national championship appearance, Big XII championship, and seemingly weekly primetime matchups has turned the Horned Frogs into a national brand. Players from across the country now have an eye on the Frogs and the success of their program is immediately apparent. So far, eight players have signed their name to play for the Horned Frogs and their class sits ranked number one in the country. Let’s take a look at the impact of who’s coming and what the rest of the class could hold. RB Davante Ferguson 5-9 206 Fr Folsom (Folsom CA) 2.0 of 5.0 [Speed] (#1 RB) FB Luke Haines 5-8 223 Fr Millis (Millis MA) 1.0 of 5.0 [Pass Blocking] (#1 FB) Starting in the backfield, Ferguson was the first player to commit to the Frogs and is the number one ranked running back in the country. He comes all the way from Folsom, CA, where he was an all state running back as a Sophomore and as a Junior. He’s an explosive back who can make plays both carrying and catching the ball. He’ll be coming in as the heir apparent to Matteo Cates, though Ferguson will likely take a redshirt year. He’ll definitely be chomping at the bit to get onto the field, though, and could see some snaps as soon as 2025, playing a similar role to Griffin McHanna in the current offense. Ferguson said in an interview that the second he got the scholarship offer from TCU, his mind was made up. “I want to win a championship and there’s no better place to do that.” He signed as quickly as he was allowed. Alongside him, he’ll have Luke Haines, the number two ranked fullback in the country. Haines is primarily a pass blocking fullback and his highlight reel is full of knockout blocks. He has the size to stop blitzing linebackers in their tracks and after a few years will be relied on to help keep the pocket clean. Originally, Haines was primarily considering Virginia Tech, but after the scholarship offer came from TCU, he made up his mind, similarly to Ferguson. Both of these guys will be dynamic weapons for TCU for years to come, and hopefully Ferguson can help the Horned Frogs faithful to get their mind off a certain back who wore red and black. TE Spencer Griffin 6-5 209 Fr Cardinal Mooney (Sarasota FL) 2.5 of 5.0 [Receiving] (#1 TE) ATH Franklin Andrews 6-5 209 Fr Cardinal Mooney (Sarasota FL) 2.5 of 5.0 [Receiving] (#1 ATH) Next up, we have two more incredibly exciting additions to the Frog family. Spencer Griffin and Franklin Andrews become TCU’s first two recruits from the state of Florida. Andrews was split originally between TCU and Illinois, while Griffin has been all TCU since the beginning, except for a brief moment when he considered Duke. Both of these players come from Cardinal Mooney High School, and they’ve played together longer than that, according to Griffin. “We’ve played together since middle school, actually. Our coach would put us on either side of the line and they didn’t have enough players who could cover us. We didn’t initially plan on playing together in college, but I’m so excited that it worked out the way it did. Our high school coaches had a lot of packages for us to play together, so I can’t wait to see what collegiate schemes have in store for us.” At Cardinal Mooney, Griffin was the starting tight end, while Andrews would rotate between tight end and wide receiver. As of right now, the coaches have no say on where they expect Andrews to play, but they’ve made it clear that he’s going to be a major weapon on the offense. Both of these players will likely redshirt unless Miguel Aguilera decides to leave for the draft. These are instant impact players - Griffin being the top ranked TE in the country and Andrews being the top ranked athlete - so expect the coaches to get them involved as soon as possible. OLB Chris Pareja 5-11 216 Fr St. Thomas Aquinas ( FL) 2.5 of 5.0 [Coverage] (#1 OLB) ILB Kyriece Graham 6-4 239 Fr Riverside (Durham NC) 2.0 of 5.0 [Mike] (#1 ILB) OLB Jarvis Bowen 6-2 234 Fr Baker (Mobile AL) 2.5 of 5.0 [Blitz] (#4 OLB) Now on to the defense, the side of the ball that you’re really here to see. By all accounts, it appears that TCU’s history of a strong linebacking corps is going to continue for a while. Pareja, the top outside linebacker in the country, committed very early on. It was reported that he didn’t even consider other schools after receiving the TCU offer and signed as soon as he was allowed. He’s primarily a coverage player, but is a very sure tackler and can excel in both a 4-3 and a 3-4. He is also known as a very outspoken player and has been recruiting for the Horned Frogs at every camp he attends. Those recruiting efforts certainly paid off in ILB Kyriece Graham, the number one inside linebacker in the country. After briefly considering staying home and playing for NCST, Pareja won him over. He comes to Fort Worth to anchor an already talented future defense. Finally, the shocker of the linebacking corps is Jarvis Bowen. By all accounts, Bowen was fully committed to staying home and committing to Alabama, but in a last second decision, he flipped and signed with the Frogs. He’s the fourth ranked outside linebacker in the country and the second ranked pass rusher. He’s a dynamic player who can get to the quarterback and rack up sacks. He led the state of Alabama in sacks and tackles for loss his Junior year. When asked about his decision, he told reporters that “I was all set to stay home, but something about it was nagging at me. That nagging was TCU. Once coach DangerZoneh came to visit me at school, I knew what I had to do. I’m excited to be a part of something special here, and I think we’re going to do big things.” SS Brandon Vereen 6-0 195 Fr Notre Dame (Sherman Oaks CA) 1.0 of 5.0 [Man Coverage] (#1 SS) Finally the class rounds out with another surprise. All the way from California, Brandon Vereen is the number one ranked SS in the country and a player who brings incredible potential. He’s a good coverage player, but that’s not what makes him special. His highlight tape is almost ten straight minutes of him delivering hard hits. No matter the size of the running back or receiver he’s tasked to tackle, he can deliver the hit and make the play. He’s a bit more raw than the rest of the players in this class, so he’ll likely need two or three years to ride the bench and play special teams as he develops. Vereen was split between Stanford and TCU, but after a visit to see the Horned Frogs football facilities, he made the commitment. Similar to Pareja, Vereen has done some recruiting as well. “Y’all know Dakota? Dude is a monster. I can’t say a lot because I’m going to let him do him, but keep an eye up in New Jersey. He’s a good friend of mine and I’m trying to get him here.” This is said referring to Dakota Parks, the top ranked free safety in the country, who is deciding between TCU and Army. With that tease, we look to next week where we could see a number more players commit. Defensive tackle Dean Rockwell looks like he may make a decision, athlete Sequan Ford is still split between TCU and Oregon, and of course, Dakota Parks may be the final piece that this defense needs. Horned Frog faithful have a lot to be excited about with this class and these players will be a treat to watch for a long time. Every one of these guys should end up playing on Sundays.
  6. Might be about time for Upshaw to hang em up
  7. Candy corn is incredible - fight me. The candy pumpkins are better though
  8. https://imgur.com/nr9wrjI
  9. TCU has 50 conference wins and 25 of those came over the past three seasons. That moved us from 5th in the conference to second.
  10. From the Big XII, it's probably Amral Brown or Kofi McCullough. Kofi has better stats but I bet Brown has had better competition
  11. I like this poll better. I think that if I beat OU, I'll be back in the top 3 of this one
  12. I'm wrong about this. It's actually a 19 game win streak. This 19 game home win streak for TCU from 2020-2023 is the longest in Big XII history. The second longest home winning streak in Big XII history? TCU from 2016-2018 with 13 games. The next highest after that is an 11 game streak by Oklahoma. From 2016-2023, TCU is 37-7 at home. If you drop the down year in 2019, when TCU went 3-9, TCU is a stunning 35-1 at home. The one loss being to Texas in 2016, who would go on to win the title in 2017. Gotta protect our house.
  13. TCU is also carrying a 17 game home winning streak into this game. The last TCU QB to lose at home was Nathan Burden.
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