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  1. Very good pick. Except he's a senior now so it's JT Oldblood
  2. Oh, and, of course Taylor Cook is gonna be on the shortlist
  3. I think if he can pull off a heroic season, CG3 will be in the conversation. Bryce Thompson is the obvious favorite. Armal Brown is interesting in a conference that lost most of its top rushing talent.
  4. .500 would be a really good season for ISU I think. They have some talent but also big holes. I'm very intrigued to see how Kofi does. TCU-Texas would be a pretty crazy CCG.
  5. Oklahoma State is fearsome this year. I get why you don't put yourself in the title game, but I definitely see you there. This is gonna be a big year after the big 2019 recruiting class.
  6. Really cool press conference! Wish I got here in time to ask some questions. I'm interested to see how Toledo plans to find themselves on the recruiting landscape.
  7. Good or bad. I think this is the year Miami’s talent hits and I can see them taking a big step forward in a conference that isn’t very strong. Especially if they can get past UF week 1.
  8. This is gonna be a stupidly fun one I can't wait
  9. john Mulaney is also the best comedian in the world right now I believe
  10. I'm not sure you could possibly design a less appealing game lmao
  11. Also, Miami vs UF week 1 is looking like a treat. Both of those teams are SUPER young and on the way up. It'll be interesting to see which one grabs a leg up in the state. Could mean a lot if there are some big recruits at the game.
  12. SMU's OOC looks really interesting. Washington and @Miss State will be really good games. Lets see how the younger Burden does against Jake Davis.
  13. Also holy crap 72 points is sexy AF I guess I can't be TOO salty over the Toledo memes gypping me out of one point
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