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      1. 4 years // $36 million // $20 million signing bonus // $12 million in NLTBE incentives (3 million/year) NGTD - $4 // $4 // $4 // $4 SBGTD - $6 // $6 // $4 // $4 NLTBE - $3 // $3 // $3 // $3 Each of the years has two separate incentives. $1 million if he reaches 10 sacks, $2 million if he wins DPOTY. While not a top tier defensive end quite yet, Flowers is still a very solid player and his contract reflects that. He's excited to stay in Miami and continue to play for the Dolphins.
      2. I started it out with percent but either work, really. It just needs to be consistent for all of your players.
      3. Haven't been able to get much done. Been dealing with a Covid outbreak at work and power outages most of this week. I'll try to make some progress when I'm done with work tonight. I knowit's taken longer than I've wanted
      4. Pretty much every other list has the takeaway "holy shit the Bengals OL is bad"
      5. Pryor to this, people thought he was a very pro ready prospect!
      6. QB Joel King 6-1 220 5 Houston [Pocket] [0] 89
      7. No, just the players names and the contracts! It's mainly going to be used to determine the AAV of the top x or x% of each position so agents have a guide for negotiating and what to ask for.
      8. KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI Appearing before the press to give an update on his status, reigning MVP Ryan Harris makes his first public appearance since his injury against the Broncos in week 7. The Chiefs were undefeated at the time but have gone 1-2 under Erasmus McCready since Harris suffered a foot fracture. Harris opened by saying "I want to start with praise for Erasmus. He's really stepped in and done a good job of keeping the ship afloat. It's not an easy situation to come into a team with as high expectations as we have, y'know? So I think that he's done a pretty good job of tha
      9. He's running for his fucking life but still putting together a solid year
      10. I messed up rolling in part of GTD money to the signing bonus later on. It's been corrected.
      11. The idea for this is to be able to create a dynamic range of "the market" that changes as players are signed and whatnot. So for the top x players at a position, you want to be however many standard deviations away from the mean salary. That part still isn't fleshed out and we can't really do that until the sheet is finished. Once we have that in place, we'll have a much better guideline for the kind of money agents should be asking for.
      12. Hey y'all, I think one big thing that would help a lot in these agent discussions would be a master cap sheet with every contract in the NFL on it. It would allow us to see the top players at each position, get a real idea of what the market looks like and who is on bloated contracts, give context to why players are making decisions (and even potentially holding out) and so on. It'd be an incredible tool and we could even use it to add every historical contract to have more information. With that being said, that's a pretty big endeavor, but I think as a site we can do
      13. WR Jamel Beckham 6-0 213 5 TCU [Target] [-1] [#] 86
      14. After turning down an extension last season, Rodney Montgomery has gotten the deal that he was looking for late in his career. 2 years // $18 million // $12.6 million signing bonus // $2 million injury guaranteed // $4 million in LTBE incentives NGTD - $1.9 // $1.5 SBGTD - $8.6 // $4 IGTD - $0 // $2 LTBE - $2 // $2 CAP - $12.5 // $9.5 Both years the incentives kick in if Rodney reaches 750 yards receiving, which he has consistently been able to do. Commenting on the contract, Rodney said "Yeah, I'm happy to b
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