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  1. College football players who are three years removed from playing high school football may declare early to leave for the NFL Draft. The following players have all filed their notice of intent to both their schools and the NCAA and will no longer be eligible to play college football beyond the 2023 season. This is the one and only round of early declarations. There are 45 this year, up four from last year's total of 41 and one up on the record (44 two years ago). QB Zach Lombardi 6-3 200 R Navy [Hybrid] [0/C] 82 QB Nick Ellison 6-5 225 R California [Scrambling] [0/C] 71 RB Israel Carlson 5-7 229 R Arizona State [Power] [0] [#] 81 RB Trevor Workman 5-6 194 R Western Kentucky [Speed] [+1] [+] 77 RB Marc Beasley 5-9 204 R Maryland [Power] [-2] 69 WR Lucas Dykes 6 -1 226 R Oklahoma [Target] [0] 82 WR Jarvis Heard 5-9 195 R LSU [Speed] [0] 81 WR Joaquin Bond 6-1 233 R Miami(FL) [Target] [-3] 79 WR Brian D'Angelo 6-4 171 R UCLA [Speed] [-1] 76 WR Kelvin Andrade 5-10 197 R Auburn [Speed] [-1/C] [0] 75 TE Mikal Valentine 6-3 192 R Missouri [Receiving] [0] 81 TE Miguel Aguilera 6-1 192 R TCU [Receiving] [-1] [#] 80 OT Max Elmore 6-4 296 R Virginia Tech [Pass Blocking] [0] 75 OG/C Kualii Umaga 6-3 255 R Western Michigan [Pass Blocking] [0/C] 81 OG Cyrus Caudill 6-4 278 R Auburn [Run Blocking] [0] 80 OG Wyatt Beck 6-4 288 R Colorado [Run Blocking] [0] 75 OG Jayson Waller 6-1 332 R Oregon [Pass Blocking] [0] 69 C Nick Vaikauskas 6-3 293 R San Jose State [Pass Blocking] [0/C] 82 C Byron Alexander 6-3 299 R Clemson [Run Blocking] [-1] 77 C Dillon Root 6-4 260 R Alabama [Run Blocking] [0] [+] 77 DE Ibrahim Arrington 6-6 272 R Duke [Blitz] [-1] 68 DT Nathaniel Hollis 6-4 308 R Florida [2-Gap] [0] 81 DT Zion Gaines 6-1 297 R Texas [2-Gap] [0] [#] 80 DT Kwon Shaw 6-4 284 R TCU [2-Gap] [0] 79 DT Keiki Simi 6-1 301 R Middle Tennessee State [2-Gap] 74 DT Dylan Barner 6-1 279 R Missouri [1-Gap] [0] 68 ILB Garrett Powers 6-4 229 R Baylor [Mike] [+2/C] 81 ILB Trevor McClelland 6-1 236 R Old Dominion [Mike] [0] 79 ILB Nazir Flowers 6-3 206 R Ohio State [Will] [+2/C] 78 ILB DaeSean Woodard 6-3 206 R Notre Dame [Will] [+3] 77 OLB Miles Rinehart 6-1 242 R Louisville [Blitz] [0] 80 OLB Dean Fagan 6-1 242 R New Mexico [Blitz] [+2] 79 OLB Richard Farrell 6-2 236 R TCU [Blitz] [0/C] 78 OLB Javorius McNeil 6-0 235 R Boise State [Blitz] [-1] [#] 77 OLB Mamadou Blakely 6-4 238 R Rice [Blitz] [-2] 68 CB Khiry Tillman 5-11 178 R Mississippi State [Man Coverage] [0] 68 FS Logan Evans 5-11 203 R Miami(FL) [Zone Coverage] [0/C] 80 FS Prince Pruitt 5-10 215 R Oklahoma State [Zone Coverage] [0] 80 FS Moussa Alford 5-11 206 R Temple [Zone Coverage] [-2] 75 SS Jarvis Bolton 6-1 192 R Georgia [Zone Coverage] [0] 81 SS Kameron Myrick 6-1 216 R Minnesota [Man Coverage] [+1/C] 80 SS Jaylin Glenn 5-10 199 R Middle Tennessee State [Zone Coverage] [-2] 79 SS Antonio Weeks 5-11 199 R Northern Illinois [Zone Coverage] [0] 75 K Sam Painter 6-4 159 R Toledo [Accuracy] [+1/C] 81 P Matt Leavitt 6-3 198 R Tennessee [Power] [-1] 79
  2. 1. Kansas City Chiefs 2. Jacksonville Jaguars 3. Baltimore Ravens 4. Miami Dolphins 5. Buffalo Bills 6. Las Vegas Raiders Las Vegas will travel to Baltimore and Buffalo will travel to Miami in the wild card round to be played this week.
  3. 1. Washington Redskins 2. Detroit Lions 3. San Francisco 49ers 4. Atlanta Falcons 5. Green Bay Packers 6. Dallas Cowboys Dallas will travel to San Francisco and Green Bay will travel to Atlanta in the wild card round to be played this week.
  4. Just posting for posterity by no AP poll happened this week so no playoff rankings.
  5. by Jake Davis The night before I met Coach Dean on National Signing Day I couldn't sleep. High school football is one thing, but this, this was a future awaiting me that I never imagined I would one day walk towards. "Jake - we're glad you'll be a Husky next year." concluded Coach Dean's message to me that day. "The Husky pack will rely on you." I was overwhelmed. I cried that night, ask my parents, and since then I've never looked back. The tears were of joy, of hope, and of excitement to bring a future to the university that will, in time, hopefully come to shape mine. Thy sons and daughters sing glad acclaim, The first year was rough. Handling school and the newfound responsibilities of being a starting college quarterback wore on me. I pressed on. Coach Dean was there with me every step of the way. We started 0-4 and I began to collapse mentally. Coach Dean was there. Our final home game of the season was a 10-35 loss in the Apple Cup at home. Coach Dean was there. I knew it wouldn't be easy and I never hoped it would but it took me months to recover. I wanted to come back stronger, I wanted to make something out of the trust that I was shown by the Husky coaching staff. Coach Dean was, as always, there. He championed my cause. He wanted - wants - me to succeed. Thro' years of youth and loyalty; Youth and development bring growth and the promise of a new future. 2021 was different. I felt stronger in mind and spirit and I felt like the path was slowly unfolding before me. After some initial challenges against Oregon and Oregon State we recovered, we persevered, we fought, and in the end we went bowling. That 24-17 victory in Santa Clara against Indiana feels like such a whirlwind looking back. I never imagined that some day we would win a bowl game with me at the helm. The team was strong, our trust was stronger. We were on our way to something special. I received a call the day after the bowl win. Coach Dean notified us he was leaving for Boston College. I was broken. And still in age we sing thy fame. Coach Jieret has been different. Coach Dean's fiery love for his team was replaced by pragmatism and devotions of a different kind. I knew I wasn't a shoe-in for whatever role Coach Jieret would eventually assign me. He didn't recruit me, we had only a trivial connection at the start. I fought hard. I learned what I could. Throughout spring training I showed that I believed in the team and I believe the team responded to the message Coach Jieret brought to us. We started 6-1 and quickly made sure that our targets were set far above bowling. A loss at Colorado brought us down to Earth but we wanted what we could take. In the end we returned to Santa Clara for our second consecutive Bay Area Bowl victory but most importantly we grew stronger in understanding. In honor thy towers stand, We've met difficult challenges this year but I feel as though we've given as much as we can. We came within three points of upsetting #1 SMU just last week and have fought bravely all throughout the year. I know, in the end, I will have come and done without bringing a championship to our fans but I hope marks can be left in other, less tangible ways. Tomorrow is my final home game, against Colorado, and I will soak it in as much as possible because for me this is the end of a lifetime's journey to find out who I was to become. The 2024 NFL Draft will be the beginning of a chapter where I hope to define myself and set my legacy. Thank you to Coach @Dean and Coach @Jieret for all you've given me. I hope our paths cross again. How does the closing of the Alma Mater go again? In honor thy towers stand, The battlements shine in dawning light, And glow again in sunset rays, All hail O Washington! Jake
  6. NOTE: This is for last week's games, this slipped my mind - another new one will come out this week with the newer polls. 2023 Week #11 Projected Playoff Rankings (1) Oregon Ducks vs (8) Illinois Fighting Illini (2) SMU Mustangs vs (7) LSU Tigers (3) Florida Gators vs (6) Tennessee Volunteers (4) Oklahoma Sooners vs (5) Michigan Wolverines
  7. 2023 Week #10 Projected Playoff Rankings (1) Oregon Ducks vs (8) Oklahoma State Cowboys (2) SMU Mustangs vs (7) LSU Tigers (3) Florida Gators vs (6) Michigan Wolverines (4) Oklahoma Sooners vs (5) Tennessee Volunteers
  8. 2023 Week #9 Projected Playoff Rankings (1) Oklahoma State Cowboys vs (8) Michigan Wolverines (2) LSU Tigers vs (7) Rice Owls (3) SMU Mustangs vs (6) Tennessee Volunteers (4) Oregon Ducks vs (5) Florida Gators
  9. NOTE: Does not include former members: Boise State (14 wins), Marshall (10 wins), Air Force (9 wins), Rice (8 wins), Colorado State (7 wins), Georgia State (7 wins), SDSU (6 wins), Hawaii (6 wins), Northern Illinois (6 wins), Fresno State (5 wins), New Mexico (1 win), Nevada (0 wins)
  10. 2023 Week #8 Projected Playoff Rankings (1) Oklahoma Sooners vs (8) Michigan Wolverines (2) LSU Tigers vs (7) Tennessee Volunteers (3) Oklahoma State Cowboys vs (6) Florida Gators (4) Oregon Ducks vs (5) SMU Mustangs
  11. NOTE: Does not include former conference member Hawaii (0 wins).
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