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  1. CFBHC conference championship games are slated to take place this weekend. AAC: Temple (10-2) vs SMU (11-1) ACC: Clemson (11-1) vs Pittsburgh (8-4) Big 12: Oklahoma State (10-2) vs TCU (10-2) Big Ten: Michigan (9-3) vs Illinois (9-3) C-USA: Rice (11-1) vs FIU (8-4) MAC: Akron (7-5) vs Central Michigan (10-2) MWC: Air Force (8-4) vs Hawaii (11-1) Pac-12: California (10-2) vs USC (11-1) SEC: Florida (11-1) vs LSU (11-1) Sun Belt: Coastal Carolina (7-5) vs Louisiana-Lafayette (9-3)
  2. AFC Offensive Player of the Month: QB Brian Brown AFC Defensive Player of the Month: DE Ron Rice AFC Special Teams Player of the Month: P John Maslowski AFC Rookie of the Month: ILB Aaron Mathis AFC Coach of the Month: HC Jason Garrett AFC Coordinator of the Month: DC Case Curtis NFC Offensive Player of the Month: RB Kenyon Randall NFC Defensive Player of the Month: CB Brent Johnson NFC Special Teams Player of the Month: P Isaiah Anderson NFC Ro
  3. Following the departure of owner, general manager, and director of pro personnel inspiral the Packers staff has been relieved of all duties and will be available for hire. This includes: HC Tremon Chandler (Age 55) No Descent, College Football Origin Defensive Adjustments Frequency Improvement Level 2; QB Skill Level 1; Offensive Adjustments Frequency Improvement Level 1; Offensive Fitness Level 1; Defensive Fitness Level 1 OC Rick Dennison (Age 66) Descended from Mike Shanahan O-Line Chemistry Level 2; O-Line Skill Le
  4. AFC Offensive Player of the Month: QB Nick Hall AFC Defensive Player of the Month: CB Andrew Boyd AFC Special Teams Player of the Month: P Jason Sochia AFC Rookie of the Month: DE Oghale Adelangwe AFC Coach of the Month: Tom Henderson AFC Coordinator of the Month: OC Scott Banks NFC Offensive Player of the Month: QB Jason Johnson NFC Defensive Player of the Month: DE Early Davis NFC Special Teams Player of the Month: PR Jesse Scott NFC Rookie of the Month: C Miguel Prieto
  5. Chicago, IL - When Bears running back Vaughan Abraham came out for a press conference after practice today only few knew what it would be about. "I've decided to retire from football at the end of this year. I don't see retirement as an ending but more as a natural progression and a passing of the baton. I'm forever grateful to the Dallas Cowboys for giving me the opportunity to live my dream and to the Chicago Bears for believing that I wasn't running on empty." The 2014 draft pick out of LSU will retire shortly after his 33rd birthday. "I'm not
  6. "Yeah I'm doing fine. Excited to get back out there and lock up the division when the doctors tell me I'm ready to go," Devereaux addressed several reporters at the Saints facility this week. "I've been chatting with Paul (Davenport) and we're on the same level of understand with what we want to do. I'm really looking forward to getting back to practice." Devereaux suffered a wrist fracture in training camp and is expected to resume full time practice this week. When asked about how he spent his two months away outside of rehab, Devereaux responded, "I've go
  7. Scouts have been working the last few weeks and the following changes are now available. Increased by 1 RB Robert Green 5-7 213 R Virginia [Speed] [-1] 79 WR Troylen Bolden 6-3 193 R UC Davis [Target] [+1] [+] 79 C Jordan Phillips 6-4 281 R Ball State [Pass Blocking] [0] 81 DT Zion Gaines 6-1 297 R Texas [2-Gap] [0] [#] 81 ILB Aaron Mathis 6-3 223 R Washington State [Will] [+1] 82 CB Zion Hooker 5-11 195 R Utah [Zone Coverage] [-1] [#] 80 SS Jarvis Bolton 6-1 192 R Georgia [Zone Coverage] [0] 83 K Garrett Stran
  8. Giants running back O.J. Carano has retired after a 9-year career. Carano was drafted by the Jets in 2015 and played with them until 2018 after which he joined the Giants. Carano finishes his career with 9,814 rushing yards, in fifth place on the all-time rushing leaders list. 1. Vaughan Abraham (DAL, CHI): 14,607 yards ... 4. Chester Henson (MIN, PIT): 11,004 yards 5. O.J Carano (NYJ, NYG): 9,814 yards 6. Marcus Barry (TB, MIA): 9,278 yards
  9. Scouts have been working the last few weeks and the following changes are now available. Increased by 1 QB Martin Lake 6-1 228 R West Virginia [Hybrid] [0] 76 QB Isaiah Best 6-4 199 R South Dakota State [Scrambling] [0] [#] 69 RB Qua'sean Bell 5-8 215 R Western Kentucky [Power] [0] 77 WR Jacob Benson 6-1 228 R ECU [Target] [-3] [+] 81 WR Uzumati Jones 6-2 233 R UTEP [Target] [-1] 78 WR Xavien Lockhart 6-1 209 R Memphis [Target] [-1] 72 OT Dahntay Dickerson 6-5 295 R Temple [Run Blocking] [0] 82 OT Emil Colon 6-7 327 R Arizona [Pass Blocking]
  10. Site members may vote to decide the hosts of Super Bowl XI and Super Bowl XII.
  11. 1. Kansas City Chiefs 2. Jacksonville Jaguars 3. Baltimore Ravens 4. Miami Dolphins 5. Buffalo Bills 6. Las Vegas Raiders Las Vegas will travel to Baltimore and Buffalo will travel to Miami in the wild card round to be played this week.
  12. 1. Washington Redskins 2. Detroit Lions 3. San Francisco 49ers 4. Atlanta Falcons 5. Green Bay Packers 6. Dallas Cowboys Dallas will travel to San Francisco and Green Bay will travel to Atlanta in the wild card round to be played this week.
  13. Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Jamir Blackburn was arrested several weeks ago and faced several charges after admitting during a traffic stop to smoking marijuana. Blackburn pleaded not guilty to charges of speeding, driving without a valid license and operating a vehicle with a controlled substance in his system, according to Ohio court records. "I owe an apology to my family, teammates, coaches, the fans and the Bengals organization," Blackburn said after the arrest. "I made a mistake, and I take full responsibility for it. And it won't happen again. I can't speak on it because
  14. Sometimes, a quarterback needs to have the ability to motivate one of their teammates by getting under their skin: Saying or doing something to poke them in the gut and get the best out of them in response. As it turns out, that's what Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Matty Swift was able to do in order to get running back Mamadou Heard into the endzone for the first time in 2022. Late in the second quarter, Heard scored a 5-yard touchdown on what was, on the surface, a very well-designed play. But it may not have been just the design of the play that proved to be the d
  15. Following a day of surgeries, Saints' wide receiver Mike Miller is now listed as stable with an injury to his neck. He will miss the remainder of the season and the entire 2023 preseason, he will be questionable for week 1 of the 2023 regular season and probable for week 2 at a cost of no pre-season conditioning.
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