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  1. I think all of the weeknd’s hit music becomes really overplayed but it’s just really good. Blinding lights, I can’t feel my face, and the hills are just some examples. He makes bangers. Love me harder with Ariana is also good. On that note I think some of Arianas new music is just kinda samey. She has a great voice and I love a lot of her 2013-2017 music but recently she’s not been as entertaining to me and I think part of that is overplayablity but I also just don’t like a lot of her new stuff.
  2. Many touchdown returns in the future
  3.  FCS bros sign up for the coaches poll 


  4. Hey guys Jumbo's post about FBS reminded me that I should start gearing up for this year's FCS coaches poll. The FCS coaches poll is an 8-team weekly poll that I kind of fell off with at the end of last year, but this time I'd like it to be really consistant and something people can look at as pretty official. Please let me know if you would like to participate. As with the FBS poll you need to be able to submit the poll weekly. Although you DO NOT need to be a member of the FCS to participate. Anyone with a vested interest in the subdivision can submit. I highly doubt we will have enough interest for me to be cutting anyone from the list of voters, but I will still let you know in a PM if you are a voter., I'm gonna give it a week or so. We will be looking to submit a pre-season poll soon. Thanks!
  5. If I get killed tonight please kill Dacder I have a really bad feeling about him.
  6. After rethinking Unlynch Cade Lynch anonemuss He's just pulling an Imerman and being quiet
  7. No? Idk what ur getting at I'm going to lynch Cade Remember what has been said if I die.
  8. I mean't he can just claim he was framed. And/or they can just frame him.
  9. Even if Grv is mafia they're just going to kill you and frame him this was a terrible play, we have nothing to go off of now.
  10. I think this is a fair point. Wahoo's statement could bring DCP into question so he starts going after him...
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