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  1. This Weeks Blue Hen is... Running Back Barack Holmes (Barack after his first career TD for UD) At this point everyone has heard of Barack Holmes, the running back who enjoyed immense success in a heavy passing offense at Oklahoma State. After his week 1 performance the whole FCS will be watching him. In week 2 he was still fairly impressive considering the competition. Barack is one of a select few UD players that has a chance to go to the NFL after his time with the Blue Hens is over. Holmes said of his time at OSU, " I loved coach @Kremit he gave me a great home at OSU and I thank him for allowing me to do all that I did there, however, I felt like the best option for me and my future career was to move on. Coach Osu told me that I could be one of the greatest players on one of the best teams in the FCS." Coach Osu spoke very highly of Holmes,"From the first day of practice I could tell that Barack was gonna be a special player for us. Not only is he a great player physically, but he has some of those mental attributes that you can only learn by being a redshirt senior." Holmes found himself as a captain after being at camp for just a few weeks. Many of his fellow teammates called him a natural leader. Barack continues the trend of great running backs at the University of Delaware. Going all the way back to the wing-t days great runners have always come thru UD. This is also the second straight year a transfer player has come in and immediately started. Last year Kaden Gilmore came in a and made a pretty big impact early. Holmes is a whole different breed in comparison to Gilmore. Barack has shown already that he has the skill to do big things this year. The game plans so far have been very Cameron Whaley esc. but will probably end up being a little more Balanced to get some of those receivers involved. Regardless of how the game plan changes it can pretty much be guaranteed that Barack Holmes will be a big part of it.
  2. I’ll be at FAU @ OSU this next weekend and I’ll probably be at a handful of UD games too. Haven’t checked but I’ll probably swing to Rutgers or Maryland if we play at either of them away this year.
  3. We were only down 4 at the half. Antonio was also very underwhelming, a lot to work on before next week.
  4. Osu

    [2023] Week #2 - FNF

    Coachless Uconn is going undefeated guaranteed
  5. Holmes may be due for a Whaley workload
  6. Osu

    CFBHCVision XX

    YBN Cordae - Bad Idea ft. Chance The Rapper
  7. TBH kinda impressed with FAMU considering the garbage they have there props to @xkl219 for putting up a fight.
  8. The Weekly Blue Hen will be a spotlight on one player from the team. This Weeks Blue Hen is... True Freshman Strong Safety Bryce Bryant (Bryant after his first career INT vs South Dakota State) Bryce was originally brought in to play strong safety in the coming years for UD, but due to a shortage of secondary players Bryant has found his way onto the field in the nickel corner position. Bryce hails from Federal Way Washington, and I don't mean DC. 2812 miles away from home, Bryant has found a home here in Newark. He came in as part of the Delaware recruiting camp set up in Seattle this past year. Delaware certainly was not a first choice for Bryce, but after receiving little attention from closer FBS schools he turned to the east coast. "After visiting campus it was easy to see coach is trying to build something great here, and I just want to be a part of that," says Bryant, "Coach made it clear that I would be able to fight for playing time so that was a big plus for me." Like we said before it wasn't really originally planned for Bryce to start immediately, but after a very impressive pre-season camp he found his way into the nickel corner spot. Delaware has never really had a playmaker in the secondary but thats exactly what Bryant is. He started off this season very strong by picking off Isaiah Best, one of the premier quarterbacks this year in the FCS. Hopefully he can keep his hot start running and maybe even move up in the corner rotation. "The kid's got a really high motor nothing can stop him when he sets his mind to something," said coach osu. When asked about what keeps him going Bryant mentioned his family, "I got my family back home to play for, mama and my little sister Bri. I just wanna show everyone that I belong, and prove to everyone who passed up on me that they were wrong." We wish the best for Bryce and hope to see him get even more playing time in the coming seasons.
  9. @inspiral2 pls don't hurt us too badly
  10. Side note very very impressed with true freshman Bryce Bryant for picking up an Interception from the dime position
  11. I was very worried about this game gg @llamas
  12. I didn't even know he made music that was a great choice
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