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  1. Could I get Furi and Polybridge? Thanks a lot in advance!
  2. Doing it With You- Suburban Legends
  3. Redzone monster Ty Royal
  4. Washington Football Team - We select the Level 1 OL Skill.
  5. Osu

    Fall Guys PC

    I have it on playstation Sadge
  6. The Kingdom of Lili Founded: 1795 Renamed in 1892 Form of Government: Constitutional Monarchy Leaders: Queen Liliuokalani, Prime Minister Tāne Kahele The "Hawaiian" Kingdom was created when the island were formally joined together back in 1795 in the aftermath of the battle of Nu'uanu and was ruled by king Kamahameha I. Despite having a good relationship with mainland North American territories, mainly the US, the Hawaiian monarchy had always felt a bit of disdain and a feeling of superiority coming from the United States. In preparation for a takeover attempt from a number of North American territories and countries, in 1892 the government power was redistributed and created a constitution based government. Patriotism began to run rampant as citizens who had for decades been discontent with little representation were excited to be able to vote their own representatives into office. An attempted internal takeover of the Kingdom failed in 1938. As an homage to the monarch who humbly gave up some of her power for the people the kingdom was renamed "The Kingdom of Lili" ,or just Lili for short, after Queen Liliuokalani. With this newfound confidence the people of Lili were able to fend off its North American suitors and despite a short take over by the United States government in 1898, they were soon forced out, along with many non native Lilians who were against the current government, and the Kingdom of ili returned. The governing body of the Kingdom of Lili is officially a Constitutional Monarchy. Despite the disputes between the United States and the kingdom they did take a page out of their book in terms of their updated government representatives. Each of the seven main inhabited Islands has a number of representatives voted in, based on population, that in the end adds up to 50 total who take their seats in what is known as the "Lilian Crib". The monarch then elects a representative for the position of Prime Minister, if that candidate can receive approval from a majority of the crib they can then take up the position. The Monarchy received reduced power in the redistribution of power, however, they are not just figureheads. The Monarchy reserves many rights within the constitution to make decisions for the good of the country, despite never having to do so in the 8 years of existence. Honolulu is, and has been since 1845, the capitol of Lili. Lili's economy has struggled a good bit since they made an enemy out of some of their major trade partners in mainland North America. The kingdom is still struggling to find permanent partners and are looking to do so in the next few years in order to stabilize the economy. As of now much of the kingdom deals in agriculture specifically pineapples and Sugar Cane. other fruits are also sold on a smaller scale. Lili also has a large flower industry, sending many flowers that cannot be easily found on mainland North America to nearby nations. Despite the lack of consistent partners, mainland NA still needed its main sugar import, many nations contributed by having short, few year long, trade agreements with Lili in order to not seem completely aligned with the kingdom, and therefore against the United States. The Kingdom of Lili hopes to smooth over this relationship with all North American nations soon. Lili is very isolated from the continents nearby, the main priority currently is to try and establish agreements with other nations either in North America or Possibly someone on the other side of the pacific who will help the unstable economy. Until the population and general wealth of the Kingdom increases it will not be looking to expand much in any capacity. Lili does not have much of an army at all, in fact a large majority of the removal of the US from the capitol ended up being community militia members who were able to get the jump on a depleted US force. Since being introduced to modern weaponry when the Europeans first found the islands many residents own and know how to use firearms. The real strength of the Kingdom lies in the navy. Being water locked, the kingdom knew it would need to control the water to be able to protect itself. During the most prosperous years, the kingdom built up its naval fleet and now reap the benefits of a stoutly defended group of islands. Stats: Economy (1-10): Education (1-10): Military Power Overall (1-10): Land Power (1-10): Sea Power (1-10): Air Power (1-10): Technology (1-10): Health (1-10): Infrastructure (1-10): Population:
  7. you look like my cousin but a lot cooler.
  8. FCS Coaches Poll Week 2 [2024] Rank Change Team (#1 Votes) Points 1 -- Illinois State Redbirds (9) 72 2 -- North Dakota State Bison 56 3 -- Delaware Blue Hens 51 4 +2 James Madison Dukes 42 5 -- North Dakota Fighting Hawks 39 6 -2 South Dakota State Jackrabbits 32 7 -- UC Davis Aggies* 22 8 -- Harvard Crimson 4 Others Receiving Votes: Portland State 2, Youngstown State 2, Northern Iowa 2 * UC Davis's highest ranking was 3rd **Due to lack of games in the FCS, weeks 1 and 2 were consolidated to 1 poll
  9. Osu


    ggs hype my strikers are getting in form.
  10. This is how its supposed to work in theory but I think for a lot of teams, not just in the FCS, its easier to just be in g5.
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