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  1. Definitely see myself as a PJ Fleck kinda guy. Pretty good coach, but my best trait is probably as a motivator. I'm pretty good at getting recruits and transfers to buy in.
  2. I'm really excited to see WR Antonio Brown 5-10 172 (Fr) Glen Mills (Concordville PA) 2.5 of 4.0 [Speed] with a progression getting even more targets. Also excited to see if ILB Eddie Mills Jr. 6-2 225 (Jr) Mt. St. Joseph Academy (Rutland VT) 3.5 of 3.5 [Will] will be able to get back to his sophomore season form. And of course more cootin'!
  3. I’d just like to echo this sentiment, thank you to everyone who helped advance the FCS this year like @TheSam and @Dacder and even those who are leaving us @SageBow. And of course congrats to @VerifiedThing it’s cool to see the ogs in the FCS get theirs. And good effort by @SolutionA I may have been rooting against you but you’re a great coach and contributor in the FCS as well and I know you’ll be back.
  4. Hey coach, welcome to the FCS level! How soon do you believe you will be able to truly contend for a national championship?
  5. Offense: 14 (+1) 15 Defense: 10 (+1) 11 Special Teams: 9 Clock Mgmt: 10 (-1) 9 Discipline: 8 (+2) 10 Youth Mgmt: 13 (-1) 12 CFBHC: UTEP Miners (2021), Delaware Blue Hens (2022-Present) NFLHC: Washington Redskins Scout (2023-Present Achievements: None
  6. I listen to sad music all the time :/ Pretty basic taste imo
  7. (Red pin is two croots in the same school) Purged Florida, stole a few from Texas, and nabbed a good few from border states. We had a plan and executed it well.
  8. Surprising has to be: OLB Jason Galloway 6-1 240 (Sr) Copiah Academy (Gallman, MS) 3.0 of 3.0 [Blitz] The grad transfer from Florida State racked up 7 INT's tied for second most by any player in the FCS and the most by a linebacker. And he did all of this as a Blitz linebacker..? Very surprising. Disappointing- There are 2 for this one sadly. First of all OLB Roger Odom 6-1 220 Sr Middletown (Middletown DE) 4.5 of 4.5 [Coverage] Despite being a 4.5 he only had 2 INT's and 2 PD's all year, furthermore, he only made 5 stat sheets. Pretty disappointing from an NFL caliber player. The second is mostly over-expectations but SS Bryce Bryant 5-11 186 Fr Decatur (Federal Way WA) 2.0 of 3.0 [Zone Coverage] He was my dime corner so I didn't expect that much out of him, however, he came up with a pick in his very first game of the year, and proceeded to not even make a sheet for the rest of the year lmao.
  9. This is for all of Cougar Nation, Cowboy Nation, and last but not least Blue Hen Nation. A lot has happened over these past five years of football, but I wouldn't trade a second of it for anything else. When I first stepped on campus at Saint Charles I was an ignorant and arrogant kid. I had no respect for my coaches or my teammates. As I found out later though, the lessons I would learn right there, at a community college of all places, would set the foundation for the man I've become today. As I've said, I was a terrible person. I was disappointed in myself for not being able to attract any attention from major D1 colleges. I weighed all of my options and decided, with the help of my Mama, that I'd just stay at home and go to community college. I was dead set on my one goal, the NFL. My best chance of making it to the league at that point was to just go to to community college and transfer upwards. So I stayed at home, I trusted my Mama. That first year was abysmal. I couldn't stand the feeling of knowing I could do bigger and better things. I never would really end up connecting with any of the other coaches in Missouri, but I would find a brotherhood of players, and a community I'm proud to call home. Even if I didn't like them, I learned to respect my coaches. Even though we never captured that JUCO championship, I'm proud of all that me and the boys did. I appreciate all of the time I spent back at home, and it was the place I really became a man. Following that 2020 season the offers began to roll in. I struggled with the decision until one decisive offer rolled in, Oklahoma State. To be honest my Career at OSU didn't really end how I wanted it to, but where one story ends another begins. I regret nothing about how I handled the situation I was put in. Coach wasn't even the one who recruited me but he kept his trust in me even after a rough start to the season. That 2021 season was quite honestly the most fun I've ever had playing football. I finally felt like I was where I belonged. I seriously cannot thank coach @Kremit and Oklahoma State University enough. I feel like my time at OSU was when I best developed my skills at the running back position. The first TCU game is one of the highlights of my whole career. The feeling of finally winning on the big stage was something I'd been waiting for my entire life. The same happened against LSU in the Sugar Bowl. Finally things were coming together, everything was looking up. Then another roadblock appeared. When Amral was brought in after the 2021 season I was kind of upset at first. I felt as if I had earned my playing time, I was the best back on this team! Obviously I was incorrect, Amral is an incredible talent and I learned that after spending my redshirt season learning and training with him. We are still great friends to this day, and plan to do much of our draft combine preparation together. Despite our friendship, I expected him leave OSU for the NFL last year. Banking on that happening, I decided to take my redshirt senior season. Like I said, things didn't really work out the way I expected them to. I talked with coach after the spring game and we both decided it would be best, for my sake, if I transferred somewhere where I could get more playing time. I love all of my brothers from my OSU days, and I'd be lying if I didn't say I miss all of you guys. Despite the disappointment of having to leave OSU, I knew I still had a chance to do something special somewhere. A big disadvantage of taking the JUCO route, was that I had very little eligibility left by the time I made it to the big time. Being a redshirt senior, I had to go to the FCS in order to gain immediate eligibility. I began to look into the top teams in the FCS. Originally I was looking at the very top with teams like North Dakota State and James Madison, but they showed very little interest in bringing me in. I wanted to go somewhere that would appreciate me, a team where I could have a tight knit community just like at my previous two schools. Just a few weeks before the portal closed I got an email from coach Osu saying he wanted to meet with me. I have to admit, initially I laughed at the email. After I sat down and thought about it, however, this was the first time an FCS team had actively tried to reach out to me personally. I set up the time and visited the school. It was very nice, everyone around me was helpful and smiling. I felt it for the third time, the sense of home. I had found my landing spot. Immediately following my visit I accepted coach's offer to join Delaware. It was hard to get acclimated, the east coast was somewhere I had never really been before. I have cousins in California, and an aunt I visited once in Minnesota, but never had I been out east. I had to get used to the food, the people, the slang, and most importantly the team. In a way Delaware was the best of what both of my previous schools had to offer. It had all of the togetherness and homeliness of Saint Charles combined with the elite football program of Oklahoma State. While technically I took a step down on the football ladder, Delaware would be the place where I shined the brightest. The first thing coach Osu told me in the first pre-season meeting was, "Son, this is your team. This is a young and inexperienced team. You need to lead." He was right, many of the starters this year had never even played college football before. I knew we had a special team regardless. Everyone counted us out from the beginning of the season. The highlight for me had to be beating JMU, one of those top tier FCS schools who underestimated me. I am the best running back in the FCS. Undisputed. I really wish it could've all ended in a different way, and I'm sorry to all Blue Hen fans and my teammates for not being able to finish what we started. To one of my best friends, Antonio, you were the first one to come up and greet me at practice. All of the late nights working out and watching film. It's crazy, I've never seen a freshman who works as hard as you do for your team. I know you'll do great things in the coming years, ball out and come meet me in the league. As I move on from this chapter in my life I will never forget all of the friends and mentors i've met, and all of the memories I've made. Moving on was hard the first two times I had to do so, but this time it's a bit different. I don't know where I'm going to land after this, many assume I'm not going to be drafted, but I've proven so many people wrong before that it wouldn't even phase me. One way or another I will make my name known to all. Thank you. Everyone. Prez Out.
  10. I can't believe I'm saying this but Barack may have lost us this game with that fumble . Kind rough ending to the season, hope to bounce back next year, even without my favorite player.
  11. I give @TheSam a lot of credit, he had them playing tough right up until the end. Hard to game plan for the same team two weeks in a row.
  12. I hope he starts going beat mode again, I'm more scared of this rematch with NHU than any other game I'm gonna play afterwards.
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