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    1. Osukid2811

      Steam Keys

      Lol I was surprised it was still there. I really wanted OOTP but that was gone before I saw it
    2. Osukid2811

      Steam Keys

      Can I have Coaster Tycoon pls
    3. Osukid2811

      [2022] CFBHC Schedule - Game Registration

      Week 1-Wyoming Week 2-@ Texas State Week 6-BYU Week 13-@ Notre Dame
    4. Osukid2811

      [2021] Week #15 - TNF

      Damn, I thought we had a chance at being bowl bound
    5. Osukid2811

      Best chain pizza place?

      There's one of those where I live, but it's not that great when I can get two slices of papa johns like a block away. Also, this is a mid atlantic thing, but Grotto Pizza is really good imo.
    6. Osukid2811

      Political Compass Test

      Economic Left/Right: -5.0 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.41 Not Surprised
    7. Weeks 1 and 6 are still open currently and I want one home game, but I can still take one more away game from anyone if they want to.

    8. Osukid2811

      Heal/Harm: Fast Food Burger Places

      Five Guys: 77 (+1) Whataburger: 4 (-1) In-N-Out: 15
    9. Osukid2811

      [2021] Midseason C-USA RB Rankings

      Britt and Hatcher are already a deadly combo, with some good recievers...
    10. Osukid2811

      CBBHC Bracketology: 3/13/18

      This, also are there any plans to expand to real tourney size if you can get enough people to actually play
    11. Osukid2811


      Just you wait...I'll beat Michigan
    12. Osukid2811

      CBBHC Bracketology: 3/7/18

      You mean UTEP's 0 wins weren't enough to make the bracket??
    13. Osukid2811

      [2021] Week #5 - FNF

      Man we really gotta work on the corner play. Good game Ricky!
    14. Osukid2811

      [2021] Week #4 - FNF

      First game , first win, gg
    15. Osukid2811

      Account Elevation Requests

      I know ya'll are busy, but I just want access to the shoutbox. Sorry for bugging.