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  1. Osukid2811

    [2022] Week #11 - Saturday Morning

  2. Base starting skillsOffense: 11Defense: 11Special Teams: 9Clock Mgmt: 10Discipline: 9Youth Mgmt: 12 CFBHC Career: UTEP Miners (2021) Delaware Blue Hens (2022-Present)Achievements: N/A Breakdown: (Off/Def/ST/Clock/Disc./Youth)20121 Adjustments: +1/+1/-1/0/-1/+2 Traits after 2021: 11/11/9/10/9/12
  3. Osukid2811

    CFBHC v1.6b

    I am interested to see how this will be balanced, really good additions though!
  4. Osukid2811

    2019 Best Intentions Thread

    I want to just not be lazy in 2019, the problem I have at school is pretty generic. I always start school strong and then just stop caring halfway through. I can feel myself doing it again, and my grades are dropping a little. So my goal is to stay on track, to get into one of my dream schools I can't slack off anymore even if it's just sophomore year.
  5. Osukid2811

    [2022] Week #8 - Saturday Afternoon

    Idk what's up, my offense was blanked pretty bad this week, back to the drawing board.
  6. Osukid2811

    [2022] Week #6 - Saturday Evening

    I did realistically though I thought we had no chance of winning this when I scheduled it.
  7. Osukid2811

    [2022] Around the FCS: Week 5 Recap

    Easily Koehler, Cooper Fleming from JMU is a very far away second imo
  8. Osukid2811

    [2022] Recruiting Info

    Yeah this, either that or there were no G5 LS. There were none on my interface though.
  9. Osukid2811

    [2022] FCS POTW Week #4

    North Dakota couldn't get the win, but the FCS picture is becoming more clear, here are the player of the week candidates. Here's the link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdOKijj2nYE6EAxlD8Mbq4j1hGPHK89LCK7EXXfAramIl7x0w/viewform
  10. Osukid2811

    [2022] Week #4 - Saturday Afternoon

    Ooook... On another note good fight by my Hens, maybe the gameplanning wasn't great.
  11. Osukid2811

    Generational Music

    I agree wholeheartedly about Michael Jackson, that's one of the things I remember listening to the most at my black grandparents' house. From my white side, definitely Elton John or Billy Joel are some of my favorites my mom used to play in the car when I was little.
  12. Osukid2811

    [2022] FCS POTW Week #3

    FCS Players of the Week Offensive Player of the Week Stevie Henderson WR North Dakota State 10 Receptions 170 Yards 2 TDs In a very comfortable win for the Bison Quarterback, Zach McAllister had a very easy time slicing up the Panthers' defense. He had many targets, but none more important than wide receiver Stevie Henderson. Henderson is a huge deep threat averaging 17 yards on 10 catches this Saturday. The senior is no stranger to big games. Henderson goes off in games where the Bison pull away early. He and McAllister seem to have a really special connection. When he's on they both get hot. Critics say he doesn't show up in big games, but we'll see in a few weeks when they visit the red raiders. Defensive Player of the Week (Pictured Middle) Tanquest Hull-Norris DE Harvard 4 Tackles 3 TFLs 1.5 Sacks 1 Forced Fumble In a game where Harvard couldn't do much right, the defensive line, specifically Tanquest Hull-Norris, was a bright spot for the Crimson. They held down the running backs and got pressure on the QB all day. Hull-Norris was in the mix on most plays, and he spent his day in the backfield. He combined with Jerome Inoue for a sack early in the game forcing JMU to punt. The game got out of hand from there, but Hull-Norris was routinely in the backfield stopping Willie Peters from running. Early 2nd Quarter he tried to give his team some life by forcing a fumble, but nobody got on the ball and nothing came of it. Hull-Norris' efforts were for naught this week, but he definitely piqued the interest of our voters. Special Teams Player of the Week Harrison Hacker K South Dakota State 2/2 FG: 51 & 51 Yards It was a horrendous day for the Jacks, who got blasted late at night down in Albuquerque. The only scoring of the entire night came from Hacker who nailed a pair of 51 yarders. There's not much to say because the rest of the team played so badly, but Hacker was able to show his coaches just how accurate he is. Going forward this will most certainly give him a lot of confidence as they move into important conference games Next Week's Player to Watch Austin Bright ILB North Dakota North Dakota has the best chance of any FCS team to win against an FBS program this year. Robbie Koehler gives the Hawks a fighting chance. We know they will be able to put points up on the board, they've done that all year. The defense, however, has been suspect all year. They have some highly touted players who just haven't really shown up this season. Air Force is having somewhat of a down year, and have a very underwhelming offense. The Hawks need their big senior linebacker Austin Bright to show up for this game. Bright is known for making big plays defending the pass. This week he will need to do both, forcing Air Force to pass the ball a lot will probably get their young QB to make some mistakes. Look for Bright to come up with a pick, or a big pass deflection, in what I have as an upset alert game, this weekend.
  13. Another great week for FCS football. Here's the link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSedXcuYHUkhRGG67WmMt3gBBPSMTwjFMCpN_Ix8W8NMo6mHCw/viewform You can basically expect the same long paragraph form from now on, along with the players to look for.