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  1. I suppose but all of the big guys from last years team have just not played well, along with the dudes that Holtmann himself has brought in like Muhammed and Woods.
  2. OSU- We realistically probably aren't beating ISU, but if we do that would be a massive success. We're kind of riding the coattails of last years success because we kinda sucked, all year.
  3. The old show actually was so good, that's another thing I did. My mom bought a lot of those Thomas VHS tapes and I watched those over and over and over.
  4. I mean technically I'm still a kid but all I do now is go on here, do HW, and play PS4 This shit was so much fun I would sit for hours on the little table and make the trains go off cliffs and slam into each other. I even had one of these Man, this was my whole childhood. When you talk about this, it makes me think of my younger brother. He made up an entire league of fake high schools in Delaware (The state we live in) mixed it with real high schools, and then played entire 20 game seasons (for each and every team) on his own with his little Ipad mini to keep track of all kinds of stats and stuff. It was really kind of impressive, he did it for every season too. Football, basketball, and baseball.
  5. Kinda liked the croots from Washington
  6. Heavily second this Flem has made great content for years, back to the days of NCAA football 14.
  7. I still think they're a better team than us, which has me really confident going into this week.
  8. oh man gg @ok1 I was so fucking scared for this game
  9. This is great, now the regular season means so much more. Thanks!
  10. We'll gladly take you when you're done with the Cyclones!
  11. @SolutionA for all of them he applies for lol Edit: In all seriousness, he's done an amazing job with all of the media, along with being very good at game planning and recruiting. He definitely deserves a few of these awards.
  12. Base starting skillsOffense: 11Defense: 11Special Teams: 9Clock Mgmt: 10Discipline: 9Youth Mgmt: 12 CFBHC Career: UTEP Miners (2021), Delaware Blue Hens (2022-Present)Achievements: N/A Breakdown: (Off/Def/ST/Clock/Disc./Youth)20121 Adjustments: +1/+1/-1/0/-1/+2 Traits after 2021: 11/11/9/10/9/12
  13. I am interested to see how this will be balanced, really good additions though!
  14. I want to just not be lazy in 2019, the problem I have at school is pretty generic. I always start school strong and then just stop caring halfway through. I can feel myself doing it again, and my grades are dropping a little. So my goal is to stay on track, to get into one of my dream schools I can't slack off anymore even if it's just sophomore year.
  15. Idk what's up, my offense was blanked pretty bad this week, back to the drawing board.
  16. I did realistically though I thought we had no chance of winning this when I scheduled it.
  17. Easily Koehler, Cooper Fleming from JMU is a very far away second imo
  18. Yeah this, either that or there were no G5 LS. There were none on my interface though.
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