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  1. Marshall should actually be number 1 because they are the only team with a win
  2. Just realised Liberty plays every cusa east team except for FIU
  3. I'll have you know an odu player won once last time i did a potw
  4. I'm watching it now and I'm drunk and it's good. Really subverts superhero hero movie conventions
  5. Hell yeah Marshall
  6. Top of the CUSA east should be fun again. Personally i think it's just a 3 way fight between odu fau and fiu, I'm pretty low on WKU this season, especially if they can't get a coach
  7. DL Tyler Jones 2023 - TEN PLAY - SACK your opponent's most recently played card if it has a Star value of 3 or lower. SCORE - 7 points for every SACKED card your opponent has at the end of the game. Now I just need to get more than the starter pack cards at almost every other position
  8. While I personally don't see Marshall doing better than last in the CUSA, it is possible if @TheMooCows can utilize FB Cole Chappell well. While their QB is only 3/3.5 and their RB is only 2.5/3, Chappell is a 4.5/4.5 run blocking FB. If he plays well enough they may be able to get a decent running game going.
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