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  1. TheTacoOfDoom

    [2022] Week 15 C-USA Roundup

    Nice to see Bruce Turner almost leading the conference in tackles as a true freshman. While he wont ever be an elite player, it seems like he'll be solid for ODU for the next 3 years
  2. TheTacoOfDoom

    [2022] Week #15 - Saturday Morning

    Congrats fiu on your division championship. Pls go beat rice
  3. TheTacoOfDoom

    [2022] Week #15 - FNF

    And with that this has just become the winningest season in school history
  4. TheTacoOfDoom

    [2022] Week #14 - Saturday Morning

    FAU got bodied
  5. Liberty vs Old Dominion Stat line has Teddy Lentz as making 3/3 FGs and the score reflects this, but for the kick distances it shows him as going 2/3
  6. TheTacoOfDoom

    [2022] Week #14 - TNF

    Bowl eligible!
  7. TheTacoOfDoom

    [2022] Week #13 - Saturday Afternoon

    Definitely sucks to lose, but overall I think we played a solid game, especially with holding McLean to under 10 ypa. Just couldnt stop the run and it cost us. gg @Bubada, I'll get you one day
  8. TheTacoOfDoom

    [2022] Week #12 - TNF

    North Texas got demolished by a bad Arkansas team :O
  9. TheTacoOfDoom

    PhillyFan3: Gone But Not Forgotten

    He just wanted to coach a team on his own terms. It may have been a wildly different approach than literally any rational person would use, but I think he could've won the natty if he wasnt forced out
  10. TheTacoOfDoom

    [2022] Week 11 C-USA Roundup

    FAU having a good reason after a rough start. Now I have a 1 week bye to prepare for Rice. I'm cautiously optimistic about our chances.
  11. Looking to get into NFLHC as a scout, if any teams are looking for one, hmu

  12. TheTacoOfDoom

    [2022] Imposter's Bowl Projections: Post-Week 11

    Bring on USF
  13. TheTacoOfDoom

    [2022] Week #11 - FNF

    Feel good to have over a 50% W/L record this sreason. Jus 1 more win until we get to a bowl GG @Isaac829
  14. TheTacoOfDoom

    [2022] Week #10 - Saturday Morning

    Thanks man, gg, and please beat FAU. https://i.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/facebook/000/006/759/both.jpg
  15. TheTacoOfDoom

    [CFBHC] Register your Initial Coaching Skills

    Base starting skills Offense: 10 Defense: 10 Special Teams: 10 Clock Mgmt: 10 Discipline: 10 Youth Mgmt: 10 CFBHC Career: Old Dominion Monarchs (2021-Present)