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  1. Week 1: vs FSU Week 2: vs Coastal Carolina Week 3: vs Boston College Week 10: @Liberty
  2. +2 to youth management +1 to defense +1 to special teams -1 from clock management -1 from discipline
  3. Nice. Also much higher than I would have expected
  4. Nice job utsa! Cusa with the perfect bowl record so far
  5. For national exposure will the juco croot be a jr or sr?
  6. First bowl win in school history, check. What an awesome end to the winningest season in school history! GG to @Dr_Novella
  7. K Teddy Lentz 5-10 191 R Old Dominion [Power] [0 ] 76 This one's gonna hurt, especially with no good backup at the kicking position. I really don't understand the decision, especially with 6 kickers above him in the draft and a not so great junior season
  8. Congratulations to all the players and coaches who earned an award this season. I'm very proud of Bruce Turner and J.J. Fowler for being ableto earn a spot on the CUSA first team defense.
  9. Eastern Michigan vs Old Dominion round 3, my body is ready
  10. Any NFLHC teams looking for a scout?

  11. If you hate little ceasers then you hate America
  12. Good season for the CUSA. Pretty proud of Old Dominions performance, although losing against FAU and NT hurt. If we win either of those games we would be in the conference championship
  13. Nice to see Bruce Turner almost leading the conference in tackles as a true freshman. While he wont ever be an elite player, it seems like he'll be solid for ODU for the next 3 years
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