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  2. !!! Ranked for the first time woohoo
  3. Ouch, big win but severe ACL rupture is not something you ever want to see.
  4. tsweezy

    [2023] Week #2 - FNF

    When I see EMU win and Tyler Pearson ball out:
  5. Let's go Eagles! MAC attack all the way
  6. Hold up, what? I was not expecting to have any actual expectations here, wow that's crazy. Is this how much skill/potential is on the roster or does it include things like seniority/skill at key positions, etc..
  7. AAC :  0 (-5) Big 12: 35 Big Ten: 34 (+5) FCS: 30 Indy: 30 MAC: 30 MWC: 40 PAC-12: 25 SEC: 20 deuces AAC
  8. tsweezy

    [2023] CFBHC Schedule

    2023 OOC Schedule: Week 1 - Vs. EMU Week 4 - at Duke @Darman Week 5 - Vs. NC State @ImposterCauster
  9. Offense: 11 +1 -> 12 Defense: 11 +1 -> 12 Special Teams: 8 +0 -> 8 Clock Mgmt: 10 +0 -> 10 Discipline: 10 -2 -> 8 Youth Mgmt: 12 +2 -> 14
  10. tsweezy


    1. Please list your email address and/or your reddit username at which you can be contacted. pitzelthom@gmail.com 2. Before continuing, please thoroughly read the coaching course and feel free to ask questions. Confirm that you have read the coaching course by writing "Confirmed" below. Confirm 3. What team do you want to coach? Maryland Terrapins 4. Please select two backup teams (in descending order of preference) in case your first choice is unavailable. Stay at Eastern Michigan 5. In three or more sentences, tell us a little about yourself. How old are you, what do you do, where are you from, why would you be a good fit here, etc. Graduate student at the University of Maryland working in the Aerospace Engineering department. Have had a blast at EMU so far, but being able to move into the school I'm currently at is the dream. 6. This site can be as time consuming as you want it to be. Weekly duties can be completed in 30 minutes or less, however interacting with your fellow players throughout the week makes it more enjoyable for most people. Approximately, how much free time do you have during a typical week? This semester has been the most stressful thus far with trying to finish out my master's as well as traveling almost every week for competitions, but I've managed to stay on top of things here, I'll always be able to find time for it. 7. Losing games is an inevitable reality on this site, especially when accepting newer teams. Do you believe you can handle losing? Disappointment is expected, however we have had issues with people freaking out, and even leaving the site because of losing. Absolutely no problem, it's all about the turn-around and long run anyways 8. How did you find out about this site? If recommended by a friend, please post his/her username. Reddit post a while ago
  11. Base starting skills Offense: 11 Defense: 11 Special Teams: 8 Clock Mgmt: 10 Discipline: 10 Youth Mgmt: 12 CFBHC Career: Eastern Michigan Eagles (2021-Present) NFLHC Career: New York Giants Scout (2021-Present) Achievements: None (yet) Breakdown: (Off/Def/ST/Clock/Disc./Youth) 2021 Adjustments: +1/+1/-2/0/0/+2 Traits after 2021: 11/11/8/10/10/12
  12. Dang, this is what I get for not gameplanning due to finals week gg @TheTacoOfDoom
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