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  1. Base starting skills Offense: 11 Defense: 11 Special Teams: 8 Clock Mgmt: 10 Discipline: 10 Youth Mgmt: 12 CFBHC Career: Eastern Michigan Eagles (2021-Present) NFLHC Career: New York Giants Scout (2021-Present) Achievements: None (yet) Breakdown: (Off/Def/ST/Clock/Disc./Youth) 2021 Adjustments: +1/+1/-2/0/0/+2 Traits after 2021: 11/11/8/10/10/12
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    [2022] Week #7 - Saturday Morning

    Dang, this is what I get for not gameplanning due to finals week gg @TheTacoOfDoom
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    [2022] Week #6 - Saturday Evening

    UCF-Bama bloodbath, nice.
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    [2022] Week #4 - Saturday Morning

    Oh no, just like irl UMD
  5. Wait a second, didn't Vanderbilt beat Ohio week 1? and isn't Northern Illinois 2-0 so far?
  6. Wow 3 weeks in and only Ohio is left undefeated (and I have a feeling that won't last long).
  7. tsweezy

    [2022] Week 3 Review

    I think my team is just allergic to blowouts. I'm pretty sure in the entirety of my coaching career no game has been decided by more than 14 (except Rice ).
  8. Last-Week Recap So far this season, EMU is 1-1 as expected. Despite playing Rice to a standstill after 3, the superior talent asserted itself in the 4th quarter to run away with it. Last week, EMU played “Rice-lite”, a Western Kentucky team that also tried to air it out, however without the same talent on the roster that strategy was snuffed out. So far, at least EMU’s offense is playing consistently well and looks to continue, traveling to a ULL team coming in at 0-2 after being smoked by Virginia, and then suffering a narrow loss to Kansas State. This is the teams first road game, but things look hopeful thus far. ULL Offense vs. EMU Defense While ULL hasn’t done a whole lot offensively, they have to be hoping QB Emory West starts playing better, because it looks like RB Raymond Herrara is a complete non-factor thus far. They do have a solid WR corps to try and bail him out, but he is also turning the ball over quite a bit (3 INTs). Of course this is mostly due to the sieve-like offensive line, which does not do this offense any favors with 7 sacks given up thus far. It feels like I’m writing the complete opposite of the Rice preview, and this does give EMU some confidence that they just have to follow the same blueprint and make sure not to give up to many big plays or suffer any big defensive breakdowns and they should be able to come out ahead, particularly as they have also been snagging some INTs and had 4 sacks last week. EMU Offense vs. ULL Defense Defensively, ULL has a defensive line that isn’t quite playing to their potential yet, recording only one sack and giving up over 400 yards per game. However, most of that gashing came from Virginia doing whatever they wanted, and Kansas State had more modest offensive stats. The strength of this defense is definitely the secondary on paper and CB Corey Flaherty has looked good on the stat sheet thus far. Their safeties have also been some of the team leaders in tackles, which could be looked at as good or bad. With that said, while they were ineffective in stopping the very talented UVA team, KSU had just an ok game. Offensively, EMU has been about as balanced and consistent as you could want out of a team, with RB Pearson confirming the high expectations placed on him. QB Shaw seems determined to shed his “scrambler” label, as just like last season he almost refuses to run the ball, but overall this team is able to do a lot of things fairly well thus far. Against a ULL defense with strong safeties and no speed burners, Shaw is likely to try and pick on the corners while giving a lot of time to Pearson to just beat up on the defensive interior. Special Teams So far, ULL’s kicker looks accurate from short range, but perhaps doesn’t have the leg for 40+ which could hurt a little as points may be hard to come by. The ULL returners are serviceable, but their kick/punt defense teams looked abysmal against Virginia, giving up a return TD both ways. Ibrahima Griggs has to be salivating over that opportunity, although he has had a slower start this season. Again, K Donald Bray is a definite step down from last years Simon Hand, but he has looked ok and unlikely to lose any games for the Eagles. Overall This may be the most confident I’ve been in a preview, but I would think EMU wins this one handily. ULLs greatest strength is their secondary but that’s an area EMU never attacks anyways. In addition, this should finally be a chance for EMUs defense to assert themselves against a non high-powered offense. I think the pace of this game will be a bit slower, but that’s perfectly fine here. Final prediction: EMU over ULL 27-20
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    [2022] Week 2 Review

    Well done, I love it
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    [2022] Week #2 - TNF

    Oh hell yeah, MAC kicking ass this week
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    [2022] Week #1 - Saturday Afternoon

    Dang that is an unreal stat line. Just didn't have enough depth to hang around the whole game, oh well.
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    [2022] Week 1 Preview - Saturday Edition

    I sure hope today isn't as ugly for the MAC as expectations look!
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    [2022] Week #1 - FNF

    Rough day for the MAC (except NIU, lol wtf Charlie Sanford) which is.. bad news? Encouraging? hmm
  14. Off-Season Recap Finally, football season is back and a new year is upon us! This year, Eastern Michigan says goodbye to it’s graduated starters from last season. WR Daniel Lentz, C Brian Atkins, OT Donald Zimmerman, DE Kyle Whitten, LB Brayden Winters, CB Cayden Mason, SS Shia Russ, K Simon Hand, and P Matthew Guy leave nearly half of the roster in need of new starters. Luckily, there are capable backups for most of those positions. We will get into each position groups later on, but first a look at how Rice changes things. EMU may be catching Rice a year too early. Almost all of their graduating seniors are being replaced by more talented underclassmen, with the exception of FS, and LOLB where an out of position, but aptly named ILB Bruce Rice will take over. After going 12-2 last year and winning Conference USA, Rice looks poised for an even bigger 2022 season, which is a scary proposition to take on in week 1. Rice Offense vs. EMU Defense For Rice, everything offensively revolves around star QB Eric Mclean. With over 4000 yards and 46 TDs last season, it is truly a bummer that he did not decide to go pro. Instead he looks to rewrite his schools record books and has a great chance at doing so. A great crop of young wideouts is on hand and ready to make life miserable for opposing corners. While they do lose big play TE Jamari Redmond, the expectation is that the other offensive skill players progress more than enough to make up for it. While RB Jasiah Braxton is the starter this year, and looks to be a slight upgrade over last years Nate Wooten, Rice really doesn’t seem to lean much on the running game as they averaged only 40 YPG last year and it’s doubtful they switch up such a winning strategy. For EMU the outlook is not quite so rosy. While last years defense came up with stops when it mattered, they were not great statistically, and lose out on 6.5 sacks from DE Kyle Whitten. On the flip side, the secondary should improve a little bit with Ibrahima Griggs taking over at SS and the return of CB Julian Gaines and his 5 interception 2021 season. For this matchup, EMU has to look at how to stop an extremely big-play air raid offense. While Rice has some good offensive line play, the entire right side of the line including center is breaking in new starters and they are definitely the weak point. If OLB Brian Pearson can step up and create some havoc, they can get to the QB if the OL hasn’t yet gelled. The best hope for a W here is to play aggressively, hope to create some pressure and have the CB’s jump some routes and come up with a few turnovers. Mcclean did throw 9 INTs last year so he isn’t impervious to bad decisions, and if the safeties keep things in front of them, they might force enough throws for those to occur. EMU Offense vs. Rice Defense Defensively, Rice loses a lot of production from OLB Marcus Kaplan and has relatively meh production from the rest of the unit last year. Their cornerbacks however were phenomenal, with Gerald Sykes coming up with 6 INTs and Arthur Bales snagging 4 on the other side. This season though, Bales appears to have been beaten out by more talented JR Kahale Laupepa. The hope is that the talent doesn’t manifest itself in the first game and the secondary is open for targeting. The linebackers seem fairly strong, while the defensive line is just about average. Overall, this side of the ball is most definitely not Rice’s strength and I anticipate them playing a number of shootouts this season. On the EMU side, QB Giovanni Shaw is welcomed back for his last year after a great second half of 2021 where he really started to take control of the new offense. After the running game lay dormant all year they welcome new 5-star RB Tyler Pearson who looks to shake things up a little bit. The WR’s are a fairly mediocre corp with Declan Blanton as the big 6-4 target receiver. The offensive line is made for pass-blocking which should lead to some nice chemistry, but unfortunately at center they are starting converted OG Bobby Borden, and it remains to be seen how well he will take to the position. While they have a great backfield, EMU really has to hope that their OL plays above their potential or they could suffer from another lackluster year. With that in mind, long methodical drives seem unlikely to have success, and with no speed WRs for big plays, a lot is going to be riding on the tandem of Shaw and Pearson to lead this team. Special Teams Once again, this is not the strength of the Rice team. Very average players here, although they are all quite young and I would anticipate them improving in the future into a solid unit. For EMU losing K Simon Hand will really hurt as he played great last season. In his stead comes freshman Donald Bray and they hope not to rely on him for many clutch moments. In the return game, Ibrahima Griggs was a nice surprise last season and he is coming back hopefully even better. To win this game they may need him to make some surprise plays. Overall Yikes, this looks like just too much for EMU to handle to start the season. This will be by far the best team they have played in coach tsweezy’s tenure thus far and I don’t think it will be close. While the possibility exists for some big plays and turnovers to lead to an upset, particularly with a ton of new starters for Rice I just don’t think that is very likely at this time. All signs point to a Rice blowout sadly, with hopefully enough learning for EMU to grow going into the rest of the season. Final prediction: Rice over EMU 42-17
  15. tsweezy

    [2018] Week 3 IRL Discussion

    Well, this season I decided to follow along with Eastern Michigan irl and wow, what a nice choice. Beating Purdue this week was Also, I was big on Maryland going into this year, expected a breakout performance but tempered my expectations a lot with all that has happened there. These last two weeks though have had me looking to get back on board again. I'd be very happy with 7-5, hoping for 8-4 with losses to Ohio State, Penn State, but upsetting 1 out of three of Iowa, Michigan, or MSU. A lot of the big boys have us in an awkward "trap" location on their schedule so I'm pretty hopeful we capitalize on one of those.