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  1. he's a saucy guy. No need for political correctness from him
  2. Tbh I’ve got a lot of respect for you. You have a hand in running plenty of important services and taking on those responsibilities is under appreciated I think. Plus, based on your sporcle and chess skills it seems like you’re pretty smart :eyes:

  3. tbh you are one of the most active people on here and with good reason. Tons of high quality banter. thank you x1000 for having a solid Maryland team and somehow letting me come in and start here. Sorry for the cockiness with the sporcle games etc... but you're at least way better at geoguessr than anyone. Now hurry up and win some FCS titles

    go terps

  4. tbh I don't know how you became the site's mascot but you roll with it really well. Big fan of how many entertaining stories you have and the way you put yourself out there. Plus you gave me my introduction to NFLHC so big thanks for that! I think you're a way better coach than your record so this year I think you'll :krush: it

  5. tbh you are one of the content kings and best meme-post makers on this site. Twerking power rankings especially slapped. Also have actual good insights and are active a lot, so overall a top tier coach and large dozen is lucky you're in it

  6. tbh I remember playing you in 2022 which was dope, especially considering you're now in a 3-year conference champion stretch :eyes:

    also a big fan of those big-ass sideburns and guinea pig. Idk why everyone doesn't post on what they look like, it makes it way more interesting imo

  7. TBH it's been cool to see you come in and light the site up with both recruiting and the shoutbox. It's really cool to have people be so active and open with their life and you've got sooo much room for success both personally and on here

  8. tbh you have some of the best lines in the shoutbox I've seen. I sometimes steal them for my own in other media actually :whistling: I play you this year so I can't wish you good luck in all your games, but I hope you hold up this conference in your other games 

  9. tbh as someone who was dual-enrolled and almost attended GT, I've got a close eye on how you'll do for them :eyes: Lots of job hopping, but I believe in you, you can do this. Beat those other ACC L-o-s-e-r-s

  10. Tbh you’ll always hold a special place in my heart as a former chirpy bird :wub: I’m always psyched to hear about how your life’s going

  11. Tbh you left before I joined the site but you’re still an OG big shot. Also a twin?? And finally it’s nice to know there are people out there who know who the real queen of pop music is 

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