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    1. [Poll] What's Your Fetish?

      Didn't know these were fetishes.... some sound more like preferences.
    2. I was a running back, corner back and punt/kick returner in HS. Played varsity all 4 years. I was getting D1 looks until I broke my wrist (1st quarter) and leg (4th quarter) in the same game my junior year. Came back and played D3 ball as a Slot WR for two years until the injury bug bit me again.
    3. Calling All Writers

      I can do that
    4. [UFHC] Event 1 Results, Event 2 Discussion

      Only way you know its real....
    5. Kind of interesting the lack of Texas schools on here given the amount of quality recruits from the state and Texas being known for its football.
    6. Beat 2 ranked teams in back-to-back weeks (albeit 20+) now finishing off the season with #5, #6, and #18. YIKES! Enjoying this bye week before the gauntlet intensifies. SIC'EM
    7. Heal/Harm: Fast Food Sandwiches

      Subway: 5 Jimmy Johns: 15 Quiznos: 12 Blimpie: 6 Jersey Mikes: 11 Firehouse Subs: 14 Potbelly: 17 (+1) Arbys: 0 (-1)
    8. Heal/Harm: Fast Food Burger Places

    9. UFHC 1 Discussion

      Ik GRV is well established especially coming off a great year last year but I'm young, feisty, and very determined. I always like a challenge that's why I picked UNLV at first (only switched cuz I'm a grad student at Baylor). I'm relentless and will not stop coming at you. GRV you better be ready for a full night cuz I'm sure it will go the distance. #SICGRV
    10. [2021] Week #12 - Saturday Evening

      Big win @ZackTyzwyz Some huge games in the Big 12!
    11. Site Circle Games

      "when" makes it sound like its not an if but just a matter of time.
    12. Heal/Harm: Fast Food Burger Places

      Five Guys: 91 (+1) In-N-Out: 6 (-1)
    13. Iowa Hawkeyes 2022 Recruiting Class Recap

      Coach wrigleyfan, You seem to have recruits from many different states. Can you speak on your staff's ability to locate and recruit talent in such a wide radius?
    14. Heal/Harm: Fast Food Burger Places

      Five Guys: 79 (+1) Whataburger: 4 (-1) In-N-Out: 13
    15. [2018] Conference Finals

      Was going to say that but just for shits and giggles lets go with: Lightning in 7 Knights in 7