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  1. Lots of hype, getting close to winning but never completely getting there.... so maybe Tech? Edit: although with the recent DIXon signing it may be Rice....
  2. Franklin Holloway or Blake Burns OLB University here I come.
  3. I love the rpg element but each of these elements are exponentially making it more difficult for newer coaches to compete with older coaches. As the youngest coach in the Large Dozen I am already at a disadvantage and am now being dug into a deeper hole with coaching skills and these extra perks. Trust me I am all for RPG and think it definitely adds a layer of complexity and intrigue but this builds a bigger barrier to entry for coaches looking to join and stay competitive.
  4. Poor grad student up in here like....
  5. It was not continued this year sadly. Smacks would be singing the swan song of his people because of some missed FGs
  6. Hey y'all I will be closing the survey this week. If you started but didn't finish you can still fill it out. Usernames will be coded on the back end so everything is confidential. I would really appreciate it if we got a few more. https://baylor.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_bq1RRW5zqdcjRGZ It would be really cool if we could get a few more responses!
  7. Weak! Looks like you only recruited like half the year. SMH.
  8. Who would've thought cutting Olmsted lose was the key all along.
  9. When the scheme change works....
  10. Thanks bud! Yeah I'm so excited for this!! I'll make sure to post some preliminary results, but it would be great to get a few more people to take it so we can really draw a good map.
  11. We are at about 32 people now. If we can get to around 50 that would be great to be able to represent a larger portion of the site. I should be able to do some pretty cool stuff if we can get enough.
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