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  1. #coachspeak at max levels here.
  2. tprochnow

    Update your team wiki pages for a reward!

    I think I got mine but how do I change the colors?
  3. tprochnow

    What do you look like?

    I'll be in Chicago in two weeks.
  4. tprochnow

    Adoption Story and AMA

    Still not going to feel bad for beating you @HAFFnHAFF. For real, great story Congrats!
  5. tprochnow

    Update your team wiki pages for a reward!

    Sic'em http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Baylor_Bears
  6. Thanks for this Bingo! It really is nice to see the story behind the names here. Basically I've been a lonewolf and a perfectionist most of my life. I am a huge extrovert on the outside, everyone knows me, can talk my way into and out of most situations but I don't have many close friends that really know me. I've worked hard graduated undergrad and my masters early while holding down a full time gig as a recreation manager. I put a lot of pressure on myself which manifested in a lot of bad ways. Anxiety and depression kicked in hard. Had past relationships tell me that I "wouldn't be a good father if I was depressed". Obviously not a good relationship anyway. But I'm afraid shit like that trained me to not have feelings moving forward. Jumping ahead in the story I was feeling apathetic like most of you @Soluna , content good job good friends fine life but needed more. So I went back for my PhD on a total whim. I've been a lot better lately more challenged lots of new things to learn and do. But I'm not sure if its a temporary fix or actually fixed. Worried that those feelings or rather lack of feelings will come back. I can echo mcgills post on jobs after PhD is terrifying after all that work. TL:DR - Apathy seems to come and go but is normal TL:DR - This community is pretty cool Thanks for listening TL:DR - I'm just a TucanSoda alt sent from the future to keep Baylor warm while he's at Utah State.
  7. tprochnow


    Bump for a friend! Good luck bud! Thought you might like taking UNLV from the bottom up but oh well.
  8. tprochnow

    [2021] Bowl Games - Day #12

    mostly playing better teams.....
  9. Congrats to Fox Kemp and @Pskeate. I would like to think I had alot nothing to do with that.
  10. tprochnow

    [2021] Bowl Games - Day #9

    Thanks bud you too! Really thought I had a chance in this one. Couldn't find a way to really stop you, no sacks, not like my linebackers. Line will be better overall and experience helps. I'll be back next year.
  11. Im going to say Utah State here. @ZackTyzwyz did a heck of a job recruiting and @TuscanSota is no slouch out there.
  12. tprochnow

    Daily Discussion: Talk about Dynamic Duos

    @Time and AW3 Too soon?
  13. tprochnow

    [2021] Texas Announces New Head Coach

    Thats what he did for the Baylor job. He couldn't do it twice in a row....
  14. tprochnow

    CFBHC v1.5c

    I don't think it would be fair to do it for last years since it was scheduled in pre-rule era. Also if this is on for next year I think we should re-open OOC scheduling as I would definitely schedule differently with this rule.
  15. tprochnow

    Wyoming Goes Bowling

    Doug Dimmadome Owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome Press - "First of all great first campaign here coach. Who do you hope to see in an opponent? And with this early success what are you looking at for goals next season?"