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  1. Boston College: 180 (-5) Syracuse: 30 (+5) Pittsburgh: 45
  2. Is there any other way to shop in academy sports and outdoors?
  3. Offense: 14 Defense: 14 Special Teams: 8 Clock Mgmt: 8 Discipline: 8 Youth Mgmt: 14 2024 Adjustments: +1/+1/0/-1/-1/+2 Traits after 2023: 13/13/9/8/9/12
  4. Haha Oh damn! Carroll actually didn't join the CCIW until after I stopped playing but small world! Should've known you would've been around there!!
  5. Carthage College BS Exercise Science and Management - 2013 Carthage College M.Ed Leadership - 2015 (DIII What up???) Baylor University PhD Health Promotion - 2021
  6. Vivid


    @NateTheGreat is spot on. Try to trade with something that makes you feel good but isn't harmful (don't trade it for another bad habit). Working out, fruit, gum, running, something that might help take your mind off things. Good luck Bud you aren't alone in this for sure! If you've seen any of these I'm sorry for reposting: https://truthinitiative.org/press/press-release/first-its-kind-free-e-cigarette-quit-program-now-available-young-vapers-looking https://www.cnet.com/how-to/how-to-quit-vaping-for-good/
  7. Still need like 10 more people to take the survey https://bit.ly/CFBHCsurvey Please Help!!

  8. Yeah... I mean I feel like we would be chill but boring
  9. Just wanted to try to bump this. We really need about 15-20 more responses to really make this happen for my dissertation project. Please help! This is a different survey (similar though) to the one a few months back so even if you did the last one I really need help for this one too!
  10. I figured I would drop a line in here to explain my recent lack of presence on here. Grad school has been tough both work wise and socially. My program is really splintered and I really don't have an "co-workers". Meanwhile I'm very busy trying to publish and do conference presentations which is basically how you are judged on getting a job. I was in the middle of exams both written (four straight days of 8 hours of writing roughly 25 pages a day) and oral (hour and a half for the professors to grill you). Then I split with my girlfriend in the middle of a ton other work which is probably for
  11. Sorry bud... Its a rule unfortunately
  12. Hey Everyone, Some of you may remember I sent out a survey to help me with some classes last year. My supervisor loved it and I was able to do some good stuff with it. With the COVID cancellations I have had to scrap my entire dissertation. With your help, I can get back on track and turn this into a larger project. I would really appreciate your help! I would like to invite you to take a brief 20 minute survey on your experiences on the site and with your fellow users. We would like to know about you and the type of social support that might be available on a site like
  13. Hey Yall, I'm hoping to do this again if yall wouldn't mind helping me out. This Covid stuff has killed my dissertation and this would really help out. I can post the link later today or tomorrow
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