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  1. The Browns select: Puppercare Field (through 2027): +15 stadium upgrade and +5 practice funds immediately; +5 personal wealth at the beginning of 2025, 2026, 2027. Woof woof
  2. GG @Rome and co. A loss has never felt so good... I don't think I need to explain why either! Haha.
  3. Cleveland Browns vote Yay (1 influence) @Hagan
  4. @jmjacobs the Browns will select packet one (1)
  5. Yayyyy , congrats @Dean
  6. Nay (3 influence) I'm with alien on this. I like the idea just think it may be worth a bit more than end of 7th rounder. @npklemm
  7. Unlucky @acewulf was always gonna be a tough game for Fisher coming straight into a new offense and starting out the gate, no matter who you played this week. All the best for the rest of the season
  8. A lot left to be desired here. Its been a rough season for our golden son but we will not lose faith in him. Next year is about continuing to develop a supporting cast, at the moment it's evidently very bare bones. Defensively we are content though, which is nice. GG Steelers. As I said in my preview, a great roster, and a very strong divisional rival.
  9. Sean Bell rushes for his opening touchdown against the Texans, week 6. Berea, OH. Dumpster fire, no more? After one of the most underwhelming seasons of recent years in 2023, hopes in Cleveland for the masses was at a pretty low point. Let's not forget that this team was a Sean Bell away from the first ever 0-16 season. Previews around the league in the off-season had the Browns tipped for another tough year, to be riddled with losses and poor performances, and it couldn't really be disputed. There were no ways to reasonably justify any other prediction base
  10. Packet 1: 3 Practice Funds, 2 Influence Funds, 1 Stadium Upgrade Funds, 1 Media Funds Packet 2: 2 Medical Funds, 1 Influence Funds, 2 Stadium Upgrade Funds, 3 Media Funds Enjoy @joedchi
  11. GG Miami. We have a ways to go offensively but so impressed with our defense this year so far. We play defense in the Dawg Pound.
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