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  1. This means we wouldn’t be the worst team in the league this year, which means progress. Me likey progress.
  2. Kirby


    You haven’t seen me play yet
  3. Kirby


    Not sure how many of you use twitch but would be super grateful if you would give me a follow: https://www.twitch.tv/themrmeanor/ Going live for the first time on Wednesday. Will be regularly streaming poker. I’ll follow anyone back that follows me of course
  4. Because at the time to me it seemed like a drastic change in attitude but clearly as I said a moment ago, I read the situation wrong. I could of totally squashed that and the Jacobs incident but I haven’t have i, I’ve literally just brought both up and admitted I was likely wrong on both incidents. i have to sleep now anyway guys
  5. No no do it. But be careful because all I’m saying is, if this ends up with me lynched then it’s you that’s spearheaded it and you’ve basically just put a target on yourself because I’m as town as anyone here can be
  6. I don’t even know what this means tbh I meant I was suspicious of him when he dropped the information and mentioned three guards. If I missed that line amongst the yano, 40 odd pages that I woke up to the next day, then my apologies
  7. Just that he seems to be spearheading most lynch trains and the fact is, the only person I know is town is myself. But frankly I’m not confident in voting anyone right now as it’s barely been discussed but I have to vote someone! Or else I’m gone anyway. So as I say, it’s not personal, and if the group decides to lynch someone else during my absence then my vote has no impact anyway.
  8. I mean, does it really say a lot to you? I think you are clutching at straws here. Clearly multiple people have told me to vote before I sleep to not get mod killed
  9. It’s not just been a calling a few people neutral though has it...
  10. I felt like he was playing too good to be true at the time but once again, as with Hagan, I was proven to be wrong quite quickly and I accepted that but I was just throwing ideas out there, yano, rocking the boat as you put it.
  11. Don’t know how, I felt my argument was valid when I first said it until it was proven not to be valid.
  12. My calling out of Jacobs must of never happened then. Or before that of Hagan. Even though both were against the grain. And both probably completely wrong.
  13. @Jamzz I literally called Jacobs out when everyone else was following his lead. Ultimately I was wrong but to say I have been neutral is just wrong and seems like you are pushing for something here. Good luck cos if I get lynched off your lead then you’ll be next when the result comes back
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