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    1. Kirby

      [2021] Week #16 - Saturday Afternoon

      And that was all she wrote! 7-5 though... we’ll take that
    2. With recruiting drawing to a close now, it’s time to delve deeper into next years rookie class! First up, we will be focusing on top recruit, Ohio’s own pitbull pass rusher, Micah Bean. We will be giving an insight into the players life until now, where they see themselves in the next couple seasons, and we will also touch base with Coach Kirby. Without further ado, here is Micah Bean’s Tale of the Tape: MICAH BEAN Hailing from Euclid, OHIO Outside Linebacker/EDGE Rusher FAVOURITE NFL TEAM? ”You’re going to laugh but i’m a Bears fan through and through. My pap is from Chicago and my mum is an Ohio native so it was either the Browns or Bears growing up and well, that choice was pretty easy! My pap used to take me to the games as often as he could and without his influence I probably wouldn’t be here right now”. BIGGEST INFLUENCE? ”Hundred percent my father. He has always pushed me to be the best person, the best athlete, and the best role model possible to my younger brother and sister. If you ask any of my team mates, old or new, they will tell you I’m the first guy on the training pitch and the last guy off, and that comes straight from the foundations man. My dad drilled that into me from my early days”. FAVOURITE POST GAME MEAL? ”Depends if we win or lose. But probably Benihana. You can’t beat oriental food”. WHAT IMPACT DO YOU SEE YOURSELF HAVING AT BOWLING GREEN? ”I’m here to grind. I’m expecting nothing to be given to me and I’m going to earn my place in the squad. This is a process. Hard work, DEDICATION. You feel me? I want to be a monster in the dressing room, and on the field. I want to inspire my team mates and strike fear into the opposition. The Bean is coming baby, be ready”. FINAL WORDS TO THE FANS? ”See y’all real soon. Bowl bound this year without me and this ain’t no fluke. BGSU are here to stay”. Finally we had a quick chat with Coach Kirby who had this to say about Micah Bean: ”I love his enthusiasm for the game. He may seem like this super confident chap, and he is, but he’s also grounded beyond belief. He recognises that this really is going to be a process. When I first met Micah he shook my hand and said ‘I’m ready to work for this, Sir’. I don’t doubt it at all, this kids the real deal”. JOIN US NEXT WEEK WHEN WE HAVE ANOTHER TALE OF THE TAPE EXCLUSIVE COMING YOUR WAY.
    3. Kirby

      CMV: Non-site stuff

      Once Upon a Time in America is one of my favourites. Nooooodles.
    4. My boys representing this week! #FalconsNation Thanks for the votes
    5. Kirby

      [2021] Week #14 - TNF

      Thank you both
    6. Underestimated is how we like it! 7-3 here we come. #RiseOfTheFalcons
    7. Kirby

      Heal/Harm: Fast Food Burger Places

      McDonalds 3 (+1) Wendys 8 Sonic 7 Jack in the Box 10 hardees Carl’s Jr. 5 Five Guys 18 (-1) whataburger 20 White Castle 10 in n out 17
    8. Kirby

      [2021] Week #11 - 1 PM

      Shea had really solid numbers this week too
    9. Kirby

      [2021] Week #11 - 1 PM

    10. Defo in on this!
    11. Kirby

      CFBHC Pick'em

      Thursday Night (3 Games) Syracuse (5-2) at Clemson (3-4)* Marshall (4-4) at Western Kentucky (5-2)* Tennessee (4-4) at Washington (4-3) Friday Night (3 Games) Cincinnati (4-4) at UCF (3-4)* Central Michigan (4-3) at Miami (OH) (5-2)* BYU (4-3) at Northern Illinois (3-4) Saturday Morning (3 Games) Georgia Tech (3-4) at Pittsburgh (3-5)* Rutgers (3-4) at Ohio State (7-1)* Western Michigan (7-0) at Akron (3-4)* Saturday Afternoon (3 Games) Baylor (4-3) at Oklahoma (5-2)* Louisiana Tech (3-4) at Florida Atlantic (3-4)* Washington State (4-3) at UCLA (5-2)* Saturday Evening (8 Games) Notre Dame (4-3) at Navy (5-2) Duke (5-2) at Miami (FL) (4-3)* Oklahoma State (5-2) at Texas (5-3)* Maryland (6-1) at Indiana (4-3)* Purdue (7-0) at Illinois (6-2)* Nevada (7-0) at Air Force (7-0)* Hawaii (5-2) at San Diego State (5-2)* Florida (6-1) vs. Georgia (5-2) (EverBank Field, Jacksonville, FL)*
    12. Kirby

      [2021] Week #10 - SNF

      It'll come guys... lets go Colts! #ColtsForged @npklemm @constapatedape
    13. WEEK 10 Eastern Michigan Eagles 45 - 38 FALCONS HOME LOSS 5-3 overall - 2021 season "COACH TODAY YOUR WINNING STREAK WAS SNAPPED, IN A HIGHLY ENTERTAINING MATCH UP WITH EASTERN MICHIGAN. WHAT WERE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE GAME?" COACH KIRBY: "I'm under no illusions here, this is a process. Did I believe we was going to win this week? Of course I did. But we will learn from this. If you look at the stats, it was a close game. Real close. They just beat us to the punch by the smallest margin. Their quarterback put on a show too, so credit to that guy." "AS A FAN IT IS CLEAR THAT WE HAVE NO PROBLEMS SCORING POINTS, BUT WE SEEM TO BE CONCEDING FAR TO MANY. DON'T YOU AGREE?" COACH KIRBY: "Every team has it's strengths and it's weaknesses. Yes, we are scoring points, and yes, we are giving too many up. Myself and the coaching staff will be going to the drawing board this week to try and drill the defence." "MOVING FORWARD YOU'VE GOT A BYE NEXT WEEK, AND THEN YOU HOST THE 0-7 KENT STATE TEAM. CONFIDENT?" COACH KIRBY: "I think this week shows that football is a game of inches and no opponent can be taken lightly. Do I expect us to beat Kent State? Yes. But we will not take them lightly, I can assure you of that." "THANKS COACH. WE WON'T KEEP YOU ANY LONGER AS RESPECT YOU'VE GOT A BUSY DAY OF TAPE TO REVIEW." COACH KIRBY: "No worries, take it easy." FALCON OF THE WEEK: BRANDON LOCKHART (WIDE-RECEIVER)
    14. Kirby

      2018 CFBHCVISION Interest

      I’m in
    15. WEEK 9 Buffalo Bulls 28 - 31 FALCONS HOME WIN 5-2 overall - 2021 season "COACH, YOU HAVE JUST MOVED TO 5-2 FOR THE SEASON AND HAVE WON YOUR FIFTH GAME ON THE BOUNCE. HOW ARE YOU FINDING IT IN BOWLING GREEN NOW YOU'VE GOT YOUR FIRST COUPLE OF MATCHES IN CHARGE UNDER YOUR BELT?" COACH KIRBY: "It feels great to be here. We may not be one of the biggest colleges in football but the atmosphere at our games, is unrivalled in my opinion. The fans, the players, and all of the staff, go to war each week and battle like their lives depend on it. To have the opportunity to grow this side is one that I am extremely grateful for." "IT WAS A CLOSE GAME RIGHT UP UNTIL THE END, AND YOU TRAILED BY 14 POINTS HEADING INTO THE SECOND HALF. WHAT DID YOU SAY TO THE PLAYERS IN THE BREAK?" COACH KIRBY: "I told them to just stick to the fundamentals and keep plugging away. It's funny because even when we was losing, I just had a feeling inside that we were playing the better football and we would go on and win the game. We were 21-7 down at half time. Not many teams have the will power to dig themselves out the hole and come back from that but I didn't doubt my boys for a second. What they are showing me on the training ground day by day, week to week, and what they are managing to produce on the field... it's pretty special." "EDDIE CONNELLY HAD A HECK OF A GAME. HE THREW TWO TOUCHDOWNS, AND NABBED HIS OWN RUSHING TOUCH DOWN. PASSING AND RUSHING COMBINED HE ALMOST HIT THE 400 YARD MARK. YOU MUST BE IMPRESSED?" COACH KIRBY: "When Eddie plays well, we win. It's as simple as that. He's a fantastic player and it's going to be a shame when we moves on to the NFL at the end of this season. Whichever team picks him up is going to be lucky because his football IQ is second to none and his work rate is underdeniable. He is always the first guy on the training park and he's always the last one to leave. He's a winner, and it's a pleasure to coach him." "NEXT WEEK YOU STAY AT HOME AND HOST A RESURGENT EASTERN MICHIGAN SIDE IN WHAT LOOKS SET TO BE A REAL SCRAP OF TWO SEEMINGLY IN FORM TEAMS. WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS HEADING INTO THIS GAME, AND CAN YOU GIVE US YOUR PREDICTION?" COACH KIRBY: "It's great to see other MAC teams doing well, as strange as that may sound. What @tsweezy is doing at Eastern Michigan is really impressive and I take my hat off to him. My boys are gunning for six wins on the spin and his are going for their third, so it looks like it's going to be a good one for the neutrals. Their quarterback is coming off an impressive week, so it's going to be important that we nullify him. Prediction? I don't like to tempt fate but I believe in my boys and can see our sixth win in a row coming next week, that's all i'm willing to say on that matter." "YOU MANAGED TO SECURE A GREAT PROSPECT THIS WEEK IN OUTSIDE LINEBACKER MICAH BEAN. HAVE YOU HAD A CHANCE TO SPEAK TO HIM FORMALLY YET SINCE THE NEWS BROKE, AND WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS WITH HIM FOR NEXT SEASON AND ON?" COACH KIRBY: "I said to you last week that we were getting the wheels in motion for a few big steals in recruiting, and Micah is just the first chip on a poker board that is yet to be filled. We had a brief chat two nights ago and I just love the kids enthusiasm and passion for the game. He's likely going to sit next year out while we redshirt him, but when he does eventually play he has the potential to go far in the game. If you watch his tape, he's a real brute and I see him as a perfect edge rusher moving forward." "JUCO RECRUITING IS DUE TO START SOON AND THERE'S RUMOURS THAT MORE THAN ONE PLAYER HAS A PREFERENCE TO PLAY IN BOWLING GREEN. WHO CATCHES YOUR EYE?" COACH KIRBY: "That would be telling. You'll have to wait and see i'm afraid." THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME COACH, AND WELCOME TO BOWLING GREEN. FALCON OF THE WEEK: EDDIE CONNELLY (QUARTERBACK)