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  1. The community is really strong for 2019 man I play in TGC Tours it’s awesome!
  2. The Golf Club 2019. It’s a game I can play for hours and never get bored, much like in real life it’s also got a really deep learning curve and is not easy, unlike the EA golf games that are playable with your eyes closed.
  3. Wild thaaaang. AFC represent!!
  4. Finished where we started!! Roll on next season. Can’t wait to get Sir Finn out there Thanks for the awesome content throughout @Jieret
  5. Congrats both teams, two great coaches and two great seasons! Hats off to my fellow Dawgggg, @SolutionA, you rock dude!!
  6. Really awesome write up man @Jieret! Loved seeing your insight into each team and how they may line up. Roll on next season!!
  7. Kirby


    Welcome dude, the FCS commissioner will be along to deal with your application. @SolutionA
  8. Two great teams with two great coaches! Good luck guys @SolutionA @Suffocation
  9. What a nail biter!!! Awesome game
  10. I’m big, round, and pink. Nope... it’s just my surname.
  11. This is a great hire, best of luck @Dr_Novella Looking forward to our many battles to come!
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