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    1. It takes big business to get McDonalds talking about it, and big business is what this is. Cleveland residents rejoice, as "McRice" has arrived. For a limited time only, residents of Cleveland, Ohio, will be able to visit any of the 57 stores within the city boundaries, and get themselves a tasty McRice meal. If you are wondering why McDonalds have decided to run with this limited time offer, and why it's restricted to only Cleveland residents, we have one question to pose to you... have you been living under a rock for the past week? The Cleveland Browns officially signed former Jacksonville Jaguars defensive end Ron Rice in the first wave of free agency, and in 2026 he looks set to line up on the opposite side to Cleveland Browns legend Ray McBride. For the first season in recent memory, the Browns should hopefully be able to generate some pressure off the edge, as the pair of 10 year veterans look set to try reak havoc on opposing offensive lines. The new duo, dubbed from this day forward as "McRice", entered the league at the same time, and look set to probably sail off into the sunset together, whenever that day may come. Rice will join a plethora of new signings in Cleveland this year, who have not been shy in splashing the cash as the Browns finally look for some kind of relevency after multiple years of living in the shadows. DeSean Dockery joins the roster, who had an impressive year last year, in the hopes of finally bringing back a rushing attack reminiscent of the Sean Bell era, which was probably the worst unit in the league last year. Along with these, the Browns have also brought in talented, young Tight End Sebastian Babb, who the Browns are hoping can be a safety net for star quarterback Zach Lombardi, as well as adding further depth in the secondary, the trenches, and at wide receiver. However, no signing has generated as much local praise as the Ron Rice signing, and Cleveland fans around the city are absolutely loving it. All eyes now turn to the Draft, where the Browns are selecting #4 overall, and are no doubt excited to further add to their developing roster. So what should you do while waiting for the draft? It's simple Cleveland fans... get down to your local McDonalds, and enjoy your McRice. #DAWGPOUND
    2. Browns vote yay (0 influence) @Darman
    3. Personally prefer NFL logos, mainly because that's the main focal point of the site now.
    4. Terrence Plummer with that big dick energy
    5. Kirby

      Cleveland Browns

      2026 Roster Coaches Active Roster (X/55) Practice Squad (0/12) Injured Reserve (0)
    6. Love this! Excited to see how you do at the Saints @Rocketcan
    7. I'd defo like to be an AD but I'd like to be an AD for a different school (ideally FSU if they were available...) Edit: I'll take Clemson if not claimed by Emp. If he returns then i'll take UCF in da Big 12 pls.
    8. Smiles in Cleveland. Congrats to JSD and Antonio on being the first two pro bowlers since I took ownership. It's been quite the wait lol.
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