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  1. I absolutely suck at CoD and I haven’t played it in years, but I used to fuck with CoD 4 and MW2 when it came out back in the day so I’m definitely going to pick this new one up! It looks pretty good from the videos I’ve seen.
  2. Tight bastard!! Suffocation is correct though, it isn’t as expected of you to tip over here. I personally tip in most restaurants, as long as I have cash with me (not all restaurants over here give you an option to add gratuity via card) and the service and food was reasonable. I also tip at the barbers, amongst other places, if I’m happy with the results.
  3. I can function on quite little sleep but I do enjoy my sleep. It’s all totally dependant on what I’m doing the next day. However I’ll never really go to sleep early, usually I’ll just sleep longer and get up later (time permitting).
  4. Berea, OH. It seems like time is finally running out for starting quarterback Jordan North. Hopes were relatively high (at least not 0-6) from the Cleveland Front Office going into this season. They decided to make the bold move to part ways with perennial starter Ryan Clark, and in turn opt for the young North to take over the starting job, however, through six games the Browns are currently winless and have really been competitive in only one game, on the road to the Giants, which they ultimately still lost. This week Cleveland announced the free agent acquisition of Doug Kirby, who is a five year veteran of the NFL, and whom is also rumoured to be a distant relative of Owner/Head Coach Kirby. Coach Kirby had the following to say on the situation: "We've got a bye week now to try and work this out, and then we come back to two big divisional games. It would be silly to say that Doug will come straight in and start, because as a Quarterback it's just not easy to plug and play. However, don't be surprised if we make that move after the Baltimore game if Jordan fails to impress us. That being said, I've had a quiet word with JN (Jordan North). He knows what is required of him in that game and going forward, and he seems like he is up for the challenge. If he shows us more, then we will have a big decision to make. We are going to give him this opportunity now, to try and win us back over, because the fact is through six games he's really struggled to make any plays worth noting. No team sets out to go 0-16 before the season starts and right now we are sitting winless through six games. We still have some winnable fixtures coming up and it's our job to execute and get that 0 off our name. I just want the fans to know, we are determined to right this ship. In hindsight, we may have jumped the gun a bit fast with starting Jordan, and for that we have to take some of the burden. I do however have the utmost confidence in my players, including Jordan, and my fellow staff members, to get things going in the right direction." North has completed only 53% of his passes so far through six games, however what is even more concerning is that he has thrown 11 interceptions to only 5 touchdowns. These are simply not NFL level numbers and it wouldn't surprise us if Cleveland decides to pass the torch to the more seasoned Kirby in the coming weeks, unless North can show flashes of the talent that he does have in there somewhere. #DawgPound
  5. I am a loser. For now. 2025....... now we talking
  6. The Battle of the Willy: Willy Hill - Offensive Tackle Who will win the Willy? In one corner we have @tsweezy and in the other corner we have @Osu Only one can win and claim... the Willy.
  7. Finny don’t like to winny atm, although it’s not really his fault. I feel for my boy, don’t worry soldier, reinforcements are coming. We got absolutely man handled on the ground defensively. No burgers today kids.
  8. Didn’t think it was possible to be struggling more than last year but here we are!! I feel a bit sorry for Sir Finn as he doesn’t have much of a supporting cast but I bought him a burger last night and we chatted about how I’m working on giving him a tangible roster. He’s happy. Excited for crooting to start this week so I can continue to try fill the rest of the voids!
  9. FINN LEONARD. Yes it's been a relatively rough start but come on now, my team is pretty damn loose right now.
  10. Great game, so close to completing the comeback! Good game @Dean and co. Best of luck for your season.
  11. Ok I’m drunk whatever. WE DA BROWNS BE IT THIS YEAR, or NEXT YEAR, or TEN SEASONS, we will REIGN. one day.
  12. Our O Line is decent and our running back is good. No idea why we refuse to run the ball...
  13. Rough game for Mr North. However, promising debut for Mr Braxton. The D in general played well, which is pleasing. Good game LAC. Best of luck with your season.
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