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  1. Salt Lake City, UT. FOOTBALL IS BACK. Kind of. Today marked the return of the great game in the form of the annual Spring Football game right here in Salt Lake City. The Utes fielded a Red Team, and a White Team, and Coach Kirby opted to put his starting offense against his starting defense, because let's face it, it's no fun if they are playing on the same team in Spring. All eyes were firmly on sophomore Quarterback Finn Leonard as fans around the city and beyond are hoping to see him make a significant Sophomore Leap this year and lead the Utes to a more successful season. We just need to win more than two games... a number that has plagued us over the last two seasons. Finn Leonard did not disappoint. It was an all out air assault as Leonard threw for 325 yards, and a clean 3 TD's to 0 picks. A great day at the offense for the young talisman, and his second year chemistry with star receiver Zain Hyde looks to be taking shape nicely. Sophomore running back Bronson Love also cracked 100 rushing yards which will certainly please coaching staff as he struggled mightily last year as a true freshman. We caught up with Coach Kirby on the sidelines after the game to hear his thoughts: "It's awesome to be back here coaching my boys, and i've got to say, it feels good to be on the winning team for a change." FeElS GoOd tO bE On ThE WiNnInG TeAm Coach smiles, it's clear that the comment is made in jest. "On a serious note, today felt great. We wanted to try a bunch of new things out and we got a lot more in detail with our gameplanning. Finn is a great kid and his enthusiasm for the game makes life as a coach pretty easy. Today was the start of his journey this season. I'm super excited to see this Finn / Zain duo continue to grow throughout the year." We then went on to ask Coach about his teams aims for the season: "Y'know, it's a difficult question because we have to be realistic here. We play in a fantastic conference, with some great teams, and as a unit we are still building. Right now, honestly, our aim will be to get to three wins, and to get there as quickly as possible. That shows growth and from there it will give us to opportunity to continue to adjust our goals as far as we possibly can. I'm not going to stand here and say we're going to the play-offs, because it would be total false promises. It's possible, anything is, but i'm not in the game of setting unrealistic expectations. What I can say though, is that we are building a very strong roster and locker room culture, and we have a lot more pieces this year than we have the last two years so am I confident we can have our best year yet? You're damn right I am." In regards to his defense, Coach voiced his opinions: "The defense was at virtual full strength barring a couple of our new highly touted recruits that I wanted to give valuable snaps against the starting offense before they redshirt this year. I was impressed, especially with Freddie Lawrence. Ha'Sean was great too but I had already had a chat with him prior and he was aware that he was not going to be redshirting this year and that he would in fact be starting. Freddie will however be redshirting. It was great to see him play well and i'm stoked to see the pairing of him and Ha'Sean terrorising offenses together in 2025." So, what next? "I think i'm going to go have a cold one, put my feet up, and watch the NFLHC Draft that's coming up soon. It looks set to be a good one, I must say." It was all smiles around the Rice-Eccles Stadium. A fun day for players, coaches, and fans, and the vibe going into the new season is that of Optimism. This team has the talent to take the game to anyone and we can't wait to see them get to work. #UTES
  2. Sir Finn bout to make us win more than two games this season. I’m excited.
  3. Kirby

    [2024] Spring Games

    Utah is ready
  4. Awesome as always mate! Love these updates. Thanks for making it easy to follow the FCS if not involved @Suffocation Tongues out
  5. Yesssssir! Has to be done mate hahaha @brightfalls
  6. “The running game hasn't been there either” ^^ Sean Bell after hearing this in your earlier report
  7. After an intense couple of days in Cleveland interviewing potential candidates for the vacant scouting role, Owner @Kirby today announced that the search was over, and the Threesome was officially becoming a Foursome. Without further ado, the Browns and all of us in the Dawg Pound are pleased to welcome new Chief of Scouting @LAX to the organisation. We managed to catch up with our Owner for a quick word on the hire and what this means for the all important off-season: "I'd like to just start by saying thank you to everyone who applied for the role. We had an overwhelmingly positive response to our job advert and i'm confident that the unsuccessful candidates will find their way into the NFLHC. That being said, we are thrilled to be bringing LAX on board here in Cleveland. He has a wealth of experience, both at college and at the pros, and the insight he provided in his interview was second to none. We have a very busy period coming up now. As I touched on last time we spoke, it's imperative that we make the most of this off-season and put the building blocks in place for the now, and for the future. I'm confident that with the work ethic that LAX is going to bring into the scouting department, we won't miss a beat. I'm excited to see what LAX can bring to the table and myself, @brightfalls and @Suffocation are pleased to welcome him into the office with us". Somethings definitely brewing in Cleveland, and we here at Cleveland Browns Daily like what we are seeing. Stay hungry, Dawgs! #DAWGPOUND
  8. The 2023 NFLHC season is officially over. One to forget for our Browns? Quite possibly. But don't be too worried fellow Dawgs... the future is bright, the future is Orange. With that said, Kirby, our beloved Owner (and awfully unsatisfactory previous Head Coach) today announced that the Browns are seeking a new Head Scout, to act as a complimentary piece to the threesome currently in office. The Head Scout will initially be tasked with assisting General Manager @brightfalls in the off-season and build up to the Draft, by gathering important information on prospects of interest and providing valuable data. With the #1 pick, and all of our further picks in tact, it is important that we, as a franchise, take full advantage of this position and leave no stone unturned. Following the off-season and as we move into the regular season, our new Head Scout will then be expected to contribute by gathering information on our opponents on a week to week basis for Head Coach @Suffocation to review prior to game planning. Therefore having, or being willing to develop a keen knowledge of the NFLHC players and teams is essential. This is a great opportunity for someone to get a foot into the NFLHC. The Browns are urging anyone that believes they have what it takes to message Owner @Kirby with their statement of intent. #DAWGPOUND
  9. Man. PAC lost a good one. Best of luck mate @ndunkelbarger69
  10. Gonna bump this up. I’m excited for this to kick off Saturday. Hopefully it isn’t a crap shoot. Who are you all going to be pulling for and what’s your predictions? I am routing for the Defenders (I’ve backed them to win it all)! Think they are gonna put up some serious points on offense. Cardale Jones got some weapons to work with, by XFL standards anyway...
  11. My O line is shocking next season so I may look to play a Traditional LS at C. I'm also curious what the penalty incurred would be.
  12. I think it’s only me and @Suffocation from the UK. But if there’s any more of us, holla at ya boys!!
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