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  1. Ok I’m drunk whatever. WE DA BROWNS BE IT THIS YEAR, or NEXT YEAR, or TEN SEASONS, we will REIGN. one day.
  2. Our O Line is decent and our running back is good. No idea why we refuse to run the ball...
  3. Rough game for Mr North. However, promising debut for Mr Braxton. The D in general played well, which is pleasing. Good game LAC. Best of luck with your season.
  4. An opportunity awaits...
  5. Kirby

    CFBHCVision XX

    Aitch - Taste (Make It Shake) Bit of the young UK grime scene for you all.
  6. A win is a win. Well played to Coachless Utah State. You came, and you tried your hardest. Credit to the boysssss. 1-0 baby, we made it.
  7. Defo interested in a meet up but i'd need much more notice unfortunately!!
  8. Mr Meanor. If ya know... ya know
  9. Key Newcomers: QB Finn Leonard, RB Finn Leonard Honestly it’s tempting to just have him do everything —————————— Really great work as always @Jieret this is such a fun feature to read. Good luck to all my PAC-12 brothers this season, let’s make it a good one!!
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