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  1. Proud of the lads this week, a great effort against a great team... GG @Nmize0
  2. Proud of the lads this week, a great effort against a great team... GG @Nmize0
  3. Zach, have yourself a day boi. Great game for the neutrals too. GG Pats @Piercewise1@GigemAgs
  4. Cleveland Browns place on Long Term IR: TE Jacob Darby 6-0 223 2 Illinois [Blocking] [+1] 78 Suffered severe achilles tendonitis Pre season week 3
  5. Finn Leonard. That is all.
  6. Browns place: WR Prince Malone 6-3 221 R Toledo [Target] [-2] [#] 76 on long term IR Suffered severe ACL Rupture in rookie camp
  7. The Cleveland Browns organisation would like to spend 20 SU Funds to upgrade our turf to: Artificial Turf (20 funds): -20% injury likelihood, -30% weather impact, +10% home field skill gain
  8. @Rome Packet 1: 2 Personal Wealth, 3 Stadium Upgrade Funds, 2 Influence Funds, 1 Media Fund Packet 2: 3 Stadium Upgrade Funds, 1 Practice Fund, 1 Medical Fund, 2 Influence Funds
  9. Hmm, I'm okay I guess. I have good days and bad days... Like most people. Sometimes I feel positive about my future, and other times I feel the opposite. I guess it just takes time and patience.
  10. I think Cunningham at 11 was great value. Excited to see what he does his rookie year in Jacksonville.
  11. Clay vs Barfield... can't wait to see it unfold
  12. I think England is gonna have a big year in TB, so I'd vote him as my DROY pre season betting favourite. OROY is a bit tougher to predict imo. I think JWJ is set up to succeed straight away in Green Bay so he is probably my pre season betting favourite at this stage.
  13. Nice hire, best of luck @Tranquility !!
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