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  1. We’ve returned kicks/punts really well this season. The cult hero Art Vogt continues to impress.
  2. Berea, OH. Following the departure of @SolutionA from the Cleveland Browns organisation, the Dawg Pound are pleased to announce the immediate hire of @Suffocation as the teams Head Scout. A prestigious coach at the FCS level with James Madison Dukes, Suffocation guided JMU to an FCS Championship game last season. Speaking with the Cleveland Herald, Browns Owner Kirby had the following to say: "First and foremost i'd like to wish SolutionA the very best of luck in Los Angeles. He is a heck of a dude and i'm just glad we will only have to face his side once every four years. However, we are very excited to have Suffocation on board with myself and @brightfalls. He is one heck of a talent and the sky really is the limit for him here in this organisation. I've always had a lot of mutual respect for him being a fellow Brit but his results don't lie. He is a winner and that is something that we are on a mission to installing into this organisation all the way to the core." The Browns are currently 0-10, and Coach Kirby is yet to guide the team to a single victory this season. With starting Quarterback Jordan North now injured for the season, it looks to only get rougher coming into the home stretch. It will be interesting to see next season if Kirby passes the coaching reigns to Suffocation and steps back to just being an advisory owner to both the GM and Head Coach, similar to the Indianapolis Colts Front Office set up, which is something that is familiar to Kirby having previously worked there. #DAWGPOUND
  3. Best of luck in Los Angeles, my friend. @taffyowner you got a good one here!
  4. Barry Fourskyn - Cleveland Herald " @SolutionA - Can you confirm or deny that you sold explicit information to oppositions during your time in Cleveland? Also, is it true that you put wet fish in Jordan North's locker because he 'played as bad as they taste' (your words)? "
  5. Nice road win for BGSU @PoopyRhinoPickle and James Madison coming in clutch! @Suffocation
  6. Good game to you and the Houston crew. On a side note, If games were played purely on second half’s I think we would be close to .500 this season!
  7. I like this idea a lot! Doesn’t necessarily give an unfair advantage to anyone either. I think being able to spend budgets on stadium upgrades, and potentially merchandise, food outlets on ground etc, for small/minor “perks” could be a nice feature to implement. I’m also game for Owner Meetings if/when needed.
  8. Thanks man. Long way to go but very happy with how the first week of commits has gone for us!
  9. Three really solid linebackers that can literally plug and play if you want them too. Nice work mate.
  10. Competitive couple of weeks. Not the result we wanted but I’d say this was more on the defense than the offense, for a change. Good game to Cincinnati. See you later in the season in the return leg.
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