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  1. Derek Dale like "I'm still here Coach"...
  2. Kirby

    CFBHCVision XV

    Angel - Thelma And Louise
  3. Cleveland Browns send: ILB Thomas Morton 6-2 254 R Baylor [Mike] [0/C] 79 SS Javier Hayward 5-10 219 R Stanford [Man Coverage] [+2/C] 77 OLB Evan Belcher 6-2 230 R Texas A&M [Coverage] [0] 75 DE Justice Glenn 5-10 257 R USF [Blitz] [0] 71 TE Jacob Darby 6-0 223 R Illinois [Blocking] [+1] 75
  4. Cleveland Browns schedule: vs Buffalo Bills @ Arizona Cardinals vs Detroit Lions @ San Francisco 49ers
  5. Berea, OH With the 2023 NFLHC Draft officially in the rear view mirror, the Cleveland Browns Front Office are pleased to present to you their six new rookies for the upcoming season. Boasting five new defensive names, it is obvious that the primary focus this year was to firm up the defense. It was always going to be somewhat of an uphill battle having forfeited our first round pick, but some great market manoeuvring from GM @brightfalls throughout the draft allowed us to land two second round picks by close of play, as well as a bunch of promising talent. Shoutout also to Head Scout @SolutionA for his valuable scouting data in the lead up to Draft Week. Second Round - Pick #42 - DT Emmanuel McDermott 6-3 305 R NC State [1-Gap] 80 His pro day and combine left a lot to be desired but one thing is for sure, we had rated McDermott as the top DT coming into this draft and we are thrilled we managed to grab him with our second round pick. It's a big need filled for us and although not a 'sexy' pick, McDermott was originally thought of as a solid first round pick. We believe he will do a job for us in the trenches for the foreseeable future and will hopefully strike a decent partnership with Maximillian Baker. Second Round - Pick #58 - CB Devon Braxton 6-1 182 R Texas [Zone Coverage] 80 We had our eyes on moving back into the second round because we felt we needed to grab one more potential starter having lost our first round pick. When Braxton was there we was licking our chops. He's a long, rangy corner that fits our scheme to perfection, and Corner was a big focus for us coming into this off season. Oh, and he had a very promising seven picks last season in his Senior year. One to watch in the future. Fourth Round - Pick #106 - ILB Thomas Morton 6-2 254 R Baylor [Mike] 79 We had a few players on our radar with this pick but it was Morton that made most sense to us. We needed depth at Linebacker, and he will serve as primary backup to CJ Thomas, at least initially. This gives him the opportunity to be eased into pro life. We think he has a ton of upside, and without as much pressure on his shoulders to immediately perform, we hope he can bring that Captain spirit to contribute to the locker room morale. Fifth Round (Comp Pick) - Pick #169 - SS Javier Hayward 5-10 219 R Stanford [Man Coverage] 77 Similar to our previous pick, we picked Hayward to serve as a primary back up, this time to Antonio Oliver. We won't be asking too much of him for his rookie season but we know that if we have to call on him, he will be ready to step up. He likes to tackle... hard. Sixth Round - Pick #186 - OLB Evan Belcher 6-2 230 R Texas A&M [Coverage] 75 Depth, depth, and more depth! We were really happy when Belcher fell to us here in the sixth round. He fills out our linebacker corps and will add to the already young unit. He's a coverage guy, which fits nicely with our defensive scheme. A bit of an unsung hero, he is very much a project but we believe he has good upside. Sixth Round - Pick #193 - KR Art Vogt 5-8 180 R Louisville [Specialized] [-2] 76 All hail Prince Vogt. Oh man, this guy got me moist! He has unrivalled speed, and we believe he will be putting us in solid field position more often than not, which can only serve to help our Offense in a massive way! 4.26 forty time, 6.72 three cone, 3.99 shuttle. This boy has serious wheels. Welcome to the Dawg Pound you sexy specimen.
  6. Me to my sleeping pattern: That Greenwich Mean Time Zone life
  7. Kirby

    [2023] CFBHC Schedule

    USF game edited, gonna run it in Utah instead so I’ve got an even split of home/road games. Confirmed by myself and @Yellow_Evan @Rome
  8. Kirby

    [2023] CFBHC Schedule

    Week 1: vs Utah State Week 6: @ USF  Week 14: @ BYU All confirmed
  9. Skills update: +4 Offense -1 Special Teams -1 Discipline
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