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    [2022] Week #1 - TNF

  2. Kirby

    Halloween 2018

    Am going to Scaresville this year. First time. Meant to be good.
  3. Kirby

    [2022] Week #0 - FNF

    NOLESSSSS! Dukes putting in that work too! @Suffocation
  4. If it ain’t PAC... it’s whack
  5. Kirby

    Who commits where?

    What’s everyone’s predictions for the new croots then? Who do you think commits where?
  6. Kirby

    [2022] SBI 5 Stars Recruits

    Finntastic stuff there @SageBow
  7. Being from the UK we don’t really have many American Football teams and I’ve always asked myself where I’d of played and where I could of gone if I did grow up in the states. I have played rugby my whole teen/adult life and have played at a reasonably good level here (County Captain throughout school/college) and I believe I probably could of gone further if I wasn’t so committed to my music career. Although a different sport entirely, the physicality between the two makes it the sport which most resembles American Football here in the UK. I believe I would of been a Linebacker as tackling, work rate, and intensity are my three strongest assets. I’m 6 foot 1 and a pretty good build. I’m interested to hear where you all believe you would of played, or if you have played or are a current player, what position you are?
  8. Kirby

    [2022] FCS Week #0 Discussion

    LETS GO DUKES!! @Suffocation
  9. Had my second session Sunday (it's off season here so sessions are spaced out). Did some work as a receiver... ran some good routes but couldn't catch much. The ball felt alien to me but it's a lot smaller than a rugby ball and without making excuses it definitely didn't help that I didn't have any gloves on. Also did some coverage work as a linebacker. Felt much more comfortable playing defence, which I expected to be the case. Hoping to pick up where I left off next session.
  10. Kirby

    Who commits where?

    I will leave no prisoners in my pursuit for Finn the Great.
  11. Kirby

    2022 Season Discussion

    FBS National Champion: Ala-BAMA FCS National Champion: James Madison. Routing for you @Suffocation !! Heisman Winner: Marcus Black takes it, in unsurprising fashion. NFL Super Bowl Champion: INDY BABY. Yes, I went there. Most Surprising Team: Eastern Michigan @tsweezy is a great coach who I believe will lead his team to even better things this year and beyond.
  12. Great write up as always @Jieret Results are largely irrelevant for me this year. Total focus is on recruiting. Good thing I’ve got that long term contract in place #GoUtes
  13. Kirby

    [2022] Pre-Season Week #2 - TNF

    The Nate Train
  14. Kirby

    [2022] Pre-Season Week #1 - 1 PM

  15. Kirby

    Who’s your favorite Superhero?

    Batman, no doubt!
  16. Kirby

    James Madison unveil controversial hire

    Greg Yaleg from the Daily Mail: ”Congratulations on the job. There are rumours circulating that a former England Rugby Coach and World Cup Winner, is skeptical on your decision to take this position, when you were reportedly offered a senior role for an unnamed Premiership rugby side, that you obviously declined for this venture. How confident are you that you can find success here in the USA and in particular with James Madison, and what are your realistic goals for your inaugural season in charge?”
  17. Just as an update I went to my first session with the (Bury) Saints today. Was basically a combine for their new recruitment wave. Ran the fastest 3 cone and 20 yard dash of the group. My 40 wasn’t as good as i expected (came fourth of 12) but I realised it’s all in the starting technique. We also did it first off and I was quite nervous lol. They’ve invited me to join anyway, which I accepted. No idea on position yet. Will keep you all updated.
  18. Kirby

    Mayans MC

    Just watched the premiere episode... so hype! Been waiting for it since it was announced. I thought it was a pretty strong episode. Will take a bit of time to adjust to the new faces. It was really cool when SoA were featured, and the flashback prison scene where we got to see Gemma briefly. Interested to see if anymore of the old faces pop up. Anyone else watched it yet? Or even remotely interested?
  19. Kirby

    Mayans MC

    It’s well worth a watch. I’m hooked already after the pilot.
  20. Kirby

    [2018] Week 2 IRL Discussion

    FSU easy 1-1 this week. Still won’t hide my disappointment of how much we sucked against VT.
  21. Kirby


    Big up my fellow country man (well... if your south of Scotland and east of Wales). Either way, welcome to the site!
  22. Salt Lake City, UT The Utah Utes have announced their schedule for the upcoming 2022 season. Starting out with a bye week; the Utes first game of the year will pit them against @TuscanSota's inter-state rivals Utah State, where Coach Kirby will be looking to get off to a winning start. Other stand out games are week five on the road against fellow PAC-12 newcomer @Jieret's Washington team, and week fourteen where they face off against bitter rivals BYU in the self proclaimed 'Holy War'. There are sure to be fireworks between the players, the fans, and most definitely Coach Kirby and @NDIrish21. Savion Talley, first string running back, can't seem to hold back his excitement for the new season, as detailed in his most recent tweet last night, shortly after the schedule went public: For now we wait... the season is fast approaching and it won't be too much longer before we finally get to see Coach Kirby and his new look side take to the field. #GoUtes
  23. Great content and best of luck this season Coach @ecnirp