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  1. Crazy rise for Stanford! Kudos to the Coach. I still like Arizona because as said before, that defense is naaastyyyy! The PAC is STACKED!! My poor Utes have been going tit for tat with the Beavers for the wooden spoon all season! At least we could win something this year after all.......
  2. Kirby

    [2022] Huskies hire Berry, Prep for Cincy

    Paul Skinback from CollegeDMZ: “Welcome to UConn, Coach, and welcome to a head coaching role in CFBHC! UConn has been struggling to keep a coach longer than I last in... well, ask my wife. Anyway, what makes you different from your predecessors? Also, we dont know much about your background. We’ve heard one rumour (and I assume that’s all it is) that you previously spent 5 years in the Amazon Rainforest training as a Tarzan stunt double! Tell us... Are you an offense minded or defense minded coach? And how aggressive are you with your play calling? Once again, welcome to the big leagues Coach! We here at CollegeDMZ can’t wait to see how things progress for you at the Huskies”.
  3. Inch by inch, croot by croot! Thanks for the write up @Jieret , top notch as always!!
  4. Kirby

    [2022] Week #6 - Saturday Night

    Arizona are on fire this year. That D is nasty.
  5. A very justified ranking and a very well needed bye week!
  6. FLORIDA STATE SEMINOLES 4-4 REGULAR SEASON vs 20 VT L 24-3 vs SAM W 36-26 @ SYR L 30-7 vs NIU W 37-19 @ LOU W 28-24 @ 17 MIAMI L 28-27 vs WAKE W 38-17 vs 2 CLEM L 59-10 @ 22 NCST 3/11 7:30 PM @ 3 ND 11/11 12:30 AM vs BC 17/11 TBD vs 9 FLA 24/11 TBD FANS @Kirby @TheTacoOfDoom ((Let me know if your a Noles fan and i'll add you to the list of sufferers))
  7. Kirby

    Florida State Seminoles Thread

    I personally don’t mind Francois, he’s doing okay behind one of the worst lines in CFB. For real, our blocking is awful. So in that respect I feel bad for the dude a bit. I don’t mind Blackman either. He did a decent enough job when he took over for DF last season. I don’t think QB is where our issues lie atm... there’s so many holes, especially that O line. We gotta recruit strong this year.
  8. Kirby

    Impact of CFBHC Research

    I’m down
  9. Kirby

    [2022] Week #5 - Saturday Night

    Scheme change done us over big time! Good game though man. Good luck for the season
  10. Salt Lake City, UT. The Utah Utes have announced their first four commits for the upcoming season... and wow, do things look good for the boys in red! Coach Kirby said before the season started that his aim this year was to have one of the top recruiting classes in the nation, and so far through the first week of commits they sit at an impressive #18 Nationally. Without further ado, here are the latest studs to sign on the dotted line for the Utes! ------------------------------------------------- FINN LEONARD 2.5* / 5* QUARTERBACK UTAH NATIVE Coach Kirby's comments: "The futures bright, the futures red. Ladies and Gentleman... next year we have a quarterback that can lead us to glory, much like Donald Culver did before him. Finn Leonard has all the tools to be a future NFL quarterback. I have extremely high hopes for him. He was my number one target from day dot, and it makes me very happy to be able to announce him as a Ute. From our few meetings, he strikes me as an incredibly focused leader, and it is highly likely he will come in as a True Freshman starter. Now the focus is to fill the team with weapons for him to work with. Feed the horse. Feed the Finn." ------------------------------------------------- BRONSON LOVE 1* / 4.5* RUNNING BACK CALIFORNIA NATIVE Coach Kirby's comments: "Bronson Love was the next name on my list after Finn Leonard. I mean, what's not to love about the guy. He has the name, the game, and will soon have the fame to go with it. He's quite green, and will likely sit out his first year, but he has all the physical attributes to be a huge contributor for this offense in the future. He runs hard... like his life depends on it every time the ball is handed off to him. I'm thrilled to have him on board this ship, absolutely thrilled." ------------------------------------------------- SHAUN BLACKMON 1* / 4.5* STRONG SAFETY CALIFORNIA NATIVE Coach Kirby's comments: "California just keeps providing. Strong Safety was a position we knew we needed to fill with Brody leaving us at the end of this season. It's a relief to me to have now already checked this box off, so early in the recruiting phases. Shaun Blackmon promises to be a monster. He's quick, and extremely powerful. He really seems like a jack of all trades and I am confident that he is going to be a true asset to this team." ------------------------------------------------- JOSEPH BLACKMON 1* / 3.5* DEFENSIVE END CALIFORNIA NATIVE Coach Kirby's comments: "We was so impressed by Shaun, that not only did we stay in California... we stayed in his family. Joseph Blackmon, Shaun's cousin, fills a huge need for us at Defensive End. He has a lot of work to do technically but his physical attributes are second to none and we feel with a year of learning he will be a solid player in our team. He's a strong guy. Although maybe lacking in height, he makes up for it in brute power and quickness of his feet." ------------------------------------------------- Catch us next week when we hope to be announcing more commits for the Utah Utes! For now though... Happy Thanksgiving!
  11. Kirby

    [2022] Week #4 - SNF

    Aaron Shea, ladies and gentleman.
  12. Great stuff as always @Jieret !! Very enjoyable read
  13. Kirby

    2022 Top Quarterback Recruits

    Welcome to the Salt Lakes... Sir Finn.
  14. Kirby

    [2022] Week #4 - Saturday Night

    Man we’ve been in some close games so far this season! Damn.
  15. Kirby

    Florida State Seminoles Thread

    Solid W today. Honestly didn’t have much faith this week lol...
  16. Kirby

    [2022] Week #3 - 1 PM

    Man like Shea!!!
  17. Kirby

    [2022] Week #3 - Saturday Night

    Good showing there... gg Wildcats.
  18. Kirby

    How are you doing?

    Life’s good at the moment. Feel like I’ve finally got my spending under control. Me and the mrs (to be) are off to S.E. Asia next year for 3-4 months so we’re saving hard for it. Times flying, in a good way. Can’t wait. I’m also in the process of starting up a charity for mental health (in particular depression and anxiety). I won’t go into the specifics of it just yet but I’m hoping it turns out to be something special for those who are in need.
  19. Power to the Pac! Hype for this weeks game! Arizona look a stern test... can really see where my teams at. One things for sure though: someone’s ‘0’s gotta go! (Too early?..... probably) (p.s. we are 1-0)
  20. Kirby

    [2022] Week #2 - SNF

    Big Don doing bits! Good luck my Mormon friend.
  21. Kirby

    [2022] Week #2 - 1 PM

    Matt Jones only knows winning...
  22. Kirby

    [2022] Week #2 - Saturday Night

    Came down to the wire that one! Good game @TuscanSota I hold true to my word... a crown burger for you, and for each soul in your locker room.
  23. Kirby

    [2022] Week #2 - Saturday Morning

    Good balling, Coach.