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    1. NGL I have no idea how this works, so feel free to correct me if wrong #12 QB Marcus Black 6-6 225 3 Auburn [Hybrid] [+2/C] [+] 91 -accepted $18.5 million
    2. Ravens late but posted
    3. This is a repeat of the post above for purposes of fixing the stuff that was broken Coaches (4/4) Active Roster (55/55) Practice Squad 6/12 Injured Reserve
    4. I could see that working, it makes sense for a player to ask for more money if they start piling up the accolades. We already track other aspects of a player's mood. Could probably add something to show which players are most likely to want a big payraise. Then GMs have to decide if the risk is worth it to bring them in on a deal.
    5. GG to both teams, that was a dominate performance by the Titans, and a great season by the Bears to get this far.
    6. Go Kenyatta! Another notch to his accomplishments list.
    7. I was not expecting that result, but the Bears have been getting it done all playoffs. I feel like the Titans have to be the favorites, but you can't count out the Bears it seems.
    8. Steelers gave everything they had, but the Titans had just a little more. GG to both teams, now to see who the Titans will face
    9. I am at once happy to see the doubters proven wrong again, but also annoyed at the prospect of Pittsburgh one game away from the Super Bowl. But in all seriousness, props to the Steelers, rooting for y'all but also fuck you.
    10. Thanks again to Ace for help by making the logo. Baltimore looks forward to hosting the biggest sports event of the year next season.
    11. I'd be interested in returning, preferably to one of the California schools if their old guys don't return. Otherwise I can keep with the Cajins
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