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  1. I mean, he had 1 td at least... In garbage time *sobs*
  2. Well that's not good. GG Bears
  3. That's future Super Bowl MVP Tavion Sankey to you.
  4. 17-0 but every win is like, 15-12 and I'm hospitalized by the end of the season from all the heart attacks.
  5. I have a dumb baby brain when it comes to trivia but this looks pretty cool all the same!
  6. Rough win but 1-0 is 1-0! GG Raiders.
  7. Rakeem my boy, making me proud even if while wearing a Jags jersey.
  8. The Defending Champs are still scary folks
  9. Super Bowl: Baltimore Ravens (I gotta go all in, But I do generally believe we can at least make the big game again) AFC Champion: Baltimore Ravens NFC Champion: Washington Football Team MVP: Matt Jones Passing Yardage Leader: Matty Swift Rushing Yardage Leader: Solomon McLaughlin Receiving Yardage Leader: Monte Jackson First Overall Pick: LA Chargers Last Undefeated: WFT Last Winless: Browns Rookie of the Year: Byron Suggs
  10. Good way to end the Pre-season. Bronson might just be legit! GG Panthers
  11. Awwwww yeah! ULL Louisiana best Louisiana, and wasn't expecting the best player on the field to be a lineman but props to him!
  12. At this rate the our line on opening day will be made up of guys picked up off the street and a traffic cone.
  13. Feels good to see games being posted, even if just Pre-season
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