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  1. Definitely gonna be in rebuild mode after this season. I've had some bad luck on recruiting (and some perhaps, unwise decisions made while recruiting too).
  2. I really like how you change the logo to reflect the team colors.
  3. With time on board, does this confirm rumors of the Cardinal organization attempting to genetically create a bird horse?
  4. Agreed. I kinda like the kickoffs now.
  5. Dr_Novella

    [2023] NFLHC Honors

    Raven's organization is proud to see Marcus Black earning both offensive, and Pepsi Rookie of the Year. Black has been everything this organization expected and more. We look forward to many years more of him.
  6. Didn't really see a recent-ish topic on it and I wanna show off lol. Any of you guys have models or projects, things involving your hands you wanna show off? Just recently finished this M4I Walker Bulldog. Just needs a coat of paint and it'll be done.
  7. Dunno what his exact stats will be till progressions, but TE JaWuan Darby will be finishing his redshirt year, meaning I'll have him and Rakeem as two weapons for whoever I decide will QB this year.
  8. Honestly I barely pay any attention to the high schools. I'm more concerned with the players than where they came from. I suppose maybe it could cause some interesting scenarios, like say, a year where Oregon high schools do particularly well and come out with more worthwhile players than usual. But as noted, that's just more work for Soluna. Would probably be best to keep it as flavor if anything.
  9. I'm mostly reflecting the thoughts of others on this thread. In particuar I'd be curious if it would be the 6 team format they historically went with after the WLAF
  10. Man. They have XFL fantasy leagues? I need to get in on this.
  11. Awesome game, making the G-5 proud @Time
  12. Here's my ugly mug for you all to enjoy.
  13. I'm not sure how much my skills effected anything, but next year I'll be able to get a feat, so I'm excited for that.
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