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  1. Dr_Novella

    [2022] Pre-Season Week #1 - TNF

    Marcus Williams making a statement with that performance, Can't wait to see if he can keep this up.
  2. Dr_Novella

    2018 CFBHC Fantasy Football League #1

    I wasn't on yesterday sorry. You guys have fun
  3. Dr_Novella

    CFBHCVision Volume XIV

  4. Dr_Novella

    CFBHCVision Volume XIV

    Ugh sorry, work been hell, but I have sent my votes to ya!
  5. Dr_Novella

    Podcast recommendations

    Since Pod save America has already been mentioned, I'd like to also throw in Chapo Trap House for political podcasts
  6. Dr_Novella

    CFBHCVision Volume XIV

    I assume we allowed to vote for ourselves?
  7. Dr_Novella

    CFBHCVision Volume XIV

  8. Dr_Novella

    Daily Discussions: Your dream job?

    UC Davis, my mom went there and if they get made a team here I'd be first in line to rep them.
  9. Dr_Novella

    [2022] 2023 High School Players

  10. Dr_Novella

    2018 CFBHC Fantasy Football League #1

    I be down
  11. I'm looking forward to having a full season to recruit and hopefully get some good cruts in with those extra points.
  12. Crazy, could have a real bidding war on our hands.
  13. Dr_Novella

    Interest Check - CFBHC Plays: New Star Soccer

    Seems like a fun little thing, can we name the guy Socky McSoccerface?
  14. Dr_Novella

    [2021] Final Coaches Poll