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  1. *The roaring sounds of thunder fill the stage* A storm be a comin'! Music begins playing in the background I'm telling you folks, The Hurricane doesn't lie. I said I'd leave Trace beaten on the ground, and The Hurricane did just that! Now we got Vasily Kvyat, this one might be a challenge folks, not as a fight of course, I mean a challenge for my tongue trying to pronounce that last name! Now listen here, I know he's probably hoping for a break, he got a paddlin' you see, and two losses in a row may break his poor little spirit. But I got news for ya Vasily- THIS STORM STOPS FOR NO ONE! I ain't one of those normal hurricanes that grow weaker once they touch down. The Hurricane is just as pumped and ready to go as before. I just hope Kvyat rat has made his peace, cause no levy will keep him safe from my Hurricane Headlock! @Jamar
  2. The Storm's claimed another victim!
  3. Sorry, what was that again? CAUSE I CAN'T HEAR YOU OVER THE SOUND OF THE STORM! This "man" seems to think he knows a thing or two about smack talk. He's so busy running he mouth, he doesn't notice my Hurricane Headlock going around his little throat. I will break you like I break the south coast every summer! We're talking a category 5 beat down! In fact. I went ahead and recorded the results of the match, have a look. @Jieret
  4. *The roaring sounds of thunder fill the stage* A storm be a comin'! Music begins playing in the background Let me tell you folks, in the annals of history, one thing remains constant, when man faces nature, nature wins! But Trace Culdesac seems to of forgotten this, ether that, or the schools up in Albany are worse than I thought. Ether way, The Hurricane is here to set the record straight! You think you fine, standing there nice and pretty, but a storm is comming, and it stops for no one! Let me tell you how this is gonna go, you'll go into the ring, the bell will go off, and I'll fling you around like a hundred mile wind! I'll toss you on the floor, and you'll be begging for mercy faster than you can say FEMA! So if you wanna back out, you better go running now, cause once we in the ring, The Hurricane won't be showing no mercy! @Jieret
  5. Just need two more people looks like.
  6. I'm hanging in there. I was unemployed due to covid for months, finally got a new job, then a week later the state went back into lock down. So I've spent alot of time since April stuck at home. It's been rough for whole family, brother won't be able to go back to college due to shut down so has to do all online classes, other members be risking their health as "essential workers", it's all just kinda bleh.
  7. I'm definitely down. Maybe with an extra season I can figure out how to not be shit at defense.
  8. yes, gimme them steam accounts to add
  9. Man I can understand Buc players giving up last week cause we were wrecking them from the start. But they were keeping up with the Browns the whole game. Seems like a weird time to decide not to play.
  10. GG Troy. Needed that win after the frustratingly close loss to Texas. In other good news, JaWuan Darby has been the goto receiver for two weeks now. He's proving his worth so far.
  11. Colts coming back from a 28-7 halftime score to get the win over the Texans! An epic comeback for sure.
  12. Lotharingian Empire Founded: 1480 Form of Government: Federal semi-constitutional Duel Monarchy Leaders: Henri II d'Artois (Emperor) Herman Kurdrikson (Chancellor) Capital: Nancy The history of Lotharingia starts with Charles the Bold and his quest to form a Kingdom of Burgundy. Carefully maneuvering around the foreign powers around him, he would be officially crowned in 1480. Using the vast wealth of his lands, he and his successors would build a strong nation, the lowlands providing trade, which the profits of would fund explorations around the world and eventually colonial possessions. At their peak, the Empire of Lotherirngia was declared and they served as a divider between west and central Europe. But those days of glory have been fading for some time now, and cracks in the old Empire leave its future uncertain. As the years went by, the nation would stagnate, suffering from enemies on both sides at various points. The nation would find its land widdled down in bits and pieces, the warns draining at their coffins. The most drastic changes however, would come during the revolutionary era, the Monarchy fighting in a civil war, as its colonial possessions declared their own independence. The latest cracks coming during the revolutions of 1849, resulting in concessions which brought about major changes to the country. Mainly in the establishment of a constitution, along with a National Parlament, and the Lowlands being declared a duel crown, giving it an air of autonomy. Now left to it's European holdings, along with what few colonial possessions they have held on to, the recently elected Chancellor Herman Kurdrikson is doing all he can to hold the nation together. A particular issue being the various cultures whose nationalist desires have been slowly bubbling forth. French, German, Flemish, Dutch, Walloons, all call Lothariginia home, but not out of love. Their desires vary between joining with their home nations, to the lowlands who desire their own independence, that issue itself divided between who would own what. Political divides also grow by the day, the establishment still bitter by the relaxing of power as a result of the 49 revolutions. While socialist groups and some more radical liberals desire even more change. But despite this, the Nation still boasts a large standing army, and the prestige of its 510 year existence. If the Empire goes out, it will most certainly go out with a bang. Stats: Economy (1-10): Education (1-10): Military Power Overall (1-10): Land Power (1-10): Sea Power (1-10): Air Power (1-10): Technology (1-10): Health (1-10): Infrastructure (1-10): Population:
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