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  1. THE RIDE NEVER ENDS! Ahahahaha! Also, this is like, the third time now CC and ULL faced off in the championship? Has to be the top Sun Belt rivalry
  2. Yeah I still don't know what happened there. KC and Pitt losses made sense, they still had their QBs then. But everything else just seemed like we were in a funk and needed to shake it off.
  3. Perfect game for those falling asleep after all that Turkey
  4. Baltimore Ravens select: Ansoft Stadium (through 2027): +20 medical funds immediately; +5 personal wealth at the beginning of 2025, 2026, 2027.
  5. Brooksheer tried to get a revenge game in, but looks like he got most of his stats in garbage time :/
  6. I didn't even notice that. Why did Detroit try a kick instead of going for it?
  7. Dunno if we win that if Jones wasn't hurt, but GG Buffalo
  8. Baltimore Ravens say nay (1 influence) @Nmize0
  9. Oh goody, another hurt lineman ;_; but at least we got that win! Shoutout to Brannon with the top player grade as a lineman. Also, looks like Black ran for a TD but isn't noted in stats.
  10. Sent you a draft of something we could post, I've actually wanted to make a ad on r/NFL after a different Football sim forum advertised themselves.
  11. You'll do the Packers good, welcome to the Owners club
  12. I actually joined a rp subreddit recently specifically around doing that. Called r/agesofmist basically collaborative world building
  13. Consider this my apology to Fishgod for taking Black over starting him. We wish him the best of luck in Atlanta. Ravens confirm trade
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