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  1. Arkansas state has the best offense in the Sun Belt. They just have the misfortune of playing in the same division as the team with arguably the best defense in the Sun Belt ;o Great write up Bruno, glad to see we have folks keeping track.
  3. "We've proven today that no one comes to our house and beats us by more than 49 points!"
  4. Nice bounceback after that smackdown last week. And Coastal Carolina won too, Sun Belt already doing better than last week.
  5. Whatever gets us that win. GG skins
  6. This is really fascinating, can't wait to see more. Lots of history for me to catch up on.
  7. probably glob, and of course horde, need my orc action.
  8. Not the best start, but Black is doing what he can and that's reassuring.
  9. Woop woop. The first of hopefully many wins. Rakeem showing why he was the star of our recruitment class.
  10. Same, East looks about right, don't agree with west. I dunno about us winning three in a row, but I don't see us as last place.
  11. Coached and a two time sun belt champ. hardly flowdering. still a nice article though.
  12. I am here today to ancoune a change in team structure. In the time I have spent as Owner and Head Coach, I have found the stress of both to be a weight I struggle to hold. Things have been a bit chaotic for me and that has resulted in penalties for our organization. I will not allow my own issues to sink this team, thus after discussing the matter with my GM, I am announcing that AzulCaballero will be coaching for the rest of this season. I am hoping that with this change, things will be more smooth now.
  13. You'd be surprised xD to be fair I work at a six flags, so lots of folks come that day to see the fireworks. But I know folks who will go see the city parade, then go to a near by restaurant. *shrug*
  14. Really happy for Black, doing what we need him to do and with no major mistakes. Still pre-season of course but still.
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