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  1. GG @imerman that was a hell of a game.
  2. I can think of a wonderful place to transfer to ;o All jokes aside, yall gonna be scary once he gets on the field, congrats.
  3. In unrelated news, residents in the Lafayette area reported screaming in the area, police have no suspects yet but eye witnesses say it was a man screaming "those damn birds stole my QB!"
  4. I know I said before I intend to stay at ULL, but if we got a Alaskan team, ngl I'd coach them.
  5. Right, I'll take ULL then
  6. Does it have to be our CFBHC team?
  7. George Bloom has such a majestic presence, that the site can't even show it properly
  8. Great write up, I've definitely hobbled my class due to fighting for that QB, my goal was, above anything else, to get a great qb on the team. Might have to wait till next year now xD I lack the points to keep up.
  9. GG @Bruno. Real slog the entire game, now I'm one away from bowl eligibility, and with ULM loss I might end up the first Sun Belt team this season to reach it.
  10. Fitting you pick Halloween of all days to become spooky.
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