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  1. A shame but yeah, unless someone decides to take it in their own hands to continue it.
  2. Might as well update lol, have a me, now with a quarantine beard.
  3. I love how Salas made a college career out of throwing 40-50 passes a game, and in his pre-season start, he throws 4 times the entire game.
  4. Love these previews, Skaggs gives me Manning vibes, tearing holes into defences in regular season but never able to make much playoff success. Maybe he'll get his 2005 or 2015 moment before retirement eventually hits.
  5. I should thank you for not doing the same to Black lol. This is technically their first game since last season, since the 9ers game was never simmed, so I imagine some rust needed to be brushed off.
  6. ugly win, but at least we know the defense is ready to go.
  7. HC jared001usa 1 year//$1.75 million $1.75 million per year
  8. Hello everyone. To start I would like to thank those who applied for both HC and GM. There was a good turn out of people interested and it made the choice a bit difficult. But never the less I have made the call. I would like to welcome @jared2001usa as the new Head Coach of the Ravens, and @thatfunk as General Manager. I play against jared2001usa in the Sun Belt, and I know he's done a good job in Louisiana. Funk meanwhile adds much needed experience as a GM that I am sure will help balance out the less experienced members of our organization. Together with me and Scout Nate, we now have a full staff ready to continue the excellence we saw last season and hopefully, bring some titles to Baltimore. The floor is now open to questions and comments.
  9. Baltimore Ravens fire HC Azul 1 year // $3.45 million $1.72 million cap hit for 2024
  10. tbh I remember playing you in 2022 which was dope, especially considering you're now in a 3-year conference champion stretch :eyes:

    also a big fan of those big-ass sideburns and guinea pig. Idk why everyone doesn't post on what they look like, it makes it way more interesting imo

  11. Ravens are looking for a new GM/Coach. Please hit me up if interested.

  12. For some time now, GM and Coach Azul has been quiet. Both me and the commissioner have attempted to get into contact with him but have failed. I had to make a gameplan and set the depth chart up in his place for week one of the pre-season. As such, I am making the difficult choice of letting him go for now and announcing a search for a new Coach and GM, with priority being a Coach. If I can only find candidates for one then I can do the other, but I need at least one role filled. I am open to those less experienced in NFLHC, though those with experience will definitely get my attention sooner. If you are interested, please send word to my office so that we may discuss the matter. (Aka pm me here or discord)
  13. Ahh, I love the smell of early football.
  14. NGL when I saw stock photo, my first thought was Shea getting involved in the stock market.
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