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  1. Rotate OT/OG - Is there anyway we can specify which side we’d like to rotate? Would a gameplan be acceptable if it had “Rotate RT” or “Rotate LG” for example? I guess this question applies to most positions: DE, CB, OLB etc.
  2. Incredibly generous of you! Can I grab Wargame: Red Dragon and Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy if they are still available, thanks.
  3. So the chemistry changes aren't based off of team expectations at all? Using the Browns as an example, it seems surprising that the team would suffer a -10% hit in chemistry after winning 5 games in year 1, considering they have just come off a 1 win season... The team could also follow that up with 4x10 win seasons and only after the final year would they get the team chemistry back to 0%. Would a coach not usually be given at least a couple of years to produce some results before the team started turning on him, especially when the team is rebuilding? On t
  4. Round 3, Pick 1 The Cleveland Browns pass on the pick to internally promote. @Hagan @Dean Giants are up.
  5. The Cleveland Browns would like to create a Special Teams Coordinator. 64 Years Old [3] Special Teams Chemistry level 2 [30] Special Teams Versatility level 2 [30] Kicker Skill level 1 [10] 73 points total.
  6. The Cleveland Browns would like to create an Offensive Coordinator. 62 Years Old [9] Level 4 QB Skill [70] Level 1 Passing Game Chemistry [10] Level 1 Offensive Adjustments Frequency Improvement [10] 99 points total.
  7. Round 2, Pick 1 DC Raheem Morris (Age 48) Descended from Jon Gruden Secondary Skill Level 3; Secondary Chemistry Level 2 Raheem Morris will be the Defensive Coordinator for the Cleveland Browns. Giants are up @Hagan
  8. Round 1, Pick 1 OC Sean Payton (Age 60) Descended from Brian Billick QB Progression Level 4; WR/TE Progression Level 3; Offensive Fitness Level 3 Sean Payton will be the Head Coach of the Cleveland Browns. @Dean @Hagan The HC for the Giants is up.
  9. Brownie boi checking in as head coach
  10. A thriller, GG. Not quite the result I wanted but I think it was a pretty fair outcome given our seasons. My final 4 games are against the bottom 4 teams so need to make sure we don’t lose an easy game whilst also putting goals away to catch you up on goal difference. Good luck for the rest of the season (hope you draw/lose another game though )
  11. Good spot, I’ve not done FAMU either. Whoops.
  12. Around the FCS: Week 2 Results Northern Iowa 3 – 26 Kentucky UC Davis 7 – 38 Boston College Delaware 14 – 41 Clemson Illinois State 35 – 21 New Hampshire South Dakota State 23 – 27 James Madison North Dakota 27 – 17 Youngstown State Montana 3 – 27 Boise State Harvard 24 – 13 Eastern Washington Yale 17 – 35 Portland State Florida A&M 6 – 28 North Dakota State Standings Team Statistics Individual Statistics
  13. Yeah the mobile app. I switch between the app and the site a fair bit because I find the app useful for setting a quick lineup and checking results but it crashes a lot. Certain areas don’t have the best formatting and I can’t figure out how to change formation on the app either That’s my experience on an iPhone X anyway.
  14. I got you. 5 games played. Only 1 team remains unbeaten and that is @Kirby’s mighty West Spam United in the Championship. Not a huge amount to report as I feel (in my case atleast) teams are still figuring out their tactics and players. Will update as we go if people want it. Standings: Stats:
  15. Around the FCS: Week 1 Results Youngstown State 10 - 24 Kent State UTEP 24 - 20 South Dakota State Portland State 10 - 17 San Jose State Florida A&M 16 - 32 Delaware James Madison 37 - 24 Harvard Florida State 31 - 27 Illinois State Yale 14 - 42 Minnesota New Hampshire 13 - 16 UC Davis Eastern Washington 10 - 31 North Dakota Northern Iowa 24 - 14 Montana Byes: North Dakota State Standings Team Statistics
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