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  1. Can’t have a bad punt average when ya offense never punts. Reckon you probably only have 1 40.13 yard punt on the year
  2. Around the FCS: Week 9 Recap Standings Team Statistics Individual Statistics Note: Asterisks (*) is used to state that 1 or more player(s) are tied but do not appear in the top three due to space
  3. This is basically my exact situation... 4.0 TE and RB, 4.5 FB and then 3.0 QB and WRs. I wanted to try and remain balanced but that hasn’t really worked for me because I can’t consistently achieve a good amount of carries with my back so Smashmouth is clearly something I need to consider then. Thanks for responding!
  4. Pro Style has been frustrating me this year... I ran it last year and seemed to have good results, my QB and receivers aren't great but I like that it utilises my fullback... This year I have a decent RB who is performing excellently so I need to give him more carries but even by using the 'more run' slider I can't seem to get him enough carries unless we go up big early. My best player is a fullback so really I want to keep him on the field which basically limits me to pro style or smashmouth and I'm not sure i want to be so 1 dimensional to switch to smashmouth, can anyone recommend anything else?
  5. Would’ve lost too if they didn’t miss their field goals... We have zero expectations on getting back to the championship game this year so a win is a win, I guess.
  6. Harvard! Did not see that coming, great effort!
  7. Suffocation's FCS Playoff Predictor: Week 8 Since we have reached week 8 and the FBS have released a playoff poll, I thought the FCS deserved a little piece that gives an insight into what our playoff picture may end up looking like. Obviously its early days and things can change but I believe that the skill disparity within our conference is fairly large right now and because of that, I feel that I can paint a fairly good picture on what the FCS post season will look like (barring any disasters such as major injuries or coaching departures) and if this ends up being completely wrong then it’ll be fun to look back on and remember how dumb I was. I don’t have the intention to do these weekly as we already have 2 awesome articles (FCS Power Rankings & FCS Coaches Poll) which release weekly and detail the rough playoff picture but I will potentially drop one more towards the end of the year, depending on the results of upcoming games so without further ado, let’s get into it. 1-4: Round 1 Bye Teams This group is almost an absolute lock in my opinion. Whilst a few of these teams could switch places with each other, I can’t see a likely scenario in which a team not mentioned here (minus UC Davis, see below) breaks into the top 4 to steal a week’s rest from someone else and I certainly cannot see how the top 2 seeds change at all. #1 North Dakota State Bison – Winner of Big Sky Wow, wild pick right?! I pride myself on creativity and think I’ve really struck gold with this one. Real talk though, the Bison have dominated the FCS for a season and a half now and I can’t see it changing for the remainder of the year. My favourite part of this NDSU team is how balanced they are, with no particularly flashy stars on either side of the ball, they just knuckle down and get it done by consistently executing their gameplan for another convincing victory. They do have an interesting week 10 matchup versus UC Davis but that’s about their only challenge until the post season. Post Season Potential: National Championship game #2 Illinois State Redbirds – Winner of Eastern Easily the other best team in the FCS and our one true hope to smite the Bison down. They have an explosive offense lead by a really exciting 1-2 punch in QB Devon Wardwell and RB Frankie Boone. The only reason they sit at number 2 is because NDSU should go undefeated and Illinois State lost their OOC game. @VerifiedThing likes to frequently remind us that the Redbirds are the only FCS team to hand North Dakota State an L and they will probably have to wait till the national championship game for the chance to do it again. Please do it again. Post Season Potential: National Championship game #3 South Dakota State Jackrabbits – Runner up of Big Sky I’ve given the Jackrabbits the nod over UCD because I believe they possess more balance. Both teams have had similar results so far, losing to a team ranked high in this article and an FBS team, they both have Redshirt Senior transfers leading their attacks at Quarterback but I believe Jackrabbit QB Isaiah Best has a better supporting cast, notably the defense. The week 13 matchup versus the Aggies likely decides who gets the round 1 bye so keep an eye on that on. They take #3 because they finish the season with a better point differential than Delaware. Post Season Potential: I expect they make it to the semi-finals only to be steamrolled by one of the two teams that are on a collision course for the final. #4 Delaware Blue Hens – Runner up of Eastern The Blue Hens were a pleasant surprise this season (for anyone that doesn’t have to play them). Lead by Big, Bad, Barack Holmes and a nasty defense this team is poised for a deep playoff run and with a week 11 matchup against Illinois State, they could even steal the Eastern from the Redbirds. Unfortunately for the Blue Hens, they find themselves in a state of limbo… it is clear that they are one of the better teams in the FCS but with 2 incredibly good teams ahead of them, it looks like they’ll have to wait another year to truly challenge. Post Season Potential: Again, I expect they make it to the semi-finals only to be steamrolled by one of the two teams that are on a collision course for the final. 5-8: Home Field Advantage Teams Last year every team with a home field advantage in round 1 won their matchup and I don’t see that changing this year. Apart from UC Davis jumping to the top group and some teams swapping positions with each other, I think this group is practically a lock too. #5 UC Davis Aggies The Felix Luck brigade looks good this year but my one concern for them is that they are very one dimensional (averaging almost 300 yards through the air but just 40 on the ground). Their passing attack is excellent on both ends of the connection with TCU transfer Felix Luck at QB and a pair of talented receivers in Troylen Bolden and Dareion Stallworth but all it takes is one game with bad weather conditions or an injury or a shutdown secondary and the Aggies will probably stumble. As stated above, the important game here is week 13 versus South Dakota State which likely decides who occupies #3 & #5. Post Season Potential: COULD sneak into the Semi’s but if they do, the same fate as SDSU/Delaware awaits. #6 James Madison Dukes Reader warning: The author is about to hit ya’ll with some Head Coach bias. Hear me out though, the Dukes have an unconvincing 3-3 record which is a far cry from last year’s success but these losses have come at the hands of an FBS team and 2 teams ranked above them (Delaware and UC Davis). The schedule gets easier from here on out and even with a defeat or 2 (looking at week 12 vs. Illinois State) they should still be able to play at Bridgeforth Stadium in round 1. The lack of points on offense is a big concern and will likely limit them from making it deep into the playoffs but I do anticipate them to win their first game. Post Season Potential: Round 1 win but season ends in the Quarterfinals. #7 Youngstown State Penguins Another pleasant surprise is the Penguins who recently obtained an AI Head Coach and look all the better for it. Quarterback Brad McCaffrey is playing some really good football as of late and the Penguins look like a dangerous opposition. Right now they boast a very impressive 4-2 record but imagine they will suffer at least a couple of defeats in the coming weeks as they have to play JMU, Delaware, Harvard and Illinois State all before the season is done. Post Season Potential: Round 1 win but season ends in the Quarterfinals. #8 Harvard Crimson Harvard has made very encouraging strides this season and whilst there is still work to be done they are definitely heading in the right direction. Last year’s freshman superstar Running Back Cameron Whaley has had his workload significantly reduced this year but the Crimson are still averaging a solid 100 yards on the ground. I feel their remaining schedule is tougher than JMU’s which is why they drop to number 8, with that said, look to weeks 12 vs. Youngstown and 13 vs. JMU to possibly decide which order these 3 finish but regardless of the outcomes Harvard plays at home in week 1. Post Season Potential: Round 1 win but season ends in the Quarterfinals. 9 - 12: Still made the playoffs Teams Now providing the other 2 groups are correctly predicted then this group is a definitive lock, primarily because of the lack of ability of the remaining 4 FCS teams. 3 of them – Montana, Portland State and Yale have a combined record of 0-18 and the final team, Northern Iowa sit at 1-5. Yikes. The Panthers could sneak into the playoffs as they have yet to play Montana and Portland State but their lack of head coach/gameplanning gives the go ahead to others. #9 North Dakota Fightin’ Hawks It’s a shame that North Dakota doesn’t have a Head Coach because with one they’d definitely be in the group above and potentially even pushing for a first round bye but without one, talented QB Shawn Crawley is wasted. I can’t see them doing much for the rest of the year purely for the fact that they have no gameplan but they will still be a difficult team to face in round 1. If a hero does emerge to take the job on then expect some fireworks towards the backend! Post Season Potential: One and done or hero hire? #10 Eastern Washington Eagles Similar to North Dakota, a very exciting quarterback (Samuel Connor aka Mr. FCS MVP) has no Head Coach to lead him to glory. I feel like EWU has a weaker defense but definitely a better receiving core when compared with North Dakota. The Eagles should be involved in weekly shootouts but instead sit at 2-4 averaging just less than 22 points per game. This is another team who, if they manage to get a Head Coach, might just make a late push but right now, no chance. Post Season Potential: One and done or hero hire? #11 New Hampshire Wildcats The Wildcats were an absolute mess last year and their short playoff experience was tainted by a 42-0 slapping at the hands of the Northern Iowa Raekown Thomas’. I’m afraid I don’t see the outcome being much different this year but the positive is they’ve got a good head coach and transfer Running Back Kenny Love so there is always potential for a repeat of last year when we saw Raekwon carry his team into the quarterfinals. If Love starts going off then I’m not sure I’d want to play the Wildcats in round 1. Post Season Potential: One and done or..? #12 Florida A&M Rattlers As stated at the start of this section, this team makes post season because the other 4 FCS teams can’t buy a win. I can’t see the Rattlers upsetting anyone’s post season dreams but it’s been an encouraging inaugural year for them and their brand new head coach so playoff experience will be invaluable to this young team. It’s definitely something to celebrate and grow from next year. Post Season Potential: One and done
  8. Around the FCS: Week 8 Recap Standings Team Statistics Individual Statistics Note: Asterisks (*) is used to state that 1 or more player(s) are tied but do not appear in the top three due to space
  9. Around the FCS: Week 7 Recap  Standings Note: Small issue with the standings last week - I didn't realise some conference games had already been played. Standings have been updated to reflect this and all records should now be correct. Team Statistics Individual Statistics Note: Asterisks (*) is used to state that 1 or more player(s) are tied but do not appear in the top three due to space
  10. I am a mess if I don’t get 7-8 hours a night. I used to have a terrible sleeping pattern which would consistently involve getting less than 6 hours a night but ever since I resolved that a few years ago, I can’t think of anything worse. I appreciate my sleep so much now and also can see/feel the benefits when training so have no desire to ever go back.
  11. From my understanding and the comments here, it’s very different in the US since employees seem to get a pretty bad hourly rate and need a good amount of tips to make up for it. In the UK, I don’t tip unless I receive top service. If someone is friendly and welcoming and the food is great then I’ll probably tip 10% but employees don’t rely on tips over here and it’s not really expected like it is in the US. That’s only in restaurants, I’d never tip in any other setting apart from occasionally telling someone to keep the change at a bar or something and even then I don’t consider that a tip. Also, I don’t agree with how it’s done in the US. Employees shouldn’t rely on getting tips to provide for their family. Seems like a loophole for the employer to avoid paying them more money but I’d definitely end up tipping out of guilt if I were to visit the US.
  12. Pineapple on pizza: Personally I’m a pepperoni/other meats kinda guy, I ain’t ever ordering a pizza with pineapple on it. With that said, I selected ‘gods gift to man’ based on the fact that I’d 100% eat it if it’s infront of me and I’m not quite sure where this cult of hating it has come from. It’s still pizza!
  13. Around the FCS: Week 6 Recap Apologies for the hiatus, life has gotten busy... For that reason I'm going to combine the 'Around the FCS recaps' and 'FCS Statistical leaders' into one article which will feature a lot less writing and just highlight the stats and standings of the conference aka the interesting bits! Standings Team Statistics Individual Statistics
  14. Man, poor Brian Hill. I might have to throw our game against them this year* so he can finally be happy. *may or may not be covering myself for a ridiculous upset that may or may not happen due to my wildly inconsistent team. For real though, the longer this streak goes on, the scarier playing this team gets... eventually they are going to win one right? No one wants to be on the receiving end of that
  15. Well played bud and good luck for the rest of the year. I wonder if my kicker missed the opportunity to take the game to OT.
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