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  1. Well we'd be 2-0 if our games had ended at halftime. We also would have 0 points on the season if only the second halves counted. I'm pretty happy with this performance given how well West Virginia played in their first two games. The defense held them in check, but the offense still isn't consistent enough.
  2. Clearly everyone else was in the same boat as me and had no idea what to do with that last slot on their ballot
  3. Not sure where this fits into the conversation, but I do think it should be considered: FCS teams on the P5 list will have the opportunity to improve their team by recruiting 3.5 and 4.0 players that will not be top targets for the teams with more points. Whereas these guys may be second choices for P5 schools, they will be top priorities for an FCS team. This doesn't necessarily make any of your points invalid. Just wanted to throw it out there.
  4. Looks like I've got my hands full trying to prepare for this West Virginia squad next week
  5. Week 0 Players of the Week Offensive POTW: RB Demarion Moore (22 carries, 111 yards, 2 TDs) Coming off of his 2023 ACC Freshman of the Year campaign, it is no secret that Demarion Moore will be a major focal point of Clemson's offense in 2024. He started the season strong as the Tigers flexed their muscles in a 34-14 win over Georgia in Nashville. Expect to see Moore in this spot on a regular basis throughout the season, as he is expected to contend for the Heisman. Defensive POTW: SS Reggie Colston (4 tackles, 1 TFL, 1 INT, 1 PD) Colston brought a little bit of everything to the Hurricanes' defense this week, intercepting Auburn QB Dominick Sherman once as well as breaking up a pass. He was also solid in run support with a tackle for loss to show for it. Sticking out amongst the talented and veteran Miami defense is quite an accomplishment, and that group will likely put a few more guys here if they play like they did in Week 0. Special Teams POTW: K Will Walton (3/3 FG [49, 37, 32], 2/2 XP) Redshirt junior Will Walton kicked a field goal in each of the first three quarters in the Hokies' game against Nebraska. While it wasn't enough to give VT the win, he showed how valuable a weapon he could be in tight ACC battles later in the season. The ability to salvage three points on drives that stall outside of the red zone will be key, and Walton has the leg to do that consistently.
  6. We have a history of close games against Purdue during my tenure. In 2022, my first game on the sim was a 24-26 loss to the defending national champions in West Lafayette. Last season, the Boilermakers came to the Carrier Dome and won 31-21. I definitely thought there were some adjustments to be made, so hopefully those can help improve our performance quickly. Next up: Week 2 vs. West Virginia, Week 3 vs. Clemson
  7. Lots to learn from this game. The positives: John Reís looked great in his first college football game. Also, the offensive line didn’t give up any sacks! The negatives: Connor McLean continues his interception issue from last year despite improved accuracy. The defense was unable to create pressure up front, which left our secondary hanging out to dry. GG @inspiral glad we could continue this series
  8. Something about Kyler with no elite receiver...
  9. This is the only question I can answer for sure. Unfortunately, that answer is no. On the bright side, I'm excited for Xavier Armstrong's first game. He was my first big recruit at Syracuse and should be a cornerstone on the defensive line for years to come.
  10. Boston College: 170 Syracuse: 40 (+5) Pittsburgh: 45 (-5)
  11. Boston College: 145 Syracuse: 65 (+5) Pittsburgh: 45 (-5)
  12. Boston College: 115 (-5) Syracuse: 80 (+5) Pittsburgh: 60
  13. Boston College: 110 (-5) Syracuse: 91 (+5) Pittsburgh: 59
  14. Boston College: 119 (-5) Syracuse: 86 (+5) Pittsburgh: 55
  15. Boston College: 115 (-5) Syracuse: 95 (+5) Pittsburgh: 50
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