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  1. YES!!! McLean is on his way to stardom!!! Also how bout the sophomores and the Atlantic? Probably the best win of the year for Cuse tbh :(
  2. Syracuse, N.Y. -- The schedule for the 2023 football season at Syracuse has been set. CoachAnson revealed the slate today, expressing his excitement for his second season at the helm of the program. "We have a tough schedule this year," he said, "and I think that will really help us start to move this program in the direction that we want to go. This being the first year that I got to schedule the non-conference games, I wanted to put together an exciting home schedule that will get fans invested in this team and test us before conference play." The trajectory of Syracuse Football has certainly shifted upward as the 2023 season draws closer. CoachAnson closed out the recruiting season strong, moving up to the 60th ranked class nationally, good for 10th in the ACC. The two JUCO transfers should provide an immediate talent boost, and some of the incoming freshmen appeared to be competing for starting positions throughout spring practice. The Chicago Tribune recently released their preseason rankings of all 130 FBS teams. Syracuse checked in at #75, an improvement of 23 spots over last year's team. All rankings provided in this article will be based on these projected rankings. For the second straight year, the Orange's season will open with games against Purdue (#27) and Army (#83). This season, those games will be at home, giving Syracuse six home games. Following a Week 3 bye, the team will travel to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to take on the Crimson Tide (#29), who are fresh off a playoff appearance this past season. In Week 5, the Orange will square off with Notre Dame (#38) at Yankee Stadium, followed by a second bye week leading into ACC play. The ACC Coastal crossover games this year are on the road against permanent partner Pittsburgh (#34) and at home against Georgia Tech (#93). The home games against the Atlantic Division will be Louisville (#54), NC State (#74), and Florida State (#24). The divisional road games will be against Clemson (#18), Wake Forest (#90), and Boston College (#26). It will be a challenging road to bowl eligibility, but there should not be a game where the Orange don't believe they have a shot. Full Schedule Purdue Army BYE at Alabama vs. Notre Dame BYE at Clemson at Wake Forest Louisville Georgia Tech NC State BYE Florida State BYE at Pittsburgh at Boston College
  3. I just remembered that it was around this time last year that I found this site.  I stalked and explored the site for a while before joining, but I am so glad that I ended up pulling the trigger.  Thank you all for the work you put in to maintain the best football simulation out there.  I look forward to many great seasons ahead!

    1. stormstopper


      Happy near-anniversary, and we're glad to have you!

  4. Week 1: vs. Purdue @inspiral Week 2: vs. Army @thatfunk Week 4: @ Alabama @CadeRich5 All confirmed.
  5. Up 23 spots from last year at this time. I'll take it.
  6. Offense: 10 Defense: 12 (+2) Special Teams: 9 (-1) Clock Mgmt: 10 Discipline: 9 (-1) Youth Mgmt: 12 (+2)
  7. At least a little affirmation of my crooting endeavors this season. Of course having less talent already on the roster helps.
  8. Disappointing finish to the season, failing to match last year's win total. We went 0-4 in the last four games after starting 4-4. gg @deandean1998 that running game and run defense were strong.
  9. You definitely impressed me. I thought we had a chance but the offense just didn’t show up. Hopefully, we can take care of BC next week to match last year’s 5-7 record
  10. These percentages make this week even more important. Hopefully playing at home will help us knock off Pitt, setting us up for a potential bowl-clinching win at home against BC.
  11. After these past two weeks, I can say that this will be an incredible conference championship game. I am looking forward to seeing them go up against each other. Glad to see my offense perform much better this week. gg @Darman you have a great team
  12. Well it was close at halftime... and that's about all I can say. 2/10 on third downs and only 137 total yards with 2 interceptions. Clemson also ran 62 plays to our 35. I didn't expect the win but I did expect a better showing. gg @Emperor_of_Orange And we get to try it all over again next week at Duke
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