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  1. You didn't tell me your team would be this good when we scheduled our game
  2. This running performance was abysmal. Disappointing after two decent weeks. On defense, the only non-zero stat on the statsheet is tackles. They let the Tide offense walk up and down the field at will. Needless to say, I was hoping for a slightly better showing.
  3. CoachAnson


    Welcome to the !
  4. Great to get to know more about the history of the site. This is one of the areas that I felt most "behind" in when I first joined.
  5. I stole this idea from a post on Any Given Saturday, but what is your college football schedule of games you will be attending? Feel free to include games you hope to attend if you aren't sure yet. I am interested to see what games everyone will be at. Unfortunately, mine is pretty rough as I'll be studying in the UK this coming semester: 8/31: Charleston Southern at Furman That's all for me. Let's see yours!
  6. Fun Fact: Last season, in a game at West Point, Army and Syracuse combined to score 84 points and put up 926 yards of total offense. This game included a top ten single game passing mark and a top five single game rushing performance in Syracuse history. This season, the same two teams combined for just 23 points and 484 yards of offense.
  7. If the cuse are the ones with 9 that's fine with me lol
  8. What a boring game but a win is a win. We had to have this one for any chance at a bowl. The offense really needs to step it up in the future.
  9. at least a win over me is worth something
  10. I appreciate the recognition haha. I really have no idea what to expect from this season but I'm looking forward to playing you again
  11. Look out for that Bottom 10 matchup in week 5 at Yankee Stadium #3 vs. #9 @joedchi
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