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  1. I've been working the last few days and haven't checked the site too much, so sorry about that everyone. I just got caught up and it seems odd to me that there would be this many bulletproof vests in play on the prisoner side, and since I obviously won't be voting for myself: ##Vote Dean_Craig_Pelton
  2. I do. I wasn’t sure who to give it to or if I should give it up. @Jamzz since you said you were curious as well.
  3. I’ve been at work all day today so sorry for being so inactive. I’ll ##Vote East and ##Vote Time I just got off so I’m sorry if there’s been new developments idk if I’ll be able to get through it all in time.
  4. Counter point for lynching me, if I get lynched nobody gets the gun. If you let me live one just through tonight, I can pass the gun to another prisoner so it’s at least in play the rest of the game.
  5. I can and I'm more than happy to give it away tonight. I haven't given it away yet for the same reason as the vest, I wanted to make sure I didn't randomly pass it into the mafia's hands. I was hoping the group would make our way to room 45 so I'd be able to get a bullet (according to Hagan's map).
  6. I mean no not really. Just that once I pass the items I don’t have control over what the other people do with them. Which is why I didn’t wanna randomly pass the first two nights.
  7. Given SageBow was lynched that day, and a gun was found on him I assumed that mafia was doing their killings with guns. Meaning that sk would be the knife, rendering a vest useless for you. And it still seemed like the murders would be fairly random so I kept it for myself. And it’s been mentioned before, but it would’ve been foolish for sk to come after you that night given you probably had people watching you.
  8. What? The first night we had no idea what was going to happen, why would I have just randomly given you the vest?
  9. No and no. It’s been unloaded since the beginning
  10. Boston College: 65 North Carolina State: 55 (+5) Syracuse: 85 Pittsburgh: 55 (-5)
  11. Illinois: 35 (-5) Northwestern: 240 (+5)
  12. Do you mind explaining your thought process here? Why would those roles dying mean it’s sk?
  13. I don't know what to tell you, maybe it's not as useful as I thought it was. I can't change what items I was given at the beginning.
  14. I was referring to the vest as protection not the gun.
  15. And again I don't think me coming out and being like "Hey everyone I'm a smuggler who has a gun and a vest" and role claiming on day 1 would've eased anyone's minds at all. And as far as not speaking, like I said earlier I didn't have any info to provide on others to make accusations so I opted to not say much at all.
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