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  1. Dakota is a great guy from what I've seen. Very happy Ollie had a lightbulb moment as well. Curious to see how he does this year in the best shape of his life.
  2. Live through the forum or Video Streamed?
  3. "I believe the coaches prior wanted to have the entire roster full of QB's for some reason. I'm not sure how many we're going to keep to be honest with you however everyone will be vying for a spot this season at all positions. If you're unable to make our team better you'll be shown the door. This will hold true for every player at every position."
  4. "That is an interesting way to put our past offensive schemes, but yes the fans should expect to see something new or else I'm going to be out of a job. Simply put we won't be able to contend if we keep running an offense like that, no disrespect to the previous coaches but there is a reason why they're not standing up here right now and I am. Like mentioned previously, it all comes back to recruiting. We need the best players coming to play here and we need to figure out a way to make that happen. We have alot of needs and holes to fill but by this time next year I hope that most of them will be filled."
  5. MaverickLegend Address the Media during his Press Conference Announcement Mansfield, CT - It's been three seasons since the Connecticut Huskies have had a winning season back when they went 9-4 in 2018 capping off the season with a Indepence Bowl victory over Virgina. Since then the program has seen two different Head Coaches and it's about to see their 3rd. MaverickLegend has been announced to lead the Huskies back into the win column, something that is harder said than done. "Before accepting this position I was well aware of the past struggles of the program and I feel like I can be the man that can change our fortunes. It starts right away this season by building a good culture and showing our recruits that change is happening. If we want to contend in our Conference, we'll need to be one of the best recruiters. I have a track record of success at the lower levels and I'm hoping to bring it here. It doesn't matter if someone is playing JUCO, High School, for another program, or not playing at all, if I feel like he'll make our team better you better expect to see him on campus next season." MaverickLegend posing with Connecticut Huskies Athletic Director MaverickLegend will now take any questions that you might have
  6. Connecticut Huskies is updated: http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Connecticut_Huskies Just need to find out the history and fill it out, however the template now matches from what it was.
  7. That's why all her former players be sliding into her DM's
  8. Approved for UConn and American Athletic Conference. Requesting account elevation please
  9. Going to need to watch that. Finished the season and that was next up but was too tired to watch.
  10. If only they had a crystal ball eh? Then again, maybe less stress of having a TV crew around at all times helps.
  11. I'm surprised he doesn't try and push that moniker, I love it. Coach Compton
  12. Like I mentioned before I think they mentioned Netflix wanted to see a program build, so that is cool. For those who don't know, EMCC won the National Title for NJCAA this past season, which was kinda interesting.
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