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    1. Can @Kirby get access to the Colts Forum please
    2. npklemm

      Account Elevation Requests

      Can @Kirby get access to the Colts forum please?
    3. I am pleased to announce that we have hired @Kirby to be our lead scout for the 2022 Season and hopefully beyond. We are very excited for him to get started and anticipate that he will do a wonderful job. He will help us in all aspects of our organization, from scouting future talent, scouting opponents for gameplanning, and even scouting player contracts to help us prepare for our financial future. This is Kirby's first position in the NFLHC. He was previously the Head Coach of the Bowling Green Falcons, leading them to a 8-5 Record including a Bowl Win over South Alabama. Following that he has accepted the Head Coaching Role with the Utah Utes, who are coming off of a Conference Championship and a Playoff Appearance. At this point, we will take quesions.
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      [2022] Scout Contracts

      Indianapolis Colts @Kirby 1 Year
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      Super Bowl VIII

      Congrats to @alienufo ! Great season by both teams, but in the end Nick Hall was just too good.
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      I listen to the Solid Verbal
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      [2021] NFCN: QB Spotlight

      Somehow I missed that, either way he did a pretty good job overall. Still like him as a QB. Hopefully your Injured WRs bounce back and you find a RB for him to play off of.
    8. Link to my previous article on the NFC North: http://cfbhc.com/index.php?/topic/12293-2018-nfc-north-qb-situations/ Chicago Bears Starter QB Norris Brooksheer 6-3 207 4 Oklahoma [Pocket] 89 The #1 Pick in the 2017 Draft, Brooksheer was thought be dethroned this season by fellow Top 5 Pick in Mohammed Foster. The Bears attempted to trade Brooksheer, but didn't receive good enough offers to move him. Instead they stood by him and decided to start him this season instead of throwing Foster into the fire right away like they did to Norris. Norris responded with a solid season. He finished 17th in Attempts, 15th in Completion %, 18th in Yards, 17th in Touchdowns. He did throw the 29th most Interceptions (as a reminder, this is out of the top 32 Passers by Volume of Attempts) and did finish with the 23th lowest QB Rating. The Bears relied on him to shoulder the bulk of their offense and he did respond well, especially early on. However, he still had issues with Turnovers and still had issues with his efficiency as noted by his QB Rating. His time in Chicago is certainly coming to an end sooner rather than later, and I think the Bears are right to move on. I'd like to see Norris move on and have success in his career, but both the Chicago Bears and Norris Brooksheer need to move on. Backup QB Mohammed Foster 6-0 194 R West Virginia [Scrambling] 82 QB Grant McConnell 6-4 198 R Pittsburgh [Scrambling] 76 QB Harold Simmons 6-1 180 5 Notre Dame [Pocket] 80 Foster is the future of the franchise and was only given one chance to play. We can't really extrapolate any sort of judgement from that one game. I loved him coming out of college, and I think if given some support, he could be truly great. Grant McConnell is an intriguing prospect, he's definitely not going to be anything other than a backup long term. But he did complete a good % of his passes in college and lead Pittsburgh to a win over future National Champions Penn State in 2019 (he couldn't beat UVA in 2019 though). Harold Simmons exists for some reason I don't understand. Cap Hit Brooksheer is a Free Agent after 2021. Foster makes $5.5 MM (4 GTD) in 2022, $5.5 MM (3.5 GTD) in 2023, $5.5 MM (2.75 GTD) in 2024 McConnell makes 500K (0 GTD) in 2022, 500K (0 GTD) in 2023, 500K (0 GTD) in 2024 Simmons makes $1.5 MM (0 GTD) in 2022 and is then a Free Agent Brooksheer being a FA could hurt the Bears. They would like to trade him instead of just letting him go in FA. With the current QB Market, who knows how much he'll demand in an extension. And his potential contract could hurt his trade value. Foster is making less than $6 MM which is great for a starting QB. McConnell is on the league minimum with no guaranteed money, so he can be waived if a roster spot is needed. Simmons makes 3 times as much as he should, but at least he has no guaranteed money. Actions 1.Sign and Trade Brooksheer. Good luck guys, you didn't get a good enough offer last season. And I think most teams will try to offer what they did then since he will certainly be more expensive this season. Detroit Lions Starter QB Blake Shell 6-5 194 6 Virginia Tech [Pocket] 85 I listed Shell as the starter since he started 9 games due to injuries to LeCount. Shell was just kind of ok. Looking at volume numbers won't make sense since he played so many fewer games than the average starter. But he did finish 30th in Completion %, and 29th in QB Rating. He was able to lead this team to a handful of victories against the odds, but he didn't light the world on fire doing it. Shell is no more than a place holder at this point in his career. A team with a young QB they don't want to start right away could use Shell's services. Backup QB Rob LeCount 6-3 212 6 Michigan [Pocket] 90 QB Will Thompson 6-3 191 7 USC [Pocket] 83 LeCount began as a starter, but injuries forced him to less than 10 starts on the year. One can't help but think LeCount's time in Detroit is coming to an end soon. The Loins have been the Superbowl Favorites for forever now and just can't get over the hump and I think part of their problem has been QB play. Will Thompson is a corpse. But, he's not the worst #3 guy in the league to have. Cap Hit Shell is a Free Agent after 2021 LeCount makes $16 MM (50% GTD) in 2022 and is then a Free Agent Thompson is a Free Agent after 2021 At least the Loins have flexibility with their QB situation. They have very little money invested into their current group of QBs, don't be surprised to see Shell and Thompson leave in Free Agency. LeCount being in the final year of his deal is moveable, a team who's interested in him could trade for him and take control of his financial future. Actions 1. Re-Sign Thompson for another season at the league Minimum. He's a good vet presence to have around and can be counted in a real pinch 2. Re-Sign Shell to a lower deal (close to $2-3 MM) for two seasons. I think you should roll with him next season as your starter if you follow my remaining actions 3. Trade Rob LeCount. It's time to get younger and cheaper, this is a great way to do it 4. Draft a QB in the first. Guys I like for you include: Andre Webb, Donald Culver, and Kyle Davidson. Maybe don't start these guys right away if you can help it Green Bay Packers Starter QB Jason Johnson 5-11 190 7 UCLA [Pocket] 97 I was a little rough on JJ in my last article, but the guy rebounded to a degree I did not expect. He lead the Packers to the Superbowl last season and the NFC Championship Game this season. He finished 14th in Attempts, 17th in Completion %, 16th in Yards and 14th in Touchdowns. He wasn't as good as he was in 2020, but he was still pretty good. He did throw the 22nd most Interceptions and was 18th in QB Rating. A few too many picks dropped his QB Rating a little low, but he was still at least league average. Backup QB Alex Rodgers 6-3 198 3 Kentucky [Pocket] 81  I said in my last article that I liked Rodgers coming out of the draft, but he hasn't progressed to the degree I would have liked. He'd be a fine #3 QB, but I'd be nervous if JJ was out of the game for any reason and Rodgers had to take his spot. Cap Hit JJ makes $24 MM (100% GTD) in 2022, $25 MM ($15 GTD) in 2023, $22 MM ($11 GTD) in 2024 Rodgers makes $1.5 MM (50% GTD) in 2022, $1.5 MM (0% GTD) in 2023 JJ's contract isn't all that bad in this current market, and he' definitely earned that paper. The Packers should be super excited about their future with JJ at the helm. Rodgers had just 750K GTD combined in the next two seasons and earns just $3 MM. He's a super cheap backup option and gives you flexibility financially. Actions 1.Find a 3rd QB. Either through the draft or sign a vet FA. I'm a firm believer in having 3 QBs on your active roster. Minnesota Vikings Starter QB Brian Vardell 6-2 200 7 Washington State [Pocket] 93 I still think Vardell is a good quarterback, but his surrounding talent has gotten worse and you can see that in his numbers. He finished 19th in Attempts, 27th in Completion %, 20th in Yards, 18th in TDs. He did throw the 2nd fewest Interceptions and finished 10th in QB Rating. His completion percentage was noooot good, but he did a great job of avoiding Interceptions. The Vikings can still win with Vardell, but they need to get him some help. It's definitely not time for the Vikes to make a change at QB. Backup QB Brad Davis 5-11 205 2 Texas [Pocket] 80 QB Lawrence Pritchett 6-0 187 2 Tulane [Scrambling] 78 QB Cody Albright 5-10 237 1 Ohio State [Pocket] 79 Bread Davis is a bad backup and should be the #3 guy instead of your #2. Lawrence Pritchett really shouldn't be on a pro roster to be honest. Cody Albright is probably fine being a #3 QB on a team, which is concerning that you have 2 #3 Guys and no #2 Guys. Cap Hit Vardell makes $26 MM (100% GTD) in 2022, $28 MM (18 GTD) in 2023, $23 MM (12 GTD) in 2024, $20 MM (11 GTD) in 2025 Davis is a Free Agent following 2021 Pritchett is a Free Agent following 2021 Albright makes $1 MM (0% GTD) in 2022, $1 MM (0% GTD) in 2023 V A R D E L L M O N E Y. Vardell's contract isn't all as bad as it gets shit for. 2022 is definitely ruff, but it gets better after that. However, the double digit Guaranteed money every season until his deal ends does handicap you significantly. He's entering his 9th season as a pro and by the end of this contract he'll be a 12th year guy and be roughly 34. Not necessarily that old for a QB, but he'll for sure be getting up there. If he trails off in 2024/2025, you're basically stuck with him. Davis and Pritchett are making the right amount money. Albright is a super cheap backup option, no reason to let him go for any reason. Actions 1. Let Davis and Pritchett walk. Those guys blow 2. Draft a young guy. There are about 70 guys rated 80+, so someone should be there in the 3rd/4th for you to take. He could just be your backup, or you could groom him to be your future starter. Rankings 1.Green Bay 2.Minnesota 3.Detroit 4.Chicago
    9. npklemm


      Just a heads up, the MAC Commissioner (Jieret is a Bastard Man) just left the conference and we don't have someone lined up to replace him yet. It might be a couple weeks before we get our stuff together. Unless a Conference Commissioner not from the MAC is able to approve you, it could be a little wait for Bowling Green.
    10. npklemm


      Currently there isn't a MAC Commissioner (Jieret is a Bastard Man), so it might take us a little while to get everything sorted out and get to approving applications. Unless another commissioner will take over those duties in the short term, it could be a couple weeks before a real solid answer is provided.
    11. Odd, I don't see the Colts anywhere
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    13. Would like 2-3 others to join me for NFL Live for the Super Bowl. PM me if interested