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    1. [2021] Pre-Season AP Poll

      yeah, wtf
    2. Very well deserved. Congrats Jieret!
    3. cultur3

      That's handled a bit differently. Every team has 3 official positions (not all of which are always filled). Each team will hire their own guys. So, it's really down to the individual team.
    4. AvocadoSoup

      I'd be interested in reading through these blogs. Would you mind posting a link?
    5. AvocadoSoup

      /r/MidAmerican if you aren't there already bud. Unfortunately the MAC is full right now.
    6. [2021] MAC Pre-season Overview

      I actually just moved Elias Carter to the starting QB spot this morning.
    7. Welcome to the team DT Gregory McGee 6-7 309 Sr Pulaski Southwestern (Somerset, KY) 3.5 of 3.5 [2-Gap]!
    8. We are reviving the Croot Rumors Twitter.
      We would like someone in the Western Half of the country to join. Please PM me and cricket if you're interested.

      1. Weeze56m


        Can i ask what the croot rumors is? i don't think i've seen that before. I'm not in the west, but i might be interesting in helping out depending what it is

      2. npklemm


        No you may not.

      3. npklemm
    9. You're forced to change your username...

      that is horrific
    10. Filed by Gregg Doyel This week the Colts' rookies went off to minicamp. I was on site for the workouts, scrimmages, etc and am now back to report on what I saw. DT Hudson Adam, 1st Round Disappointingly, the Colts didn't sent Adam. My sources inside the Colts camp were nervous about potential injuries, so they decided to keep him home and let him work at the Colts Facility instead. Adam and the Colts are still negotiating his contract, and I'm told that is also a reason he didn't make the trip. CB Malachi Douglas, 2nd Round Grade: C+ Note: Needs Development, Roster Deep Dive: Douglas looked fine. Not great, not bad, but fine. He's currently slotted as the CB3 going into the season. He definitely needs as much as work as possible. One one play, he would read the QB perfectly and pounce on the ball. And on the next he would look lost. Cameron Beatty out of UVA beat him on a couple of plays, and watching those two together, you come away thinking Douglas should man handle Beatty. I look forward to seeing Douglas in the Pre-Season however, hopefully the game speed and action will get his blood flowing. Season Outlook: He'll be on the active roster for sure. He'll play CB3 unless he's very bad in the Pre-Season. So, Colts fans should see him on the field very often this season. SS Jonathan Norman, 3rd Round Grade: C+ Note: Needs Development, Roster Deep Dive: Norman was a ball hawk in his couple of seasons at Virginia Tech, and he continued that this week. The Pro Schemes the offenses were running this week did seem to confuse him at times however and he got beat on a couple of passes that he shouldn't have. But, he's quick and definitely started picking schemes and concepts quickly throughout the week. Season Outlook: Chris Brown is the established starter, so Norman will be his backup. But Norman should get plenty of action on Special Teams. TE Cayden Reese, 5th Round Grade: C Note: Needs Development, Practice Squad Deep Dive: Reese is not a blocker. Most knew that coming into the draft, but this week solidified that. He doesn't have the strength nor interest to hold blocks on LBs. He's fine blocking Corners and some Safeties, but he's a one-dimensional player. He catches the ball well, but his route running needs work. Reese might be better served finding his way on the Practice Squad, but I don't think the organization will take the risk of him getting claimed. Season Outlook: He'll most likely play TE2 or TE3 this season. He's not ready for a big role in the offense. But he can provide value in certain offensive packages, and like Norman will find his way on the Special Teams squads most likely. OG Prince Calloway, 6th Round Grade: D+ Note: Poor, Practice Squad Deep Dive: Calloway is big and slow. He doesn't move his feet well and moderately quick DTs can get leverage on him easily. For a player his size, he doesn't utilize his body well enough to make up for his lack of speed. Calloway is definitely not ready for any sort of minutes on the professional level. Season Outlook: If OL depth around the league wasn't valued as it is, he might clear waivers and make it to the Practice Squad. But as it stands, he'll be a backup Guard and most likely thrid string while he works on his techniques the next couple of seasons. ILB Damion Taylor, 6th Round Grade: C- Note: Needs Development, Roster Deep Dive: Taylor, out of James Madison, showed flashes of his potential this week. He sometimes reads the play clearly and gets where he needs to be quickly. Other times, he gets lost in the trenches and is taken out of the play quickly. He's an aggressive player who likes to get in the backfield often, but that aggressiveness is easily taken advantage of by the offense. He needs time, but he could start in the future for the Colts. Season Outlook: With the Colts having very little depth at LB, Taylor will spend his season on the Active Roster. He'll get some game action, but will mostly see the field with the Special Teams Units. QB Kevin Fulford, UDFA Grade: C- Note: Needs Development, Practice Squad Deep Dive: Fulford is accurate in the short range, and fairly accurate in the mid range. But he has no deep ball. Kevin will never be a starter in the league, the best he can hope for is to be a long term backup. He has a tendency to lock in on one receiver and tip off his intentions to the secondary. His footwork also needs improvement, he throws off of his back foot far too often. Season Outlook: Fulford will be waived and should make his way onto the Practice Squad. WR Cameron Beatty, UDFA Grade: C Note: Needs Development, Practice Squad Deep Dive: Beatty, the 4,000+ yard receiver out of UVA, did some nice things this week. He doesn't drop the ball, but he doesn't fully utilize his size. He should be boxing out every DB he goes against, but he tries to finesse the catch too often which leads to breakups. If he learns to box out and catch with his body, he could really develop into a nice depth WR. Season Outlook: He'll spend this year on the Practice Squad DT David Hendrickson, UDFA Grade: C Note: Needs Development, Practice Squad Deep Dive: Hendrickson is a big boy and he knows how to use it. He tries to punish the OL every play. But, he's a one trick pony, he has no finesse moves and he's slow. His one trick is bull rushing the Center/Guard and hoping they lose their footing. He'll need to get quicker and add a couple moves before he can contribute on the Active Roster. Season Outlook: Hendrickson will join Fulford and Beatty on the Practice Squad ILB Erik Whitten, UDFA Grade: C- Note: Poor, Practice Squad Deep Dive: Whitten declared early, and I'm starting to think that was a bad decision. GM Ape and he worked together at Washing State, so the familiarity is there. However, Whitten didn't look good this week. He couldn't get off blocks, he didn't do well in coverage, and he didn't have the strength to make most open field tackles. A couple days in the week, he ruptured his Patellar Tendon effectively ending his season and potentially his career before it even began. We'll have to see how he recovers, and if he does well, he'll find his way onto someone's Practice Squad. Otherwise, he could leave the league forever. Season Outlook: I believe league rules dictate that he must be placed on the IR. So, that's where he'll spend his season FS Eric Finney, UDFA Grade: C+ Note: Needs Development, Roster Deep Dive: Finney also declared early, from Wyoming, and it looks to be a solid decision. Safety depth is almost non-existent for the Colts, so he could find his way onto the active roster. Finney was pretty good in coverage. He made some nice plays, got beat a couple of times, but overall he looked pretty good. Season Outlook: Even with the Colts lack of depth at Safety, I think he'll find his way onto the Practice Squad. SS Constantine Richards, UDFA Grade: F Note: Poor Deep Dive: Richards was clearly the worst player on the field for the Colts this week. I can't recall any times where I was impressed by his play. He had virtually no redeeming workouts either, all in all, Richards probably secured his exit from the Colts this week before Preseason starts. Season Outlook: Look for him to get waived at some point. He might get an opportunity in the Preseason, but don't be surprised if he leaves before then.
    11. 2021 Practice Squad Changes

      This may have been answered somewhere, but if we move someone from our PS to our Active Roster, how much do we pay them? The Min for the whole year? Or a prorated salary for how many games they're on the Active Roster for?
    12. jordy job market

      lmao wait djdrew went inactive so long ago
    13. [2021] Pre-Season Sign Ups [OWNERS]

      Indianapolis @Atlanta @Chicago Kansas City San Francisco