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    1. Wife is pregnant again, so we're going to have a low key summer. We are going to Traverse City for a long weekend in June, very much looking forward to that
    2. It's chaos in my house, my wife and I can never agree on a temp. Winter we tend to be more consistent, but she gets hot easily and I don't so summertime I'll look and the thermostat will be at like 66, so I turn it up to 68. Then the next day it's back down to 66. Just insanity during the summer.
    3. tyler pearson looking real damn good
    4. Jacobs leaves the Loins and takes over in New Orleans
    5. A true MAC Season, one of the CCG participants has the worst record among all CCG Teams. Wouldn't want it any other way.
    6. Cole Richter and Erik Parker near identical performances
    7. Truly a perfect Ball State game to lose, both sim and irl
    8. DL really coming up big and getting a run game seems to have really calmed Wegert down quite a bit. Knew you guys wouldn't be mediocre for too long.
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