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  1. 4 PM Los Angeles Rams 20 Baltimore Ravens 16 The Rams hosted the Ravens and came away with a tight win. QB Darrell Murphy went 21/29 for 281 Yards with 2 TDs and 1 Pick. His RBs gave him plenty of support, Terrell Holland and Daveed Knox combined for 24 Carries for 157 Yards, each getting 5 YPC. WR Walt Peck lead the team in receiving with 92, TE Jamal Hawkins and WR Derrick Schwartz each caught a TD Pass. On Defense, CB Thomas Patterson had a Pick and a Pass Defended. DE Michael Bruce sacked Mikael Black once, and ILB Markus Golden had 8 Tackles to lead the team. For Baltimore, QB Mikael Black went 13/25 for 118 Yards and 1 Pick, he also had 12 Rushing Yards. RB Moussa Goode had 49 Yards, while Booker T. Washington added 46 and a TD. David Wells lead the team with 50 Receiving Yards, no one else had over 32. FS Traveon Howard picked off a pass and defended another pass, while DE Lucas Benton sacked Murphy once. OLB Tyrone Jones lead the team with 7 Tackles and had a TFL. Baltimore eliminates themselves from the playoffs, while the Rams win another pointless game. Seattle Seahawks 23 Pittsburgh Steelers 17 The Seahawks turned to Rookie QB Tucker Dowden in his first start and win a big game over the visiting Steelers. Dowden went 18/29 for 170 Yards, and had 58 Rushing Yards. Not a phenomenal game, but no turnovers and a win over 9-Win team this late in the season is impressive. RB Marcus Williams had 158 Yards and 2 TDs. He was fantastic and gave Dowden plenty of help. TE Tony Huff lead the team in receiving with 58 Yards. CB Matt Cowan picked off a pass, and defended 3 others. Brian Glenn and Adam Williams each had a sack. For Pittsburgh, QB Norris Brooksheer went 19/34 for 209 Yards with 1 TD and a Pick. Brooksheer has really struggled this last half of the season. RB Chester Henson had 37 Yards and a TD on the ground. Samuel Jolley lead the team with 71 Rushing Yards, and William Anderson had the TD Reception. DE Carlos Washington had a TFL and a Sack, while OLB Patrick Murphy had 6 Tackles and 2 TFL. I believe this loss puts Pittsburgh in terms of record, but Cincy has the H2H Tie Breaker, but PItt is still in playoff position. Las Vegas Raiders 42 Kansas City Chiefs 24 The Raiders officially lock up the West as Nick Hall destroyed the KC secondary. Hall went 39/52 for 433 Yards and 5 TDs. Major Morris didn't add much on the ground, but he didn't need to. Morris had 30 Yards on 8 Carries. TE Brian Gary had the most receiving yards with 129, he also added a TD. Mike Tripplett had a TD Reception, while TE Jahmir Rolle added 2 more, and then WR Darryl McGlockton finished with 1. Bobby Oakley forced a fumble on Terrence Rodgers, and Sergio Miller picked it up and took it back for a TD. For KC, QB Ryan Harris went 23/41 for 305 Yards and 3 TDs. RB Terrence Rodgers had 45 Yards and the Fumble Lost. WR Kevin Branch lead the team with 120 Yards, while Justin Hill, Daniel Hobbs, and Hines Mertens each caught a TD Pass. DT Carnell Meadows, DE Luke Lyles, and OLB Sean Springs each had a sack. As mentioned before, the Raiders officially clinch the West, and the Chiefs are eliminated from Playoff Contention. Los Angeles Chargers 31 Denver Broncos 24 The Chargers pick up a surprise win over divisional rival Broncos. QB Matty Swift went 29/52 for 350 Yards and 3 TDs. RB Brannon Austin had 59 Yards on 12 Carries, while Mamadou Heard had 19 Yards and a TD. TE Scott Howard keeps on performing, he lead the Chargers with 118 receiving yards. Greg Cobb, M.L. Kriewaldt, and Damian Mason each had a TD reception. CB Prince Williams had a Pick, while Jason Bryant had a sack. ILB Tunch Richardson had 8 Tackles and 2 TFL to lead the defense. For Denver. QB Randy Roberts completed 15/30 for 160 Yards with 1 TD and a Pick. RB J.B. Blacknall had 60 Yards and a TD, RB Emmett Spears had a TD on the ground as well. WR Sebastian Porter lead them with 60 Receiving Yards while Emmett Spears caught the TD Pass. DE Deyonte Davis finished with 2.5 Sacks, while DE Michael Carroll had 1 Sack, and Andrew Phillips finished with 1/2 a Sack. Both teams continue their march to Top 10 Picks. San Francisco 49ers 26 Arizona Cardinals 21 The NIners perplexingly allow themselves to win another game. QB Todd Lester went 22/31 for 245 Yards with 2 TDs and 47 Rushing Yards, he's been pretty damn good since coming back from injury. RB Troy McCray had 80 Yards on 17 Carries. Miles Collins lead them with 92 Receiving Yards, while Daniel Marshall and Joshua Freeman each caught a TD. ILB Daleroy Smart finished with 6 Tackles and a Pick, and Tavian Oliphant lead the team with 9 Tackles. For the Cardinals, AFC Champion Greg Bierria went 5/10 for 64 Yards with 1 TD and a Pick. If the Cardinals want to win, they need to unleash Greg Bierria. RB Trevon Yeldon had 102 Yards, while Ricky Vega added 50 Yards and 2 TDs. Marcus Banks lead the team with 32 Receiving Yards, while Ricky Chambers caught a TD Pass. DT Nathan Knowlton sacked Lester once, while Josiah Harden and Dennis Abdullah combined for another. The 49ers win a game they shouldn't have, while the Cardinals lose a game they need to lose. SNF Atlanta Falcons 24 Carolina Panthers 14 The Falcons make themselves one game closer to the Saints for the Division lead, while the Panthers find themselves on the outside looking in. QB AJJ went for 17/27 for 260 Yards with 1 TD. RB Akili Wallace had 119 Yards and 2 TDs on the ground. RB Bradley Cooley added 50 yards. WR Riddick Smith lead the team with 120 Yards, while Rentavious Rogers caught the lone TD Pass. Old Man Tommy Leonard lead the team with 7 Tackles and a Sack, while DT Mark Walsh added a sack for himself. For Panthers, Skaggs went 20/34 for 282 Yards and 2 TDs. MIke Latta didn't do great, he only had 41 Yards on his 10 carries and lost a Fumble. Monte Jackson lead the team with 110 Yards and a TD, Troy Wilson caught the other TD Pass. ILB Chris Tucker had 5 Tackles and 2 TFL, while OLB Jeff Brooks added 7 Tackles. The Panthers needed this game to keep pace with the Saints, but the Falcons move into Playoff Position with this win. MNF Green Bay Packers 21 Washington Football Team 11 The Packers clinch a playoff spot while the Washington Football team are out of it. QB Jason Johnson went 21/37 for 208 Yards with 2 TDs. RB Jaz Durant had 74 Yards with a TD and a Lost Fumble, complete mixed bag there. WR Dan Nomellini had 60 Yards to lead the Packers, while Justin McCain and Bernard Taylor caught the TD Passes. Marquise Reed and Vontae Johnson each picked off Bowman, while Barron Anthony sacked him once. QB Tanner Bowman finished 23/40 for 277 Yards and 2 Picks, definitely not the game Washington needed from him. RB Ricardo Reed was Mr. Hyde, gaining 44 Yards on his 11 Carries. WR Sam Hiller-Weeden had 99 Yards to lead the team, while WR Eddie McFadden added 53. DE Steven Jordan and DE Mike HIll sacked Jason Johnson once each, while Jordan's sack was a Safety. OLB Anthony Brown forced a fumble, and DT Fred Romanowski recovered it. Fun fact, OLB Nathaniel Jeffries for Washington had the lowest grade of any player this season with a 0.49, not good. The Packers lock up a playoff spot, and Washington's season is effectively done.
  2. TNF New York Jets 31 New England Patriots 23 Jets went into Foxboro and took down Luke Trickett and the Pats. Erik Wegert had a solid game going 23/38 for 271 Yards with 2 TDs and 1 Pick. RB Sam Chapman was a nice compliment on the ground, gaining 82 Yards on 17 Carries and scoring 1 TD. Israel Hawker lead the team in receiving with 89 Yards and 1 TD, Paul Howell caught the other TD for the Jets. Jelly Brains Cole finished with 3 receptions for 50 yards. On Defense, CB Nathaniel Woodworth lead the Jets with a Pick and a Pass Defended. DT Kyle Pratt (the Jet's highest rated player) finished with 2 TFL and a Sack. Old Man Brumm finished with 5 Tackles and 1 TFL. For New England, QB Luke Trickett went 15/26 for 172 with 1 TD and Pick, he also added 46 Yards on the ground. RB Shawn Cole turned back the clock, getting 102 Yards and a Score on just 19 Carries. Michael Duckworth added 26 yards, the Backs gave their young QB some nice help this week. Geno Harris was their leading receiver with 64 Yards, and TE Gary Jones caught the lone TD Reception. Dave Stokely (the Pats highest rated player) lead the defense with 1 TFL, a Pick and a Pass Defended. DE Nasir Womack added a TFL and a sack, and ILB Mark Craig lead the team with 6 Tackles. Both teams had the same amount of scores, but the Jets nabbed 4 TDs and 1 FG, while the Pats only got 2 TDs and 3 FGs. Those 8 extra points made the difference. The Jets now sit at 7-7 and are still alive in the playoff race, it's not an easy climb, but it's possible. The Pats fall to 3-11 and roll towards Top 5 Pick Status. 1 PM Miami Dolphins 45 MInnesota Vikings 13 The Dolphins hosted the Vikes and completely wrecked them. QB Brian Brown was the best player in this game, he finished 29/46 for 337 Yards and 4 TDs. Soluna Nerf pls. RB Marcus Barry was excellent as well, he had 128 Yards with 2 TDs. It only took him 18 carries to accomplish that. TE Oscar Fisk lead the Phins in receiving with 128 Yards with 1 TD, J.C. Weldon had 107 Yards and 2 TDs, and Bill Hardy had the 4th TD Reception. On Defense, CB Justin Davis had a Pick and 2 Passes Defended, while OLB Jeremy Green also picked off a pass. DE's Dexter Flowers and Benjamin Blankenship combined for 1 TFL and 3 Sacks. For Minny, QB Blair Holcomb played in place of the injured Vardell. And he struggled in his debut, going 20/40 for 201 Yards with 2 TDs and 2 Picks. RB Evan Grant wasn't much help as he had 11 Carries for just 36 Yards. WR Jacory Kessler again lead the Vikings in receiving with 67 Yards and 1 TD, while Mohamed Charles caught the other TD Pass. Marcus Brown sacked Brown once, while Devin Whitaker lead all tacklers with 10 on the game. Miami has all but clinched the #1 Seed in the Playoffs and look damn good. Minnesota is fighting with New England for Draft Positioning. Tennessee Titans 19 Buffalo Bills 13 The Tits won a must-win game as they try to clinch the South by traveling to Buffalo and battling the elements. QB Thomas Wheeler went 18/35 for 160 Yards for 1 TD and 1 Pick. RB Chad Dess carried the rock 13 times for 44 Yards and 1 TD. WR Greg Newman had the most receiving yards for the Tits with 56, while Cody Hunter caught the lone TD Pass from Wheeler. CB Jack Ramsey picked off Matt Jones once, while Tyler Jones and Derrick Thomas each had a sack. Terrence Plummer forced a fumble off of Matthison, which was recovered by Randy Humphreys. Matt Jones for Buffalo wasn't much better than Wheeler, he finished 17/34 for 185 Yards with 1 TD and 1 Pick. RB Marshawn Matthison had 77 Yards and lost a fumble, as already mentioned. WR Tyron Chambers had a good game, catching 5 Passes for 70 Yards with 1 TD. No other player had more than 35 Yards in the game. Patrick Chaney picked off Wheeler once, while Rodney Galbreath and Anthony Ortiz each sacked him once. D.J. Reed had 3! Passes Defended, and Kyle Cunningham finished with 1 PD. Kicking was not great in this game, as you would expect in the conditions played. Leon Woodruff went 2/3 for Tennessee (makes from 30 and 38, miss from 47) and Derek LeBlanc went 2/4 (makes from 38 and 23, misses from 49 and 45). The Tits move to 10-4 and virtually clinch a playoff spot, the Bills fall to 5-9. Cincinnati Bengals 23 Cleveland Browns 17 The Browns drop a game they can't afford to drop, while Cincy takes sole ownership of a playoff spot. QB Ryan Clark finished 15/28 for 166 Yards with 1 TD and a Pick, while getting 40 rushing yards. This is just who Clark is at this point, he's too inconsistent to lead the Browns anywhere. RB Grady Mitchell was ok, going for 53 Yards with a TD on 11 Carries. WR Tai Miller had 61 Yards, while Ray Lee Marconi (never retire) had the lone TD Reception. Cameron Marshall picked off Joel King, Gabriel Beauchamp and Ray McBride each had 1.5 Sacks. QB Joel King was a little better than Clark, going 23/37 for 244 Yards with 2 TDs and a Pick. RB C.J. Sheffield played football, he had 15 Carries for 45 Yards. WR Adrian Jankowksi had 6 receptions for 91 Yards and 1 TD, Cap Christian had a TD Reception. On Defense, SS R.C. Rone had a Pick and a PD, DT Sila Lotomau sacked Clark once, while Timothy Key and Kamari Cheatham combined for another sack. The Bengals move to either 5 or 6 Seed, while the Browns fall to the 8 or so spot. Jacksonville Jaguars 28 Indianapolis Colts 10 The Jags maintain playoff position with a huge victory in Indy. QB Taylor Rodriguez played phenomenally, completing 22/33 passes for 281 Yards with 3 TDs. RB Asante Sowell was fantastic as well, gaining 102 Yards on 19 Carries for 1 TD. WR Raheem Robinson has great as always, going for 107 Yards with 1 TD. Derek Harrison and Jordan Kemp each caught a TD. Shamar Ware and Ron Rice each had a sack, while Jonathan Blankenship picked off Shea once. ILB Christian Haywood had 9 Tackles and a PD. Shea went 29/49 for 285 Yards with 1 TD and a Pick. James Otero is indeed a football player for the Indianapolis Colts, he rushed for 25 Yards on 7 Carries. TE Tyler Dotson lead the team in receiving with 98 Yards, while WR Vincent Ortiz caught the lone TD Reception. DE Anthony Miller sacked T-Rod once, while Kelly Mitchell had 7 Tackles and a PD. The Jags cement themselves as playoff favorites, while the Colts put themselves in a position of doubt. Houston Texans 34 Philadelphia Eagles 17 The Texans take down the High Flyin' Eagles in Philly and hurt their draft spot. QB Alex Leshoure went 30/50 for 338 Yards for 3 TDs. RB Arturo Pacheco had 51 Yards and a TD. Jeremy Scarborough and Marvin Whtie each had 100+ Yards and a TD, while TE Kendall Brandon caught the 3rd TD. Safety Reynaldo Harris had a Pick and a PD, and Robert Fulton sacked AT once. QB AT went 16/29 for 177 Yards with 1 TD and a Pick, and added 31 Rush Yards. RB Marshawn Miller had 107 Yards and a TD on just 12 Carries. WR Michael Hawkins had 61 Yards to lead all receivers, while Justin Evans caught the only TD Pass of the game. DE Ryan Frey and DT Tommy Brooks each had half a sack, while Travaris Jackson and DeAndre Hawkins each had a PD. The Texans win a surprising game and hurt their own draft stock, but the Eagles still lead the East, so this loss isn't killer for them. Dallas Cowboys 28 New York Giants 6 The Boys win a game they had to if they had any shot at the playoffs and the Giants keep flailing towards another #1 Pick. QB Graham Burnett went 23/35 for 350 Yards and 3 TDs. RB Adrian Robinson had 84 Yards and a TD. Rodney Montgomery had 108 Yards with 1 TD, and Francisco Gibson had 100 Yards. Austin Medina and Alex Gash caught the other TDs for the Boys. Travis Chatman and Dashon Hodge-Stevens each had a Pick. Javier Grady, Joseph Randolph, and Adam Taylor each sacked Albright once. QB Cody Albright went 15/33 for 160 Yards with 2 Picks. RB O.J. Carano had 10 yards on 9 Carries, while Elvis Williams had 2 carries for (2) Yards. Evan Medley had 56 Yards. Isaiah Polsfoot (have not thought of him in a long time) had a Forced Fumble. Louis Peterson lead the Giants with 7 Tackles. The Cowboys keep their playoff hopes alive (if they are still alive), and the Giants are still alive for the #1 Pick. New Orleans Saints 17 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10 The Saints move into 1st Place in the South, while the Bucs are eliminated from Playoff Contention for good. Devy went 25/45 for 239 Yards with 2 TDs and 2 Picks. The RBs combined for 10 Yards on 11 Carries. Mike Miller (RIP) had 82 Carries with 1 TD, while DeSean Dockery caught the other TD. George Brady and Kemp Jasper picked off Heiden once each. Austin Olson, Garrett Holliday, and Paul Cherry each had a sack. Speaking of Heiden, he went 15/30 for 140 Yards with 1 TD and 2 Picks, while adding 18 Rushing Yards. RB DNJ had just 46 Yards on 13 Carries. WR Quintavius Pearson had 61 Yards, while Randall Johnson had the TD Reception. Cameron Newhouse and Demetrius Still each picked off Devy, Darris Hayes 2 Sacks, while Frank Williams and Gustavo Adcock sacked Devy once. The Bucs are done for the season, but they can at least play spoiler. The Saints move into 1st Place in the South (I think, I don't know, I'm not an expert). Detroit Lions 27 Chicago Bears 10 Detroit locks up a playoff spot while the Bears look to lick their wounds. QB Rob LeCount went 22/33 for 256 Yards and 1 TD. RB Kenyon Randall seems to have come back to form, gaining 118 Yards and a TD. RB Calvin Jones had 72 Yards and a TD on the ground as well. Rashad Simon lead the team in receiving with 94 Yards, while Jeremy Cook caught the TD Reception. Keyshawn Thompson had a Pick. Doug Carolan and Cameron Jones each had a sack in the game. Kieron Brooks and Earl Jackson each forced a fumble, but neither was recovered. QB MoFo went 18/25 for 208 Yards with 1 TD and a Pick, while adding 17 Rushing Yards. RB Vaughan Abraham went for 52 Yards on 10 Carries, Norris Horton had 10 carries, and fumbled the ball twice (both were recovered by the offense). TE Donnie Allen had 72 Yards to lead the team, and WR Charlie Paul caught a TD Pass. S Jesse Hutchins had 6 Tackles, same as DE Andrew Fazande. The Loins still lead the North and I believe have clinched a Playoff Spot. The Bears are looking at a Top 5 pick again.
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    [2022] Week #15 - MNF

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    [2022] Week 15 Review

    Thursday Night: Score: Akron 17 Kent State 13 My Prediction: Akron 27 Kent State 14 POTG: RB Bryan Ellison, Akron, 23 Carries for 111 Yards, 1 Touchdown What Happened: Both offenses stalled all game long, but Akron was able to get into the end zone twice while Kent State only once. Kent State's QB Cameron Hare had a rough day, completing just above 50% of his passes for 202 Yards for 1 TD and 1 Pick. His backfield partner didn't do much to help, RB CJ Williams went for 56 yards on 16 carries and no scores. His longest run was 11 yards. Meaning, he had 45 yards on his other 15 carries. Even with that struggle, the Flashes only lost by 4. Jaeden Salazar lead all Flashes in receiving with 70 yards, while Will Westfall caught the only TD. On defense, Makai Porter got a pick off of Griffin Donahue, and also defended a Pass. The youngster Geno Mason sacked Donahue. For Akron, QB Donahue went 19/27 for 220 Yards for 1 TD and 1 INT. RB Bryan Ellison went for 111 Yards on 23 carries for 1 TD. No idea how this game was only a 4-Point Win. WR Marlon Smiley lead the Zips in receiving, with 80 Yards and 1 TD. On Defense, Nickel CB Javier Rawls picked off Hare once, while Damione Ridley and Julian Whaley each had a sack. ILB Devin Frazier finished with 7 Tackles and a Forced Fumble. Score: Toledo 34 Ball State 17 My Prediction: Toledo 31 Ball State 17 POTG: RB Gabe Ciamo, Toledo, 26 Carries for 184 Yards with 2 Touchdowns What Happened: Ball State's Offense didn't happen, again. QB Mario Pierre finished with 15/23 passing for 160 Yards and 1 TD, he also had 31 Rushing Yards and 1 TD on the ground. He avoided turnovers, and was a little bit better than he has been recently. RB Gabe Ciamo was fantastic again, getting 184 Yards and 2 TDs. WR Prince Malone lead them in receiving with 62 Yards and 1 TD. Defensively, S Henry Krause picked off Andre Grubbs, while Damian Larkin sacked him once. For Ball State, finished 17/31 for 205 Yards with 1 TD and 1 Pick. Throwing his first Career TD! RB Damani Laws had 109 yards on 21 carries with 1 TD. TE Steven Moya lead the team in receiving with 102 Yards and 1 TD. Fun fact, this is the only time this season with one player getting 100+ Receiving Yards in a single game. On Defense, ILB Gregory Wilkins lead the team with 7 Tackles, while ILB Jon Carpenter and SS DeAndre Sims each had a TFL. Friday Night: Score: Buffalo 13 Bowling Green 10 POTG: CB Reginald Blakely, Buffalo, 6 Tackles and 1 Interception What Happened: Buffalo's offense struggled a little less than Bowling Green's. QB AJ Coyne for BGSU is continuing his 2nd Half Season woes, as he went 13/24 for 115 Yards and 1 Pick. RB Calvin Alexander rushed for 70 yards on 16 Carries for 1 TD. Arthur Ledford lead the Eagles in receiving with 34 Yards. On Defense, FS Brody Grimes picked off Levi Thompson, and Matt Hamm sacked him once. Hamm also forced a fumble on Thompson which was recovered by Jackson Greenberg. Buffalo's Levi Thompson had probably his worst game of the season. He finished 8/16 for 70 Yards with 1 Pick and a Fumble Lost. RB Denzel Porter had 106 Yards on 25 Carries with 1 TD. WR Jake Shackelford lead the team in receiving with 25 Yards. CB Reginald Blakely had damn good game, picking off Coyne once. Jeremiah Benitez and Alex Austin each had one sack, while Raymond McCain had 2 TFL. Saturday Morning: Score: Ohio 31 NIU 28 POTG: RB Jeffrey Flowers, Ohio, 24 Carries for 171 Yards with 2 Touchdowns What Happened: Defenses didn't really show up, but Ohio's offense was slightly better. NIU's QB Charlie Sanford finished 30/29 for 292 Yards with 3 TDs and 1 Pick. RB Kahlil Eubanks had 59 yards on 15 carries with TD. Gabriel Davidson lead the team in receiving with 115 Yards and 1 TD, Jayson Dowell and Damione Herbert each had a TD Catch. On Defense, Christopher Carmona had 2 TFL and sacked Lowe once. Ivan Rosenberg lead the Huskies in tackles. For Ohio, QB Austin Lowe went 18/26 for 209 Yards with 2 TDs. RB Jeffrey Flowers lead the Bobcats all game long, even with the Lost Fumble. WR Jordan Barnes lead the team in receiving with 70 Yards and 1 TD, while TE Aaron Thibodeaux had the other receiving TD. On Defense, Julius Haywood picked off Sanford, while Paul Boykin, James Adam, and Brady Whittaker combined for 4 sacks. Score: Central Michigan 52 Eastern Michigan 28 POTG: QB Byron Suggs, CMU, 30 for 37 with 409 Yards and 3 TDs. 4 Carries for 14 Yards with 1 TD. What Happened: Central unleashed all the frustration from last week's loss to Toledo and Eastern had no response. QB Giovanni Shaw for Eastern finished with 21/32 for 250 Yards with 1 TD and 1 Pick, while gaining 46 Yards on the ground. RB Tyler Pearson had 23 carries for 139 Yards and 2 TDs. Giovanni Hooker lead the team in receiving with 90 Yards, while Declan Blanton had the lone TD Reception. On Defense, Curtis Hodges sacked Suggs once. Ibrahima Griggs had 10 Tackles with 1 PD, while Josiah Buckner also had 1 PD. For CMU, QB Byron Suggs burnt Mount Pleasant to the Ground with his 409 Passing Yards and 4 Total TDs. RB Daveed Huff had 92 Yards on 16 Carries with 1 TD. Dontae Peppers lead the team with 130 Receiving Yards, Joseph Aikman had 121 Yards and 2 TDs, and Richard Mace had 101 Yards with 1 TD. On Defense, CB DeSean Mathis had a Pick-6 with a PD. DE NTK had a sack and forced a fumble. My Prediction Accuracy (Week): 2-0 My Prediction Accuracy (Season): 56-20
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    [2022] Week #15 - TNF

    Don't believe so. IIRC 0.85 is the low
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    [2022] Week #15 - TNF

    Jets pay my boy
  7. Thursday Night: Match-Up: Kent State (2-8) at Akron (6-5) Stormstopper Line: Akron (-16.5) Coach @Groobs03 brings his Flashes into Akron to face Coach @darkage and the Zips. Kent State is getting 202.8 PYPG and 53.4 RYPG on offense. QB Cameron Hare has struggled and this week should see more of the same. RB CJ Williams has also struggled, this young backfield duo doesn't have much support, and their play has reflected that. WR Ashton Hannah needs to give Hare an open target on the outside for this offense to succeed, he just hasn't always done that this season. The OL should struggle, Akron has a pair of great DTs to try and handle. On defense, the Zips allow 207.64 PYPG and 100.27 RYPG. However, I don't think the defense will be an issue this week, Kent State struggles to do just about anything on offense. DTs Jeremiah Clarke and Olivier Ponder should have a good week against the Flash OL. ILB Devin Frazier will live in the backfield and ruin anything Kent State tries to do. The biggest key for Kent State on offense is to be able to pass the ball successfully, and Akron will provide them with an opportunity to do so. On Offense, Akron is getting 201.73 PYPG and 87.73 RYPG. Their best games seem to come when Bryan Ellison succeeds, so he will be key for Akron this week. QB Griffin Donahue just keeps getting the job done, even with the lack of talent at WR. The Zips OL isn't great, but they should have a favorable matchup with the Kent State Defensive Line. On Defense, Kent State allows 189.2 PYPG and 107.4 RYPG. The Kent State has had some good games this season, but the offense just hasn't helped them. DE Geno Mason should be a key player in shutting down Bryan Ellison, while Shiloh Maxwell and Cooper Merritt will give him support. Outside, CBs Makai Porter and Micah Tatum should win on the outside, and if they do, they should give their offense a fighting chance. Although Kent State has some opportunities on Defense, I think their own offense will get shut down. My Prediction: Akron 27 Kent State 14 Match-Up: Toledo (6-4) at Ball State (3-7) Stormstopper Line: Ball State (+16.5) Coach @deathcpo brings the Rockets into Muncie to try and avoid an upset at the hands of the Cards. On Offense, Toledo is getting 158.9 PYPG and 156 RYPG. They are balanced, but their rush attack is clearly the strength of this team. QB Mario Pierre really hasn't played well this season, and part of that could be a weak receiving corps. He does well on the ground, but his arm leaves much to be desired. RB Gabe Ciamo is a Superstar, and should have another good week. WR Prince Malone will likely win his battle out wide and give Pierre a consistent target to throw to. The Rockets OL will keep Pierre upright and give Ciamo plenty of holes to run through. On Defense, the Cards give up 209.2 PYPG and 101.4 RYPG. We should see the PYPGA come down this week, but the RYPGA will most definitely go up. DEs Christian Mosley and Julian Tate will have to play well to keep Ciamo in the middle of the field. If he gets outside, he could go all the way. In the second level, Jon Carpenter and Gregory Wilkins need to get off blocks and get to Ciamo before he gets rambling. Out wide, CB Amara Flowers has to cover Prince Malone tightly, if he does, the passing game for Toledo could fall apart. On Offense, Ball State is getting 133.7 PYPG and 99 RYPG. RB Damani Laws has seemingly turned it around lately. QB Andre Grubbs has to avoid turnovers if Ball State has any chance. RB Damani Laws needs to get over 150 Yards, the Cards Offense is anemic and Laws is their only saving grace. The OL will definitely struggle, the Rockets DL is much better. On Defense, the Rockets allow 203.7 PYPG and 95.5 RYPG. DE Dwayne Briggs should feast, and DTs Damin Larkin and De'Shawn Beckwith should wreck the Cards up the middle. The OLBs for Toledo could struggle, they're not the most talented. CBs Quinton Wilkerson Jerraud Bynum shouldn't be a liability this week. Toledo, while not the juggernaut we've come to know them as, they're still talented and should win this game in Muncie. My Prediction: Toledo 31 Ball State 17
  8. Sorry my lackluster Media output, especially in regards to Around the NFLHC. No episode this week. Work has been a little more draining lately, and I just haven't had the energy to do it. I hope to get fully back into the swing next week.

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    Abducted In Plain Sight Discussion

    Absolutely bonkers
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    Toledo is not open. Death will allowed to finish out the season.
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    [2022] MAC Statsheet

    Updated for Week 14
  12. Saturday Morning: Match-Up: Miami (OH) (4-6) at Western Michigan (7-3) Stormstopper Line: Western Michigan (-11) Coach @Kyle88 brings his Redhakws into K-Zoo to take on Coach @Pskeate and the MAC leading Broncos to try and keep their season alive. The Redhawks gain 277.1 PYPG and 56.4 RYPG. The Flamethrower lead the Rehawks offense and has struggled for large parts of this season. For the second year in a row, the Redhawks feel very disappointing. But, I think Cera is good, coaching instabilities have certainly hurt him. Hopefully Kyle88 can bring some consistency to this team and turn their season around. RB Ajani Garrett is a non-factor. TE Casey Swann is a terror for any defense, and that will certainly be true this week. The Redhawks OL has some solid players, but they might struggle with the Broncos Defensive Line this week. On Defense, the Broncos allow 231.7 PYPG and 83.4 RYPG. Western has rebounded great from their horrible start, in their 7 Game-Win Streak, they are allowing 184.57 PYPG. That does not bode well for Miami. DTs Silas Booker and Rocco Gilford should have favorable match-ups in the middle of the defense. They are each 4 Inches-Plus taller than Zak Cera, so if they can win their battles and get in Cera's face, they should disrupt this passing game. OLB Christian Reese will be the primary player covering Casey Swann. He's the key for the defense, Swann is the biggest threat to the Broncos defense. CB Zaire Hooker should keep WR Keith Barnes locked up and CB Miles Bradford should do the same with WR Lucas Pierson. On Offense, the Broncos get 201.3 PYPG and 175 RYPG on Offense. QB Chaase Sims is a true Dual threat. RB DeSean Madison is an absolute DUDE, he's not an easy guy to bring down. At 5-7 222, Madison brings a ton of power and a short body that's hard to get low on. The Broncos have one real receiving threat in WR Josh Whitt. The OL for WMU should be a big strength for this offense. On Defense, the Redhawks allow 181.1 PYPG and 97.8 RYPG. I think they'll give up more than that this week. DT Morris Jackson is a big boy up the middle and might be the biggest problem to the Broncos Offense. Miami's Linebackers may struggle to bring down Madison, and that's not good. CB Travis Watson does not have a favorable match-up with Josh Whitt, but Nickel CB Jeremiah Christy has done a great job this year in creating turnovers. If Christy can force a turnover this week, that could change the game for Miami. I just can't see Miami keeping up with Western, especially on the road. My Prediction: Western Michigan 34 Miami 14
  13. Thursday Night: Match-Up: Akron (5-5) at Bowling Green (3-6) Stormstopper Line: Bowling Green (+9.5) Coach @darkage and the Zips try to keep their East hopes alive, taking on Coach @ecnirp and the Falcons. The Zips are getting 201.3 PYPG and 87 RYPG from their offense. The Zips best games have come when RB Bryan Ellison goes off, he's definitely the key for the Zips on Offense. Griffin Donahue is a solid QB, but this team can't rely on him too much. That's not an indictment of Donahue, that's more a critique on the receiving corps. WR Marlon Smiley is their best player as a (Fr) 1.5/3.5, the WR corps for Akron is the worst in the conference. TE Guillermo Mercado has to step up in the passing game, Bowling Green's LBs are pretty weak. The Zips OL won't be much of an advantage either, the Zips offense could struggle a little. On Defense, the Falcons allow 241.89 PYPG and 116.56 RYPG and have created just 5 Turnovers all season. DT Israel Parson will be key up the middle for stopping Ellison. If he can clog up the middle of the Line and disrupt Ellison, the Falcons defense has a shot at stopping the Zips Offense. The LBs for Bowling Green have their work cut out for them, OLB Thierno McNeal, ILB Jackson Greenberg, and OLB Joshua Lyles will have to cover TE Guillermo Mercado and shut down RB Bryan Ellison. It won't be easy for this group, they lack a certain amount of talent and experience. In the secondary, CBs Steven Lewis and Aaden Ellis don't have tough match-ups and should be in good position to succeed. FS Brody Grimes and SS Antonio Jackson will help clean up in the back. On Offense, BG gets 175.78 PYPG and 81.11 RYPG on offense. They have mightily struggled recently, QB A.J. Coyne and RB Calvin Alexander have been held in check. Without at least one of them playing well, BG doesn't have a chance. Coyne got off to a great start, but has really cooled down recently. That's just ok, Coyne is a (Fr) with not much surrounding talent. If he has a few down games here, I think the Falcons can understand it. WR Brandon Lockhart is their top receiver and will have a tough battle with Zips CB Javier Rawls. The BG OL is a strength of the Falcons and should create some holes for Alexander and keep Coyne upright. On Defense, Akron allows 210.4 PYPG and 99.6 RYPG. DT Jeremiah Clarke and Olivier Ponder will clog up the lanes in the middle and allow the Ends and LBs to get into the backfield to bring down Alexander before he gets rolling. ILB Devin Frazier is a potential All-American and an absolute DUDE. The Secondary will get tested by Coyne, but thankfully for them Bowling Green's Receivers aren't very good either. In the end, I think Akron just has too much talent. My Prediction: Akron 31 Bowling Green 20 Match-Up: Toledo (5-4) at Central Michigan (7-3) Stormstopper Line: Central Michigan (+2.5) Coach @deathcpo take his Rockets into Mount Pleasant to take on Coach @johnkirk and the Chips. Toledo's season has clearly not gone the way they had hoped for, but they still need to play hard to make sure they get a bowl game.Toledo gains 164.56 PYPG and 156.44 RYPG on Offense. The key for Toledo is to run as much as possible. QB Mario Pierre hasn't played that great in the passing game, but Ciamo is a stud and always reliable. Pierre is a solid runner, but his passing leaves much to be desired. RB Gabe Ciamo is a potential 1st-Rounder and should be a key player this week. WR Prince Malone is Toledo's lone real receiving threat, but he hasn't proven to be that deadly this week. TE Nate Linsley is not much of a threat at all in the passing game, he's an elite in line blocker for Ciamo. The Rockets OL is the best in the Conference (and among the best in the country), and should play well this week. Central allows 204 PYPG and 89.4 RYPG. The Chips Defense seems built to adequately defend the Rockets. DEs Rory Bolin and NTK are constant threats on the outside, while DT Kareem Lindsay is a force in the middle of the line. ILB Graham Frye will need to shadow Ciamo all day, if he doesn't play well, Ciamo will have a day. CB DeSean Mathis will be matched up with Prince Malone, and is certainly at a disadvantage, but if he can press Malone and keep him covered on 3rd Downs. He should keep Malone's impact limited. On Offense, the Chips gain 282.8 PYPG and 114.3 RYPG. QB Byron Suggs is the best QB in the MAC, and it's not really close. He's a very good passer and is always dangerous on the ground. RB Daveed Huff struggled early on, but has played much better recently. He add a great dimension to the offense, another speedster in the backfield and stretches the defense horizontally to create mismatches. WR Joseph Akiman is listed as the WR1, but is 2nd on the team in receiving. WR2 Dontae Peppers has benefited immensely from Aikman's presence. TE Jasper Rowley doesn't see much action in the passing game, but is more in the mold of Nate Linsley. The Chips OL is just kind of OK. The Rockets DL should win that battle, but the Rockets DL hasn't always showed up. The Rockets allow 194.11 PYPG and 102.33 RYPG. The Rockets will need to defend all areas of the field this week, Central can attack just about anywhere in a defense. DE Dwayne Briggs and Ezekiel Williams will need to get pressure on Suggs, they can't let him sit and get comfortable. DT Damin Larkin and De'Shawn Beckwith will have to win their battles quickly and open up opportunities for the LBs to be free to stop Huff. Toledo's CBs seem to be outplaying their rating so far, but they will have a tough battle this week in Joseph Aikman and Dontae Peppers. Safeties Mekhi Singleton and Henry Krause will need to help clean up behind the Corners and prevent the Chips receivers from busting out big yardage. In this game, I'll take Byron Suggs at home over Mario Pierre. My Prediction: Central Michigan 27 Toledo 20
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    [2022] MAC Statsheet

    Updated Post Week 13