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  • Connecticut 31-20 North Dakota State
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  • Kansas 48-41 Oklahoma
  • Southern Miss 24-9 Marshall
  • UTEP 30-22 Middle Tennessee
  • Wyoming 35-31 New Mexico
  • BYU 45-14 Oregon State
  • Georgia State 41-22 UMass
  • Nebraska 23-17 Miami (FL)
  • Western Kentucky 34-21 Charlotte
  • Old Dominion 33-27 Florida Atlantic
  • Louisiana Tech 27-26 UAB
  • Buffalo 51-0 Bowling Green
  • Northern Illinois 41-34 Ball State
  • Texas A&M 31-20 Arkansas
  • Boston College 40-16 Virginia Tech
  • USF 32-26 Tulsa
  • Toledo 55-30 Central Michigan
  • Pittsburgh 62-7 NC State
  • Duke 49-27 Georgia Tech
  • Notre Dame 27-13 Northwestern
  • West Virginia 55-11 Iowa State
  • Louisville 41-20 Wake Forest
  • Kentucky 34-31 Tennessee
  • SMU 41-16 Tulane
  • Texas Tech 23-7 Kansas State
  • TCU 30-27 Texas
  • Illinois 34-0 Indiana
  • Boise State 23-13 Utah State
  • Oregon 14-9 Utah
  • Stanford 24-23 Washington
  • Nevada 38-6 UNLV
  • USC 55-23 UCLA
  • Penn State 22-19 Michigan
  • Michigan State 28-24 Ohio State
  • Iowa 34-31 Purdue
  • Alabama 13-10 Vanderbilt
  • LSU 31-30 Auburn
  • Arizona 27-14 Hawaii
  • UCF 44-25 Temple
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  1. 2021 Practice Squad Changes

    Pls no. I much prefer people ordering their Cap by position. Much easier to find people.
  2. [2020] Week #13 - Saturday Morning

    GG @smokingcricket, this game petrified me for two weeks.
  3. Passing Top 3 Passing Yards: 1. Benjamin Schuler, - 2,981 2. Matteo Rook, - 2,810 3. Grant McConnell, - 2,653 Top 3 Passing Touchdowns: 1. Benjamin Schuler, - 31 2. Matteo Rook, - 25 3. Grant McConnell, - 23 Top 3 Completion % (Min 50 Passes): 1. Matteo Rook, - 64.39% 2. Donte Pickett, - 64.19% 3. Grant McConnell, - 63.91% Top 3 QB Rating (Min 50 Passes): 1. Matteo Rook, - 152.29 2. Grant McConnell, - 150.38 3. Benjamin Schuler, and Donte Pickett, - 144.32 Top 3 Rushing Yards: 1. Grant McConnell, - 300 2. Christian Coates, - 232 3. Ayden Steele, - 166 Top 3 Rushing TDs: 1. Bryce Thompson, - 8 2. Grant McConnell, - 7 3. Christian Coates, - 5 Rushing Top 3 Carries: 1. Ronnie Peterson, - 234 2. DeSean Dockery, - 223 3. Zahir Watts, - 213 Top 3 Rushing Yards: 1. DeSean Dockery, - 1,188 2. Zahir Watts, - 1,060 3. Ronnie Peterson, - 998 Top 3 Rushing Touchdowns: 1. DeSean Dockery, - 15 2. Maurice Ervin, - 13 3. Reginald Saunders, - 12 Receiving Top 3 Receptions: 1. Luke Cobb, - 83 2. Adam Coles, - 62 3. Anthony Swanson, - 54 Top 3 Receiving Yards: 1. Luke Cobb, - 1,236 2. Adam Coles, - 876 3. Ricky Cameron, - 731 Top 3 Receiving Touchdowns: 1. WR Luke Cobb, - 14 2. WR Adam Coles, -9 2. WR Hunter Crenshaw, - 9 2. WR Josiah McCray, - 9 2. WR Nicolas Singer, - 9 Defense Top 3 Tackles: 1. ILB Antoine Mayfield, - 57 2. ILB Darius Butler, and ILB Omar Trotter, - 44 3. ILB Beckett Ring, - 42 Top 3 Interceptions: 1. Timothy Parks, - 7 2. CB Andrew Boyd, - 5 2. CB Alexander Glenn, - 5 3. Several tied with 4 Top 3 Sacks: 1. DE Glenn Thorpe, - 8 2. DE Tyler Ashworth, - 5.5 3. Several tied with 5 Kicking Top 3 Field Goals Made: 1. Conor Moreland, - 21 2. Amir Millard, - 19 3. Leonel Quezeda, - 18 Top 3 Field Goal % 1. Billy Robbins, and Benjamin Rincon, - 100% 2. Declan Havens, - 94.12% 3. Leonel Quezeda, - 90% Top 3 Points: 1. Conor Moreland, - 89 2. Amir Millard, - 86 3. Marquis Addison, - 85
  4. [2020] ACC Statbook

    Updated for Week 12. Let me know if you find any errors.
  5. Hurricane Irma Prediction Thread

    Wherever Jumbo is.
  6. [2020] JuCo Recruiting Rules

    Do the Preferred School and Family Legacy stack? i.e. if a team had a JUCO with both, would that school get 70 points?
  7. Brent

    What in the hell is NCBCA?
  8. Byes: , , Thursday Night: Boston College 35, Syracuse 17 The Eagles just won their 3rd straight and are looking dangerous. They could make a bowl, which after like Week 6 seemed impossible. Coach cricket has this team rolling right now and Donte PIckett is finally playing like a P5 QB. Pickett completed 18 of his 29 passes for 229 yards and 2 TDs. He wasn't able to avoid Turnovers during their 5 Game Skid, and suddenly he's stopped giving the ball away. And that's made a huge difference for the Eagles. Watts continues his stellar year with 24 rushes for 128 yards and 2 TDs. He is the focus of the offense right now and is not disappointing. Ricky Cameron lead all receivers with 7 receptions for 101 yards and 1 TD. Christian Coates continues to struggle, he went 14 for 28 with 199 yards and 1 TD - 1 INT. He also added 19 rushing yards and a Touchdown on the ground. Coates had a very good first half of the season, but he is falling apart right now. Giovani Coley added 81 rushing yards of his own. The Cuse offense is reliant on the QB Dual Threat, but Coates just isn't providing that right now. Andrew Boyd had a Pick-6 and Cesar Martinez sacked Coates once. Antoine Mayfield had 8 tackles for Cuse and James Holliday added 5. Player of the Game: RB Zahir Watts, Records: Boston College (3-5), Syracuse (3-5) My Predicted Winner: Friday Night: Miami (FL) 30, Virginia Tech 27 Boy. I just don't know what happened here. Miami should not have won this game, even at home. The Hokies had an 8-point lead at the half, and then the offense just completely stalled. Jason Ledford continues to look OK for the Canes. He completed 8 of 14 passes for 127 yards and 1 TD. Miami now has a QB that isn't a complete and total liability! Ledford isn't going to beat anyone, but he (hopefully) won't cause Miami any games. Ronnie Peterson is just so good. He had 27 rushes for 140 yards and 2 TDs. VT had no answer for him whatsoever. He did whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. Conor Pruett was the leading Canes Receiver with 50 yards on 2 receptions. Ralph Westfall is still not helping the Hokies at all. He completed 15 of 29 attempts for 180 yards and 1 TD. He added 3 rushing yards. Westfall is the worst QB in VT history, and it shows. He just can't complete passes consecutively or convert on 3rd Downs. Maurice Ervin did what he could, 117 rushing yards and 2 TDs. Ervin is the only bright spot on this offense. Darnell Pierre was the leading receiver with 70 yards and 1 TD. Gavin Crockett sacked Westfall once and Alan Dunn lead the Canes with 8 Tackles. Mahamadou Chavis lead the Hokies with 8 Tackles, and Nazir Riley and Theodore Aikman each added 5. Player of the Game: RB Ronnie Peterson, Records: Miami (FL) (2-6), Virginia Tech (4-5) My Predicted Winner: Saturday Morning: Clemson 33, NC State 24 Another tight win for the Tigers. All that matters is winning, but it would be nice to see Clemson just punt on someone and NC State should have been the team to do that against. The thing holding them back is Jamel Armstrong. He completed 14/27 passes for 152 yards with 1 TD and 1 INT. Just meh. He's had issues in the past with completion %, but this season might be his worst yet. He needs to do better if the Tigers want to get back in the Playoffs. Timmy Mark had himself a game! 21 carries for 94 yards and 2 TDs. Where has this been his whole career? Mark is suddenly a real, serious threat in the running game. Josiah McCray lead all receivers with 70 yards and 1 TD. Andrew Crockett struggled really hard in his first game. 15 for 33 with 139 yards and 1 TD - 3 INT. Woof. The Wolfpack lead 21-16 after 3 before the Tigers Defense completely blitzed all over the Wolfpack Offense. This was a tough assignment for a QBs first start, but Crockett didn't give Wolfpack supporters much to like. Keith Harley had 80 rushing yards on 20 carries and 1 TD. Omari Ruff was the leading NCSU receiver with 56 yards. Victor Burks, Malachi Douglas, and Leonardo Hendrix each intercepted Crockett once. Kamari Cheatham had a Pick-6 off of Armstrong while Kameron Blackman sacked him. Player of the Game: RB Timmy Mark, Records: Clemson (7-2), NC State (1-7) My Predicted Winner: North Carolina 20, Louisville 13 What the hell is North Carolina? I just don't know who they're going to be in any given week. And Louisville is falling, after a 5 Game Winning Streak (including a win over Clemson) they have now lost 2 in a row. Max Laws completed 28/45 passes for 300 yards with 2 TD and 1 TD. Laws's resurgence continues surprisingly. The Heels are now one win away from Bowl Eligibility. I did not see that coming at all. Isaiah Peko had 13 carries for 57 yards. The running game still isn't contributing much for the Heels, but it hasn't mattered that much. Jayden Tinsley makes his first real splash for the Heels as he had 101 receiving yards and 1 TD. Ayden Steele is still the starting QB for Louisville. And that is not a good thing for Louisville. He went 12 for 24 with 170 yards and 1 TD - 2 INT. He also had 3 rushing yards. DeSean Dockery had 26 carries for 108 yards on the ground. Still a 100-yard game. But no TDs and a low YPC. UNC is very happy with that. Preston Burks and Charles Wilkins each had a pick off of Steele. Josiah Harden and Prince Gilmore combined for 2 sacks against Louisville. Marlon Roland intercepted UNC while Zachary Tatum and Damien Holley each sacked Laws once. Player of the Game: QB Maw Laws, Records: North Carolina (5-4), Louisville (5-3) My Predicted Winner: Duke 38, Wake Forest 24 Duke gets a nice win one the road in Winston Salem. The score was 24-14 at Halftime, Wake Forest leading. Then Duke scored 24 unanswered points in the 2nd Half and win. The Blue Devil defense struggled mightily in the first half, and then completely locked down in the 2nd half. Bryce Thompson completed 20 of his 26 attempts for 240 yards and 2 TD - 1 INT. He added 29 rushing yards and 1 TD. Thompson looked very good in this game, he scrambled when he needed to, and he completed a high % of his passes. He looked far more mature than his age in this game. I know it's only Wake, but it's a very good sign to see for Duke. Christian Collins added 115 yards and 2 TD on the ground. Owen Workman lead all Receivers with 85 yards and 1 TD. Hemana Toma is probably the worst QB in the conference right now (NCSU is the only other school with a say in this currently). He complted only 19 of this 38 passes for 229 yards with 2 TD and 1 TD. He added 20 rushing yards as well. Oscar Sanderson had 59 yards with 15 rushes and 1 TD. Abdoulaye Hawkins had 4 receptions for 74 yards with 1 TD. Nehemiah Samuel picked off Toma while Omar Vasquez and Ahmed Mark sacked him once. Isaiah Booker picked off Thompson and Lamont Landrum sacked him. Player of the Game: QB Bryce Thompson, Records: Duke (7-2), Wake Forest (2-6) My Predicted Winner: Virginia 40, Northern Illinois 14 Virginia hosts Northern Illinois and cruises to an easy victory. Matteo Rook completed 25 of his 40 passes for 329 yards and 3 TD. He is having his best season and the Cavaliers are in the drivers spot for the Coastal for the first time since 2014. Reginald Saunders has a 2nd poor performance with 14 carries for 57 yards and 1 TD. The Cavalier Offense is one of the best in the country, but Saunders needs to be more efficient with the ball if the Cavaliers wants to make a splash in the Playoffs. Hunter Crenshaw had an amazing game. He had 6 receptions for 122 yards and 2 TDs. Dwayne Curry completed only 13 for 27 passes for 150 yards with 1 TD - 2 INT. He added 9 rushing yards. Daniel Hutchins had 105 rushing yards with 1 TD. NIU scored all 14 points in the first half, and then were completely shut down in the 2nd Half by this strong Cavalier Defense. Timoth Parks and Ashton Evans intercepted Curry once and Steven Proctor sacked him once. Thierno Thomas sacked Rook once while Kieran Linn lead the Huskies with 9 Tackles. Player of the Game: QB Matteo Rook, Records: Virginia (9-0) My Predicted Winner: My Predictions This Week: 4-2 This Season: 14-4 Week 12 Matchups: Friday Night: Wake Forest (2-6) at Boston College (3-5) Saturday Morning: NC State (1-7) at Florida State (3-5) Auburn (8-0) at Georgia Tech (2-6) Miami (FL) (2-6) at Pittsburgh (7-1) Syracuse (3-5) at Louisville (5-3) Byes: Clemson (7-2), Duke (7-2), North Carolina (5-4), Virginia (9-0), Virginia Tech (4-5)
  9. You're clearly not as good as Georgia and Alabama. Head to Head doesn't matter. /s
  10. [2020] Roman QB Tier list

    I agree with Taffy. In my opinion, Shea, Hall, and Murphy should be on the same tier together.
  11. Forget the biggest one in my mind. Will Fuller, I had fallen in love with him during scouting and wanted him bad. I just wasn't going to really move up for him. Someone took him (I think the Dolphins?). And he has looked pretty bad in his limited touches iirc
  12. A myriad of Running Backs. QT, Shiancoe, Ricardo, etc. Running Backs seem to be the hardest to hit in the sim.
  13. Welcome to regular crooting! We're at the stage in the season where NFLHC Caliber players are harder to find. But that doesn't mean these battles aren't important, in fact these guys will needed depth or present a potential stop gap starter for their teams. *Note: All teams with a * next to their name have a Red Box RB Mike Foy Speed 2/3.5 ME Teams in Play: *, , Why It's Important: UNC needs players. Period. They have a serious lack of depth (and talent), and need a guy like Foy to come in right away and start. Foy will never rule the world, but he should be a quality guy to start for a year or two or three if the Heels need him to. UNC needs him desperately this class, because their class is pretty thin. For a team with no depth to have a thin class is not ideal. Who Will Win: . I think Coach Carl is tired of losing battles this season and puts his foot down on Foy since he can't win Wilson. WR Vic Shoemaker Speed 1.5/3.5 VA Teams in Play: *, *, VT Why It's Important: Speaking personally, I've had a good history with Seed 3.5s and like to have them around. They're versatile players who can return kicks/punts and be your #2 guy to help stretch the field. Shoemaker may not be able to contribute right away, he should be a dependable guy for 3 or 4 years for whoever gets him. Who Will Win: . I gotta be honest, I don't have many battles left. I would love to bring Shoemaker in alongside Jude McCain. OG Philip Bowden 1/5 GA Teams in Play: *, Why It's Important: Clemson is building the best Offensive Line Class I think we've seen in one cycle. Bowden will only add to that legacy and give Clemson an elite offensive line for 2-3 years. Georgia has been battling Clemson all over the place and needs a win in state here. They have the in state advantage, but Clemson is the favorite right now. Who Will Win: . They have too much to fight with. Although, I could see this battle going to the end of the season now that Zeke Burkett has finally committed to the Dawgs. DT Jaden Vann 1/5 PA Teams in Play: *, * Why It's Important: Remember Michael McBride? Remember how much he impacted the game? Pitt is missing that this year and think Vann can bring that back. They have a bit of an uphill battle, but they should be in good position. Elite DTs are so important, they can pressure the Quarterback and stuff the run. They do so much for a defense. Who Will Win: . That in-state bonus is too much to get past.
  14. Mayweather vs McGregor

    Here's my guess: A streaker comes into the ring and they decide to suspend the fight to build up more hype. In the 2nd Fight (sometime around March-ish), Both fighters are ruled ineligible due to PEDs. And then we never hear about this stupid fight again.