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  1. Huge shoutout to @robcarlson77 for stepping in and doing a great job the past two weeks! Match-Up: Marshall (2-3) at Kent State (2-3) Stormstopper Line: Kent State (-2.5) Coach @Traith and the Flashes host the Thundering Herd. Both teams are scoring under 17 Points/Game, yet allow over 20. QB Cameron Hare has struggled this season, throwing more interceptions than Touchdowns and completing just under 53% of his passes. It's hard to imagine him improving much over the remainder of the season, but if Kent State has any hopes of going Bowling, Hare has to step up. RB C.J. Williams has improved recently, and now sits just under 400 Yards on the year on 4.68 YPC. He's rushed for 4 Touchdowns as well. This Flashes Offense really needs Williams to play well. If he can pace the offense and keep them ahead of schedule, this team has a real chance at winning games. TE Mark Ashley has been Hare's favorite target, leading the team with 20 Receptions. Behind are WRs Ashton Hannah and A.J. Addison with 12 and 18. This passing game is essentially broken right now. Kent State averages 259.8 YPG. It's hard to see them winning with that kind of output. Defensively, Marshall defends the pass pretty well, giving up just 226 PYPG. DE Enrique Mendez (3.5/3.5) for the Herd will be in Hare's face all game long. OLB Milo Mize (3.5/4.5) will be the key guy to defend. He plays off of Mendez very well and is able to get outside and hit the Quarterback regularly. The Thundering Herd Secondary isn't all that talented, but they've played well so far this year, not having given up more than 240 Yards in any game. The success for Kent State will have to come on the ground. Offensively, it's the QB Francesco Griffiths (3/3.5) show. The Scrambler has to do basically everything for this team. Marshall gets just 269 YPG on Offense, with 210 coming through the air. Marshall's wins this season have come win they rush for 100 Yards. That seems like an obvious strategy to win. It should be noted that they also threw for 200 yards in those two wins, and haven't done that in any of their losses. RB Griffin Ames (2.5/3) is Griffiths' backfield partner. He's, not good. Francesco has to lead the way on the ground as well if Marshall wants to win. The Herd Receivers aren't great, their top guy is Jonah Kitchen (3/3), while the #2 guy is Greg Sprague (2.5/3.5). Neither of these two should really scare Kent State. Marshall's OL is bad, I can't see this unit getting consistent push against the Kent DL. On that DL is DE Geno Mason, who has been disappointing this season. He has 5 Tackles and 2 Sacks. This defense needs him to be a constant presence in the opposing backfield, if he can do that, the rest of the defense is unleashed. ILB Cooper Merritt will be the top guy in shutting down the run, he leads the team with 27 Tackles. He has to shut down Ames. Kent State's secondary isn't great, but they are more talented than what Marshall has out wide, so that should be a victory for the Flashes. In the end, I think Kent State's defense is better than Marshall's. My Prediction: Kent State 20 Marshall 13 Match-Up: Miami (OH) 0-5 at Buffalo (1-4) Stormstopper Line: Buffalo (-4) Coach @chawsley continues to look for his first win as the Redhawks travel to Buffalo to take on Coach @Jordan and the Bulls. The Miami offense has been an unmitigated disaster. They're scoring just 6.2 PPG, while gaining under 200 YPG. Just, bad. The first 4 games were a pass heavy attack from the Redhawks, but last week they went super run heavy to try and limit the impact of their QB. Ashton Hilliard has been the worst QB in the MAC, and there are some bad ones in the conference folks. He's completed under 50% of his passes with 3 TDs and 6 Picks. Getting a QB Rating under 100 is very bad in the college game, Hilliard currently sits at 88.74. RB Nazir Randolph has been almost as bad. he's rushed for 237 Yards on 3.76 YPC with just one TD. If you're @chawsley, who do you turn to? The top receiver for the Redhawks has been WR Ahmed Crosby with 15 Receptions for 186 Yards and 1 TD. Miami has a 3.1 OL Rating, and has allowed 10 Sacks. The OL should be the strength of the offense, but they've played very poorly as well. For Buffalo defensively, they're a mess right now. They're allowing over 320 YPG, and just over 28.2 PPG. Buffalo has managed to sack the opposing QB only 3 Times this year. Can Buffalo defend the run? Sometimes. They're allowing 89.4 RYPG, but they've played Bowling Green and BYU - two teams who don't want to run. They gave up over 100 to Stanford and over 150 to Akron. I don't know if Buffalo can contain the Miami rushing attack. If Randolph goes for over 130 again, it may be hard for Buffalo to have the ball enough to extend their lead. On Offense, Buffalo is a team. They don't pass well, however in Week 6 (their lone win), they aired it a little more and it was fairly effective. QB Levi Thompson has been...ok. He's completing 60% of his passes for 3 TDs with 1 Pick. That kind of passing attack can be stomached if he's also making plays on the ground, which he is not. He's rushed for just 76 Yards on 3.8 YPC. RB Alec Self has mostly been solid, but not much else. He has 597 Yards with 6 TDs on 5.06 YPC. Their best rushing game of the year was also against Bowling Green. If Buffalo can continue to run the ball like they did in Week 6, this team can win some games. For as bad as the offense has played, I think Miami's defense has actually played pretty well. They're giving up 26.6 PPG and over 330 YPG. Those numbers aren't great, but they really should be much worse. This offense has left the Defense out to dry in a bad way, and they've reacted fairly well. DT Morris Jackson is a key guy right up the middle. The big fella has to get a good push into the backfield and force Self/Thompson to adjust their runs. DE Josiah Ornelas will need to apply pressure from the outside and help force the running game into Jackson, or get pressure on Thompson as he tries to throw the ball. ILB Kayden Shaw has to keep the middle of the field locked down, while CB Jeremiah Christy will lock down whoever the Bulls throw against him. Buffalo really should be a touchdown or two better than Miami, and I think they will be this week. My Prediction: Buffalo 17 Miami 7 Match-Up: Appalachian State (0-5) at Central Michigan (3-2) Stormstopper Line: Central Michigan (-32) Coach @robcarlson77 and the Chips host Coach @Nittany Boiler boiler and the Mountaineers. QB Byron Suggs is my lord and savior. I've sang his praises all season long. The Junior (please declare) is completing 63% of his passes for 1,720 Yards with 15 Touchdowns and 1 Interception. Jesus. When your QB has as much weight of the offense as Suggs does, and he just doesn't turn the ball over, you've got a great QB there. RB Daveed Huff was bad for 4 games, and then decided to be good against Miami. he has 319 yards with 5 TDs on 4.49 YPC. If his play in Week 6 continues into Week 7, App State will be out of this game by the end of the 1st Quarter. Central has 4 guys with 298+ Receiving Yards and 3+ Receiving TDs. Suggs really fed Aikman and Peppers last season, but has spread the ball around much more efficiently this year. Instead of covering 2 guys, you now have to cover 4. The Chips OL is the biggest weakness of this offense. They average a 3.7 Rating (actually pretty good for the MAC) and have given up 7 Sacks. This unit playing well will only make this offense even better somehow. For App State on Defense, their best game was a 25 Point effort giving up to UL-Lafayette. They allow 38.2 PPG and give up about 390 YPG as well. Do you want to throw on App State? Go right ahead. Do you want to run on App State? Please, be my guest. This defense doesn't have any playmakers. The top guy is CB Shane Pepper (3.5/4) and for as good as he is, this Defense needs more. ILBs Zach McNeal (2.5/3.5) and Kayden Whitfield (2.5/3.5) are the other top guys, that's just not good. I can't envision this defense getting consistent pressure on Suggs, consistently covering all the Receivers, or consistently stuffing Huff in the running game. Offensively, they aren't much better and may actually be worse. They score 12.8 PPG and are able to muster just 214.6 YPG. QB Kareem Witherspoon (3.5/3.5) is a Dual Threat guy, but doesn't have the support to make plays consistently. RB DeVante Mingo (2.5/2.5) is not much help. WRs Ronnie Wallace (3/3) and Julian Shipman (2.5/2.5) are backup quality players who are being forced to start. The Mountainer OL is possibly the worst in FBS. On Defense for Central, the Chips allow 21.8 PPG and give up 290 YPG. After the first couple games, Central's Defense has really clamped down and held their past three opponents to under 300 Yards each (including Toledo). DE Dante Joiner, DT Kareem Lindsey, and DE Jay Huff have combined for 34 Tackles, 4.5 Sacks, and 10 TFL. This trio has played so well this year, and they should feast this week. ILB Justice Noriega leads the team with 30 Tackles and shuts down the middle of the field. CB DeSean Mathis has played well too, picking off 2 Passes and Defending another. This defense isn't great, but they've stepped up recently and are playing well. I just don't see how App State keeps this close. My Prediction: Central Michigan 52 Appalachian State 7
  2. I may pick it up as well if we can all play together. I know quite a few people here have PS4 while I have an Xbox. Would be nice to play with some of you who I haven't been able to in the past.
  3. The Streak Ends: How We Got Here RB J.B. Blacknall on his streak ending rush Late in the 4th Quarter of the Colts win over the Tennessee Titans, J.B. Blacknall took a hand-ff from Aaron Shea on 2nd and 11 and rushed for 6 Yards. The Colts Sideline exploded. This run didn't seal the win, the game was already over. It wasn't a career game for Blacknall. No, instead, this rush put him at 103 Yards. The Colts haven't had a 100-Yard Rusher since the Divisional Round of the 2018 Playoffs. A streak of almost 4.5 Seasons. How Did the Streak Begin In the 2014 Draft, the then Pittsburgh Steelers selected RB Tony Peaks out of Florida State in the 2nd Round. As we now know, the Steelers would move to Indianapolis and become the Colts shortly after the Draft. From the outset, Peaks is a stud. He rushed for 764 Yards, and broke 100-Yards 3 Times. In 2015, Peaks played even better, rushing for over 1,200 Yards and breaking 100-Yards 7 Times. 2016 was a special year for the Colts, and Peaks was a big part of that. He rushed for 1,176 Yards, rushing for 100+ Yards 7 Times once again. So far in his career, he's rushed for 100-Yards in over half of his starts. The Colts made it to the Super Bowl, with Peaks leading the way on the ground with over 90 Yards/Game. Although the Colts lost that Superbowl, Peaks was still a star and among the best RBs in the league. With how good he has been, he somehow got even better in 2017. He rushed for 1.385 Yards and broke 100-yards 6 Times. 2017 was a disaster for the Colts, so no playoffs for Peaks. 2018 was his best season of his career. Tony rushed for 1.373 Yards and broke 100-Yards 4 Times. The Colts went 12-4 and earned a bye in the first round. In that game, a tough loss to the Broncos, Peaks rushed for 109 Yards and 2 Touchdowns. Over the first 5 years, the Colts had 69 Games, and had 27 100-Yard Rushing Games. The Colts had a superstar in the making at QB with an All-Pro RB at the helm. The Colts were primed to make deep playoff runs for year. Then disaster happened again. 2019 In the 2019 Pre-Season, Tony Peaks started in Week 1 versus the New York Giants. On his fifth carry, he cut outside and was forced back up the field by Aaron Hammond, and on that second cut with no contact, Peaks tore his ACL and was gone for the season. There wasn't a true replacement in place. So, in stepped 7th Round Rookie Mamadou Heard out of Maryland. It was clear pretty soon that Heard was in over his head. He rushed for 819 Yards, and the closest he came to 100-Yards was 87 Yards in Week 4 against the Seahawks. The Colts had a tough exit against the Jets, Mamadou Heard rushed for just 26 Yards in that game. Season One of no 100-Yard Rushers. 2020 In the 3rd Round of the NFLHC Draft, the Colts selected RB Elijah Harden out of Florida State. It was clear that the Colts were grooming Harden to be the replacement to Peaks once he retired. Although Tony was back from injury, he was far from the player he once was. In the first two weeks of the season, he rushed for 96 Yards on 29 Attempts. His legs were done, and he was physically beat. He said on Social Media at the time "My legs seem to have given up, and I can't deal with the day to day grind of the NFL anymore". He wouldn't officially retire until the end of the season, but he was effectively done at that point. Elijah Harden became the starting RB, and like Heard a year before him, he was not ready. The most yards he'd rush for in a game would be Week 11 against the Bears. He ran for 84 Yards on 22 Carries. The Colts had yet another early round playoff exit, this time against Baltimore. The Colts turned to Mamadou Heard to be the starter, where he rushed for 43 Yards. Season Two of no 100-Yard Rushers. 2021 RB Lavontae Jackson was signed to be the starter, but was benched after two games. He rushed for 39 Yards on 17 attempts. Elijah Harden was then named the starter. He started for two weeks himself. He ran for 33 Yards on 15 Carries. Something had to change, the Colts traded ILB Griffin Perrin and a 2022 4th Round Pick to the Detroit Lions for James Otero. Otero had had a solid career, but his time in Detroit was over. The Colts instantly named him the starter. He played better than his two predecessors, but was not great himself. In Week 11 against the Chargers, Otero ran the ball 20 times for 98 Yards. 2 Yards. 2 Dang Yards. He ran for 96 Yards in Week 13 against the Chiefs and for 92 Yards in Week 15 against the Titans. The Colts came so close on 3 occasions to ending this streak. But, no dice. No playoffs for the Colts, so no attempts in the post-season. During the season, the Colts traded Elijah Harden to the Giants for a 2022 4th Round Pick. Season Three of no 100-Yard Rushers. 2022 James Otero entered the season as the starter. The run game had been greatly de-emphasized at the beginning of the season, so the Colts didn't really try to get to 100. But, the scheme changed a little here and there and the Colts came so close again. Otero ran for 95 Yards in Week 9 against the Patriots. He then ran for 94 Yards in Week 17 against the Texans. For most of the season, there was no hope of getting to 100-Yards. No playoffs again for the Colts. Season 4 of No 100-Yard Rushers. 2023 The Colts entered the season with a different offensive scheme than the past couple of years. They decided to run the ball a little more, but it wasn't effective. The Colts were getting to 85+ Yards, but not efficiently. The end of the streak wasn't even in sight. Then, after Week 4, the Colts did the danged thing. They traded a 2024 2nd, a 2025 1st, and CB Samir Ware to Denver for RB J.B. Blacknall. Denver was in the middle of a rebuild, and decided to move their young stud RB for future assets. His start in Week 5 was much anticipated around Indy-Land. The fanbase was met with disappointment as Blacknall ran the ball 14 times for 70 Yards. The Colts lost a close game, and they didn't get to 100 Yards again. Would this streak ever end? But, Week 6 came. And so came that 6-yard run late in the 4th Quarter. The Streak is over. Finally. Our national embarrassment is over. We can watch the game without praying for 100 Yards, that's done. Now, we can just enjoy the game. Bless You J.B. Blacknall.
  4. I don't tip below 20%. I know servers make their living off of tips, so even if service is poor or it takes a while, I still tip well. I wouldn't right if I didn't.
  5. On work nights I'm in bed by 10 pm est and don't get out of bed until 5:30-6:00 am. My alarm starts to go off at 5. But, about 3-4 nights a week I wake up about 15 minutes before my alarm and have to pee. On the weekends, I go to be around 12:30 am and wake up around 7:30-8:00 am. So, 7+ hours typically.
  6. SDSU needed that win desperately
  7. npklemm


    Welcome to the MAC! Please go here: And politely request to be assigned to Miami (OH). Then go here: And make an account. Keep your Username the exact same as it is here. Afterwards, find the blue box with the text "Need a team?". The text directly below is a link to request a new team. Make sure you select CFBHC Miami (OH), not CBBHC Miami (OH). Please feel free to PM me for any questions you may have. #MACTION
  8. I'm Western Michigan Minus Anything right now. They look so damn good
  9. It's weak. Protecting players is important, but slapping someone in the head isn't a real safety issue to me.
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