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  1. Can we ban anyone else from NC? There's like 20 of you guys
  2. It was 2014
  4. Coach Cricket, do you see a path to a Bowl Game for Boston College? You have games against UVA, Louisville, Clemson, among others. Can you win 5+ games in that span?
  5. Yeah, you guys had a ton turnover and just couldn't replace it all. It happens, I think you'll win 4ish games in Conference (Wake and NCST exist) and just have a down year. Now, it's all about crooting.
  6. Cobb is a huge part of his success clearly. FSU's other best WRs are all 3/3 and their starting TE is a 2/4. Cobb is their go to guy. Schuler has show in the past with other receivers that he's a good QB. So, I'd say Cobb is about 35% of his success this year, the other 65% being his own talent. About the Rook-WR1 thing, I don't know. Rook and Beatty have played together their entire careers. Add in Jonathan Greer and you have a trio of guys in the passing game who know each other inside and out. I think the chemistry they have helps elevate the play of Beatty from a 4/4 to more of a 4.5/4.5. Their are two main reasons I put McConnell above Rook. 1.) McConnell can run and score on the ground. For a team like Pitt, that's huge. They have no running game right now, but for McConnell to still remain a threat on the ground is huge for their offense. Rook is stationary and that's exactly what I want him to do. 2.) Competition. Pitt has played the toughest schedule in the ACC and perhaps in the country. And they're still undefeated (only 1 home game so far too). UVA has played #21 Duke and then no one else.
  7. As the title says, I'll be Power Ranking the QBs in the conference. Things I took into consideration: Performance, Competition Level, and to a lesser extent, Team's W/L Record. That's all the prefacing we need, let's get to it: 1. Grant McConnell, Pittsburgh One of the Conference's legitimate Heisman Candidate, McConnell has lead the Panthers over West Virginia, Penn State, and Stanford. He has been incredible this year. His stats: 121-186 (65.05%) for 1,441 Yards 12 TD - 6 INT 144.97 QB Rating. 23 Carries for 131 Yards and 5 Rushing TDs. He has given his team a chance to win every game and then some. He has shown week in and week out that he's THE guy. The only concern so far with his performance is the INTs, but he's throwing the ball so much, that we can forgive him that. Best Game: Week 5 against Oklahoma 23-36 290 Yards 3 TD 1 INT. 6 Carries 39 Yards and 2 TD 2. Matteo Rook, Virginia The 4th year starter is having a career year and could prove to be a Dark Horse for the Heisman. The Senior has lead his team to a 5-0 record (first time in school history) and has beaten 2 Division opponents already. His Stats: 124-189 (65.61%) for 1,591 Yards 16 TD - 2 INT 162.14 QB Rating. He has played very well for a Cavaliers team that is trying to win the Division for the first time. His performance so far has put the Cavs at #8 in the Country. The biggest knock on Rook is his poor level of competition. Best Game: Week 5 against Miami (FL) 26-39 380 Yards 4 TD 0 INT 3. Benjamin Schuler, Florida State The Noles season got off to a great start, but has faltered as of late. That's not on Schuler, he has done everything he can and more to help his team win. They've also faced 3 good teams in a row. With no Running Game what-so-ever, he has had to put the team on his back and then throw it onto the back of Luke Cobb. His Stats: 158-243 (65.02 %) for 1,745 yards 20 TD - 8 INT 145.92 QB Rating. Schuler is the real deal and his performance speaks to that. The Noles can win any game he plays in. Best Game: Week 2 Against UMASS 41-62 480 Yards 7 TD 2 INT 4. Bryce Thompson, Duke Tripling up on the Coastal, with Thompson taking the 4th Spot. There was a bit of a QB battle in the Spring and Thompson came out on top. He's had some freshman moments, but he's lead the Blue Devils to a 5-1 record, something unimaginable of Duke just 2 seasons ago. His Stats: 113-190 (59.47%) for 1,308 Yards 9 TD - 4 INT 128.72 QB Rating. 30 Carries for 87 Yards and 6 TDs. So far, he has 15 TDs and just 4 Turnovers. Coach Darman will take that from his freshman. Duke is looking at it's first real chance at a bowl, and Thompson should get them there. Best Game: Week 3 against Tulane 16-28 208 Yards 3 TD 0 INT. 5 Carries for 13 Yards 1 TD 5. Max Laws, North Carolina Well, who would have seen this coming? Max Laws is in the top half of QBs in the conference for the first time ever. After 3 years of constant struggle, he's put together a very solid season. The Tar Heels record has reflected that (4-2) His Stats: 165-268 (61.57%) for 1,692 Yards 13 TD 5 INT 126.88 QB Rating. Laws has shown the ability to elevate himself to bring the team up and win games (just not against Texas Tech). With Laws playing like this, UNC could get back to Bowling. Best Game: Week 2 against Charlotte 27-43 331 Yards 4 TD - 1 INT 6. Christian Coates, Syracuse Coates is no Dylan Bishop. But he has still helped Syracuse to a 3-2 record. He hasn't wowed anyone with his passing, but his legs help push him up here. His stats: 86-123 (69.92%) for 1,066 Yards 6 TD - 4 INT 152.31 QB Rating. 26 Carries for 165 Yards and 3 TD. He has a 6.35 YPC, which makes him #1 amongst QBs in the ACC. He has 9 TD to 4 Turnovers, not exactly stellar. But he has given the Orange offense when they need it. They are in position to make a run at a Bowl Game. Best Game: Week 5 against NC State 19-26 260 Yards 1 TD 0 INT. 56 Carries for 50 Yards and 2 TD. 7. Jamel Armstrong, Clemson Jamel, Jamel, Jamel. Clemson coach Emperor_of_Orange has put a ton of weight on Jamel's shoulders, and he hasn't performed great. Josiah McCray seems to disappear for stretches at a time, and that certainly plays a role. But, Armstrong just can't find his teammates sometimes. His Stats: 142-254 (55.91%) for 1,499 Yards 13 TD - 9 INT 115.28 QB Rating. The 9 INT is the highest mark in the conference, I kept him top half because he also has the 2nd most attempts. So, he's going to throw a couple more INTs than everyone else. Jamel is the driving force of the Tigers offense, and he needs to play better if they're going to get back to the Conference Championship. Best Game: Week 1 against TCU 28-45 309 Yards 2 TD 1 INT. 8. Ralph Westfall, Virginia Tech Westfall is the best of the Bottom Half. He isn't electric, but he's steady and does a good job of avoiding turnovers and converts a solid amount of his passes. He adds another dimension to his game by being a threat to score on the run. His Stats: 80-132 (60.61%) for 926 Yards 5 TD - 3 INT 127.49 QB Rating. 19 Carries for 74 Yards and 3 TD. So, his stats aren't eye popping, but what I want to draw you to is his 3 INTs, that's the 2nd lowest in the Conference. He just doesn't kill his team by giving the ball away. That's always a good way to stay on your coach's good side. Best Game: Week 5 against North Carolina 14-22 160 Yards 1 TD - 0 INT. 6 Carries 22 Yards 1 TD. 9. Josh Beckett, Georgia Tech Beckett is having a bit of a sophomore slump. With coach trey_chaffin officially gone, no one is at the helm of the Yellow Jackets team. And they are showing that on the field. Beckett has the ability to torch anyone when he's on, but he has trouble staying on. His Stats: 107-184 (58.15%) for 1,222 Yards 9 TD 7 INT 122.47 QB Rating. He has thrown more TDs than INTs, which is always good. Georgia Tech has played a tough schedule (minus Wake Forest), so that comes into play with his ranking. But he needs to seriously step it up if Georgia Tech has even and outside chance at Bowling. Best Game: Week 1 against Georgia State 22-36 300 Yards 2 TD 0 INT. 10. Donte Pickett, Boston College How the mighty have fallen. Boston College is 0-5 and will almost certainly miss a bowl game. Pickett isn't the only problem with this team, but he has definitely been an issue. His Stats: 79-124 (63.71%) for 917 Yards 7 TD - 7 INT 133.17 QB Rating. The only real positive is his completion percentage being Over 60% and his QB Rating isn't too bad either. However, he can't seem to find his teammates and finds the opposing team too much for how much he's throwing. Best Game: Week 5 Against Notre Dame 18-26 237 Yards 3 TD 1 INT 11. Ayden Steele, Louisville Here we are, with a 4-1 Louisville. Dockery has been the real star of the team, but Steele hasn't been exactly awful. He hasn't been great, but not awful. His Stats: 88-16 (75.86%) for 883 Yards 4 TD - 4 INT 144.29 QB Rating. 21 Carries for 89 Yards 1 TD. Steele has done exactly what the Cardinals need him to, move the chains and avoid Turnovers. Coach Broletariat would be a little more happy if he could find the end zone a little more. But as long as he avoids turnovers, then the Cardinals should be fine. Best Game: Week 4 against UAB 16-23 230 Yards 2 TD 0 INT. 5 Carries for 17 Yards 1 TD 12. Blake Fry, NC State The Wolfpack aren't having the success they had last year, and just about everything is to blame. But Blake Fry is a big part of the problem for the Wolfpack. His Stats: 85-133 (63.91%) for 977 Yards 3 TD - 5 INT 125.54 QB Rating. 20 Carries for 104 Yards 2 TD. Fry isn't very good, but the Wolfpack don't really have any other options currently. Best Game: Week 7 against Marshall 20-30 281 Yards 2 TD. 1 Carry 4 Yards 13. Hemana Toma, Wake Forest Just a year ago and Toma could have been the worst, Instead he's just 2nd Worst! Coach Kendrick will take it. Wake Forest has no shot at a Bowl Game, and they have red-shirted all of their best players in an attempt to compete next year. His Stats: 68-124 (54.84%) for 665 Yards 4 TD - 6 INT 100.85 QB Rating. 23 Carries for 94 Yards and 2 TD Toma doesn't do anything particularly well and the Demon Deacons' W/L Record (1-4) reflects that. Best Game: Week 1 against ECU 13-25 140 Yards 1 TD 0 INT. 4 Carries for 4 Yards. 14. Aidan Benton Wow, we might have never seen a passer so inept in ACC History.There are almost no positives that Coach ajyoungmark can take away from his performance. His Stats: 48-91 (52.75%) for 492 Yards 0 TD - 6 INT 84.98 QB Rating. 25 Carries for 113 Yards 3 TD The only positive I can take away is his ability to rush and score on the ground. 0 Touchdowns. How do you even do that? I can't even comprehend that. Best Game: Week 7 against North Carolina 2-5 27 Yards 0 TD - 0 INT. 5 Carries for 35 Yards 2 TD. League Leaders: Top 3 Passing Yards: 1. Benjamin Schuler, FSU - 1,745 Yards 2. Max Laws, UNC - 1,692 3. Matteo Rook, UVA - 1,591 Yards Top 3 Passing Touchdowns: 1. Benjamin Schuler, FSU - 20 2. Matteo Rook, UVA - 16 3. Jamel Armstong, Clemson & Max Laws, UNC - 13 Top 3 Completion %: 1. Ayden Steele, LVL - 75.86% 2. Christian Coates, Syracuse - 69.92% 3. Matteo Rook, UVA - 65.61% Top 3 QB Rating: 1. Matteo Rook, UVA - 162.14 2. Benjamin Schuler, FSU - 145.92 3. Grant McConnell, Pitt - 144.97 Top 3 Rush Yards: 1. Christian Coates, Syracuse - 165 2. Grant McConnell, Pitt - 131 3. Aidan Benton, Miami - 113 Top 3 Rush TDs: 1. Bryce Thompson, Duke - 6 2. Grant McConnell, Pitt - 5 3. Aidan Benton, Miami & Christian Coates, Syracuse & Ralph Westfall, VT - 3 Top 3 YPC: 1. Christian Coates, Syracuse - 6.35 2. Grant McConnell, Pitt - 5.70 3. Blake Fry, NC State - 5.20
  8. It's possible the old Hawaii coach created one. Just go to the Wiki and search 2020 Hawaii and see if anything pops up.
  9. Both Virginia Coaches Added
  10. UVA Done:
  11. You make it.
  12. IndyStar PLAYOFFS? PLAYOFFS? Yes, Playoffs! Colts Clinch Spot After Defeating Texans Coach Emperor_of_Orange giving postgame press conference on Sunday
  13. Not complaining with our ranking, but we did just beat the Lions and Jets in the past 3 weeks.
  14. Chad Dess was the first. But my all time is Matteo Rook. He is my child. My favorite player who isn't a player of mine is James Dale. Dude just slung that rock left and right.
  15. IndyStar Golden Leg K Leon Augustine nails 4 Field Goals as Colts beat Jets 19-17 Augustine kicking his 4th Field Goal Monday Night