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    1. I'll update the Title afterwards.
    2. Forgot to mention in the article, if there are any battles you want me to cover, please comment here or PM me and I'll cover it on the next article.
    3. Passing Yards: 1. Zack Cera, - 1,357 2. Michael Thompson, - 1,246 3. Austin Lowe, - 1,145 Passing Touchdowns: 1. Zack Cera, - 15 2. Blair Holcomb, & Griffin Donahue - 11 3. Austin Lowe, - 9 QB Rating: 1. Chase Sims, - 191.83 2. Blair Holcomb, - 179.01 3. Zack Cera, - 176.89 QB Rushing Yards: 1. Eddie Connelly, - 179 2. Byron Suggs, - 139 3. Chase Sims, - 86 QB YPC: 1. Chase Sims, - 8.6 2. Eddie Connelly, - 7.46 3. Giovanni Shaw, - 6.82 Rushing Yards: 1. RB Gabe Ciamo, - 550 2. RB Denzel Porter, - 475 3. RB Nathaniel Ruff, - 448 Rushing Touchdowns: 1. RB DeSean Madison, - 8 2. RB Gabe Ciamo, & RB Zack Odell, - 6 3. RB Denzel Porter, & RB Jeffrey Flowers, - 5 Rushing YPC (min 20 Attempts): 1. QB Eddie Connelly, - 7.46 2. RB Gabe Ciamo, - 6.32 3. RB Denzel Porter, - 6.17 Receptions: 1. WR Justin Evans, - 28 2. TE Casey Swann, - 25 3. WR Dwayne Simpson, - 23 Receiving Yards: 1. WR Justin Evans, - 509 2. TE Casey Swann, - 414 3. WR Khalil Stubbs, - 315 Receiving Touchdowns: 1. TE Casey Swann, - 6 2. 5 others - 4 3. 9 others - 3 Drops: 1. WR Prince Malone, - 5 2. WR Nicholas Strong, - 3 3. 11 others - 2 Yards Per Receptions (min 10 Receptions): 1. WR Charlie Link, - 21.91 2. WR Christian Holguin, - 21.82 3. WR Aaden Jack, - 18.94 Tackles: 1. ILB Devin Frazier, & ILB Kenneth Newsome, - 23 2. OLB Brayden Winters, - 21 3. ILB Raymond McCain, & OLB Jabari Blackwell, - 19 Sacks: 1. DE Malachi McKnight, - 7 2. DE Ousmane McMillan, - 5 3. DE Chase Woodson, & DE Dwayne Briggs, & DT Silas Booker, - 4 Interceptions: 1. SS Antonio Jackson, - 4 2. CB Sebastian Simpson, & CB Daniel Braxton, - 3 3. 7 others - 2 Defensive Touchdowns: 1. CB Levern White, & FS Troy Doss, - 1 Points (Kicking): 1. ATH Sam Painter, - 46 2. K Brendan Higginbotham, - 43 3. K Phillip Lane-Hickey, - 39 Field Goal %: 1. ATH Sam Painter, & K Zachary Crowell, & K Simon Hand, - 100% 2. K Brendan Higginbotham, - 90.91% 3. K Nathaniel Layne, - 80% Longest Field Goal: 1. ATH Sam Painter, - 48 Yards 2. K Brendan Higginbotham, - 47 Yards 3. K Zachary Crowell, - 46 Yards Standout Freshman: QB Austin Lowe, - 89 - 133 66.92% 1,145 Yards, 9 Touchdowns 2 Interceptions 158.56 QB Rating QB Byron Suggs, - 75 - 126 59.52%, 896 Yards, 7 Touchdowns 4 Interceptions 131.24 QB Rating, 23 rushes 139 Yards 1 Touchdown ATH Joseph Aikman, - 17 receptions 225 yards 3 Touchdowns DT Morris Jackson, - 8 Tackles, 2 Sacks, 1 Forced Fumble CB DeSean Mathis, - 2 Tackles, 2 Interceptions OLB Christian Reese, - 10 Tackles, 1 TFL ATH Sam Painter, - 16/16 PATs, 10/10 Field Goals, 46 Points, 48 Long
    4. Welcome All! I'm reviving this, albeit with a new conference. I found this to be an exciting way to watch recruiting unfold last season and I wanted to bring it back. We are on a break this weekend due to scheduling conflicts with Soluna, so we had some more time to process croots and I thought this was a good time to start this up. We are almost halfway through the recruiting season and things are flying by. We have 6 battles to look at. Note: A * indicates that team has a Red Box. Battles between MAC Schools and Out of Conference Opponents QB Gabe Baker 1/5 Pocket MI Teams in Play: *, * Why it's Important: Quarterback is undoubtedly the most important position on the team. A good Quarterback can carry a team unlike any other position. Both teams field older Quarterbacks and are looking for their next field general. Baker certainly looks like he can fill that role for either team. Who Will Win: . Western Michigan has 42 points and Michigan has 41. Both have pipelined Michigan. The only chance Michigan has at winning Baker now is if he had selected QB as a Team Need and Western Michigan had not. Both teams should probably be going all out on Baker now as he's the biggest battle either team likely has now. WR Jacob Kellogg 1/4 Target AL Teams in Play: *, * Why it's Important: Both teams have a complete lack of talent, Kellogg would be a huge get for either team. He's a guy who can get open on 3rd Downs and keep the offense on the field, which is important for both teams as they both have poor defenses. Kellogg probably shouldn't play immediately, but he could if one of these teams absolutely needed him to. Who Will Win: . Yes, Kent State has 29 points versus Troy's 16. But I've noticed Kent State is in battles all over the place and with Troy Pipelining Alabama, that advantage may be enough to overcome that point differential. ILB Eric Tuiasosopo 1/4 Will CA Teams in Play: *, * Why it's Important: See what I mean? Kent State has been aggressive this cycle and is all over the place trying to build their team. I fear they are stretching themselves too thin. Illinois has built it's team on defense and they now need to start replacing some of those guys and Tuiasosopo is the guy they want to do that with. Kent just needs talent. Who Will Win: . Sorry @TazerMan, Illinois has 42 points and with your other battles, I think you'll this one too. Might need to prioritize one over the other. Battles Between MAC Schools RB Alvin Hines 1.5/4.0 Speed OH Teams in Play: *, Why it's Important: Both teams have ran offenses predicated on the Running Game, and both will need to replace their Running Back soon. Hines fit into both teams' schemes and could be a good replacement for their current stars. Who Will Win: . It's hard to see Ohio make up the gap here, they trail by more than 5 and Toledo has 1 one more weekly point. Toledo is also pipelining Ohio while the Bobcats pipeline Michigan. Toledo has all the momentum here. OLB Paul Boykin 2/3.5 Blitz OH Teams in Play: *, Why it's Important: A 2/3.5 player can be a stop gap starter or a four year starter for a team who needs it. Ohio maybe doesn't, but Akron certainly does. He probably fits more into a 3-4 scheme, which Akron does not run currently, but maybe they're considering changing soon. Who Will Win: . Sorry Ohio, you have more battles than Akron does, and this would be a very nice get for the Zips. Ohio does have 7 more weekly points, but at this point I expect Ohio to focus on their other battles and that will allow Akron to swoop him up. QB Austin Iverson 1/3.5 Pocket OH Teams in Play: *, Why it's Important: With injuries coming back to CFBHC, depth is more important than ever. Iverson likely will never start for the Rockets out side of injury, but he could very well start for the Falcons. Toledo has already secured a commitment from QB Mario Pierre, so they're just looking to lock up a backup for him. Bowling Green is uncontested on two 1/3 QBs, but Iverson would be a much better get for them. Who Will Win: . If the Rockets want Iverson, they'll get him. They have 10 more points and lead by more than 5 currently. Bowling Green probably isn't desperate enough for Iverson to go all out and force Toledo to really battle for him.
    5. In Week 6, the Cardinals Football Team travels to Mount Pleasant, Michigan to take on the Central Michigan Chippewas. Both teams enter the contest at 2-2 Overall and 1-1 in the MAC. Tying them for 3rd in the West Division behind Toledo and Western Michigan. Ball State started out its season with 2 losses, 52-8 against Toledo and 38-13 against Navy. They then followed those up with 2 Wins, 30-22 against Buffalo and 28-17 against UAB. Central Michigan has started its season exactly the opposite; beating Southern Miss 35-31 and then Northern Illinois 14-7. Followed by losses against Ohio 29-23 and UTSA 21-17. Ball State's Offense has come to life the past two games after seeming non-existent in the first two contests. A large part of that is the running game is finally working. Austin Laws rushed for 121 yards on 38 carries against Toledo and Navy combined. Since then he has added 250 yards on 50 carries. He wasn't able to find the end zone at all initially, but has scored 3 times over the past two games. Elias Carter is also getting in on the action with 60 yards on 10 carries and 2 Touchdown himself over that same span. Speaking of Carter, his passing has improved as well. He completed 50% of his passes and threw 3 Interceptions to 2 Touchdowns in the first two games, but has completed 66% and has thrown 2 Touchdowns versus 1 Interception since. That may not seem like a lot, but Ball State's 3rd Down Conversion % has improved from 11.5% to 47.6%, and that matters a lot for an offense predicated on ball control. Senior Wide Receiver Jayson Zarate-Lima leads the team with 222 receiving yards while Freshman Tight End Steven Moya leads the team with 16 receptions and 2 Touchdowns. Highly rated Freshman Wide Receiver Sebastian Amato has had trouble cementing himself in the rotation, catching only 5 passes for 78 yards in 4 games. The Defense has struggled to force turnovers, creating only 2 on the season. Both Interceptions, one from DeAndre Simms and the other from Eddie McGill. Christian Mosley, Isamaeli Afamasaga, and Rashaad Malcolm each have 2 Sacks on the season. Darren Boykin leads the team in tackles with 16. Freshman Quarterback Byron Suggs has really lead the Chippewa Offense, passing for 896 yards and rushing for 139 yards. He's actually the team's leading rusher. Running Back Makai Carr has struggled with the ball this season, rushing 129 yards on 49 carries, good for a 2.63 YPC. He's only found the End Zone once on the season. He's also the only player in the match-up dealing with an injury. He Sprained his ankle against Southern Miss and missed the Northern Illinois game. He's not fully healthy yet, but team doctors say he's probably about 90% back. Freshman Wide Receiver Joseph Aikman has impressed as well, catching 17 passes for 225 yards with 3 scores. Junior Tight End Jasper Rowley leads the team with 234 receiving yards. This duo gives Byron Suggs a real 1-2 threat on the field. Aikman on the outside, and Rowley over the middle. The Chippewa defense has forced 8 Turnovers, 7 Interceptions and 1 Fumble. Junior Cornerback leads the team with 3 Interceptions. Junior Defensive End Rory Bolin leads the team with 3 sacks and Senior Inside Linebacker Dwayne Boone leads the team with 11 tackles. Ball State has not a ton of success in the MAC, or in CFBHC really. But one of the teams they've found some success against is Central Michigan. The Cardinals are 3-2 All-Time against the Chips, with wins coming in 2016, 2017, & 2020; and the losses in 2018 & 2019. The Cards have outscored them 99-75. Positional Match-Ups: Quarterback: Edge: Although Elias "The Drifter" Carter has improved his play recently, Byron Suggs has outperformed him in every metric. Suggs has also been far more consistent and reliable for the Chips. Central Michigan really relies on Suggs to lead the offense while Ball State tends to rely on the Running Back more than the Quarterback. Hopefully we'll see Carter's play continue to improve, but we have to believe that Suggs will be the better Quarterback in this game. Running Back: Edge: Austin Laws has 3 1,000 yard seasons and is well on his way to a 4th. He also has a 4.22 YPC this season while Makai Carr sports a 2.63 YPC. Laws is perfectly healthy, while Carr is still dealing with a Sprained Ankle. Laws is the face of the Ball State offense, while Carr is maybe the 4th Face of the CMU offense. Look for Laws to easily win this match-up. Wide Receiver/Tight End: Edge: Push Ball State sports a 4 year starter and a 3 year starter at Wide Receiver alongside a highly touted freshman Wide Receiver. At Tight End, they have a 5 Star Freshman leading the team in receptions and yards. Central Michigan has a very good freshman Wide Receiver, with some forgettable faces behind him. They do have Jasper Rowley, who is probably the best of the WRs/TEs in this game. Ball State sports better depth while Central Michigan has starters making a little bit bigger of an impact. To us, there is no clear edge here for either side. Offensive Line: Edge: Central Michigan has an average OL Rating of 4.98 while Ball State has an average of 4.68. Not a huge difference, but for two teams who want to run, .3 points could mean a conversion on 3rd and 2 one way but not the other. Ball State has the best individual player on the Line with OT Aiden Hammer, who will play in the NFLHC next season. But Central Michigan's OL has a better rating at virtually every other position, and unfortunately Hammer can't make up that whole difference by himself. Defensive Line: Edge: Ball State very well might have the 2nd or 3rd best Defensive Line in the Conference (shout out to Akron and Toledo). The Twin Towers, Rashaad Malcolm and Isamaeli Afamasaga have tortured MAC Offenses for years, and this year is their Swan Song. They have combined for 4 sacks and 2 TFL. Don't forget Defensive End Christian Mosley who also has 2 Sacks himself and you have three guys on that line who can get after the Quarterback and disrupt the run. For Central Michigan, Defensive Ends Rory Bolin and Nazir Tatum-Kimbrough have combined for 5 sacks, while Defensive Tackles Jabari Hardy and Ajani Goodson have not been able to make a real impact yet. Central Michigan gets good play out of its Ends, but Ball State gets good play out of everyone, giving them the edge. Linebackers: Edge: Inside Linebacker Darren Boykin may end his Ball State career as the All-Time leading tackler, but he sometimes doesn't get much help. Although Outside Linebacker Tyler Huntley has 7 Tackles, 0.5 Sacks, and 1 TFL, Outside Linebacker Frank Long has not made an impact yet. Mike Linebacker Jon Carpenter has a sack himself, it does really depend on Darren Boykin to lead the LB Crew from his Will Position. Central Michigan's Inside Linebackers, Dwayne Boone and Bryce Sewell, have combined for 19 Tackles, 2 Interceptions, 0.5 Sacks, and 1 Fumble Recovered. Together they have really held down the middle of the Chips Defense and made it a "No-Fly Zone". Secondary: Edge: Ball State has two Pro-Caliber (although only one starts) in its secondary while Central Michigan has 0. That talent disparity is clear, especially from the safety position. FS Eddie McGill is coming off of a All-MAC year and has continued his play this season, getting an Interception. Central Michigan plays a Man Cornerback Scheme, which leads itself to more Interceptions, but has a tendency to get burned. While Ball State plays a Zone scheme, which tends to keep the ball in front of them and not allow the huge plays. This edge isn't very big, but it's enough to give it to Ball State. Special Teams: Edge: Kicker Kenneth Godfrey has made 62.5% of his Field Goals (5 for 8) for the Cards while James Bragg has made just 40% (4 for 10) of his. Godfrey has shown himself to be significantly more reliable than Bragg. Ari Bright has averaged 38.13 yards per punt for Ball State while Shane Bailey has averaged 38.33 yards for Central Michigan. The Kicking is really where this goes Ball State's way here. Count: : 4 : 3 Push: Final Prediction: This is the first match-up between the coaches. npklemm is in his 9th season overall, but first at Ball State. @johnkirk is in his second season, both at Central Michigan. Although there's a gap in experience, Coach johnkirk has shown that he knows what he's doing and is never out-coached. The difference in this game really comes down to 2 Keys. First, can Byron Suggs carry his team? Second, can the Ball State rushing attack maintain its momentum? We think Suggs will have a good game. He has completed less than 60% of his passes, but he's thrown for more touchdowns and his ability to use his legs to kill teams (I mean, he leads the team in rushing) shows he's a true Dual-Threat. Ball State doesn't sport a shutdown defense by any means. It will be important for the Cards that The Twin Towers get in the backfield early and often, if they can put Suggs off of his rhythm early, Central Michigan might be in for a long day. Central Michigan's Front-7 does do a fairly good job against the run, holding teams under 4.6 Yards Per Carry and only allowing 3 Touchdowns on the ground. In fact, no opposing player has rushed for more than 100 yards against the Chips. But, they haven't faced a Running Back of Laws's ability nor a team who really wants to run the ball all game long. We don't think the Chips defense can contain Laws and Carter all game long and eventually those two will get loose. Ball State 31 Central Michigan 27 History is on Ball State's side, and they have the more experienced team. Central Michigan is definitely on the rise, but this won't be the year they tie up the All-Time Series.
    6. Join me at 4:15 PM EST Sunday, January 20th for another Franchise Interview. I think this episode will be great.


    7. [2021] Week 5 Headlines

      "We Have To Be Better" Shea Calls Out Whole Team Following Fourth Straight Loss Shea Making His Post-Game Press Conference
    8. [2021] Week 4 Headlines

      Big Trouble in Little Nashville Colts Fall to Division Opponent; Lose Goodwin for the year Goodwin being attended to by Training Staff after suffering a torn ACL
    9. [2021] ACC Stat Leaders: Week 4

      I'm sorry I doubted you Reginald Saunders
    10. 2017 National Championship Predictions

      UGA 69 Bama 0
    11. Just like the title says, I got curious about some info about the First Round of the Draft All-Time and decided to make some Pivot Tables and find some cool stuff. I will include my data at the end. What started this off was a conversation between Rome and I about what specific college team had the most first rounders (i.e. the irl 2001 Miami Hurricanes had like 8 future First Rounders on that team). That will be at the end, because I felt there were some other really cool things to go through before we get there. Let's get started y'all. College Teams with the Most First Round Picks. 1. Penn State - 13 t2. Florida State - 8 t2. Michigan - 8 t2. USC - 8 t2. Virginia Tech - 8 t2. Wisconsin - 8 3. Michigan State - 7 I don't think any of those schools are particularly surprising. What's maybe surprising is who's msising: Alabama (6) Ohio State (6) Oklahoma (6) LSU (5) These schools were close, but just barely missed the cut of the "Top" Teams. Top Positions Taken 1. Defensive End - 30 2. Cornerback - 29 3. Wide Receiver - 24 There's one glaring omission, Quarterback. There have been 23 QB's taken all time. And their prevalence is going down (5 in 2014, 4 in 2015, 2 each in 2019-2021). I think part of that is how reliable first round QB's tend to be. Of all the positions taken in the first round, the one with the fewest selections is Tight End with 4 followed by Free Safety with 5. What Positions Have Teams Taken the Most? This one is a little different. I decided to see what position each team has taken by year. Here's what I found: There have been 28 Instances of teams taking a Certain Position more than once in First Round History, of those: 8 were Defense Ends 7 were Cornerbacks 3 were Quarterbacks 3 were Outside Linebackers 3 were Wide Receivers The teams who have chosen QB's twice are: Chicago (Norris Brooksheer and Mohammed Foster) Cincinnati (Blake Shell and Joel King) New Orleans (Allan Taylor and Aaron Deveraux) Only once has a team taken one Position twice in the same draft: 2016 - Carolina Panthers selected DE Ron Rice at 11 and DE Kendrick Droughns at 13. Most Common NFLHC-CFBHC Pairings? In this section, we look at which NFLHC teams have taken the most players from the same College (unfortunately, there's 15 instances of 2, no one NFLHC team has taken more than 2 from any one CFBHC team) Baltimore Ravens - Texas Longhorns LA Chargers - Alabama Crimson Tide Cincinnati Bengals - USC Trojans Cleveland Browns - Penn State Nittany Lions Dallas Cowboys - Penn State Nittany Lions Houston Texans - Ohio State Buckeyes* Houston Texans - Virginia Tech Hokies Jacksonville Jaguars - Notre Dame Fighting Irish* Miami Dolphins - Florida Gators Minnesota Vikings - USC Trojans New England Patriots - Wisconsin Badgers New York Giants - Florida State Seminoles LA Rams - Penn State Nittany Lions Seattle Seahawks - Oregon Ducks The * indicate those two picks were in the same draft. In the 2016 Draft, the Texans picked both CB DeAndre Hawkins and OT Matt Bogle out of Ohio State In the 2014 Draft, the Jaguars picked both QB Kareem Taylor and RB James Bush out of Notre Dame. Which CFBHC Team had the most Picks in one Individual Draft? That honor belongs to Ohio State in 2016. Their picks were: 13. DE Kendrick Droughns to Carolina 14. CB DeAndre Hawkins to Houston 20. OT Matt Bogle to Houston 22. RB Marcus Barry to Tampa Bay And now, the Grand Finale: Which Individual Class had the Most Future First Round Picks (not including players who were a RS)? Unfortunately, we don't have one King at the top of the Mountain. We have: 2013 USC 2014 USC 2017 Penn State All with 7. Depth Charts: The 2014 Virginia Tech Hokies and 2013 Florida State Seminoles each had 6 players eventually taken in the 1st Round. 2nd Finale, Teams with Most Future First Round Players Taken (including RS): Again, no one team stands tall. 2014 Penn State 2015 Miami Hurricanes 2015 Michigan 2015 USC 2016 Miami Hurricanes All had 6. Depth Charts: 2016 Penn State 2013 Oklahoma 2015 Virginia Tech All tied for 2nd with 5 Players taken (including Red-Shirted Players) Addition: Most Players of a Specific Position Drafted by a School This was requested by @SlinkyJr. There's a new tab called "Slinky" that summarizes this whole thing. Essentially, is there a QB U, or RB U, etc? Turns out, kind of not really. There are 4 CFBHC teams who have 3 players from a certain position get drafted in the First Round. Michigan - DE (Ron Rice, Jared Self, Carlos Washington) Michigan State - OT (Tron Moses, Robert Haynes, Mike Woods) Virginia Tech - OG (Joe Farmer, LaMont Sherriff, Jason Osorio) Wisconsin - QB (Darrell Murphy, Erik Wegert, Lawyer Johnson) Additionally, there is one occasion of two players from the same CFBHC team that play the same position get drafted in the same First Round. Florida State - 2017: Grey Brown - Detroit Glenn Boyd - Jacksonville Link to Data: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1b1DLiyM-6Yat-5whaGurIpe5OTELJ9seS16qOcLn5vw/edit?usp=sharing I'm sure there's cool stuff I'm missing, so if you find something, point it out in the comments. I'd love to see what interesting data points I missed out on.
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