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  1. UVA DC Updated. Good Luck Christian, thanks for all your effort.
  2. The IndyStar Finally! Offense explodes as the Colts get their first win of the year. Shea celebrating after the team earning it's first win of the season
  3. QB Devone Martinkovic 6-6 235 Sr Grafton (Yorktown VA) 2 of 2 [scrambling] He wasn't very good. He finished the season with a 89.2 QB Rating (on the college scale). He threw for 1,154 yards with 6 TDs and 5 INTs and a 50% Completion Rate. He added 300 rushing yards on 52 attempts, so at least he was competent at something. The team went 2-10 on the season with too much talent to finish that poorly. Easily the worst QB in school history.
  4. I have 3 OL represented, I'm so happy
  5. What separated Davis from Conner in practice?
  6. I would love it if we could Pin threads in our Team Forums for NFLHC or Conference Forums for CFBHC.
  7. A much better season than you lol
  8. You and I have very different opinions of Maryland. Maybe I need to reconsider my preview.
  9. I'm doing Previews again. If you want one, PM me.

    I'm doing them chronologically by request and I can't guarantee I do all of them.

    Boise is first, and I'd like to get started in the next couple of days (so get your DC posted).

  10. my bad, I lied. sorry
  11. Uh, OG Dean is still ODU
  12. Shea Takes Charge! Colts QB calls out team and puts pressure on himself to win Shea talking with reporters after today's practice
  13. Aguirre Sinks the Colts The Colts fall to 0-3 and season is suddenly in jeopardy. Shea passing the ball while being taken to the ground.
  14. So, I was pretty wrong about this.

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