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  1. Most of my time in Cleveland. I wasn't very good as a GM then. I was inexperienced and indecisive. The Xander debacle actually turned out well for Cleveland I think. The Ulysses Smith drafting is going to haunt all of us forever I think. He's the hardest bust we've seen and it will take a lot for someone to bust harder. CFBHC wise, 2014 recruiting killed me so bad. I joined after crooting finished in 2013,so UVA had like 7 walkons. But, 2014 is all on me. I think I got 6 guys to commit the old fashioned way. I had no idea what I was doing and got super nervous about all of my bids. Those two classes set UVA back pretty far.
  2. Didn't you make like two accounts because you couldn't figure the site out?
  3. TE Kisona Vailopa 6-3 239 Fr Meigs County (Decatur TN) TN 3.0 of 5.0 Blocking

    My star <3 

  4. nevadajack pls
  5. Only small thing I would love to see is: Freezing the top couple of rows on the Injury Report so the Weeks are always visible as you scroll down.
  6. The Orange were again a surprise in 2019 as they were lead by Heisman Winning Dylan Bishop in route to a 10-3 record and a ranking in the final poll. Bishop is a one-hit wonder though as he is now a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Also gone is probably the best coach in Syracuse history, Duster. He left the team for personal reasons and has shied from the spotlight. Not shying from anything is new coach Greenwhirl who answered some questions for us. 1. Dylan Bishop won the Heisman last season, how do you replace his production? Dylan Bishop raised the bar for Quarterback play at Syracuse and I think people have taken notice. We've recently acquired a highly-talented transfer quarterback with Christian Coates from the University of Kentucky, who will be competing for a spot immediately. Dylan's leadership and ambition will have a lasting effect on this team, even as he leaves for the NFL. 2. Giovanni Coley struggled in 2019, how can he improve and add value to the team in 2020? Giovanni knows that, as he enters his senior season, he will need to step up his production from last year, not only for his own future as a professional, but for the team that has become a family to him. With a deep rushing roster, Giovanni knows he can't falter, otherwise he may be surpassed by the next man up. I have confidence that he will give his all for the Orange in his final season. 3. You decided to Red-Shirt Donovan Caballero, why did you decide not to play him? Donovan and I sat down and had a lengthy conversation about what would be best for the team and his development, and we agreed that the amount of playing time he would see as a true freshman would be minimal. Luckily, Donovan will have a slew of experienced players to learn from, both on and off the training field, during his first season. We have high hopes for both Donovan and this team moving forward. 4. Noah Tubbs and Bradley Nunn have been fixtures in the Orange Secondary for years, what do they mean to this team? Brad and Noah have been mainstays of this Syracuse defense for a couple years now and I think they’re both looking forward to their last hurrah. These are guys who could have easily gone in the early rounds of the draft last year, yet they decided to stay with their brothers and return for their Senior season. If they aren’t examples of true Orangemen, then I don’t know who is. 5. Do you think you can compete for the Atlantic Division Title? I think there’s a new attitude around the Syracuse football program and we’d be foolish not to take advantage. This is a team that not only wants to win, but that possesses immense talent and knows exactly what it takes to grind out a winning season. There will be difficult games ahead, as we play in one of the toughest divisions in college football, but the team knows that and is willing to give their all for the Orange. 6. What are your expectations for 2020? I expect this team to finally take the next step towards national prominence. We had a good effort last season, but I think now we are on the cusp of realizing all the talent and expectations that have been accumulating in Syracuse. This team will give 100% every day, both on and off the field, for Syracuse! Go Orange!
  7. The IndyStar WWWE'RE GOING STREAKING! Colts Defense Once Again Leads The Way As Indy Gets to .500 Aaroun Samuelsson after Intercepting Ryan Clark
  8. So many, Jumbo is funny and fun to talk to Emperor is the best coach on the site Ape is a damn good GM Storm is wicked smart and writes the best media LaserCats is wicked smart and the Colts aren't what they are without her All of the Mods are great Bingo is possibly the most supportive person I've ever met Rome is invaluable Bubada does great Stat and article type media Dean and Dream are tight and have great taste in music Darman and Notorious are great with the #memes Gravy is very chill Inspiral does work that make the site work Soluna is God Jumanji is wicked smart and I enjoy talking with him about stuff
  9. Are the "Star Player" Points separate from your weekly points? Or are they a portion of your weekly points? If they are separate, can you also use weekly points on a star player?
  10. I personally would like to see the conferences have more control over their schedules. So the ACC could have 9 conference games if we wanted to. But, I completely understand if logistically that's hard to implement easily.
  11. I'm just very confused as to my place in the ranking.
  12. Interesting,...
  13. The Noles had another good year as they went 10-3 and won a Bowl Game over Colorado. Coach DStack1 excelled in his first season in Tallahassee. But after the graduation of Elijah Harden, the Seminole offense looks to be one-dimensional. He has a tough task in front of him as Clemson and Boston College are both still good and the Atlantic Division is not easy to win. 1. Benjamin Schuler and Luke Cobb have had a great connection together, what do you expect out of them in their senior seasons? Expectations are certainly high for those two. We will be trying a few different looks on offense this year and if all goes according to plan I'm expecting career years for both players. I've never been a coach that cares about stats as long as the team is winning; however I think those will go hand in hand. Our defense is looking strong so if Benny and Luke are putting up big numbers, I think we'll be doing well as a team. I think Benny is one of the best QB's in the ACC, and Cobb should compete for the Biletnikoff if all goes well. 2. How severely will the loss of Elijah Harden impact your offense? Honestly it's a huge loss. Our offense loses a bit of that dynamism and we're going to lean heavily on the passing game. Everyone knew Elijah was a threat to run the ball, but was an excellent receiver, blocker and leader for the younger guys. Him leaving makes game planning a bit easier for our opponents, but I still think we have the experience and talent to succeed with the guys still here. 3. You have an experienced offensive line (only one starter isn't a Jr or Sr), how much will you rely on them to lead the offense? That leadership is very important if we want to make a serious run at a playoff berth. We'll need those guys to keep Benny upright and clean for full games so he can get the ball to our playmakers. I think our O-Line is one of the best units in the conference, but they'll have do play to that level for us to be successful. 4. Who in particular are you looking to lead your defense this year? Our defensive captain is Shamar Addison. He's a 5th year OLB that will be playing on Sunday's next year. He's leading a defensive unit that will be the backbone of our team. We're also looking at D'Qwell to step up and be a leader for the young guys in the secondary. I'm expecting a big year out of both of those young men. 5. The Atlantic is stacked at the top once again, how do you see yourselves navigating the division? I'm convinced the Atlantic is the best division in the nation. "Any given Saturday" is probably something I (admittedly) tell my team a bit too much. There's no easy win in this division, or conference, and I believe that any team can be beat by any other team at any time. It makes you go grey a bit early as a coach but it sure is fun to watch. 6. What are your goals for your team this year? Our players know what my expectations are from the day they step on campus. We want to win the conference and represent the ACC in the playoffs. That said, we'll need to put in a lot of work, play at 120% the entire season and, maybe with a bit of luck, this is something that is completely within grasp of this talented and veteran-laden roster.
  14. The Canes struggled to score points and also prevent the other team from scoring points in 2019. A few years of coaching instability and irregular recruiting has lead to a shallow 2020 Miami Hurricanes Team. Coach ajyoungmark has done a valiant job coaching this team thus far, and an even better job on the recruiting trail. However, this will be his toughest test as Brett Fisher graduated after 2019 and there is no real heir to the throne. Coach was kind to lend us a few minutes to discuss his team. 1. Your team is shallow once again, where is this team going to find points? When we lost Brett Fisher we knew that the offense was going to take a step back. But I think we found a great JUCO RB in Ronnie Peterson from Chabot College in California. He's the type of back that is always a threat to take it the distance and has constantly shown that to us during camp. He's is a special player and our running game should be much improved compared to last year. Hopefully, with a more balanced attack, we will be able to get the most out of our offense. 2. You're starting Albert Palacios at Left Guard. How concerned are you with his lack of experience? Obviously, his lack of experience is going to be a concern but Al has shown how great of a guard he can be over the past year. The first few games may be a little rough as he is trying in to get his rhythm. But once we get into conference play I think that he will be settled in and be a force on the offensive line. Al has been working hard all offseason and we think that he will be a dominant lineman in years to come. 3. What lead you to make the decision to Red-Shirt Akiem Pryor and Josh Pennington? When we as a staff looked at what we were going to do with our freshman we thought that redshirting Pryor and Pennington would be best for our future and their futures as players. We felt that burning a year of their eligibility when we are in more of a rebuilding year would be a waste. By redshirting them they are going to have a year to understand our program and also have another year in college if they would like to stay. This seemed like a Win-Win for both the program and the players and we can't wait to see the success that they can help bring us in the future. 4. Nathaniel Woodworth graduated and left for the NFLHC. Who is going to step in his place and stop opposing WRs? Emmanuel Fielder is a guy that we really like at corner. He has been doing very well at corner throughout camp and has been able to lock down some of our top receivers. Emmanuel has shown that he is great in man coverage and if he improves his zone coverage skills he will be a great all around corner. It will be tough to replace Woodworth as he was one of the best CBs in the country during his time at Miami but we feel that Fielder will be able to lessen the damage. 5. How important is Patrick Everett to your team's success this season? He needs to be one of our biggest playmakers on defense. By being our middle linebacker he can be an impact player during run and pass situations. When Pat was on our practice squad he showed flashes of the playmaker that he could become. We fully expect Pat to take the high level of play that we have seen in practice and perform well in games. He is one of the most gifted players on the team and we hope that he can reach his full potential in the near future. 6. How do you see your season shaking out? Again this year is going to be a bit of a rebuilding year for us. We are thin at a lot of positions in our secondary and we lost a 1st round QB and an All-American corner. Hopefully, our guys show great improvement and can continue to improve throughout the year.

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