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  1. So, I was pretty wrong about this.
  2. boo
  3. Loins SB Hype Train is ageless.
  4. Colts Team Page wasn't updated when you looked at it, it's been updated now.
  5. We are planning on going Live around 8:30
  6. Indianapolis Colts: At home versus Dallas At home versus Seattle At Cincinnati At Washington
  7. Colts are looking for 3 more games in Pre-Season. 2 away and 1 home. Please PM me. 

  8. Easiest King of the Hill yet?
  9. Plus you have the worst OLB ever in Alan Smith as your OLB3, so you should be set.
  10. I mean, does that really count though?
  11. Uhh, forgetting someone?
  12. First
  13. I wouldn't forget about True Freshman WR Hunter Crenshaw.
  14. Central is open by the way

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