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    Welcome to CFBHC! Please go here: And politely request to be assigned to UMASS. Then go here: And make an account. Keep your Username the exact same as it is here. Afterwards, find the blue box with the text "Need a team?". The text directly below is a link to request a new team. Make sure you select CFBHC UMASS, not CBBHC UMASS. Post your Depth Chart here: http://cfbhc.com/index.php?/forum/373-fbs-depth-chart-2022/ Please feel free to PM me for any questions you may have.
  2. LV has to be praying a good OL falls to them.
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    [2022] Week #7 - SNF

    Thanks KC
  4. Timestamps: Akron - 1:32 Bowling Green - 9:52 Buffalo - 17:35 Kent State - 26:14 Miami - 32:39 Ohio - 39:52 Ball State - 46:32 Central Michigan - 54:06 Eastern Michigan - 1:00:57 Northern Illinois - 1:08:09 Toledo - 1:13:35 Western Michigan - 1:19:38 Final Standings - 1:25:53
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    Sorry, forgot to mention one thing. Post your Depth Chart here: http://cfbhc.com/index.php?/forum/373-fbs-depth-chart-2022/ Here is the prior coach's DC for Reference. Note: You cannot red-shirt anyone who is not currently red-shirted. http://cfbhc.com/index.php?/topic/23713-2022-miami-redhawks-depth-chart-rs/ Here is your Team Roster: http://cfbhc.com/index.php?/topic/17656-miami-redhawks/
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    Welcome to the MAC! Please go here: And politely request to be assigned to Miami (OH). Then go here: And make an account. Keep your Username the exact same as it is here. Afterwards, find the blue box with the text "Need a team?". The text directly below is a link to request a new team. Make sure you select CFBHC Miami (OH), not CBBHC Miami (OH). Please feel free to PM me for any questions you may have. #MACTION
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    Draft Schadenfreude

    jieret is a bastard man
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    [2022] Week #7 - TNF

    28 is correct. Ritter missed his attempt. That 3 points shouldn't be in the box score.
  9. TNF - 00:15 1PM - 3:39 4PM - 29:21 SNF - 52:30 GOTW (LV v Miami) - 56:58 Injuries - 1:04:58 Bonus Content - 1:10:50 Real special bonus content this week. Please check it out.
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    [2022] B1G Recruiting Review #2

    purdue pls share
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    [2022] Week #6 - MNF

    God damn Miami. Calm down
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    [2022] Week #6 - SNF

    no tight end is safe this year
  13. Still not happy about Womack
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    [2022] Week 6 Review

    Thursday Night: Score: Bowling Green 41 MTSU 24 My Prediction: MTSU 31 Bowling Green 21 POTG: QB A.J. Coyne, BGSU, 21/25, 286 Yards, 2 Touchdowns What Happened: The Flacons offense was insanely efficient and protected the ball. Coyne completed 84% of his passes for 286 Yards with 2 Touchdowns, while RB Calvin Alexander had 128 Yards and 2 Touchdowns on the Ground. WR Brandon Lockhart hat 6 receptions for 124 Yards and 1 TD. Bowling Green was stellar on offense, posting 3 Double-Digit Quarters in the game. The Falcons converted 5/9 of their 3rd Down Attempts. There's nothing negative I can say, no turnovers, over 50% Conversion Rate on 3rd Downs, 10+ YPA, 4.9 YPC. This offense was not to be stopped. Coyne has been excellent so far this season, and this was his best game yet. For MTSU,l I'm not sure I agree with the offensive gameplan. They threw it 45 times and only gave RB Gregory Crosby 11 carries (he only managed 4 Yards on those carries). QB Tim Pritchard completed 25 of those attempts for 236 Yards with 2 TDs and 2 Picks. The Blue Raiders only converted 5/14 of their 3rd Downs, giving the Falcons offense the ball far too often in this one. Steven Lewis and Aaden Ellis for Bowling Green each had a pick. Israel Parson had 2 TFL and 2 Sacks and Jackson Greenberg had a sack for the Falcon Defense. Friday Night: Score: Ohio 31 Ball State 7 My Prediction: Ohio 35 Ball State POTG: RB Jeffrey Flowers, Ohio, 24 Carries, 129 Yards, 2 Touchdowns What Happened: Ohio got its running game going, and that showed just how good this team can be when both facets of the offense are rolling. QB Austin Lowe went 19/27 for 236 Yards and 2 TDs. Flowers had 2 TDs on the ground as well. Jordan Barnes lead the Bobcats with 80 receiving yards and 1 TD. Ohio wasn't great on 3rd Downs, going 4/12, but it didn't matter at all in this game. No Turnovers for the Bobcats offense makes it hard to beat them, when Flowers is going, this is a Top 2 Offense in the Conference. Ball State meanwhile, just couldn't get anything going at all. QB Leonard McIntosh went 12/23 for 108 Yards with 2 Picks. After a good game against Kent State, he failed spectacularly. RB Damani Laws (or Lewis depending on who you ask) was held in check. Getting 89 yards on 19 carries and 1 Touchdown. Ball State was even worse than Ohio on 3rd Downs, converting just 3/15. Elias Glenn (duplicate line, we'll treat his second line as his "real" line given his position) managed 1.5 Sacks while Paul Boykin got the 0.5 Sack for the Bobcats Defense. Shawn Tillman picked off McIntosh once, and the Bobcats got another pick as well. For Ball State, Jon Carpenter continues his great season, picking up 9 Tackles and 1 TFL. Saturday Morning: Score: Wisconsin 26 Akron 24 My Prediction: Wisconsin 34 Akron 14 POTG: RB Jamal Trufant, Wisconsin, 25 Carries, 143 Yards, 2 Touchdowns What Happened: Well, Akron managed to keep it close somehow. Donahue completed just over 50% of his passes for 200 yards, while RB Bryan Ellison managed just 54 yards on the ground. While, QB Nathan Abrams for Wisconsin went 14/23 for 170 Yards and Trufant ran for 143. But, Akron stuck with it, even after being down 14-0 after 1Q and 20-7 at the Half. Akron converted 33% of their 3rd Downs, giving the ball back to Jamal Trufant far too easily. While Wisconsin was just slightly more efficient, converting 35%. Donahue did throw 2 TDs, but a Pick as well. Ellison only managed 54 yards, but he did get a score himself. WR Marlon Smiley lead the Zips in receiving with 55 Yards and 1 TD. Just an odd game, Akron had no business being in this game late. For the Zips Defense, Carlos Edmonds sacked Abrams once. ILB Devin Frazier is a man amongst boys, he had 8 Tackles with 2 TFL. The Badgers' Jermaine Mingo picked off Donahue, and Elliot Underwood sacked him. Score: Toledo 35 Miami (OH) 21 My Prediction: Toledo 27 Miami (OH) 24 POTG: RB Gabe Ciamo, Toledo, 23 Carries, 129 Yards, 2 Touchdowns What Happened: Toledo's secondary came up huge, limited the Flamethrower to 50% completion and picking him off twice. QB Giovanni Baughman for Toledo had a good game, going 18/27 for 219 yards with 2 Touchdowns. RB Ciamo was excellent as ever and TE Nate Linsley exploited the Redhawks Defense for 85 Yards and 1 TD on 3 receptions. Toledo converted 50% of their 3rd Down Attempts and were just efficient, they didn't beat themselves either with turnovers. For Miami, that was not the case. QB Zack Cera went 20/40 for 221 Yards with 3 TDs and 2 Picks. RB Ajani Garrett had just 40 yards on the ground. TE Casey Swann is having a great season, but was held in check, getting only 56 Yards. WR Keith Barnes had 55 yards and 2 Touchdowns. out wide. Henry Krause and Quinton Wilkerson each picked off Cera once, and Damian Larkin and Dwayne Briggs each had a sack for the Rockets Defense. The Miami defense didn't force any turnovers, didn't have any TFL, and didn't get any sacks. They just couldn't make any plays to help out their own offense. Score: Northern Illinois 26 Illinois State 14 My Prediction: Northern Illinois 35 Illinois State 6 POTG: WR Maxwell Rider, NIU, 10 Receptions, 94 Yards, 1 Touchdown What Happened: NIU struggled at times in the passing game, but Illinois State just didn't have the firepower to take advantage.QB Charlie Sanford went 29/47 for 237 Yards and 2 Touchdowns. I would have imagined a much better game given that amount of attempts, but the ISU defense did a good enough job of limiting their opportunities. RB Khalil Eubanks was once again an afterthought in the Huskies offense, managing just 46 Yards. WR Maxwell Rider tore up the ISU Secondary, while no other Huskie Receiver was able to manage over 50 yards. For ISU, QB Philip Stephenson went 16/31 for 204 Yards with 2 TDs and 2 Picks. The Redbird passing game just isn't good enough to beat teams. RB Frankie Boone was ok, getting 20 carries for 94 Yards, but was held out of the endzone. Felipe Wallace and Daveed Ford for the Redbird Defense each sacked Sanford once. Samuel Echols and Alpha Mitchell had the picks for the NIU defense. ILB Oliver McNeal had 6 Tackles and 1 TFL. Saturday Evening: Score: Eastern Michigan 21 Buffalo 17 My Prediction: Eastern Michigan 28 Buffalo 24 POTG: RB Tyler Pearson, EMU, 19 Carries, 94 Yards, 1 Touchdown What Happened: The Eagles managed to limit the explosive Bulls Running Game, and forced them to be methodical. QB Giovanni Shaw for EMU went 18/27 for 236 Yards with 2 TDs and 1 Pick, as well as 25 rushing yards. RB Tyler Pearson continues to just be reliable, maybe not explosive, but he gets his 5 YPC and his 1-2 Touchdowns without fail. Declan Blanton hat 84 receiving yards with 1 TD and Kevin Guzman had 80 receiving yards for Eastern. For Buffalo, QB Levi Thompson shows that he's not a reliable passer. He went 9/16 for 99 Yards, he did get 18 rushing yards. RB Denzel Porter had 23 carries for 102 Yards with 2 Touchdowns, but did lose a fumble. Buffalo lead 14-7 at Half, but just couldn't muster enough offense in the 2nd Half to keep their lead. Curtis Hodges for Eastern sacked Thompson once and Julien Rinehart had 7 Tackles with 2 TFL. Reginald Blakely had the pick off of Shaw for Buffalo's Defense, Arthur Henson and Jeremiah Benitez each sacked Shaw once. MAC OOC Record: 2-1 My Prediction Accuracy (Week): 5-1 My Prediction Accuracy (Season): 32-15
  15. Good Sunday Morning All, Week 6 is in the Books, I think it's a fine time to look at who's leading the conference right now. Passing: Yards - 1. Zack Cera, - 1,469 2. Charlie Sanford, - 1,249 3. Giovanni Shaw, - 1,246 Touchdowns - 1. Zack Cera, - 15 2. Charlie Sanford, - 12 3. Giovanni Shaw, - 10 QB Rating - 1. A.J. Coyne, - 157.23 2. Giovanni Shaw, - 155.85 3. Byron Suggs, - 154.95 Completion % - 1. Giovanni Shaw, - 69.59% 2. A.J. Coyne, - 67.62% 3. Byron Suggs, - 65.96% Rushing: Yards - 1. Denzel Porter, - 719 2. Gabe Ciamo, - 697 3. DeSean Madison, - 558 Touchdowns - 1. Gabe Ciamo, - 10 2. Denzel Porter, - 8 3. Tyler Pearson, - 7 Yards Per Carry - 1. Gabe Ciamo, - 6.58 2. DeSean Madison, - 6.56 3. Denzel Porter, - 5.75 QB Rush Yards - 1. Levi Thompson, - 146 2. Giovanni Shaw, - 91 3. Byron Suggs, - 91 Receiving: Yards - 1. TE Casey Swann, - 465 2. WR Maxwell Rider, - 425 3. WR Keith Barnes, - 375 Touchdowns - 1. TE Casey Swann, - 6 2. WR Keith Barnes, - 6 3. Several Others - 4 Defense: Tackles - 1. ILB Josiah Graham, - 29 2. ILB Devin Frazier, - 27 3. ILB Ryan Carr, - 25 Tackles For Loss 1. ILB Devin Frazier, - 6 2. DT Israel Parson, - 5 3. DT Morris Jackson, - 4 Sacks - 1. OLB Arthur Henson, - 4.5 t2. DE Kayden Soriano, , DE Christian Mosley, , DE Nicholas Blackwell, - 4 t3. DE Nazir Tatum-Kimbrough, , DE Dylan Mitchell, , DE Julian Whaley, - 3 Interceptions - 1. SS Reginald Blakely, - 3 2. Several Others - 2 Kicking: Points - 1. Sam Kane, - 31 2. Jasper Horton, - 30 3. Sam Painter, - 28 Field Goal % 1. Sam Painter, - 100% 2. Brandon Mayberry, - 83.33% 3. Jasper Horton, - 80%