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    [2022] Week #12 - FNF

    A win I desperately needed. GG @ecnirp
  2. Thursday Night: Match-Up: Ohio (4-4) at Akron (4-4) Stormstopper Line: Akron (-3.5) Coach @AD3378 brings the Bobcats into Akron to take on Coach @darkage and his zips. Akron is a 3.5 Favorite, which strikes me as odd. Akron has had a couple duds this year, but has been pretty good lately. While I feel like Ohio has been a much more consistent team. This game could effectively decide the MAC East. Ohio is getting 242.25 PYPG and 81.63 RYPG. As we've said nearly every week, RB Jeffrey Flowers is the real key for this Bobcat offense. Their best games are when he shows up and plays well. They have not lost a game in which Flowers has rushed for 100+ Yards. QB Austin Lowe has played well, throwing just 3 picks in 8 games (the offense as a whole has 5 Turnovers), so they protect the ball well. TE Aaron Thibodeaux and Caleb Holman feel like game-breakers for Ohio. If those two get loose (they tend to play out wide and in-line with the OL, they're all over the place), it's hard to see Akron stopping both. WR Jordan Barnes has a favorable battle and should provide Lowe with a 3rd target out wide all game long. Akron is allowing 230.38 PYPG and 90.38 RYPG. Defending the run is key for the Zips, they haven't won when they've allowed over 100 Rush Yards (EMU beat them with just 60 rush yards). Akron has been pretty good at creating turnovers, they 10 Takeaways in 8 games, good for 1.25 per game. DT's Jeremiah Clarke and Olivier Ponder will need to plug holes up the middle and fill those gaps that Flowers wants to run in. This should allow ILB Devin Frazier to come from the 2nd Level and hit Flowers in the backfield. The big concern for me is how they'll defend the pass. Ohio has a pair of good TEs they like to bring out wide and play WR as well as a good WR1, Akron just doesn't have the personnel on defense to match those players consistently. SS Myles Mathis will be key for the Defense, he'll need to keep everything in front of him and cover up for everyone else. Akron is getting 197.25 PYPG and 89 RYPG on offense. QB Griffin Donahue has been meh this year. He's definitely not the best thing going for Akron on offense, that should be RB Bryan Ellison. Akron's WRs and TEs just aren't good, they don't give Donahue reliable targets when he needs them. Ohio's Secondary should have a field day. Ohio is allowing 188.75 PYPG and 109.88 RYPG. This sets up nicely for Akron on Offense. DE Nicholas Blackwell and DT Brady Whittaker will be key in stopping Ellison. But, if they can't get the job done, the LBs for Ohio will in a tough spot. This LB group for Ohio is not great, they will struggle to stop the run. But, the backend of the defense should mostly take away one aspect of the game for Akron. CBs Shawn Tillman and Ousmane King have favorable match-ups and should essentially wipe two WRs off the field. For me, Akron's defensive deficiencies outweigh Ohio's and I see Ohio outlasting the Zips. My Prediction: Ohio 27 Akron 20 Match-Up: Eastern Michigan (4-4) at Kent State (2-6) Stormstopper Line: Kent State (+8) Coach @tsweezy takes the Eagles into Kent to take on Coach @Groobs03 in his first real game as Head Coach. Eastern is getting 228.88 PYPG and 101.63 RYPG on offense. The Eagles bring a balanced attack to the table, and consistently get over 200 Pass Yards and 100 Rush Yards. It's a tough offense to stop. QB Giovanni Shaw has been efficient in terms of completion %, but he has a Interception problem. He's thrown 8 (he's thrown at least one in 7 of his games). He's just giving the other team the ball far too often. They lost to Old Dominion by 7, and he had 2 Picks in that game. Kent State is definitely not on ODU's level, but turning the ball over is never a winning strategy. RB Tyler Pearson has been pretty good, not outstanding, but consistently good. And I don't think Coach tsweezy will be upset at that. The Flashes Front-7 is talented, but super raw. We should see the Eagles take advantage of that youth in both the running game and passing game. Kent State is allowing 174.5 PYPG and 108 RYPG on defense. They've done a pretty good job of defending the pass, but they struggle to defend the run. I've mentioned the raw Front-7, they include DE Geno Mason, OLB Shiloh Maxwell, and ILB Cooper Merritt. These three should anchor that defense for a few seasons, but they have a tendency to get gashed right now. SS Steven Gordon is the best player on the Defense right now, but a SS isn't going to cover all the problems of this defense. Kent State is getting 218 PYPG and 44.63 RYPG on offense. QB Cameron Hare is shouldering most of the offensive load as RB CJ Williams isn't giving the Flashes much right now. Hare doesn't have the support necessary to carry the offense, and it's shown. He's done his best, but sometimes a Freshman just isn't gonna get it done. On Defense, EMU is allowing 249.13 PYPG and 90.75 RYPG. Eastern's defense isn't great, but I think they're better than the Kent State Offense. ILB's Julien Rinehart and Mosi Gary will be key again, they'll need to cove the middle of the field and force Hare to go elsewhere. The Eagle Secondary can be taken advantage of, and I think Hare will have some success. In the end, Eastern is just a much better team, even with the game being in Kent State. My Prediction: Eastern Michigan 30 Kent State 17
  3. TNF - 00:17 1PM - 4:21 4PM - 27:16 SNF - 37:24 MNF - 40:45 GOTW (Det v GB) - 45:41 Inuries - 51:17
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    [2022] Week #11 - MNF

  5. Did my application get lost in the mail?
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    [2022] Imposter's Bowl Projections: Post-Week 11

    That Frisco Bowl would be super good
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    [2022] MAC Statsheet

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11u5TI-eCCddOqW5-yA-Qj_a0iBg5USTwmiNjBbazk6E/edit?usp=sharing Hey All, I will track our weekly stats here. It's not editable and I am the only one who has access. If you see any errors, please let me know. I will post in this thread when I've updated it. I think I can pin it, so I'll Pin this thread in the Forum so you can find it easily. If you do want to sort and filter the data, make a copy and save it to your google drive. I heavily recommend copy and paste value the data before you sort or filter. Sometimes these formulas don't handle being filtered well.
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    [2022] MAC Statsheet

    Updated Post Week 11. Just noticed Kicking Stats are fucked up. I'll fix by the end of the season.
  9. Base starting skills Offense: 18 Defense: 15 Special Teams: 13 Clock Mgmt: 13 Discipline: 7 Youth Mgmt: 10 CFBHC Career: Virginia Cavaliers (2013-2020), Ball State Cardinals (2021-Present) NFLHC Career: Cleveland Browns GM (2014-2016), Indianapolis Colts Owner (2017-Present) Achievements: 2020 ACC Champions Breakdown: (Off/Def/ST/Clock/Disc./Youth) 2014 Adjustments: +1/+1/-1/+1/-1/+1 Traits after 2014: 11/11/9/11/9/11 2015 Adjustments: +2/-1/+1/-1/+1/0 Traits after 2015: 13/10/10/10/10/11 2016 Adjustments: 0/+2/+1/+1/-1/-1 Traits after 2016: 13/12/11/11/9/10 2017 Adjustments: 0/0/-1/-1/+2/+2 Traits after 2017: 13/12/10/10/11/12 2018 Adjustments: +4/-2/0/0/0/0 Traits after 2018: 17/10/10/10/11/12 2019 Adjustments: 0/+4/0/0/-2/0 Traits after 2019: 17/14/10/10/9/12 2020 Adjustments: 0/0/+2/+2/-1/-1 Traits after 2020: 17/14/12/12/8/11 2021 Adjustments: +1/+1/+1/+1/-1/-1 Traits after 2021: 18/15/13/13/7/10
  10. Saturday Morning: Match-Up: Ohio (4-3) at Miami (FL) (3-4) Coach @AD3378 takes his Bobcats into South Florida to take on the Hurricanes. The Bobcats gain 248.43 PYPG and 81.57 RYPG. QB Austin Lowe has certainly been the focal point of the offense this season. But, he'll need some help from RB Jeffrey Flowers. Flowers needs to get to that 100-Yard mark, doing so will significantly increase Ohio's chances of winning. WR Jordan Barnes is key as well. The Bobcats receivers aren't very deep after him, so Barnes will need to occupy the Hurricanes D outside to help open up the middle for TEs Aaron Thibodeaux and Caleb Holman. The Bobcats OL will get tested all game long, on paper they are certainly at a disadvantage. Miami's defense has been up and down. They're allowing 221.14 PYPG and 106 RYPG. So, looks like Ohio has a chance to get to that 100-yard Mark. DE's Romeo Nixon and Ibrahim Rowe have a big role to play. They'll take on double teams on the edge and should allow the LBs behind them to get easier paths to the backfield, either to get to Lowe or Flowers. The LBs will also need to cover the two TEs that Ohio has, otherwise the Bobcats will get downfield with relative ease. CB Akiem Pryor will be primarily match up against Barnes, and that should be a favorable match up for the Canes. Miami's offense (who is no longer running Trick Plays) is gaining 157.14 PYPG and 121.14 RYPG. QB Jason Ledford is certainly a game manager, he needs to convert 3rd Downs and avoid turnovers. RB Ronnie Peterson is the real focal point of the offense. He's the player the Bobcats Defense will need to stop. Ledford has a couple good targets on the outside with WR Joaquin Bond an Joe Larson, he also has a good target up the middle in TE Mario Roberson. The Bobcats Defense allows 193.29 PYPG and 104.43 RYPG, so the run defense is an area where the Bobcats really need to focus on this week. DE Nicholas Blackwell will need to disrupt the right side of the OL for the Defense, that should help allow DT Brady Whittaker to eat up more space in the middle and allow the LBs to get in the backfield. Unfortunately for Ohio, their excellent CB Duo of Shawn Tillman and Ousmane King won't play a huge role as the Canes will maybe throw it 15-20 times. But, if they are being tested, it's crucial they step up. I just think Miami has way too much talent, and with the home-field advantage, it's hard for me to see Ohio winning. My Prediction: Miami (FL) 30 Ohio 21 Match-Up: Eastern Michigan (4-3) at Toledo (4-3) Coach @tsweezy brings his Eagles into Toledo to take on Coach @deathcpo and the Top Dog Rockets. The Eagles gain 233.71 PYPG and 109.43 RYPG. The Eagles maintain a good balance on offense and should keep the Rockets Defense from loading the box or going all out on defending the pass. QB Giovanni Shaw has been good this season with one fatal flaw, he can't avoid throwing Picks, he's thrown picks in all but one game. RB Tyler Peasron has played very good for a (Fr) and is consistently right around 100 Yards in a game. The Receiving corps for EMU is certainly a concern in this one, they're not very good or deep. Toledo's defense is allowing 206 PYPG and 95.29 RYPG, so pretty close to Eastern's Offensive Numbers. DE Dwayne Briggs has been the better of the DEs, and he should play a big role this week. DT's Damian Larkin and De'Shawn Beckwith need to eat up double-blocks in the middle (I think I've written this for every game in this slot). The Rocket LBs aren't super great, ILB Ryan Carr is good, but the OLBs in particular are weak. So if Pearson is able to get outside, he could have some success. Even with Toledo's weakness at CB, I think they'll mostly be fine given the level of talent for EMU at WR. Toledo's Safeties are always there to cover for those CBs anyways. Toledo's offense is gaining 178.29 PYPG and 147.86 RYPG. But, Mario Pierre has really struggled in his two starts. Giovanni Baughman threw 2 Picks in 5 Games while Mario Pierre has thrown 3 in 2 Games. He'll have to be better this week. RB Gabe Ciamo is clearly the focal point, he has a tendency to break out for a 60-Yard TD. If you can contain him and force him to get his yards 4 at a time, you have a chance to stop him. WR Prince Malone is the one real receiving threat for Toledo, so Eastern will likely double team him. On Defense, Eastern is allowing 266.43 PYPG and 73.86 RYPG. And fortunately for Eastern, Toledo doesn't really want to throw the ball. The Eagles DL is average at best, so that doesn't bode well for them in stopping Gabe Ciamo consistently. ILB's Julien Rinehart and Mosi Gary will be crucial on defense, as they are the main playmakers in the Front-7. If they aren't able to corral Ciamo, he will have a good game. I think Eastern's Defense is not setup to stop the Rockets Offense. My Prediction: Toledo 27 Eastern Michigan 21
  11. Friday Night: Match-Up: Western Michigan (4-3) at Bowling Green (3-4) Coach @Pskeate takes the red hot Broncos into Bowling Green to take on Coach @ecnirp and the Falcons. Western Michigan is passing for 198 YPG and rushing for 175.57 YPG. This offense is the best in the conference right now. QB Chase Sims is playing lights out. He's completing passes at a high rate, avoiding turnovers, and making plays with his legs. He's a hard guy to stop. RB DeSean Madison is a phenomenal player and is nearly unstoppable. The receiving talent on the team isn't great or deep, but Josh Whitt is usually a reliable target. Which makes Sims that much more impressive. The Broncos OL should give Sims time to pass and open up holes for Madison. Defensively, Bowling Green allows 249 PYPG and 97.57 RYPG. The Falcons Defense just lacks talent. DT Israel Parson is probably the most important player, but he doesn't have any help in the Front-7. There is some help in the secondary with FS Brody Grimes and SS Antonio Jackson. They'll be busy covering for everyone in front of them. On Offense, the Falcons gain 189.14 PYPG and 87 RYPG. QB A.J. Coyne has had a damn good season, he just doesn't have much help out wide. RB Calvin Alexander has overperformed this season, and it's hard to see him keeping that up for the rest of the year. On Defense, the Broncos are allowing 256.86 PYPG and 78 RYPG. But, they've allowed 193.25 PYPG and 57 RYPG in their 4-Win Game Streak. DE Kayden Soriano is a monster rushing the passer. DTs Silas Booker and Rocco Gilford take up a lot of attention in the middle of the line and allow the Ends and LBs to get clear lanes to the backfield. That seems like a winning strategy for WMU. The Bronco Secondary should limit the Falcons WRs and not allow Coyne good targets. WMU is just too good. My Prediction: Western Michigan 38 Bowling Green 17 Match-Up: Miami (OH) (3-5) at Northern Illinois (4-4) Coach @Kyle88 takes his Redhawks into Dekalk to take on Coach @MasonAsher and the Huskies. This game is a match-up of two high-frequency passing teams. The Redhawks are gaining 273.25 PYPG and 52.88 RYPG. QB Zack Cera has been slightly disappointing season. The Redhawks completely rely on him, and at 3-5, their window for Bowl Season is closing soon. RB Ajani Garrett is a massive disappointment given his level of potential. He's essentially a non-factor for Miami. TE Casey Swann is the best TE in the Conference (sorry Aaron Thibodeaux). The OL is damn good and should give Cera plenty of time to throw. Defensively, NIU gives up 190.25 PYPG and 122.50 RYPG. Fortunately for the Huskies, Miami isn't going to run, so you don't have to worry about that. But, your Pass D will be tested heavily. The Huskie Pass Rush is sub-par at best. ILBs Oliver McNeal and Kieran Linn will likely be responsible for covering Casey Swann. CB Samuel Echols is going to play a big role in covering Keith Barnes. Barnes has been pretty good, but I think Echols wins this battle. SS Antonio Weeks will be the last line of defense for the Huskies. On Offense, NIU passes for 280.25 YPG and rushes for 32.63 RYPG. QB Charlie Sanford has been up and down all season, and just like Miami, the Huskie offense completely relies on their QB. RB Kahlil Eubanks might as well not be in the backfield, he has 2 Rushing TDs on the season. WR Maxwell Rider has had a good season and is the best option for Sanford. On Defense, Miami allows 166.13 PYPG and 112.25 RYPG. Just like NIU, the weakness in defending the run will not be an issue in this game. DT Morris Jackson needs to eat up space and blocks in the middle and allow Ends Josiah Ornelas & Kamari Hawyood to get into the backfield and get to Sanford. The issue for Miami is a weak secondary. Outside of Nickel CB Jeremiah Christy, no one has really stepped up. To me, that's where the advantage in this game is. My Prediction: Northern Illinois 24 Miami (OH) 20
  12. Thursday Night: Match-Up: Southern Miss (4-3) at Ball State (2-5) Coach @Ricky Campbell brings the Golden Eagles to Muncie to take on the Cardinals of Ball State. Southern Miss started off 4-1, but have lost the past two games. Their wins include: UMASS, UAB, UL-Monroe, and Louisiana Tech. Their losses include: Illinois, North Texas, and UTSA. The Eagles are scoring 23.86 PPG and gaining 246.71 PYPG and 56.43 RYPG. QB Alexander Cassidy leads the Eagles Offense as the running game just hasn't been there. Bill Shirley is being benched in favor of True Freshman RB Leonard Gordon, who just had his Red-Shirt burned for the remainder of the season. We don't know how he'll react, but that alone should give the Eagles an advantage early on. Create confusion and force the Defense to defend the whole field. WRs Afasa Ponifasio and Samuel Gray have favorable battles against the even younger Ball State CB Corps. TE Jeremiah Kendrick should do well, as Ball State doesn't really have a player who can stick with him consistently. Ball State's defense allows 211 PYPG and 102 RYPG. They're also giving up 24.14 PPG. DE's Christian Mosley and Julian Tate need to get into the backfield and disrupt Alexander Cassidy as much as possible. ILBs Jon Carpenter and Gregory Wilkins will need to cover Jeremiah Kendrick and shut down Leonard Gordon. Safeties DeAndre Simms and Geno Atkins will need to help cover up for CBs Amara Flowers and Giovanni Valentine. Ball State has struggled to create turnovers, they only have 5 on the season so far. That will have to change this week, but Southern MIss is fairly stingy with the ball and have turned it over 7 times in 7 games. Offense is where Ball State really needs to focus. The Cards are starting their 3rd different QB in (Fr) Andre Grubbs. The Cards are hoping Grubbs will give a stable hand. The Cards are only averaging 15.71 PPG, and getting 142.71 PYPG with 82.57 RYPG. Ball State has been a wreck on offense this season. RB Damani Laws will have to play a good game if the Cards want to win. WR Sebastian Amato and TE Steven Moyoa need to provide Grubbs with open targets. On defense, UTSA allows 18.71 PPG and lets up 219.57 PYPG with 60 RYPG. They have allowed 100+ Rushing Yards in a Game just once this season. The Eagles weakness on defense is their pass defense, and that's been Ball State's real stuggle as well. Southern Miss doesn't allow teams to run roughshod all over them, which is what Ball State wants to do. DE Leonard Graves will likely get good pressure on Grubbs, and ILB Micah Griffin will be responsible for stopping Laws. The Eagles Secondary should be in a good spot to defend the passing game. In the end, Southern Miss is just too talented and is able to score 20 Points, which Ball State isn't. My Prediction: Southern Miss 24 Ball State 16 Match-Up: Buffalo (3-4) at Kent State (2-5) Coach @Jordanozenne brings the Bulls into Ohio to take on new coach @Groobs03 and the Golden Flashes. Buffalo is getting 92.14 PYPG and 158 RYPG on offense. But, they've lost their last 4 and the running game just hasn't been as explosive. Buffalo has only won games in which they've rushed for over 200 Yards. QB Levi Thompson has really struggled this year and it's hard to see him getting much better. RB Denzel Porter has also had his issues. After an amazing start to the season, he's been a struggle bus. His YPC has tanked and he's fumbled it away a few times. Buffalo sports a trio of 3.5 WRs, which could also explain Thompson's struggles. Kent State allows 184.43 PYPG and 100.86 RYPG on defense. They appear to be in good shape to defend the Bulls. The Flashes have a ton of talented youth. This could create an opportunity for Buffalo, attack the inexperience. Geno Mason at DE, OLB Shiloh Maxwell, and ILB Cooper Merritt will all be essential in stopping the rushing attack. Thankfully for the Flashes Secondary, Buffalo is inept at passing. On Offense, Kent State gets 216.57 PYPG and 47.14 RYPG, QB Cameron Hare is shouldering the load for the offense, and he isn't handling it well. It's hard to blame him, his supporting cast is mediocre at best. RB CJ Williamson has struggled hard this year. He's been a nonfactor in most of the games played. On Defense, Bufalo is allowing 253.43 PYPG and 80.29 RYPG. I don't imagine the Bulls will be facing a lot of rushes this week, Kent State should attack the Buffalo Secondary. It may not work out for a win, but it's their best chance. OLB's Alexander Moffett and Arthur Henson will be crucial for the Bulls. Moffett will need to help defend TE Jaeden Salazar and RB CJ Williamson with Henson being in charge of getting after Hare. CB Laquon Boston is full of potential, but his youth has shown out this year. If he can mature a little and shut down WR Ashton Hannah, Cameron Hare will have nowhere to go with the ball. The difference for me is Buffalo has something on offense I kind of like, while Kent State has nothing I like. My Prediction: Buffalo 21 Kent State 13
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    [2022] B1G Recruiting Review #3

    Jesus Illinois
  14. TNF - 00:48 1PM - 5:48 4PM - 31:01 SNF - 45:48 MNF - 49:30 GOTW (Mia v Pit) - 52:22 Injuries - 56:18
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    Welcome to the MAC! Please go here: And politely request to be assigned to Kent State. Then go here: And make an account. Keep your Username the exact same as it is here. Afterwards, find the blue box with the text "Need a team?". The text directly below is a link to request a new team. Make sure you select CFBHC Kent State, not CBBHC Kent State. Please feel free to PM me for any questions you may have. #MACTION
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    Way Too Early 2019 Top 25 Poll

    ND feels a tad high to me as a ND fan
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    [2022] Week 10 Review

    Friday Night: Score: Akron 34 Northern Illinois 24 My Prediction: Akron 27 Northern Illinois 21 POTG: QB Griffin Donahue, Akron, 19/27 for 221 Yards with 2 Touchdowns What Happened: NIU took a 17-14 lead into hafltime and then couldn't muster any real offense in the 2nd Half as Akron pulled ahead and kept their lead. Griffin Donahue was very good for the Zips. 19/27 may not sound excellent, but given the virtual lack of talent at WR, I'm very impressed by it. 221 Yards and 2 Touchdowns is nice. He avoided turnovers and constantly put his team in position to succeed. RB Bryan Ellison had a rough game, 19 carries for 72 yards and 2 Touchdowns is nice. The YPC is a tad low, but scoring twice is always good. But he did fumble the ball away once. Tim Harbaugh lead the Zips in receiving with 59 Yards and 1 TD, Guillermo Mercado and Marlon Smiley each had over 50 yards receiving on the game. On Defense, Dontae Neal picked off Sanford, while Damione Ridley and Julian Whaley each got to Sanford in the backfield once. Devin Frazier just did Devin Frazier things, getting 2 TFL in a game where the opposing team ran the ball 13 times. He's ridiculous. For NIU, QB Charlie Sanford went 21/40 for 215 Yards with 2 Touchdowns and 1 Interception. If Sanford can't get close to 300 yards, this offense isn't going to score enough points to win. RB Khalil Eubanks had 50 yards on 13 carries and scored just his 2nd Rushing TD on the season (he's had 2 TDs in 8 games, Good Lord NIU). WR Gabriel Davidson lead the Huskies in receiving with 84 Yards and 1 TD. Maxwell Rider also had a TD. On Defense, Ivan Rosenberg sacked Donahue once. While Tywin Reis forced the fumble on Ellison and Christopher Carmona recovered it. ILB Kieran Linn had 2 PD, so at least someone on this defense tried to defend the pass. Tough loss for NIU, if you look at these teams on paper, NIU should win this game. But, Akron Coach @darkage just knows how to get the best out of his guys, and Akron is now tied for 1st Place in the East. Score: Ohio 27 Miami (OH) 10 My Prediction: Ohio 28 Miami (OH) 27 POTG: RB Jeffrey Flowers, Ohio, 23 Carries for 118 Yards and 1 TD What Happened: After a competitive 1st Quarter, it was all Ohio, with the Bobcats outscoring the Redhawks 17-3 over the remaining 3 periods. QB Austin Lowe was good, not great in this one. He went 16/28 for 239 Yards and 2 Touchdowns. Not his most efficient game, but 239 Yards with 2 Scores and no picks is a game just about any coach will take. RB Jeffrey Flowers was very good, getting 118 Yards on 5.13 YPC and a score. Having a running game like that makes this Ohio offense just so difficult to stop. WR Jordan Barnes lead the Bobcats in receiving with 72 Yards, while TE Aaron Thibodeaux and WR Micah Lanier each had 60+ Yards and 1 TD. On Defense, Elias Glenn continues his excellent season picking up another pick. Brady Whittaker sacked Zack Cera once for this unit. For Miami, it looks like another disappointing season. They have one of the best QBs in the history of the conference and still just can't win games. The Flamethrower went 20/35 for 245 Yards with 1 TD and 1 INT. Definitely not his best performance by any means, and this team needs him to be excellent if they want to win games. RB Ajani Garrett had 35 yards on 13 carries. He couldn't even manage 3 YPC. Boy, Redhawks fans must be so tired of him by now. TE Casey Swann lead the team in receiving with 100 Yards, while WR Lucas Pierson caught the lone TD Pass. On defense, Nickel CB Jeremiah Christy just gets interceptions, he had another one this week. Malik Neely sacked Lowe once. Miami Kicker Ari Metcalf went 1/3 on FGs, those 6 points wouldn't have won the game, but it's just indicative of how underwhelming this Miami team is right now. For Ohio, it's a great a win and keeps you tied with Akron tied for 1st Place in the East. Saturday Morning: Score: Central Michigan 35 Bowling Green 0 My Prediction: Central Michigan 31 Bowling Green 21 POTG: QB Byron Suggs, CMU, 26/36 for 309 Yards with 3 TDs, 10 Carries for 102 Yards with 2 TDs What Happened: BGSU couldn't stop Suggs to save their lives and the Falcon Offense was completely shut down. CMU's QB Byron Suggs had probably the best offensive performance of the season to date, 309 Yards with 3 TDs passing and 102 Yards with 2 TDs rushing is insane. Suggs has struggled for periods of this season, but he has really come alive lately. RB Daveed Huff has ok, getting 75 yards on 15 carries. That's 5 YPC, but he wasn't able to score. WR Dontae Peppers lead the team in receiving with 100 Yards and 1 TD. WRs Richard Mace and Mendy Schofield caught the other TDs from Suggs. On Defense, Sebastian Simpson picked off Coyne. While, Jarvis Ware and NTK sacked him once each. Ware forced a fumble on Coyne that Graham Frye picked up. For BGSU, A.J. Coyne had his worst game of the season. He went 10/20 for 104 Yards with 1 Pick and 1 FL. He looked like a freshman in this game, but if you're a BGSU fan and this is the worst game of the season given the talent around him, I'd still be very excited about his future. RB Calvin Alexander came down to earth, getting just 25 Yards on 7 carries. Just, bad. WR Brandon Lockhart lead the team in receiving with 44 Yards. On Defense, SS Antonio Jackson forced a fumble on Huff, but the Bobcats weren't able to recover it. Jackson Greenberg did his part, getting 2 TFL on the Chips. BG Kicker Filip Hall went 0/2, just like our previous game, those 6 points wouldn't have made a difference in the outcome. It just shows how incompetent one team was this week. CMU now puts themselves into sole 2nd Place in the West behind WMU with games against both WMU and Toledo still to go. They're giving themselves a legitimate shot at the Division Title. Saturday Evening: Score: Tulsa 27 Toledo 21 My Prediction: Toledo 27 Tulsa 20 POTG: QB Charles Palmer, Tulsa, 20/27 for 222 Yards and 2 Touchdowns. What Happened: Toledo Freshman QB Mario Pierre turned the ball over twice as the Rockets continue to be hapless through the air. Tulsa played a balanced gameplan and executed it pretty well. QB Charles Palmer was hyper efficient and didn't turn the ball over. Even with a sub-par OL performance by the Golden Hurricane, they still kept their QB upright for most of the game. RB Victor Colbert had 22 carries for 102 Yards and 1 TD, although 41 of those yards came on his TD run. Charles Newsome lead the team in receiving with 98 Yards an 1 TD, Nazir Gaines caught the other TD for the Golden Hurricane. On Defense, Shamar Clinton and Vincenzo Hickey picked off Pierre once each, while Lardarius Rucker sacked him once. Kamar Jackson had 3 TFL on the game, helping to slow down the rushing attack of the Rockets. For Toledo, QB Mario Pierre was just, not good through the air. He went 14/25 for 133 Yards with 1 TD and 2 Picks, he added 25 rushing yards on 5 carries. Toledo just can't get anything out of their passing game right now. On the ground, RB Gabe Ciamo had 118 Yards on 24 Carries with 2 Scores. He certainly did his part. Jaiden Hightower lead the Rockets in receiving with 50 Yards, while Prince Malone caught the lone TD pass. On Defense, Dennis Jarrett and Damian Larkin each sacked Palmer once. But the defense wasn't able to create any turnovers or get to Colbert in the backfield. For Toledo, they're at 4-3 now, but are still in contention for the West. They just need WMU to lose twice and for themselves to win out in Conference Play. MAC OOC Record: 0-1 My Prediction Accuracy (Week): 3-1 My Prediction Accuracy (Season): 43-18
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  19. Good Sunday Morning All, Week 10 is in the Books, I think it's a fine time to look at who's leading the conference right now. Passing: Yards - 1. Charlie Sanford, - 2,242 2. Byron Suggs, - 2,220 3. Zack Cera, - 1,970 Touchdowns - 1. Charlie Sanford, - 21 2. Byron Suggs, - 18 3. Zack Cera, - 17 QB Rating - 1. Byron Suggs, - 150.67 2. Austin Lowe, - 148.66 3. Giovanni Shaw, - 148.44 Completion % - 1. Giovanni Shaw, - 66.5% 2. Byron Suggs, - 65.6% 3. A.J. Coyne, - 65.27 % Rushing: Yards - 1. DeSean Madison, - 1,056 2. Gabe Ciamo, - 974 3. Denzel Porter, - 921 Touchdowns - 1. Gabe Ciamo, - 14 2. Tyler Pearson, & Bryan Ellison, - 10 3. Several Others - 9 Yards Per Carry (RBs Only) - 1. DeSean Madison, - 6.73 2. Gabe Ciamo, - 6.24 3. C.J. Williams, - 5.69 QB Rush Yards - 1. Byron Suggs, - 251 2. Levi Thompson, - 185 3. Chase Sims, - 173 Receiving: Yards - 1. WR Dontae Peppers, - 762 2. WR Maxwell Rider, - 728 3. TE Casey Swann, - 663 Touchdowns - 1. WR Gabriel Davidson, - 8 2. WR Maxwell Rider, - 7 3. Several Others - 6 Drops - 1. WR Gabriel Davidson, - 5 2. WR Keith Barnes, - 4 3. WR Maxwell Rider, & WR Richard Mace, - 3 Defense: Tackles - 1. ATH Oliver McNeal, - 42 2. ILB Devin Frazier, - 37 3. ILB Josiah Graham, - 36 Tackles For Loss 1. ILB Devin Frazier, - 10 2. DE Kayden Soriano, - 7 3. DE Josiah Ornelas, - 6 Sacks - 1. DE Kayden Soriano, - 9 2. DE Christian Mosley, & DE Julian Whaley, - 6 t3. DE Nazir Tatum-Kimbrough, & DT Jarvis Ware, - 5 Interceptions - 1. CB Jeremiah Christy, & CB Zaire Hooker, & CB Javier Rawls, - 4 2. Several Others - 3
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    [2022] MAC Statsheet

    Updated Post Week 10
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    [2022] Week #10 - Saturday Evening

    Arizonas offense is ugly
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    [2022] Week #10 - Saturday Afternoon

    Fun slate of games