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    [2022] Week 3 Review

    Thursday Night: Score: Bowling Green 28 Marshall10 My Prediction: Marshall 27 Bowling Green 21 POTG: RB Calvin Alexander, Bowling Green, 19 carries, 105 yards, 2 Touchdowns What Happened: Coach @ecnirp go his first win as coach! Bowling Green avoided turnovers and moved the ball efficiently. QB A.J. Coyne went 14/19 for 180 Yards and 2 Touchdowns. The Falcons added 120 yards on 22 carries on the ground with 2 additional scores. The Falcons were great on offense, getting over 5 YPC and almost 10 YPA. Brandon Lockhart lead the team in receiving with 5 catches for 51 yards and 1 Touchdown. Defensively, Marshall provided little challenge. The Thundering Herd radically altered their offense as QB Marc Sargent attempted just 7 passes, completing 3 for 46 Yards. RB Cayden Gipson had 24 carries for 147 yards and 1 Touchdown on the ground, he also lost a fumble - the only turnover on the game. Marshall converted just 3 of their 15 3rd Down Attempts, telling me they weren't super efficient on 1st and 2nd Down and likely faced more 3rd and Mediums than they would have liked. DT Israel Parson feasted, getting 6 Tackles and 3 Tackles for Loss. The Falcons were able to get 3 more Tackles for Loss as well as a Sack. Next for Bowling Green: Week 4 versus Nevada Score: Ohio 21 UNLV 20 My Prediction: Ohio 42 UNLV 21 POTG: WR Micah Lanier, Ohio, 6 Receptions, 102 Yards, 1 Touchdown What Happened: The Bobcats still aren't maintaining balance. Coach @AD3378 still has some work to do, RB Jeffrey Flowers got only 12 carries on the ground for 40 yards with 1 Touchdown. QB Austin Lowe got the bulk of the offensive work, throwing 35 passes. He completed 22 of those for 291 Yards with 2 Touchdowns and 1 Interception. I'd like to see Lowe get closer to 25 attempts and Flowers closer to 22 carries. To me that's the sweet spot for this offense. Even with the unbalanced approach, Ohio under performed. On the other side of the ball, UNLV wasn't very good, but was able to stay in it. QB Benjamin Jacobson completed 50% of his passes for 151 Yards with 1 TD and 1 INT. On the ground, the Rebels had 57 yards on 22 carries, not even 3 YPC. Ohio defended the run very well all game long. The main advantage UNLV had was in the kicking game, K Aiden Wall for the Rebels made both of his Field Goal Attempts. Meanwhile, the Bobcat's Aron Hutton missed his lone attempt. DE Nicholas Blackwell for Ohio had another sack and Elias Glenn had the interception for the Bobcat Defense. Next for Ohio: Week 4 at Ohio State Friday Night: Score: Central Michigan 29 Houston 15 My Prediction: Central Michigan 31 Houston 21 POTG: QB Byron Suggs, CMU, 24/35 for 309 Yards, 3 Touchdowns, 3 Carries, 16 Yards What Happened: Central Michigan scored in every quarter while keeping Houston scoreless in the middle of the game. The Chips running game still isn't up and running yet as RB Daveed Huff had 65 yards on 15 carries with a fumble lost. QB Byron Suggs was very good through the air to compensate, passing for 309 yards and 3 Touchdowns. Dontate Peppers lead the Chips in receiving with 8 catches for 107 yards and 2 Touchdowns. The Chips defense fared well, holding Rickie Schaeffer to 50% Completion for 209 Yards, 2 Touchdowns, and 2 Interceptions. RB William Amos had 23 yards on just 7 carries. Schaeffer had no help at all, and he just wasn't able to make the plays that Suggs made. DeSean Mathis and Sebastian Simpson each picked off Schaeffer while NTK and Kareem Lindsey each sacked him once. NTK got Schaeffer in the Endzone for a Safety. Houston was held to 3 conversions on 15 3rd Down Attempts. The Cougars just couldn't stay on the field long enough to slow down Suggs and Peppers. Coach @johnkirk has this team playing well and they look to be a real threat in the West. Next for Central Michigan: Week 4 at ECU Score: Eastern Michigan 30 UL-Lafayette 23 My Prediction: Eastern Michigan 41 UL-Lafayette 17 POTG: QB Giovanni Shaw, EMU, 22/29 for 275 Yards, 2 Touchdowns, 1 Interception. 5 Carries, 37 Yards What Happened: Coach @tsweezy and the Eagles escaped with a victory by a much smaller margin than they should have. QB Giovanni Shaw was good, completing over 75% of his passes for 275 yards and added 37 rushing yards. RB Tyler Pearson had 109 yards on 21 carries with 2 Touchdowns. The Eagles finished with 146 rushing yards on 26 carries for a YPC of 5.61. Giovanni Hooker lead Eastern in receiving with 7 receptions for 95 yards and 1 Touchdown. They converted 4 of their 10 3rd Down Attempts, for a conversion rate of 40%. Defensively, Eastern did pretty well. They held QB Emory West to under 50% Completion for just 160 yards. RB Raymond Herrera had 28 rushing yards on 13 carries for 1 Touchdown. Brian Pearson for EMU even had a safety in the 2nd Quarter, and yet ULL hung around. The Cajuns converted only 25% of their 3rd Downs. I just don't know how UL-L stuck around. FS Jacob Guillory got his second pick on the year for the Eagles. Next for Eastern Michigan: Week 5 versus Akron Score: Northern Illinois 24 Air Force 20 My Prediction: Northern Illinois 34 Air Force 24 POTG: WR Gabriel Davidson, NIU, 8 Receptions, 105 Yards, 2 Touchdowns What Happened; NIU got off to a hot start, outscoring Air Force 14-0 in the 1st Quarter. The offense cooled down from there, but the Huskie Defense kept Air Force in check and they came away with the win. QB Charlie Sanford with another good game, completing 25 for 42 passes for 288 yards with 3 Touchdowns and 1 Interception. RB Khalil Eubanks was virtually useless, gaining 27 yards on 11 Carries. WR Gabriel Davidson torched the Falcons Defense for 100 yards and 2 Touchdowns. The Huskies were up 17-6 at Halftime, and were outscored 14-7 in the 2nd Half. NIU was very good on 3rd Downs, converting 5 of their 11 Attempts. Air Force offensively wasn't very good, QB Shane Woodall went 13/25 for 140 yards with 1 Interception. He did have 9 rushing yards and 1 Touchdown. RB Matt Schilling had 53 yards on 15 carries for 1 Touchdown and 1 Fumble. They got better as the game went on, but they faced too steep of a deficit to overcome. Samuel Echois had the pick for the Huskie Defense and Oliver McNeal recovered Schilling's Fumble. Tywin Reis had 4 Tackles with 2 TFL and 1 Sack, a good game out of him. Next for NIU:Week 4 at Fresno State Saturday Morning: Score: Georgia Tech 34 Western Michigan 10 My Prediction: Western Michigan 24 Georgia Tech 17 POTG: QB Josh Beckett, GT, 27/39 for 406 Yards, 3 Touchdowns What Happened: Another slow start for Western Michigan, they trailed 17-0 after 1 Quarter. QB Chase Sims completed only 13 of his 24 passes for 150 yards and a Fumble Lost on a Sack. Sims was unable to get anything going on the ground, and unable to make plays in the air. RB DeSean Madison had 170 yards on 25 carries for 1 Touchdown. Madison was great, but not able to get the Broncos into the endzone enough to stay with the Yellow Jackets. Sims has probably had his worst start to a season in his career, Broncos fans might be counting down the days until Gabe Baker takes off. WR Josh Whitt was fine, getting 6 catches for 80 yards. On the other side of the ball, the Broncos secondary failed spectacularly. Beckett had over 400 passing yards and 3 Touchdowns. Anthony Swanson had 108 yards with 1 Touchdown, freshman WR Gabriel Sewell had 96 yards with 1 Touchdown, and TE Alexander Bundy had 92 yards with 1 Touchdown. No one in the Broncos secondary was able to stop this trio. Defensively, WMU Christian Reese had 6 Tackles with 1 Sack and 2 PD. Also sacking Beckett were Kayden Soriano, Victor Roberson, and Rocco Gifford. Next for WMU: Week 4 versus Oregon Score: Wisconsin 34 Miami (OH) 28 My Prediction: Wisconsin 27 Miami (OH) 21 POTG: RB Jamal Trufant, Wisconsin, 25 Carries, 170 Yards, 3 Touchdowns What Happened: Miami couldn't get anything going in the 1st Half, and trailed 24-0. They made a huge comeback attempt in the 2nd Half, outscoring Wisconsin 28-10. But, they just couldn't overcome that deficit and Trufant's efficiency and ended up losing. The Flamethrower completed 28 of his 44 passes for 309 Yards with 4 Touchdowns and 1 interception. The turnover isn't great, but he will always give Miami a chance to win the game. TE Casey Swann had himself a game, catching 11 passes for 105 yards and 2 Touchdowns. Lucas Pierson and Keith Barnes each caught a Touchdown. RB Ajani Garrett was bad on the ground again, getting 37 yards on 10 carries. Jamal Trufant for Wisconsin was unstoppable for big portions of the game, he had 170 yards with 6.8 YPC and 3 Touchdowns. QB Nathan Abrams completed 58% of his passes for 140 Yards with 1 TD and 1 INT. Blake Ryan for Wisconsin sacked Cera twice. Jeremiah Christy for the Redhawks had the pick off of Abrams. Josiah Graham, Morris Jackson, and Josiah Ornelas combined for 4 Tackles for Loss on Trufant. Next for Miami: Week 5 versus Buffalo Saturday Afternoon: Score: Louisville 11 Kent State 9 My Prediction: Louisville 35 Kent State 14 POTG: OLB Miles Rinehart, UL, 5 Tackles, 2 Tackles For Loss, 2 Sacks, 1 Safety What Happened: Kent State flustered Louisville's Offense all game and held them out of the end zone completely. Coach @GRHINO's depth chart changes didn't go through, but maybe that was for the best. Maybe if they had, Louisville wins by more? QB Andre Evans for Kent State, in likely his last game, completed just over 50% of his passes for 164 yards with 1 Pick. RB James Ridley-Henley had just 12 yards on 7 carries. Meanwhile for Louisville, QB Nick Carr completed 16 of his 28 passes for 149 Yards with 1 Interception. RB Erik Gray had 44 yards on the ground. Miles Rinehart for Louisville had a great game, getting 2 TFL and 2 Sacks as well as a safety. That safety ended up being the difference in the game. Logan Swain of Louisville had a Pick and 2 Passes Defended. For Kent State's defense, Abraham McCormack picked off Carr and Dylan Mitchell and Nehemiah Reaves each had one sack. Next for Kent State: Week 4 versus San Jose State Saturday Evening: Score: Hawaii 42 Akron 14 My Prediction: Hawaii 42 Akron 21 POTG: QB J.T. Youngblood, Hawaii, 15/20 for 307 Yards with 3 Touchdowns. 8 Carries, 54 Yards, 1 Touchdown What Happened: J.T. Youngblood is a DUDE and is not to be messed with. QB Griffin Donahue for Akron completed 50% of his passes for 141 Yards with 1 Touchdown and 1 Interception. RB Bryan Ellison had 71 yards on 19 carries. The Zips offense wasn't very efficient, converting only 3 of their 11 3rd Down Attempts. The OL had a poor game as well, posting a 3.1 OL Rating. Marlon Smiley lead the Zips receivers with 5 receptions for 53 Yards and 1 Touchdown. J.T. Youngblood tore up the Akron Defense for over 350 Yards and 4 Touchdowns. RB Chris Fraser for the Rainbow Warriors had 160 Yards with 2 Touchdowns. There was no stopping this Hawaii offense this week. ILB Devin Frazier for Akron played well, getting 8 Tackles with 1 Tackle For Loss and 1 Pass Defended. Jeremiah Clarke also had a Tackle for Loss. Next for Akron: Week 5 at Eastern Michigan MAC Record: 5-4 Prediction Accuracy (Week 3): 7-2 Prediction Accuracy (Season): 18-9
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    [2022] Week #3 - SNF

    They've lost a couple Corners too iirc. That D has taken a huge hit
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    [2022] Week #3 - SNF

    Jets are allowing 30 Points Per Game and 399 Yards/Game. But, they're only allowing 34% 3rd Down Conversion Rate by Opposing Offenses. The Offense is scoring 23 points/game and gaining 294 Yards/Game. They're spotting the other team 100 yards every game, the defense just hasn't weathered the last couple of seasons well.
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    [2022] Week 3 DUDE Alerts

    Blatantly stolen from the Solid Verbal Week 3 DUDES - Guys Who Had Great Days RB Noah Wooten: 24 Carries 159 Yards 2 Touchdowns versus Georgia State CB Khalil Dennis: 3 Tackles 2 Interceptions 2 Passes Defended versus Georgia State QB Savion Ross: 27 for 36 342 Yards 2 Touchdowns versus UL-Monroe RB Kenny Ames: 23 Carries 185 Yards 3 Touchdowns versus Baylor RB Jordan Godson: 26 Carries 229 Yards 2 Touchdowns versus UCONN QB Josh Beckett: 27 for 39 406 Yards 3 Touchdowns versus Western Michigan DE Romeo Nixon: 4 Tackles 3 Tackles for Loss 2 Sacks versus Virginia Tech (Losing Effort) DE Oghale Adelangwe: 4 Tackles 2 Tackles for Loss 2 Sacks versus North Carolina QB Julius Minnow: 27 for 31 456 Yards 4 Touchdowns versus LIberty WR Jermaine Jordan: 10 Receptions 185 Yards 2 Touchdowns versus LIberty RB Jamal Trufant: 25 Carries 170 Yards 3 Touchdowns versus Miami (OH) RB Solomon McLaughlin: 30 Carries 307 Yards 5 Touchdowns versus South Alabama ATH Curtis Jones: 5 Tackles 1 Tackle for Loss 3 Sacks versus South Alabama DE Tanquest Hull-Norris: 4 Tackles 3 Tackles for Loss 1.5 Sacks versus James Madison WR Stevie Henderson: 10 Receptions 170 Yards 2 Touchdowns versus Northern Iowa QB AW3: 21 for 27 318 Yards 3 Touchdowns, 7 Carries 63 Yards 1 Touchdown versus SMU WR Hiroshi Nagatomo: 12 Receptions 153 Yards 2 Touchdowns versus Virginia QB Matt Ballard: 25 for 36 380 Yards 4 Touchdowns versus Michigan State QB JT Youngblood: 15 for 20 307 Yards 3 Touchdowns, 8 Carries 54 Yards 1 Touchdown versus Akron QB Troy McMurray: 26 for 30 380 Yards 3 Touchdowns, 10 Carries 106 Yards 1 Touchdown versus Washington Who are your Week 3 Dudes?
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    [2022] MAC Statsheet

    Updated Post Week 3
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    [2022] MAC Statsheet

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11u5TI-eCCddOqW5-yA-Qj_a0iBg5USTwmiNjBbazk6E/edit?usp=sharing Hey All, I will track our weekly stats here. It's not editable and I am the only one who has access. If you see any errors, please let me know. I will post in this thread when I've updated it. I think I can pin it, so I'll Pin this thread in the Forum so you can find it easily. If you do want to sort and filter the data, make a copy and save it to your google drive. I heavily recommend copy and paste value the data before you sort or filter. Sometimes these formulas don't handle being filtered well.
  7. First Off, my apologies to Coach @GRHINO for missing your game yesterday. Second off, I'm gonna change up the format since I kept feeling like the old version was a little too restricting. Match-Up: Kent State (0-1) at Louisville (1-0) Kent State comes in after a loss in Week 1 to Oregon State (31-20). They gave up 208 passing yards and 158 rushing yards in that game, nothing worked on defense. The Flashes struggled to get anything going on the ground, gaining only 32 yards on 13 carries. RS Freshman C.J. Williams is getting the start this week , so maybe we'll see some improvement on the ground. QB Andre Evans has also been bench, and RS Freshman Cameron Hare is getting the nod, so we could see improvement in the passing game as well. Louisville's last game as a 48-17 win at Cincinnati in which Carr passed for 284 yards and the Cardinals rushed for 137. Louisville allowed 160 Yards in the air and 71 on the ground to Cincy. It was an all around good game for the Cardinals in their first game. Even with the changes at QB and RB for Kent State, they face a steep uphill battle. They're on the road, which never helps with freshman starting for the first time. Louisville has a pretty darn good defense too. OLB Prince Matos is gone to the NFLHC, but LBs Miles Rinehart and Beckett Ring are back and they added JC Transfer OLB Zack Temple. The Cardinals bring a 5* Junior Corner to the table in Logan Swain, look for him to shut down WR Ashton Hannah. Behind him is FS Donte Whitfield, a 4.5*. Anything over the top will have to deal with him. There really isn't a strong place for Kent State to attack this defense. The OL might have the easiest match-up as the Cardinals DL is their weakness. LE Damien Holley is a 4*, but the RE (Thomas Stout) and DT (Tim Kerns) are guys who won't get a shot at the pros. The Flashes just don't have the weapons to successfully attack this defense for a whole game. On the other side of the ball, Kent State will likely struggle with the passing game. SS Steven Gordon is a good player, but his impact can be mitigated by targeting the LBs or CBs. Freshmen Shiloh Maxwell (1/4.5) and Cooper Merritt (2/4) have nice potential, but are super inexperienced. CB Makai Porter (3/3.5) and Micah Tatum (2/3.5) are each giving at least 5 inches of height to their opponents, giving Nick Carr a shot at a jump ball every play. I just don't see Kent State stopping the passing game consistently. Prediction: Louisville 35 Kent State 14
  8. Saturday Morning: Match-Up: Western Michigan (0-1) at Georgia Tech (1-0) Keys for Western Michigan: 1. Get Off To a Good Start. Michigan State started off hot against the Broncos last week and Western couldn't recover. Western Michigan has to get off to a better start this week and let their gameplan get some traction. Staying on track and getting into your gameplan is your best chance to win. 2. Stop the Pass. Georgia Tech again has no running game. Put your defense into pass defense and get ready to stop Anthony Swanson, Gabriel Sewell, and Alexander Bundy. Beckett is a stud, but he struggled against Ball State. That should give you some hope, as your secondary is for sure better. 3. Feed DeSean. Madison didn't get enough carries last week, just because of how early they got behind. But, Madison is crucial to the Broncos offensive gameplan and getting him his carries is key. Keys for Georgia Tech: 1. Improve the Passing Game. The Passing game wasn't terrible, but it wasn't super efficient against Ball State. Western Michigan has a better secondary, so Beckett needs to get better or they might not walk away with a win this time. 2. Stop DeSean Madison. Madison is a DUDE. He's the best part of Western's offense, stopping him will slow down the offense and give the ball back to your own offense. 3. Get Pressure on the QB. Chase Sims isn't a great passer, but if he has time, he has the ability to play well. Junior Mondragon and Amir Herron have a tough task ahead of them, but they need to get after Sims to disrupt his timing and speed him up. Prediction: Western Michigan 24 Georgia Tech 17 Match-Up: Wisconsin (1-0) at Miami (OH) (1-1) Keys for Miami: 1. Feed the Flame. The Running game just isn't working. Embrace the Pass. Zak Cera probably needs 45 Attempts in this game. 2. Defend Trufant. Jamal Trufant is one of the best RBs in the country. And the Wisconsin Passing Game is not great right now, so expect Trufant to get lots of carries. He's the only real threat to you defensively, so stopping him should be your #1 Priority. 3. Be Efficient on 3rd Downs. With an opponent that runs the ball well, staying on the field offensively is huge. Passing teams tend to face longer 3rd Down Attempts, if Miami can go 6/12 for 5/11 on 3rd Downs, they should be able to stay on the field long enough to give themselves a chance. Keys for Wisconsin: 1. Shove the Ball Down Their Throat. Outside of DT Morris Jackson, no one in the Redhawk Front-7 is a pro potential guy. That should make Trufant's eyes get very wide. 2. Extinguish the Flame. Zak Cera is your main threat, but you should be well prepared to stop him. Your Corners aren't great, but you have very good Safeties. The only note of concern could be your linebackers. TE Casey Swann for Miami is a DUDE. 3. Find Langston Landrum Deep. Landrum should have a good matchup with Corner Travis Watson. Play-Action Passes down the field should give Landrum open field to do damage in. The 1-2 Punch of Trufant up the middle and then Landrum deep should give your offense plenty of firepower. Prediction: Wisconsin 27 Miami 21 Saturday Evening: Match-Up: Hawaii (2-0) at Akron (1-1) Keys for Akron: 1. Stay Balanced. Bryan Ellison had a pretty good game last week on the ground. Donahue and Ellison need to both play well to give the Zips a chance to beat Hawaii. 2. Shut Down JT. JT is a DUDE. He could be a Heisman Candidate by year's end (and if he's not, he will be next year). He's not the only stud on offense, but he makes the offense go. Stopping him should slow this offense down enough to give yourself a chance. 3. Devin Frazier. Frazier is a stud and is super key for this defense. He's key to stopping JT Youngblood and RB Chris Fraser. He's also a key for defending the passing game. Keys for Hawaii: 1. Shut Down Donahue. The Senior QB is pretty darn good, stopping him and forcing Akron to try to run will be a recipe for success for the Rainbow Warrior Defense. 2. Keep the Offense Open. Akron has a couple studs in the Front-7 who could cause chaos for you. Keeping the offense open and spreading the ball around will limit their impact. 3. Avoid Mistakes. Don't commit any penalties, avoid turnovers. You're the better team, don't give Akron a reason to hang around and grow confidence. Prediction: Hawaii 42 Akron 17
  9. After Friday's Practice, Coach npklemm made a major announcement. True Freshman QB Leonard McIntosh is being benched and Junior Ron Kemp will make his first career start next week against Indiana. McIntosh had started the last two games against Georgia Tech and UNLV. He has completed 51% of his passes for 1 Touchdown and 3 Interceptions. Ron Kemp is a Junior who has no game experience, but is maybe more styled to play in this offense. Coach Klemm had this to say: "Leonard won the job in summer camp, but has struggled in actual game action. He did well enough to get a win at UNLV. But we feel that a change needs to be made. Ron is a competitor and isn't afraid of being thrown into the fire. He doesn't have any game action, but we're confident in his talent and his mental fortitude." Kemp is from Salem, Indiana. His only collegiate offer was to Ball State and he has been buried on the Depth Chart since his arrival. He was the main competitor to McIntosh during the summer camp, but lost out. Coach Klemm was asked about Leonard's reaction: "Leonard was obviously not happy. He is inanely competitive and is super confident in himself. But, he's still a team guy and is going to do everything he can to help the team. He has already told me he's ready to go if I need him to." When asked about Kemp's reaction, Coach Klemm said: "Ron is excited. Just like Leonard, he's a competitive guy who wants to be on the field. He's getting his chance and I think he understands how big of a chance this is for him. We're excited for him as well and the team is behind him being the starter right now. There aren't many better venues to get your first start in." Ball State faces Indiana in Lucas Oil Stadium next week.
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    How are you doing?

    Don't be afraid to head to the counseling center if you think it'll help. It's all the way down at Lucina, but it could worth the walk (and Taco Bell is just across the street).
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    [2022] Week #3 - TNF

    I want 6-10
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    [2022] Week #3 - TNF

    Look New Orleans, I wasn't kind to you in my preseason preview. But this isn't cool, these teams have families.
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    How are you doing?

    I basically did the exact same thing. My second major wasn't right for me either and I didn't change out of it because of how much time I had sunk into college already. Just know, you could always go back. I did two years later for a semester and got a degree I should have gotten the first go around. You can figure it out. Don't be afraid to take an extra year at school if you need to. And take a few classes that sound interesting to see if that's something you'd like.
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    How are you doing?

    @Kirby did this recently, he could probably give you tips if you need it.
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    How are you doing?

    Went to the doctor a couple weeks, I hadn't been in about 5 years. I got some blood work done for free through work and wanted to see what they said about my overall health. I knew I weighed too much and didn't have a good diet, but I was not expecting to get told I have Type 2 Diabetes. I'm not even 30 yet. It's still super early on and I could potentially undo the work, but I'd have to lose 70 pounds. This is forcing me to change my lifestyle and diet up and I haven't done well so far. Diet wise, I'm ok. We've been eating healthier and I'm doing a better job of limiting my portions. But the 2nd part is proving hard for me to motivate myself to do. I am not exercising at all. We have a treadmill at the house, but I can't get myself up there. I always come up with a dumb excuse, and it's always weak shit. But I still can't get on it. That's the next thing for me, getting motivated to lose weight. Other than that, I'm doing pretty well. I'm really enjoying doing the podcast and being a commissioner again.
  16. Thursday Night: Match-Up: Bowling Green at Marshall Note: Coach @ecnirp looks to rebound following their Week 1 loss versus UTSA. Marshall had a fiery game last week, but eventually lost to Buffalo. Keys for Bowling Green: 1. Improvement from A.J. Coyne: Coyne completed only 50% of his passes in Week 1. With how poorly the running game is right now, Coyne needs to play better and get his Completion % above 60 for the Falcons' Offense to have any real shot at staying on the field and being competitive. 2. DT Israel Parson: Marshall didn't run the ball well last week, and that will be key for the Falcons. Holding the Thundering Herd running game in check will fall on the shoulders of the 4.5/4.5 DT Parson, he has to have a good game for this defense. 3. Safeties: Last week Marshall had it's best success on Offense through the air. Brody Grimes and Antonio Jackson have to help cover for the rest of the secondary. Keys for Marshall: 1. Be Balanced: Bowling Green isn't great on defense, but they have a few playmakers sprinkled through. Staying balanced can help mitigate the effect of any one player and force those players to cover as much ground as possible. 2. Get Pressure on Coyne. The key for Bowling Green offensively is their freshman QB A.J. Coyne. Getting pressure on him will force mistakes and grind this offense to a halt. 3. Win the Kicking Battle. Bowling Green's Kicker, Filip Hall, is a 2/2 guy. You're bringing (4/4) Albert McGinnis to the table, take advantage of that difference and force Bowling Green into FG Attempts instead of allowing Touchdowns. Prediction: Marshall 27 Bowling Green 21 Match-Up: UNLV at Ohio Note: Ohio is looking to get their first win of the season for coach @AD3378 and UNLV is a great opportunity to do that. Keys for Ohio: 1. Get Balanced: Your game against Vandy wasn't exactly what you wanted to do offensively. Getting Flowers more than 12 carries a game is a huge key for this offense, and I'm looking to see that this week. 2. Keep Finding Jordan Barnes: Barnes had 8 receptions for 96 yards with 1 Touchdown. You gotta keep finding him, Thibodeaux and Holman will track a lot of attention over the middle, so Barnes needs to keep getting open on the outside. This gives Lowe another great target to distribute the ball to. 3. Avoid Turnovers. UNLV's offense isn't great. But, giving them the ball in good field position could jumpstart them and lead to points. Holding onto the ball and keeping your offense on the field will guarantee a win. Keys for UNLV: 1. Force Ohio to be One-Dimensional: Ohio's offense is pretty good and diverse. But, if you can force them to abandon one of the aspects, you force them to be predictable and that's easier to defend. 2. Don't Turn It Over: Your offense struggles as it is, Giving the ball away is a recipe for failure. 3. Get the Running Game Going: You need to keep Austin Lowe on the bench. Best way of doing that is holding on to the ball. Running it well and giving your self short 3rd Down attempts will give your team a chance in this game. Prediction: Ohio 42 UNLV 17 Friday Night: Match-Up: Central Michigan at Houston Note: Coach @johnkirk looks for his first win of the season after getting shellacked by Northwestern. Houston is a tough team and a tough place to play, so this game won't be easy for the Chips. Keys for Central Michigan: 1. Get the Ground Game Going: RB Daveed Huff only managed 51 yards on 17 carries against Northwestern. He has to play better this week for the Chips Offense to be more efficient. 2. QB Byron Suggs: Suggs did well in the passing game last year, completing over 70% of his passes for 189 yards. Not great, but not going to kill you. But, he has to throw some Touchdowns. He has to be a more dynamic playmaker for the Chips. 3. Contain Rickie Shaffer. Shaffer is Houston's best playmaker. The Scrambler is a dynamic player who can make plays with both his legs and arms. Rory Bolin and Nazir Tatum-Kimbrough are going to be huge for the Chips Defense. Keys for Houston: 1. Give Shaffer Help: Houston's RB William Amos isn't giving them much. He does have a couple young Receivers, but no real Tight Ends. Those Receivers need to come up big and give Shaffer some help so the game isn't totally on his shoulders. 2. Stuff the Run: Northwestern showed the way to stop this offense. Stopping the run. Forcing Huff to be under 4 YPC and keeping Suggs in the backfield will give your defense a great shot at slowing down this offense. 3. Protect the QB: This is not the same thing as Key 1 (it maybe totally is), but CMU can really get after the QB. Shaffer is your biggest thing going for you, giving him protection on the offensive line will allow him to make plays and score points. Prediction: Central Michigan 31 Houston 21 Match-Up: Eastern Michigan at Ul-Lafayette Note: Eastern Michigan and coach @tsweezy look to get their first road win on the season while the Ragin Cajuns look to punch up and get an upset win at home. Keys for Eastern Michigan: 1. Giovanni Shaw. Shaw is completing over 70% of his passes so far this season and has been efficient on the ground. UL-L is ill-prepared to stop him, so Shaw needs to keep his level play high. 2. Offensive Line: Eastern Michigan has one of the worst OL in the MAC, and they'll have to play well and give this backfield the opportunities and support they need to succeed. 3. Play Sound Defense. UL-L sorely lacks talent on offense. This should be a game in which you keep your opponent limited and bump your defensive stats. Keys for Louisiana-Lafayette: 1. Protect the Ball: EMU has a good rushing offense, so giving them the ball will allow them will allow them to hold on to the ball and limit your opportunities to score points. 2. Contain Giovanni Shaw: Tyler Pearson has played well, but Shaw is the engine that makes the offense work. Limiting the chances Shaw has to wreak havoc will keep the Eagles Offense mostly grounded. 3. Keep It Close. Eastern has played two games now. Both games were close after 3 Quarters, and then one team took off in the 4th. Clearly the key for EMU is the 4th Quarter, keeping the game close could allow you to go on a Rice-esque 4th Quarter run to win. Prediction: Eastern Michigan 41 UL-L 17 Match-Up: Air Force at Northern Illinois Note: NIU comes into this game after having destroyed Coastal Carolina. Coach @MasonAsher gets to take on the new Air Force Coach as Air Force's season really gets started. Keys for Northern Illinois: 1. Charlie Sanford: The Senior QB had a great opening to the season. The Huskies don't have much of a running game, so the weight of the offense will fall squarely on the shoulders of Charlie Sanford. Air Force has a couple of good players in the secondary, so Sanford will need to avoid mistakes and stay efficient. 2. Protect the QB: Air Force brings a touch Front-7 to the table, but NIU brings a solid Offensive Line as well. The battle in the trenches for NIU's offense is huge, they're going to be passing the ball a lot. Giving your QB protection will give you the best chance for winning. 3. Force Turnovers: Air Force has lost quite a few players over the past couples on the offensive side of the ball, so they are a defensive minded team this year. Forcing the inexperienced starters into mistakes and giving the ball back to your offense will create more opportunities to score. Keys for Air Force: 1. Defend the Pass. It's no secret what NIU wants to do on offense. Fortunately, Air Force has a good pass defense and is well-suited to stop NIU. Especially given the lack of talent at receiver for Northern Illinois. 2. Get After Sanford. Just like Key 2 for NIU, getting pressure on the QB and beating that OL will slow down the Huskie Offense and could force turnovers. 3. Be Efficient: Your Offense lacks talent at most positions and is super inexperienced. You don't have to be outstanding or be amazing on offense. You just need to move the ball efficiently, convert 3rd Downs, and avoid turning it over. Prediction: Northern Illinois 34 Air Force 24
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    [2022] Franz's Facts: Week 2

    Happened in the same game. Some bad receiving out there on Sunday.
  18. Offense RB Gabe Ciamo: 23 Carries, 216 Yards, 3 Touchdowns versus Northern Iowa Defense DE Julian Whaley: 3 Tackles, 1 Sack, 1 Interception, 1 Forced Fumble, 1 Fumble Recovery Special Teams K Sam Kane: 3/4 Field Goals - Makes of 33, 38, 26
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    [2018] Week 10 IRL Discussion

    Cuse is another option as well
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    [2022] Week 2 Review

    Thursday Night: Score: Akron 28 Miami (FL)13 My Prediction: Miami (FL) 41 Akron 17 POTG: QB Griffin Donahue, Akron, 19 for 28, 237 Yards, 3 Touchdowns What Happened: The Canes came out and ran trick plays. RB Ronnie Peterson attempted 3 passes, throwing 2 picks. QB Jason Ledford played fairly well, completing 11 of 18 passes for 126 yards with 1 Touchdown. However, he was stripped on a sack and Akron recovered the ball. Miami turned the ball over 3 times, and Akron took complete advantage. Donahue had a fantastic game, and new starting RB Bryan Ellison had 97 yards on 23 carries for 1 Touchdown. The Zip offense was far more efficient than last week and they ran out to a 14-0 lead after 1 Quarter. That would be enough to win the game, but they added two more TDs for security. Defensively, Julian Whaley had a great game for Akron. He had 3 Tackles, 1 Sack, 1 INT, 1 FF, 1 FR. He was everywhere and forced two turnovers. The only real note of concern in this game for Akron was the kicking game, Phillip Lane-Hickey missed his lone attempt from 45 yards. Other than that, Akron played a great game and came away with a much needed win. Next for Akron: Week 3 versus Hawai'i Score: Buffalo 29 Marshall 28 My Prediction: Buffalo 38 Marshall 10 POTG: RB Denzel Porter, Buffalo, 29 carries, 164 Yards, 1 Touchdown What Happened: This game was far too close. Buffalo should have crushed this team. QB Brandon Adler for Marshall lead the way for the Herd as he went 20 for 35 with 206 Yards with 2 Touchdowns. He added a rushing touchdown as well. The Herd weren't very good on the ground, getting only 62 Yards, but it didn't matter all that much since Buffalo couldn't generate consistent pressure on Adler. The Bulls finished with just one sack, coming from Alex Austin. Denzel Porter was great again and he consistently gave Buffalo short 3rd Down Attempts. QB Levi Thompson did pretty well, he completed 10 of 15 passes for 116 Yards with 2 Touchdowns and 1 Pick. He did get 37 rushing yards as well. WR Khalil Stubbs lead the Bulls receivers with 3 catches for 53 Yards and 1 Touchdown. Alexander Moffett forced a fumble and Raymond McCain recovered it, the lone turnover forced by the Bulls D. Next for Akron: Week 4 at UMASS Score: Eastern Michigan 34 Western Kentucky 20 My Prediction: Eastern Michigan 31 Western Kentucky 21 POTG: RB Tyler Pearson, 21 carries, 115 Yards, 2 Touchdowns What Happened Rice Lite wasn't able to make the 4th Quarter push that Regular Lite made as Eastern outscored the Hilltoppers 17-3 to break the tie game. This marks the 2nd time this season that EMU has played a game with a lopsided 4th Quarter that decided the game. QB Riley West went 23 for 42 for 303 Yards with 2 Touchdowns and 2 Picks. Those 2 Picks were crucial as Eastern has the ability to run the clock out and put points on the board. RB Trevor Workman was a non factor as he had just 15 yards on 9 carries. For Eastern Michigan, QB Giovanni Shaw completed 23/29 passes for 246 Yards with 2 Touchdowns and 1 Pick. He added 15 rushing yards. Again, I'd like to see more carries for Giovanni as he finished with 3, but a win's a win. The Freshman, Pearson, had another good, solid game for the Eagles. Giovanni Hooker lead the Eagles receivers with 4 catches for 75 yards and 1 Touchdown. FS Jacob Guillory lead the defense playing the slot with 5 Tackles, 1 Pick, and 1 Pass Defended. Josiah Buckner got the other pick. No sacks recorded on the statsheet, but the Eagles did get to West 4 Times. Next for EMU: Week 4 at UL-Lafayette Friday Night: Score: Wake Forest 30 Miami (OH) 27 My Prediction: Miami (OH) 34 Wake Forest 28 POTG: QB James Betts, Wake Forest, 16/22, 208 Yards, 1 TD, 1 INT, 4 carries, 32 yards, 1 TD What Happened: Miami could not stop the run. The Deacons had 164 yards on 27 carries. They were always ahead of the chains (but somehow terrible on 3rd Downs, 3/13) and maintained possession. QB Betts for Wake was efficient through the air minus the interception he threw. Betts was important through the air, but RB Zion Hayward was great on the ground. He had 132 yards on 23 carries with 1 Touchdown. His long was 21, still giving him close to 5 YPC on his other carries. For Miami, the Flamethrower was good as always. He completed 24/36 passes for 309 Yards with 3 Touchdowns and 1 Pick. His main target was Keith Barnes, who had 9 receptions for 125 Yards and 1 Touchdown. TE Casey Swann added 75 Yards and 2 Touchdowns himself. The running game was again poor. RB Ajani Garrett had 12 carries for 41 yards. If you take out his long rush of 13, he has about a 2.5 YPC. He did get hurt with a Mild Calf Strain and his backup RB Nazir Randolph came in and was slightly better getting 28 yards on 7 carries. The rushing game is clearly not that important for Miami, but getting over 4 YPC shouldn't be that hard to do. Defensively Jeremiah Christy picked off Betts and defended another pass, while James Lockwood got to Betts in the backfield once. Next for Miami: Week 3 versus Wisconsin Saturday Morning: Score: Toledo 42 Northern Iowa 14 My Prediction: Toledo 56 Northern Iowa 7 POTG: RB Gabe Ciamo, 23 carries, 216 Yards, 3 Touchdowns What Happened: Toledo showed and put up 14 points on the board in each the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Quarters for a 42-0 lead entering the 4th. Maybe a tad concerning, the Rockets gave up a 14-0 4th Quarter. They still dominated, but you would have liked to see them extend that dominance to the 4th Quarter against an opponent they're overwhelmingly better than. QB James Beckwith for UNI finished 8/15 for 85 yards with 1 TD and 1 Pick. He's clearly not the focal point of the offense. RB Raekwon Thomas had 110 yards on 25 carries for 1 TD. Giving up that performance to UNI is a tad concerning for this defense. I wold have liked to see Thomas below 90 yards if possible. The Panther OL is not good, and they should have gotten blown up in the running game. But Thomas was able to get 4.4 YPC, which is higher than he has any right getting. Toledo's QB Giovanni Baughman had a better game than Week 0 with a 20/33 for 247 Yards with 2 Touchdown performance. Ciamo was unstoppable on the ground (I think he actually had 4 TDs as one TD is missing on the statsheet, but 3 is reported so that 's what we're going with). WR Prince Malone had a good game catching 6 balls for 100 Yards with 1 Touchdown. Elias Schwartz caught the other TD. Henry Krause got the pick off of Beckwith and surprisingly, no TFL for the Rockets. Somehow, the Panthers were able to at least get back to the line of scrimmage every rushing attempt. Next for Toledo: Week 4 at Vanderbilt Saturday Evening: Score: Michigan State 52 Western Michigan 17 My Prediction: Western Michigan 31 Michigan State 17 POTG: QB Isaac Tyson, Michigan State, 25/30 for 397 Yards with 4 Touchdowns. 4 carries, 29 Yards, 1 TD What Happened: Isaac Tyson is a bad, bad man. He blitzed the Broncos early and forced them to abandon the run early. MSU lead 17-3 after 1 Quarter and 31-10 at the Half. They extended their lead in the 2nd Half by outscoring the Broncos 21-7. Hey, at least I got the losing score right, ok? RB Gabe Geiger was incredible for the Spartans as well, he had 24 carries for 139 yards and 2 Touchdowns. Ajani Jennings had 185 receiving yards with 2 Touchdowns. The Spartan offense was unstoppable at times and looked electric. Tyson had a QB Rating over 230 and a YPA over 13, I mean, how do you stop that as a defense? And the answer for WMU is, you don't. QB Chase sims threw the ball 43 times, which is not the way WMU wants to play. He completed 23 of those passes for 226 Yards with 2 Touchdowns and 2 Interceptions. RB DeSean Madison had a good game, with 74 yards on 13 carries. But he was taken out of the game early due to the large deficit they faced. Michigan State's OL is not very good, but they kept Isaac upright and only allowed one sack. Kayden Soriano got the sack for the WMU Defense. Next for WMU: Week 3 at Georgia Tech Saturday Night: Score: Ball State 18 UNLV 13 My Prediction: Ball State 24 UNLV 14 POTG: RB Damani Laws, Ball Sate, 23 carries, 106 yards, 2 Touchdowns What Happened: The Cards were far better on the ground this week and that paid off as they held out in the end. Neither team scored in the 1st Quarter, but Ball State scored a TD in the 2nd Quarter and got the 2-Point Conversion. QB Benjamin Jacobson for UNLV finished 13/26 for 140 Yards with 1 Pick. I'd argue this wasn't the worst QB performance of the game. RB Emmanuel Turner-Darby had 80 yards on 20 carries with a fumble lost. The Rebels offense wasn't very good and couldn't move the ball easily. They went 2/14 on 3rd Downs (Ball State was slightly better with 3/15 themselves). Neither team played well on offense, evidenced by QB Leonard McIntosh's performance: 11/22, 122 Yards, 2 Picks. He added (3) rushing yards, giving the Ball State offense virtually nothing positive. RB Laws was pretty good, getting over 100 yards with 2 Touchdowns. True Freshman CB Amara Flowers got his first career Pick. DE's Christian Mosley and Julian Tate each had a sack and ILB Jon Carpenter forced the fumble and then recovered it. Good showing by the Ball State Defense. Next for Ball State: Week 4 versus Indiana MAC Record: 5-2 Prediction Accuracy (Week 2): 4-3 Prediction Accuracy (Season): 11-7
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    [2018] Week 10 IRL Discussion

    1. Bama 2. Clemson 3. ND 4. LSU 5. Oklahoma
  22. Knox is a 79 Rookie who's struggled so far. He is key for LAR, but I'd say you're still in position to keep him contained.
  23. This game is far more important for NO than it is for LAR. LAR's division is possibly the worst in the league, they could go 7-9 and win that division as it stands. Meanwhile, NO's division is possibly the toughest to win with all 4 teams looking at least competitive. Their margin for error is so much smaller than LAR's, that they have to win this game. NO has put up so many yards and points, but against bad competition. Rams are 0-2 with losses at Cleveland and then at home against the Packers Passing Yards By Game: 232 - 235 Rushing Yards By Game: 49 - 40 The running game needs to get going, however New Orleans has been fantastic against the run allowing 66 total rush yards. To me that's the key, LAR needs to keep Devy/Jenkins/Miller off the field. Knox has to get 80+ yards on the ground to give the Rams the best chance to win. The key for NO in my opinion is to not hurt themselves. Don't kill drives with penalties and avoid turnovers. If that offense keeps firing on all cylinders, the Rams don't stand a chance in this one.