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  1. Damn. Faulk and Westbrook are having much better 2nd seasons. Cold world.
  2. Fans need to give Oghale a break, he's doing his best. Also, go Amral.
  3. Jordan Harrison better than Matt Ballard confirmed
  4. Was this a sack or just a weird play where Wheeler had no business running around? Lol
  5. Gavin Faulk is looking like someone worth taking with the 7th pick in the draft. It only took trading for Brian Brown to see that. (It really just took him being healthy and having any competent QB, but still)
  6. Is this as simple as fans want better players at these positions? Or also that a fanbase wants to address an expiring player? (Harley at GB)
  7. Score for JAX-DEN should be 37-31
  8. Also not in the sheet for Lester. I’ll list in stat correction thread as well. Or just account for it when Jamzz and I update. Lol
  9. Accounted for in final score, missing in the stat sheet for Amral personally
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