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  1. Rice certainly has the lead, but any of those three could win it all. Rice just looks different this year. Madden Rookie level stats.
  2. I thought it would be a bit closer this year.
  3. Oh. Good point, meant to change it.
  4. Week 1 POTW Awards Offensive POTW Rice QB Benjamin Yates vs Troy: 43/51 584 yards 8 TD Defensive POTW Rice CB Deacon Jackson III vs Troy: 2 TKL 2 INT 2 PD Special Teams POTW Rice K Cyrus Jones vs Troy: 10/10 XP Newcomer POTW FIU QB Jean Antoine Robinson vs Texas State: 24/36 303 yards 3 TD Congrats to: @Bubada @Rocketcan (C-USA bros, I made an executive decision on Newcomer POTW after I was given names of newcomers. Thanks for voting though.)
  5. So we all agree, this isn't actually happening?
  6. I know you haven’t been here very long, but you should look at the 2 previous meetings between us. I was CERTAIN I was winning last season. The year before I was expecting to get blown out. Honestly, I thought I should’ve won this matchup, but the history didn’t leave me comfortable. Our rosters are pretty balanced, so it’s not like I should’ve blown him out honestly. And fwiw, I don’t have the star player @Qupax does to really take over a game. Sammy Laws has yet to prove he’ll be a 78+ OVR kind of player coming out. Same with my WR Robertson. Gray Stewart on the other hand may win the Heisman and come out as an 82. So he’s more likely to have impressive wins. You're also not giving my defense ANY credit. 13 points on the road and only 3 in the second half is a pretty good day. My offense really didn’t do poorly either. Not as impressive as North Texas, but different opponents.
  7. He's just young. We'll get three seasons of Sankey vs Lockwood. That'll be fun.
  8. He’s literally just going off of the rankings Rome created. Relax young man.
  9. We had considered it, but after experimenting with some things in camp we thought better of it. Could be that he meant to post: OT Greg Neville 6-1 258 Fr Iraan (Iraan TX) 2.0 of 4.5 [Pass Blocking] I'm also worried we recruited someone different than advertised. Or this scouting company pulled a Madden, and that #12 at Katy was also named Tavion Sankey:
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