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  1. 'Runners: Sam Milner. Because then I could believe that life is fair. Lol Broncos: Darius Jones was the first guy whose numbers jumped out at me. And then, a bunch of guys that I've scouted. Lol
  2. Oh, this is fine. Unfortunately, even with the improvement of the conference as a whole, Rice being "mildly bearish" probably means there is still a gap.
  3. Good job JBB, good win AFC
  4. Texans fan? I feel your pain...
  5. I do think going as far as championship or bust is too much expectation of any team. But, Final Four is probably what I would think would be an achievable goal. If Zion didn't seem so superhuman, than I could probably live with even a Sweet 16 exit. I don't know if he'll be the great pro he's projected to be. But he wills them to win when it seems to matter most. He and Reddish.
  6. Oh. Rice signed DaJuan? Didn't notice...
  7. It’s my name spelled out phonetically. And now, I get to see that butchered in text from time to time. Lol I only recently changed my last name, as a way to honor my step dad for treating me like his own. But even in these few years, I feel his pain each time it’s mispronounced.
  8. On my team: Jermon Bailey. Though not too many players since I'm winning with @LamboThrone's croots right now. Not on my team: CB Chris Tolbert from the Loins. Not sure why, just really like him. Stood out to me early on in my site browsing.
  9. GG @FlutieFlakes, that OL had me scared
  10. See you then. Hopefully Justin Radford makes me forget about Sam Milner. Lol
  11. Jeffrey Warren with a nice game before he goes into the pros
  12. To further your point, Emmett Spears had 18 catches in our boo boo ass offense...
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