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  1. Performance of the Year candidate
  2. I’d love to see the performance that out does Demarion Moore for POTW
  3. I was thinking ~1500. And yeah, depends how the right side of the OL holds up.
  4. August 16, 2023 by Martin Marroquin Despite Coach mahrowkeen getting UTSA to their first bowl appearance and win, so many fans and media members bring up last season's matchup with UT as the moment when the 'Runners became his program. And the moment when his peers took notice of what could be brewing in San Antonio. mahrowkeen gives credit to the previous staff for the current talent on campus at every opportunity. But, despite his humility in that regard, he is in confident in his ability to utilize that talent. Even after the disappointing loss to start the season, there is reason to have sustained optimism surrounding the program. This week brings an opportunity for the team to exorcise some demons left by their big brother from Austin. The programs continued their competition into the off-season with the pursuit of JUCO transfer Sam Milner. In another situation where it was probably too soon for such a big move by UTSA, Milner decided to continue his college career in the state's capitol. Despite having a productive starter at the position already in Justin Radford, the staff just felt that Milner's dual threat ability could provide a shot in the arm that would really push the program forward. When Radford was questioned about the potential acquisition, he gave a very human response. "I was not happy. We just won 9 games and a bowl game in my Sophomore season and it felt like they were done with me. It was probably a good lesson for what I can hope to experience at the next level. But, coach was at least honest with me about them trying to bring [Milner] in. I respected the honest approach, but hell no I wasn't happy." Radford went on to confirm that there were no lingering feelings of resentment, but didn't shy away from admitting that he would love to put on a big performance going to head to head with Milner. "Coach knows me. Winning is most important sure, but I'm human. If I get to sprinkling dimes all over the field, he knows to be expecting me to be giving him a stare down. We'll have fun with it though, nothing malicious." Radford performed well last season in Austin, but he remembers the pick Devon Braxton got to end the game. He knows that he can't let any mistakes happen for them to pull out the victory this time. The defense will have their work cut out for them if Milner's Spring Game performance is any indication of what his season production will look like. Thankfully, the team just faced another elite scrambler in JT Youngblood and have at least had an opportunity to assess their strengths and weaknesses against a dual threat slinger. Since the Longhorns have yet to face any opponent this year, there is also a question of if their defense is going to be an issue after the surgery Milner performed on them. However, this is not a game that the 'Runners can allow themselves be "trapped" for or to take lightly by any means. Coach @Ape is a National Championship winning coach with one of the more potent weapons in the nation at his disposal. Instant Classic #2 in the series, let's hope. GO RUNNERS!
  5. August 16, 2023 by Martin Marroquin Despite their confidence going into the season, the Roadrunners should have known that they were in over their heads scheduling national power Hawaii. While there is no reason to be disappointed with their performance, losing is never an easy outcome to deal with. Hawaii just proved what was already known, they had more talent across the board. The 'Runners decided to tweak their offense a bit for this season, and Justin Radford performed well against a tough defense. In the first game action with the new system, Radford was able to get his team into the end zone three times and completed just under 63 percent of his passes. The hope going into the game was that UTSA would be able to exploit what they thought was the "weakness" of the Hawaii defense, their defensive line. Sammy Laws was supposed to get a healthy amount of carries to keep JT Youngblood and the Hawaii offense on the sidelines. Unfortunately, their defensive line was up to the task, holding Laws to under 80 yards on the day. And despite the 44 yard run he was able to break off, Laws could only manage 28 yards on his other 17 carries. Jermon Bailey was back to his old tricks, averaging 22 yards a catch and getting into the end zone for Radford in the loss. Defensively, the 'Runners actually bottled up the Heisman candidate Youngblood as well as could be hoped for. The Hawaii offense was only able to get into the end zone twice on the day, but did manage to move the ball well enough to convert three field goals. Youngblood spread the ball around the field at over 65 percent completions, picking his spots in the defense to find openings. Running back Chris Fraser was bottled up and held to just over four yards per carry. Fraser managed to break a 20 yard run, but could only gain 42 yards on his other 13 carries. Youngblood accounted for both offensive touchdowns, throwing one to Lahahana Mulinu'u and running in the other himself. Special teams proved to be the true difference in the game and the ultimate demise of the 'Runners. As previously mentioned, Hawaii converted all three of their field goal attempts while UTSA Kicker Pete Barth missed his one opportunity. Amir McLeod burned the 'Runners, running back a punt for a touchdown in his first collegiate action and bringing home National Special Teams POTW in the process. Along with that special teams touchdown, linebacker Leon Hickman took back a Radford pass for a touchdown that really drove the nail in the coffin. Offensive production was nearly identical, 23-21. But the other two phases of the game proved to be vital and the 14 points difference was where the advantage in talent really showed up for Hawaii. The 'Runners look to even up their record against Sam Milner and UT in a rematch of one of last year's best games. Milner was impressive in the UT Spring Game, and UTSA won't catch the Longhorns by surprise this season. There's also a little motivation for the coaching staff to show Milner what he turned down by the Riverwalk. GO RUNNERS!
  6. C-USA Player Spotlight: Week 2 RB Gray Stewart North Texas makes their season debut in Louisville and open as near two touchdown underdogs. Even within the conference the Mean Green and Coach @Qupax feel as though they are being overlooked with the returning talent and newcomers they plan to have to take the field. There is no bigger addition in the conference potentially than JUCO transfer running back Gray Stewart. Stewart previously played in Lufkin, Texas and decided to stay in state to continue his collegiate career. Immediately upon signing his letter of intent, Stewart had argument as the best 'back in the conference, and North Texas now has backfield that can compete for a national rushing title as a team. Stewart along with speedy counterpart Ali Hoffman pair to make a thunder and lighting combo that should put teams in the C-USA on notice. The pair and returning starting quarterback Elias Noble should be looked at as a dark horse to win the conference this season, and potentially next as well if they all return. Stewart is certainly talented enough on his own to make an impact and positive plays by breaking tackles in the backfield or on the second level to gash defenses. The big question for the Mean Green and Stewart's maximum success will be the right side of the offensive line and the ability to create some balance by making plays down the field in the air. With Stewart's presence, there should be a decent presence of pro scouts in Denton to watch their games. Even with the upside for the Mean Green this season, going against the book ends of Miles Rinehart and Zack Temple will likely be too much for the North Texas offensive line in Stewart's debut.
  7. National POTW Award: Week 1 Offensive POTW QB Nathan Singletary: 24/37 294 yards 3 TD, 9 carries 102 yards 2 TD @ UNC Defensive POTW OLB Dean Fagan: 7 TKL 3 TFL 1.0 Sack 1 FF vs Washington State Special Teams POTW PR Amir McLeod: PR TD vs UTSA Freshman POTW OLB Naiquon Crosby: 5 TKL 2 TFL 1.5 Sacks 1 FF vs Boise State @sleuthofbears @GigemAgs @stormstopper
  8. Week 1 POTW Awards Offensive POTW QB Justin Radford - 17/27 235 yards 3 TD 1 INT Defensive POTW DT Felix Jennings - 4 TKL 2 TFL 1.0 Sack Special Teams POTW K Samuel Sheppard - 1/1 FG (43), 1/1 XP Newcomer POTW RB Alex Terry - 21 carries 128 yards 1 TD @boogyman10 @Bubada
  9. Hey everyone, I feel like these kinds of things can feel like someone asking for a handout. But we had a tragic event in my extended family this weekend, and now a family member is reaching out for help in the aftermath. If you guys can help out at all, it would be great. But of course, no one has to do anything. Posting the link to the gofundme. Thanks everyone.


    1. ImposterCauster


      I don't have a lot to give but I gave a bit to try and help out. I'm so sorry to hear that this happened to your extended family and I hope this little bit helps your family member out in any way that it can.

  10. Please cast your votes everyone. Sorry this wasn't posted sooner, got some real things going on. There were several players that blocked field goals or extra points that I would put up for Special Teams POTW, but I don't have that information. Some guys will feel snubbed, but that's how it goes. Freshman POTW link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScK9SSemMxkDUDIXqLnfXpoz9BKiNXu5CsWc3VQFhBt4L-y9Q/viewform?usp=pp_url
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