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  1. mahrowkeen

    [2022] Week #7 - 4 PM

    Losing sucks, but I’m very encouraged by the overall improvement. Pushed an undefeated team to the edge. Great job @bingo415.
  2. mahrowkeen


    My wife is an interior designer if you ever need any design work. Lol
  3. mahrowkeen

    Stars of Tomorrow: De'Monte Henderson

    Interesting. I could see that. But, it’s also realistic to some extent. Part of IRL recruiting now is guys giving their list of schools and narrowing it down over time. I like the strategy of the current system, tweaks are always fun though.
  4. mahrowkeen

    Stars of Tomorrow: De'Monte Henderson

    Backlash because smaller schools might not have a shot?
  5. mahrowkeen

    Stars of Tomorrow: De'Monte Henderson

    Would be a cool feature though
  6. mahrowkeen

    Stars of Tomorrow: De'Monte Henderson

    Did this factor into recruiting at all?
  7. mahrowkeen

    [2022] Week #6 - Saturday Afternoon

    He heard there were some rankings coming out soon...
  8. mahrowkeen

    [2022] Week #6 - Saturday Afternoon

    Thank you. Gotta give @LamboThrone credit for getting the talent I have to work with. Can’t wait to add more to the foundation.
  9. mahrowkeen

    [2022] Week #6 - Saturday Afternoon

    At least the game was closer than the race for Banks. Lol
  10. mahrowkeen

    [2022] Week #6 - Saturday Afternoon

    Came back from being down 17-3 to tie it going into the 4th. McLean and Clay were just too much. GG @Bubada
  11. mahrowkeen

    [2022] Week #6 - FNF

    North Texas with a coach, here we go...
  12. mahrowkeen

    [2022] Week #6 - TNF

    This was a concern for me in our game. Nice win @ecnirp
  13. mahrowkeen

    [2022] Week #6 - TNF

    Great game for Mo. Very efficient, great on 3rd downs too.
  14. mahrowkeen

    [2022] Week 5 C-USA Roundup

    Hahahahaha. Okay, okay...