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  1. Whats the format? Just type what’s in the interface? And is it a gameplan for each team?
  2. June 5, 2023 by Martin Marroquin 2023 Schedule Week 1 vs Hawaii (Glendale, AZ) Week 2 vs Texas Week 3 vs Texas State Week 5 at UAB Week 6 at New Mexico State Week 7 at Southern Miss Week 9 vs North Texas Week 10 at Rice Week 12 vs Louisiana Tech Week 13 at FAU Week 14 vs Old Dominion Week 16 vs UTEP Hawaii - This season's opener is a huge step up in competition from last season. The 'Runners may be in over their heads challenging Hawaii, but it will be a good test for the direction the program wants to reach. Pulling off a Week 1 will almost certainly be an upset. Texas - UTSA pushed UT into a double OT battle in Austin last season. Despite going into the 4th quarter with a lead, Simeon Wells proved to be too much in the end. The 'Runners will be looking for revenge this season and to prove that Sam Milner picked the wrong school. Texas State - Coach mahrowkeen was able to win his first attempt in the I-35 Rivalry battle last season. The Bobcats are building their program, and will be looking to make this season more competitive than last season's matchup. UTSA cannot take this matchup lightly, as in any rivalry. UAB - Elijah Currie Madison (ECM) lit the 'Runner secondary up last season. The two teams combined for 79 points, including a 24 point 3rd quarter from UTSA that just wasn't enough. The coaching staff will probably have this game circled to prove that they can contain ECM. New Mexico State - NMSU is a program struggling to find any success or stability. The 'Runners were hoping for matchups with other schools, but settled on the Aggies after scheduling conflicts. UTSA should not fall into a trap and play down to NMSU's reputation. Southern Miss - Shutting down star TE Jeremiah Kendrick will be a major focus for the defense. Kendrick lit the 'Runners up for 9 catches and 116 yards in last year's matchup. UTSA managed to escape last year with a 3 point win. North Texas - North Texas will be fielding a much better rushing attack this season. Incoming JUCO transfer Gray Stewart along with Ali Hoffman will provide a thunder and lightning duo that will give the C-USA fits all season long. Rice - UTSA and the rest of the C-USA will be happy not to be facing Eric McLean any longer. Unfortunately for the C-USA, McLean left behind Deontray Clay among others. The 'Runners will be hoping that McLean being gone will allow them to beat the Owls in this year's Bird Bowl. Louisiana Tech - While the conference seems to be moving forward as a whole, the Bulldogs are still struggling to find their footing as a program. This is another game that UTSA will have to maintain focus for and not allow the past to distract how seriously they should take their opponent. FAU - Desmond Fraley will be looking to take the C-USA by storm this season, and the 'Runners will do their to make sure to not be a part of his highlight reel. Redshirt freshman Mike Huntley and the rest of the linebacker corps will be important in this matchup. Old Dominion - The Monarchs were terrors on special teams last season, but the 'Runners have the dynamic Jermon Bailey returning as well. Thankfully for the UTSA passing game, JJ Fowler and Darren Logan have moved on to the NFL. UTEP - Former UTSA coach and Coach of the Year @LamboThrone is building the Miners up. He and WR Uzumati Jones will be looking to return the favor after losing to UTSA in El Paso last season.
  3. June 4, 2023 by Martin Marroquin Coach mahrowkeen and UTSA ended a historic season by beating Illinois 23-17 in the Heart of Dallas Bowl, the school's first bowl appearance. Coming into the season, the school had won 11 games in it's four seasons as a program. This season nearly doubled the school's total wins, going 9-4 to bring the school's win total to 20. The difference in the game was a costly fumble by Illinois running back Terrell Swain, and UTSA kicker Jeffrey Warren's ability to hit two big field goals from 50 plus (52, 50). Along with those plays, Samuel Laws ability to chew up yards on the ground was key for controlling the clock and keeping the 'Runner offense on the field. Laws' effort was enough to eclipse the 1000 yard mark on the season, finishing with 1097 yards and 10 touchdowns in his redshirt freshman year. UTSA running back Sammy Laws hopes to continue his success in his next few seasons on campus It has been quite some time since our last update on the 'Runners, but since then the 2023 NFL Draft has taken place. We would like to congratulate D'Andre Newton on being drafted in the 7th round, pick 233 by the Denver Broncos. Kicker Jeffrey Warren was invited to the Denver Broncos rookie camp as an undrafted free agent, along with Free Safety Ibrahima Gay who was signed by the New Orleans Saints as an undrafted free agent. We would like to wish them luck with their current teams and their careers going forward. Coach mahrowkeen did well this season with the players that previous coach @LamboThrone brought to San Antonio in the three seasons prior. mahrowkeen did well to bring in depth for the seasons going forward in his first opportunity on the recruiting trail, but will need to focus on finding impact players over the next cycle or two to really compete with king of the conference, Rice. As a whole, the conference is becoming more competitive, and UTSA will not surprise anyone going into this season. Sustained success is difficult, mahrowkeen will have to prove that the 2022 season was not just a flash in the pan. A good sign for the program is that in their four losses, they came by a combined score of 17 points. In three of the four games UTSA was tied or had the lead going into the 4th quarter, including a double overtime loss. Discipline is going to be a huge focus for Coach mahrowkeen going into this season, in hopes that focus through the game will cut back on turnovers and penalties to close out close games late. Another year of experience for a young core will be good as well. There is much to be proud of this past season, and much to look forward to for a program on the rise.
  4. @Bubada @smckenz3 @Soluna (or anyone who has had success with a 4-3) Assuming you run a 4-3, have you had success with a Will playing OLB? Or a Will playing MLB? I have a mix of talent and scheme at UTSA right now. Also, what strategy do you try to employ when defending a Scrambler?
  5. I had like 7 tabs, so I was probably part of the problem. When scouting a player I’d have the ‘21 CFBHC stats on one, wiki on another, depth charts, club forum, player search, etc...
  6. I loved the Hall pick. My point was more that I didn't have anything to say about the other 3 picks because I didn't know much about them. I couldn't really articulate that in the moment and that was what came out. Lol thankfully Storm had something more intelligent to add there.
  7. It was like CFBHC Black Mirror for me...
  8. Bingo and I have had a few back and forths on this subject and I think I am starting to get him to understand that some of these young men have families to feed. His generation just believes in "finishing the job". But like I said, I think I'm breaking him down. Lol
  9. I can understand the reach take on Swanson at 67. Westbrook at 26 I think is great value, but you offered a backhanded compliment there. I can understand the take that this isn’t a strong WR class, but I don’t understand thinking Faulk at 7 is bad. He produced, he performed well in the process. We needed a WR. We took the highest guy on our board there. Thibodeaux almost mirrors Garrett Taylor in combine numbers and production. But as a division rival I can appreciate the competitive spirit even in this phase. Fwiw, Rainey was one of my favorite players in this draft. Unfortunately we don’t run a 3-4. But congrats on the pick.
  10. The Falcons got two players in Abiodun and Frazier who could be the best in this class at their positions and traded back to do so. Great value and filled needs.
  11. I've seen you provide help in the same fashion, I figured you would appreciate someone doing the same for you. I got your six, as they say.
  12. 2 votes? Nice. Doubled my season high.
  13. Damn, next season then
  14. Week 6 is open
  15. Why wouldn't he have run the 40? Do we have any reasoning for that? Or why so many people didn't participate in a lot of events?
  16. Start the season with a big game against Hawaii, and then a rematch with UT. I haven’t made it easy on myself.
  17. Offense: 10 (-1) --> 9 Defense: 10 (-1) --> 9 Special Teams: 10 (-) --> 10 Clock Mgmt: 10 (-) --> 10 Discipline: 10 (+4) --> 14 Youth Mgmt: 10 (-) --> 10 Coaching Feat: Try Real Hard
  18. 'Runners: Sam Milner. Because then I could believe that life is fair. Lol Broncos: Darius Jones was the first guy whose numbers jumped out at me. And then, a bunch of guys that I've scouted. Lol
  19. Oh, this is fine. Unfortunately, even with the improvement of the conference as a whole, Rice being "mildly bearish" probably means there is still a gap.
  20. Good job JBB, good win AFC
  21. Texans fan? I feel your pain...
  22. I do think going as far as championship or bust is too much expectation of any team. But, Final Four is probably what I would think would be an achievable goal. If Zion didn't seem so superhuman, than I could probably live with even a Sweet 16 exit. I don't know if he'll be the great pro he's projected to be. But he wills them to win when it seems to matter most. He and Reddish.
  23. Oh. Rice signed DaJuan? Didn't notice...
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