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  1. They can't handle the Mountain Best. Sounds like next season we should all play cupcakes like the other conferences do.
  2. Let me know if come down. Grab a beer at our tailgate if you want
  3. Pretty excited about this year's slate: 8/31 - LA Tech @ (10) Texas 9/7 - (6) LSU @ (10) Texas 9/21 - Oklahoma St. @ (10) Texas or (16) Auburn @ (12) Texas A&M 9/28 - (12) Texas A&M vs Arkansas [Dallas, TX] 10/12 - (10) Texas vs. (4) Oklahoma [Dallas, TX] 10/19 - (#108) Kansas @ (10) Texas 10/26 - Texas Tech @ Kansas 11/9 - Kansas State @ (10) Texas 11/29 - Texas Tech @ (10) Texas 1/1 - (6) Texas vs (5) LSU [New Orleans, LA]
  4. I'll be around. We always have a tailgate behind the Soccer stadium basically next to Gate 32
  5. This isn't the "Game 1 Breakdown" I expected in this article.
  6. Are any of you rascals going to the Texas vs. LSU game in Austin this season?
  7. Drop the keys to the training facilities in a dufflebag on I-70, I'm coming through the Rockies to come secure the bag. @stormstopper
  8. SDSU dropping out is ridiculous. They played a Western Michigan team who's also underrated which I feel is solely because both schools aren't in P5 conferences. Both teams have rosters that could really cause some damage in other conferences. I understand it's early and there's a lot of deserving teams but we have instances like Ohio State that jumped 2 spots a week after losing barely beating a mediocre Arizona State team that didn't even gameplan.
  9. Oh no. My dawg. Did you really just change your nickname on the site for a meme story and misspell it? Luckily this will only last for another 365 days.
  10. This would've been one of those games irl that would've made you decide to put that six pack back in the fridge and go to bed early.
  11. @Soluna Good game. I figured you'd bite on the run after we tried Marcus out in the Wing T throughout Preseason, I hoping to slide by and catch you by surprise with the Week 1 scheme change. Happy with how things went though of course I wish things went different. Also Raheem needs to chill.
  12. We lost but I'm still wet.
  13. Thank you for not including me, I'll make you proud
  14. Azul

    [2023] Week #1 - FNF

    Good game Storm, if your RB had a little better game I would've taken that L. Now give me Kansas.
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