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  1. Big Ten: 44FCS: 109 (-5)MWC: 91 (+5)
  2. Big Ten: 74 (-5)FCS: 104 MWC: 66 (+5)
  3. Baltimore places WR William Doherty 6-6 228 3 USC [Target] [0] 81 on injured reserve. He suffered a "Severe ACL Rupture" in the 4th week of preseason, and will remain out for the entirety of the season.
  4. Oh wait, this is for the sim. I really wanted to make a team to run an elite triple option, just to see if I can cheese the sim. It seems like it could potentially be pretty powerful in CFBHC though deep down I think the numbers show that a strong passing game is really the better sim option.
  5. Big Ten: 69 FCS: 109 (-5)MWC: 66 (+5)
  6. Big Ten: 84FCS: 99 (-5)MWC: 61 (+5)
  7. Big Ten: 69 (+1) nice. FCS: 69 (-5) nice. MWC: 73 (+4) PAC-12: 33
  8. One of my cards is completely defense based, but not necessarily the whole team itself.
  9. Big 12: 34 Big Ten: 53  FCS: 44 (-5) MWC: 64 (+5) PAC-12: 49
  10. Congrats, you've now been formally approved to be a resident of Austin, TX
  11. Big 12: 29 Big Ten: 68 FCS: 54 (-5) MWC: 54 (+5) PAC-12: 39
  12. @acewulf @Jumbo @Quasar @Soluna Can y'all explain what makes Chipotle so good? Every time I go it's just 'meh' and the protein is usually (A) dry and (B) underwhelming in amount. In addition their queso might be the worst thing I've ever consumed at a fast food restaurant and I'm really not trying to speak in hyperbole. Am I getting the wrong things? What do y'all do?
  13. No Yes, but the Texan in me can not stand that they put those fried salted starch balls into tacos and casually act like we won't fucking notice their bullshit. How fucking dare they besmirch a good taco like that. Who do they think they are to ruin your night with the worst taco you've ever put in your greezy little mouth then turn around and sue everyone they can for using the Taco Tuesday (tm) trademark? Y'all didn't invent tacos, y'all didn't invent Tuesdays; no one is going to spend the worst day of the week making their lives 20x times worse at this pathetic excuse of a restaurant. The only thing saltier than their dogshit fried fuckfood is my post.
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