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  1. Week 5 Boise State @ New Hampshire @TheSam
  2. I'm grateful to @Dr_Novella for hiring me onto a great organization. I'm confident that if I properly do my job that Novella will coach this team to a ring. My Discord is "Azul #2463"; feel free to talk to me over there for any negotiations. @Dacder I'll reach out to you once I start getting everything set up on my end!
  3. PM me if you'd like to get beaten by play Boise next season. Boise State Schedule: Week 1 | @ Kansas @stormstopper Week 2 | Baylor Week 4 | @ Florida State @DStack11 Week 5 |
  4. Shouldn't have said anything it just went down more lmfao, love it.
  5. Not that it matters but I'm 1-0 at Boise State and shouldn't take the hit for the 2-9 record I inherited. Also, this is all fantastic. I love me a good spreadsheet and statistical analysis, good job y'all!
  6. I'm excited for Les, but I don't think we see success for a while. I'm giving us a 3-9 record or potentially a 4-8 record if we fuck around and grab a conference game from a big boy.
  7. Skills: No change, did not meet 80% threshold. Feats: Local Connections Strength in Growth : QB Ian Rowland 6-5 231 (Fr) Bothell (Bothell WA) 2.0 of 4.0 [Scrambling]
  8. Shoutout to Kansas for having such a shit football program that while I was on their Drumline I whipped out my phone to research that exact Memorial question while our team got curb stomped by like Oklahoma, Memphis, South East Missouri State, or something. Kansas Football has finally given me something more than depression and hangovers!
  9. Honestly surprised how far above the mean our group is to the normal population. Good shit everyone. Now down to business, I believe we all agree that if I win that Storm gives me Kansas. All in favor please say aye.
  10. Welcome to the club Rome; well deserved and a long time coming. Danger is going to get his in 2024 I can feel it.
  11. My high school/middle school (?) Spanish teacher made fun of me for flipping the adjective and noun of our school mascot when he asked me in front of the class how to say it. It should be "Caballero Azul", or "Blue Knight" but my stubborn ass will make sure I use this name long enough to prove that people got the gist anyways when I said "Azul Caballero". I had originally only used it for my Minecraft account, however when I got a mildly conspicuous in the community I decided to use it as my general online alias. I wish it was just Azul on this site because 9 extra letters is a lot to type.
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