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  1. I didn't do well against HAFF at KSU, didn't do well vs Chicago's OU, I don't expect anything will really change.
  2. AzulCaballero

    NFLHC Check in

    Haven't got rid of us yet. Love, Your lovely dumpster fire Pats
  3. AzulCaballero

    Site Fully Resumes April 12th

    Awesome, can't wait! It's great to back, thank you again Soluna.
  4. AzulCaballero

    CBBHC Bracketology: 3/7/18

    We should expand the tourny to 68 like irl so I can also miss the cut for that too.
  5. AzulCaballero

    CBBHC Standings

    My last two games, which are the only ones I've gotten to actively see and participate in, I've noticed two of my starters have not done anything at all. Both of these guys played around 30min/game and never shot the ball, no rebounds, had maybe 1 combined assist in 2 games, and have essentially been making my team play with just 3 men for the presumably the first 3 games. Is this a glitch, or am I really not coaching them correctly? Is there a way to see previously gamelines so I could check if this has been occurring all season or if this has been a gradual decline? G William Richard 6-5 202 Fr Stratford (Houston, TX) 1.0 of 3.0 [Shooter] F Luis Brown 6-11 245 Fr Crowell (Crowell, TX) 0.5 of 3.5 [Protector] Meanwhile this guy off the bench had some stats last game, so it doesn't appear to be a freshman or 0.5-1 skill problem on my team. Maybe the other two just have zero confidence or something? F Clarence Mills 6-7 236 Fr Terrell (Terrell, TX) 0.5 of 2.5 [Stretch]
  6. AzulCaballero

    CBBHC Standings

    Woah woah woah, CBBHC is back?
  7. AzulCaballero

    [AU] Coach your least favorite school

    That's not how you spell LSU
  8. AzulCaballero

    [AU] Coach your least favorite school

    I hate Oklahoma with every bit of my might.
  9. AzulCaballero

    The 2018 Grammy Awards, Corrected.

    Fixed it, the forum was getting pretty funky with me trying to fix those spoilers.
  10. AzulCaballero

    The 2018 Grammy Awards, Corrected.

    In the simplest way, song of the year focuses more on songwriting and personal performance (to a degree) while record of the year focuses a little more on the production and instrumentation
  11. AzulCaballero

    The 2018 Grammy Awards, Corrected.

    I don't know how to fix these spoilers, but there's more categories in that last one.
  12. AzulCaballero

    The 2018 Grammy Awards, Corrected.

    I, like many people I'm sure, thought this year's Grammy's were just as bad as many years. However this year I couldn't even guess who they'd pick because the committee seemed to be even more off-the-rails than normal, so I decided to "fix it". Here's how I would've liked to see the awards go, from the hopefully unbiased point of view of what I'd expect the committee to truly pick. What are your thoughts? Note: The forum is really fucking with the spoilers and being able to move things back to this post for whatever reason, so I pasted everything on a Google Doc instead. https://docs.google.com/document/d/12IyE5yixDx0gY4CDZbeK38dQ1-y5JjXXyUZdz-rVo38/edit?usp=sharing
  13. AzulCaballero

    [2021] Week 5 Coaches Poll

    Lmao what the absolute fuck, win handedly on both sides of the ball against a decent 2-1 KSU and drop a rank. Meanwhile I get jumped by Maryland who beat a now 0-4 Michigan State by 7. OU on bye and drops out of the Top 25 Western Michigan then enters the rankings, on bye, jumping Oregon who played well and won against a pretty stout Washington team. Alabama loses by 14 to #18 for their second loss already, drops to #16 Georgia squeaks by an 0-4 Tennessee squad with a mediocre offensive showing, drops one spot. What are y'all doing?
  14. AzulCaballero

    [2021] Week 4 Coaches Poll

  15. AzulCaballero

    2017 National Championship Predictions

    17-16 Alabama. Bama scores within 2 minutes after some controversal call. UCF crowned National Champions.