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    1. We're the Sim version of Steelers-Bengals aren't we?
    2. CFBHC Pick'em

      Thursday Night (4 Games) - 11/30/17 CFBHC Kickoff Game: Michigan State (0-0) vs Oklahoma (0-0) (Indianapolis, IN) ECU (0-0) vs Duke (0-0) (Charlotte, NC) Clemson (0-0) at SMU (0-0) Arkansas (0-0) at Maryland (0-0) Friday Night (5 Games) - 12/01/17 TCU (0-0) at USC (0-0) Ball State (0-0) at Toledo (0-0)* California (0-0) at Baylor (0-0) Iowa State (0-0) at Wisconsin (0-0) Ohio State (0-0) at Arizona State (0-0) Saturday Evening (5 Games) - 12/02/17 West Virginia (0-0) at Missouri (0-0) Alabama (0-0) at Michigan (0-0) Penn State (0-0) at Pittsburgh (0-0) Florida State (0-0) at Air Force (0-0) Nebraska (0-0) at UCF (0-0)
    3. [2021] Pre-Season Top Ten (CFBHC)

      Hold my beer
    4. Poster Before You Game

      at Michigan - L (17-28) It'll be close but I believe the home field advantage and elite secondary play will be enough to hold Bama's offense. FAU - W (blowout) WKU - W (blowout) Missouri - L (42-38) Mizzou's passing offense is nuts and they will rack up some serious points. Their defense has holes, so I think it's truly which team is the last to score - I'm leaning MU for some reason. at Ole Miss - W (35-14) at Tennessee - W (42-10) I think Tennessee is underdeveloped and a bit overrated. I'm feeling Bama torching them at Neyland. Texas A&M - W (34-7) at Arkansas - W (27-10) at LSU - W (17-7) South Alabama - W (blowout) Mississippi State - W (38-24) Auburn - L (35-31) kick 6 Best Case: 11-1 Worst Case: 8-4 Prediction: 9-3 Texas Schedule Houston New Mexico at Virginia Tech at Kansas St. at Baylor Oklahoma (N) at Iowa St. Texas Tech Oklahoma St. Kansas at West Virginia TCU
    5. [2021] Training Camp Results

      This and Rookie Camps are amazing additions, thank you so much for the work you have to put into these. Glad to finally see Beckham begin to do well, it appears we've should've thrown him into the starting role earlier.
    6. Can I propose the Texas vs Kansas Rivalry where winner gets to coach KU the next season
    7. You're new here, but fuck Pitt. I'm going to tear your ass while whispering Jumbo's name in your ear. Texas vs Pitt in the Blue Collar Showdown
    8. [2021] Pre-Season Sign Ups [OWNERS]

    9. [Survey] Alumni Network

      University of Kansas, Class of 2018
    10. Week 1 Texas @ Texas A&M Barring Texas' Week 1 Bye could be moved to Weeks 2-4
    11. Regional Rivalries

      I love the idea because I feel like recruits watching the outcome of Texas vs. OU, Texas vs. A&M, etc. have definitely lead to some minor regional recruitment boosts. In states like Texas winning is major part of the culture in-state recruits look for, so I think it makes sense to have a temporary boost in our recruitment for in-region recruits for regional rivalries.
    12. [2020] Week #10 - FNF

      hahahahahaha haha hahaha fuck.
    13. [What If?] 2021 NFLHC Draft Lottery

      Just make the draft order based on whose kicker tears his ACL the fastest
    14. [What If?] 2021 NFLHC Draft Lottery

      Got it, so picks 1-3 are live odds they receive said pick and 4-20 are situational odds that they get kicked back to that pick in the process. While I don't think tanking really exists either or is at least a problem, however I think if we did something like this we should expand it back to include more picks. Maybe the top 8 picks or something.
    15. [What If?] 2021 NFLHC Draft Lottery

      I'm confused as to why there are odds for picks 4-16 if those are just set by the typical record/SOS, is that just numbers from another project or something unrelated?