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  1. hahahahahaha haha hahaha fuck.
  2. Just make the draft order based on whose kicker tears his ACL the fastest
  3. Got it, so picks 1-3 are live odds they receive said pick and 4-20 are situational odds that they get kicked back to that pick in the process. While I don't think tanking really exists either or is at least a problem, however I think if we did something like this we should expand it back to include more picks. Maybe the top 8 picks or something.
  4. I'm confused as to why there are odds for picks 4-16 if those are just set by the typical record/SOS, is that just numbers from another project or something unrelated?
  5. What a great way to bump it to like 7-8%
  6. Week 14, 2020 Boston Not-So-Strong Patriots fans are having a hard time dealing with perpetual losing as this season continues to spiral out of control after a loss to the 1-win Redskins
  7. I kind of think of it in tiers as far as who may come out of the Big XII in strong bowls: Tier 1 | Oklahoma State, West Virginia Tier 2 | Texas, TCU Tier 3 | Texas Tech, Baylor, Kansas, Kansas State Tier 4 | Iowa State, Oklahoma
  8. As much as I like WVU, I don't understand how trashing a now 0-5 Oklahoma pushed them over a one loss Oklahoma State. Regardless, those two are the clear #1-2 in the conference right now
  9. No, really.
  10. Christ I've been inconsistent as a recruiter. (2014-2020) : #4, 10, 85, 40, 2, 63, 96
  11. Great series, and Hook 'Em!
  12. I honestly expected like 20-13 or some shit.
  13. Week 13, 2020 Big, Bad, Brad Brad Davis continues to struggle in his fourth game as a starter in the NFLHC against Jacksonville. Pictured: Elvis Williams lackluster with 16 carries for 62 yards
  14. From Arizona State I love/loved John Harris and Nu Battles. I've deeply considered buying a Nu Battles jersey on several occasions. I still like to follow Rob LeCount and look retrospectively through my window on a rainy afternoon and think of what could've been.