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  1. This is Cleveland weather 50% of the time. The other 50% is 30 degrees and snow
  2. Maybe not best ever but Jesse Scott scoring 2 PR TDs against his former team on Sunday Night Football primetime has to be an all time "Fuck You in particular" moment.
  3. What's the average out of service time for this injury? Could shift the entire AFC playoff picture if Harris misses any significant time, though McCready seems to be capable of filling in
  4. Score breakdown says Jags won 35-28, actual box score says Jags won 31-28, but what I want to know is who won the 4th quarter brawl
  5. Пакеры отстой

  6. Well there go my 5464 points...
  7. I'm going back to Malaysia, fuck all y'all. -Ever Greatest
  8. All I see is that Felix Luck came into the game and won it for ATL. RESPECT. THE. FCS. Also supposedly Chiaverini used his third leg to kick that 52 yarder, what a God
  9. First Name: Ever Last Name: Greatest Position: SF Secondary Position (Optional): If you even TRY to put Ever in another position he'll kill you College/Country: Committed to Duke but never showed up, reportedly played in Malaysia for a year, reports cannot confirm nor deny this claim Everyone will be 18 Jersey Number: 1 Dominant Hand: Right Playstyle: 3-and-D Skin Tone: 1-10: 8 Hair Style/Color: Completely bald, saves time Facial Hair: Cleaner than a Harden stripper's bootyhole Height: 6'9" Weight: 225 Wingspan: 88 Tattoos: No time for tats, all he does is ball Shoe Brand: Wears his own brand of kicks, but due to NBA rules I GUESS he'll wear Jordans Gear: Headband, arm sleeves on both arms, also knee sleeves Attributes: Choose 3 to be elite, 5 to be great, 5 to be good Offensive Attributes: Layups - Great Dunking - Elite Post Play Mid Range - Great Three Point Shooting - Elite Passing Ball Handling Defensive Attributes Blocking - Great Steals Interior Defense - Great Perimeter Defense - Elite Rebounding - Good Physical Attributes Speed - Good Agility Vertical - Great Strength - Good Mental Attributes Offensive IQ Defensive IQ Offensive Consistency - Good Defensive Consistency - Good
  10. Also all the Super Bowl text (besides 1 & 2) have a meaning based on the location of said Super Bowl: 3 was played in Lambeau and is in the Packers font 4 is probably my favorite. Game was at Metlife and it's subtle but the left half of the logo is Jets green and the right half is Giants blue 5 was in Miami and has the Dolphins sunburst surrounding the V, also in a "Miami" style font 6 was in Oakland and is the Raiders font 7 was in Inglewood and appropriately has the Hollywood sign style font 8 was in Dallas, the VIII is inside the Cowboys' star and is also in Cowboys font 9 was in Houston and has a Texan style font with the American flag as the design for the IX (just seemed like something the city of Houston would do) 10 was in Atlanta and has the X surrounded by a peach (also the Lions tricolor is based on their old logo)
  11. It just seemed like something the Packers would do
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