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  1. Not a particularly interesting set of games. Was expecting MSU-CU to be a lot closer
  2. ISU logo = Campus. EDIT: Forgot to mention, but I signed 2 croots from East Peoria, IL, Maple City, MI, and Posen, MI EDIT2: Added Ullin, IL for JUCO signing (southern tip of IL)
  3. Never play an Academy in a bowl that's literally called the "Military Bowl"
  4. My personal faves: Gus Johnson - funny short videos but also makes longer commentary videos that are great. PaymoneyWubby - goes on the deep, weird parts of the internet and unearths some really creepy things, and makes fun of them Funhaus - Looooove me some Funhaus. They are a comedy gaming channel, but their humor can get NSFW, which is why I love them. I recommend this video, it's one of their bests imo. And if you want to learn something, Kurzgesagt makes some interesting videos.
  5. JMU bout to fuck around and when the whole damn thing
  6. How. How did they find a way to stop Connor? HOW?!?!?
  7. When I last took this test, I was graduating high school. Now that I'm graduating from college, it's interesting that my views have gone from almost dead center to the lower left corner.
  8. Hello people! The playoffs are heating up, as the top 4 teams in the FCS all successfully defended home turf last weekend and advanced to the semifinal round. We have two exciting football games coming up, and next week we will crown the first ever FCS Champion! Exciting times indeed. I can only imagine what these 4 head coaches are going through emotionally. While all 4 of these schools have a legitimate argument to be in the Championship, only 2 will move on. Will we get a Dakota Rivalry Rematch? Will Samuel Connor go scorched Earth and lead the Eagles to the promised land? Can James Madison continue their incredibly successful run? Tune in next time on Dragon Ball Z These questions will be answered in the coming days, but to tide you over until then here's a preview and prediction of what might happen this week. Last week I picked 3/4 games correctly (Raekwon Thomas is human after all), but I was an embarrassing 0-for-4 against the spread. So don't take any of these predictions to your bookie. Let's get it on! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ #4 Eastern Washington (9-4) at #1 North Dakota St. (11-2) (-8) The BiZon Express has no breaks (except for Red Raiders or Redbirds, wait a minute, I'm sensing a pattern...) and they look to continue their dominance against the Eagles. Luckily for the BiZon, this game will NOT be played on a red turf, which is where these two met the first time in week 0! It feels like it's been years since week 0 happened, and at the time this game was thought to be a preview of the FCS Championship. That prediction was not too far off, however these two will only be playing for the right to participate in the Big Game. NDSU was barely able to hold off EWU, but back then Connor didn't know how powerful he could become. NDSU has also improved in that time span, and it's very hard to predict a winner here. But, I will go with my head and choose the more complete team, which is the BiZon, because if Connor is even a little off, the Eagles are barely above average. We have talked about Connor a lot on here, and for good reason, but Zack McAllister of NDSU has been a super-efficient passer and a great leader for the BiZon. Last week he went 25/34 for 305 yards and 3 touchdowns. He had a few positive running plays as well, making him an elite quarterback that can burn you through the air and the ground. His season stats are a statistician's dream (236/366, 64.5% comp, 2852 yds., 24 TDs, 4 INTs) and he was also in the running for FCS POTY (the award was won by Connor). He was honored as the 2nd Team All-FCS QB, but Zack doesn't care about individual awards. He wants to win rings, and the Sophomore will be one win away after this week. Prediction: North Dakota St. 31, Eastern Washington 28 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #3 James Madison (10-3) at #2 North Dakota (10-3) (-4) The Dukes of James Madison have accomplished a lot to get here, and most of the credit should go to Coach Suffocation. He has done extremely well with the talent he was given, now just one win away from reaching the Championship game. Unfortunately, this will be where the road ends, as the Fighting Sioux (or Fighting Hawks if you work for UND and are forced to call them that) are looking to make the hometown fans proud. These two played each other wayyy back in week 1, and that game Robbie Koehler formerly introduced himself to the FCS world. He has since put up crazy numbers (339/575, 59% comp, 3808 yds., 34 TDs, 11 INTs), and has carried the Sioux-Hawks to the #2 seed. He couldn't beat rival NDSU to get the 1 seed, but nevertheless the 2 Dakotas are on track to meet again for all the marbles. James Madison's defense did get torched for 45 points the last time these two played, and even with improvements I don't see them stopping Koehler enough to get the upset. Last week we highlighted the Offensive Line for North Dakota. This week I want to highlight 1st team All-FCS Tight End Gabriel Sorensen. He has been Koehler's #1 target all year, and he has put up great receiving stats (74 rec., 939 yds., 11 TDs, 2 drops). Dominik Hebert has been great as well, but he has a whopping 9 drops on the year, which makes him a less reliable option compared to Sorensen. Both have been integral to UND's success, but Sorensen has far surpassed expectations, as he is only rated as a 1.5/2.5 player. It will be interesting to see how he does next year with Koehler graduating. But he doesn't have to worry about that yet. For now, his mind is set on winning playoff games. Prediction: North Dakota 34, James Madison 23 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All stats listed, unless otherwise noted, are from the consolidated statsheet.
  10. Been there done that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. Turns out Raekwon can't do it all. Props to both teams for advancing!
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